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Jen + 5

11:22:14 PM

Hi ladies,

Please feel free to get my personal contact info from Mel if you'd like. I have taken the full protocol while pregnant and breastfeeding and my baby was perfect.

9:42:08 PM

I am also due soon. I have read that it can transfer through blood. But mel says they aren’t born with it. Did you try any protocol while pregnant I still have about 3 weeks and want to start the basic protocol but was thinking of waiting till right after
Baby is born. I am planning on breastfeeding hoping it’ll help for my baby’s immune system. I am planning on offering the colostrum and probiotic and taking it now before he baby arrives but I keep pushing it back.
Laura (aunt)

12:47:42 AM


I was informed that there are healthy alternatives for making your own baby formula. Try researching Radiant Life to find some answers. The following link is to the Radiant Life website.
I pray this helps you.
In Christ Love,

10:11:50 AM

Thank you for all your support.

What I’m trying to decide is, should I not breastfeed this baby, I’m due any day, and I was told by a doctor friend of mine who has this it’s best not to breastfeed.

Research shows all mammals passing parasites through breast milk. Aside from Morgellons I also have Lyme co-infections.

I purchased my baby high quality organic formula. Can I add Probiotics or Colostrum.

Please give me your opinions and evidences to your conclusions.

If I can spare one child this horrible condition it would be great.

I’m been told it’s passed in utero and blood so not sure which is better to breastfeed a couple months or not.

I don’t plan to do it long since I need to self treat and take anti parasitic medication.

Thank you all.

10:25:53 AM


I can absolutely relate, as I have been there. I took the full protocol while pregnant and my baby was perfectly fine.


1:30:24 PM

Hello Ummlssa

Welcome, I am one of many mothers on this website. And I know 1st hand how hard MD is with a child showing the same symptoms. I want to tell you it's OK to rest easy now that you found this website, we are a community here who understands and supports each other.

There's no other help available to us in the medical community, this community! Has and will and continues to cure this disease.

My daughter and I are on our 6th month of the protocol, my daughter is doing so well at the moment with only minimum symptoms she's almost done with this MD. I myself feel that I'm about 60%. Which is a long way from where we started from.

Children always respond fast, and get well sooner.

Read as much as you can listen to the conference calls try to attend some of the conference calls ask as many questions as you like I'm pretty sure one of the community members can answer your questions.

God Bless.
Tiffany R.

3:39:14 PM


I am so glad you made your way here to this place.

You will find a wealth of knowledge here and people who understand what you are going through and who will embrace you and support you throughout this journey.

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Don't give up.
One foot in front of the other. You will make it girl!

Tiffany R.

12:19:06 AM


First and foremost, welcome! Please know that you have come to the right place, this is a community that helps us heal physically, mentally and spiritually from toxic diseases.

Mel tells us, and I have personally witnessed that children heal very quickly.
Therefore, the number one priority is to get yourself and your family on the protocol, which includes removing all grains, dairy and sugar from your diet.

I would strongly encourage you to click on the link in the upper left hand corner and schedule a One-on-One Coaching call with Mel, ASAP. He will get you and your children started on the right track.

You can also read the FAQ page and then if you're anything like I was early on you'll need to read it again and again so printing it out, is a great idea!

Additionally, I am sure you will find that the thread titled Children and Morgellons will be helpful.

The More Communication is Better thread will provide you with information on the weekly conference calls and allows you to listen to previous calls as well.

I will be holding you and your family in my thoughts and in my prayers!!!


Laura (aunt)

8:28:34 PM

Dear Ummlssa,

Welcome to this community. God Bless you and your family.

Please know you are in the right place to finally be healed from this disease.

You might type in some of your questions into the search engine and begin reading the information.

There are many families including small children who have been cured from this disease. Please relax and know you will get better but it is a process. Ask question, read, and then consider starting on the protocol.

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." Romans 15:13

In Christ Love,
Laura (aunt)

6:17:41 PM

Welcome Ummissa,

You have come to the right place, as there are mothers on here who have children with Morgellons and they will help you along the way with excellent advice and support. diet tips and recipes etc.

You are not alone.

As a mother and grandmother I feel deeply for you and will pray that all goes well and you all are cured.

As you have had Morgellons for six years and have had a healthy child while being so unwell, then you need have no fear for your unborn little one.

I am sure you will receive advice on what is safe to take and use.

Mel always says children are the easiest to cure.

You can give the two year old some of the colostrum when the new baby arrives.

Nature usually provides sufficient for more than one newborn so it will not be depriving baby in any way and it will boost the 2 yr old's immune system.

Do all you can to improve the diet.

Wean them off any junk food and give them as much fresh, organic vegetables as you can along with eggs, fish , chicken soup and gradually cut out the sweet sugary stuff.

See that you rest when you can and try not to overdo the cleaning and laundry.

Taking care of yourself is a priority just now.

Have faith and HOPE and know, that one day you will all be well

God Bless and watch over you all.

UmmIssa **

12:03:41 AM


I have been infected with M along with my 12 year old son for 6 years.

I am also am pregnant and have a two year old showing symptoms after weaning. Please tell me how to safely treat myself during pregnancy and my toddler help.

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