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Tina R

10:57:48 AM

Thank you for all the shares.

I'm taking the wild oregano (about 3-5 a day) seems to help but worried it's gonna kill off the good parasites.

There are so many other creepy symptoms to this God forsaken "thing" we have. What is the most disturbing for me is the feeling that I am "hosting" something in and on me.

The symptoms are endless and embarrassed to even speak of.


5:52:55 PM

Hi Sarah,

I know you are new here but may I suggest that you spend some time reading before jumping in with questions. The answer to this question is addressed several times in this thread.



2:14:04 PM

I started using Oil of Oregano after reading many things online about it being a natural antibiotic. I found one of the best ways to take it internally is by putting coconut oil on a spoon, then adding 1-3 drops of oregano oil on top. Then, down the hatch. It helps to prevent the burning sensation since Oregano is a hot and will burn your skin when used without a carrier oil.

I have also used Oil of Oregano on the arches of my feet, since you have the larges pores on your feet...and it doesn't burn on your feet.

I have since started using Gaia oil of oregano capsules and am wondering if they are as effective as oil of oregano? They are much easier to take than the oil but wonder if they have the same level of efficacy? Does anyone know?

10:35:30 PM

Dear Ânonnie,

I'm sorry you're having symptoms.

It can be disconcerting.

How are you feeling now? I'm sorry life's been busy, I didn't see your post until now.

I'm not sure about the aroma that you indicated. But I wonder what is your ph level? I remember someone mentioned body giving off a smell may be tooo alkaline of a ph created an ammonia smell. I'm not sure. But maybe that is something you can check -your ph.

Also Your surgery was in April. That must have been a huge ordeal to heal from. Can you let me know are you fully recovered from that surgery? Or there's still some residual surgical wound need to be healed from?

The crawley feeling from five years ago, how long did that last?
What event happened five years ago that the crawley started back then?

I'll eagerly await your reply,

7:55:52 PM

Hello Anonnie,


I believe if you have experienced crawlies then you should read Mel's FAQ,s.

There are so many different symptoms.

I have been taking the protocol for about 4 months and feel so much better and have more energy then I had before.

Keep reading and you will discover a lot about this.

3:58:28 PM

At the start of this string, Linn had mentioned a relationship between the spinal cord and morgellons.

I'm not certain I have morgellons, but the symptoms are pretty close. I also has spinal surgery at end of April and since then an increase of various symptoms.

Apprx 3-4 days ago the creepy crawly sensation set in and progressively got worse. I have had noxious, I mean NOXIOUS body odor for past 2-3 months which take on a variety of putrid aromas. I had experience with the creepy crawlies abut 5 years ago but not together with these other bizarre symptoms.

Might anyone have any insight on what to do and what may have stemmed it so I can avoid doing what brought this on, or perhaps it's a flare up with increased severity. Thank you.

4:34:30 PM

Dear Nana,

Hi it's Linn again, I agree with the oregano oil. I stumbled on it awhile back after I got a bump on the right side of the roof of the mouth. I rinsed with sovereign silver then I thought if I use essential oil in my right nostril will be close to the bump, I used oregano, it burned (I used it without coconut oil. The next day to my happy surprise, a lot of fibers in the right nostril came out. I was ecstatic.

My spinal cord itself is affected by these buggies. They make within the spine vibrate and "dancing ". About two months ago, they started to act up again, I did use coconut with oregano, it lessen the activities. I now this week started on frankincense, it's really doing the job with my nervous system issue in the spinal cord. The dancing lessening.

I enjoyed reading this thread thank you for bring this to today.


12:29:18 PM

Just wanted to say that I am finding that oil of oregano mixed in coconut oil has proven to be amazing in drawing out all sorts of black specks and fibers.
I apply it at bedtime to especially legs and feet and leave it on until morning...just a drop or two in a large amount of coconut oil.
I occasionally use it more concentrated on my scalp and cover with a shower cap. I had read the book by Diane Olive on curing Morgellons naturally (I bought it on Amazon) and oil of oregano was a magic bullet in her recovery from Morgellons.

I myself am improving all of the time with my Logos supplements, strict diet, and my use of oil of oregano. After having M for 6 months, I consider myself 90% cured and am regaining a normal life.

10:44:58 AM

Hi Raymond,

In the beginning of my recovery when I still had yeast overgrowth issues, I used oil of oregano diluted with olive oil - a couple of drops under my tongue every day.

It did taste horrible, but taking it under the tongue bypasses the liver and puts it straight into the blood stream, which is helpful for systemic infections.

When Logos came out with Candida Rid I stopped using the oil and now I only use Candida Rid occasionally if I slip up with my diet.

Thanks for dropping by. Please do keep us posted on your progress.

God Bless; Never give up Hope,


8:04:29 AM

I have used pure oil of oregano in a 00 gelatin capsule. Don't exactly remember the brand. 1ml fills it up. Instructions on bottle recomend 1ml to 3ml a day. Have used it before mixed in alkaline water, that however is rather intense. I would recomend taking it with a meal to avoid indigestion.
John B

11:51:36 PM

Hi Ann,

Bless your heart... that is a lot of pills! The seven day cleanse program MagnifiCleanse alone is a lot of pills... so most people do it by itself, but you don't necessarily have to. It is an excellent internal cleansing program for occasional use only (once or twice a year at the most).

The Parabolish is a wonderful broad spectrum natural anti-parasitic formula that has been a blessing to missionaries worldwide. It is gentle but very powerful; something that has endeared it to many in the Morgellons community.

The two products may be taken together or separately, and with or without the protocol. We design all of our products to be compatible, and we make every effort to minimize duplication of (especially fat soluble) nutrients.

Hang in there Ann... you certainly have 'bitten off a mouthful' so to speak, but hopefully it will be well worth the effort.

Our prayers are with you!


John B

2:35:40 PM

Mel, thank you for your thoughts.

While taking the week-long Logos cleanse program, I wondered if I should have stopped the regular supplements for that week. Also, I wondered if I should have - or have not - taken the Parabolish (parasite pills) at the same time.

I just had to guess. It would be good if John B could add some of this information to his website.

10:04:09 AM

Hello Ann,

Welcome as always.

I like the capsule idea more and more as you new people have added some good new ideas!

As for your second paragraph, a couple of thoughts I have always had and believe:

I never mix protocols for many reason.


THERE WILL MOST LIKELY BE DUPLICATION (which may upset the balance created by our protocol).


Let me suggest that you take a copy of the brochure that comes with each order form Logos Nutritionals to your doctor. Together you will then be able to cut back on some of the other pills you are taking which are no longer necessary once on the wellness part of the protocol.(Duplication)

Understanding how and why our protocol works is very important. It should be the beginning of HOPE! The best explanations are found in the first two Testomonials!

I think considering these suggestions would be cost effective as well as a more direct path to restoring wellness.

God bless,Never give up hope!

12:14:08 AM

Today I put three drops of oregano oil into an empty gelatin capsule and popped it down. No bad taste!!!!

One day I counted 61 pills for the day. It included the Logos set plus their cleanse, Parabolish parasite capsules, plus additional msm, vitamin C, glucosimine, cod liver oil, ph pills. That's not the norm, though...the Logos cleanse and parasite pills were for a limited time. Talk about expense, too!!!!!

Sure hope I live through this!

4:24:58 PM

Hello Ann,

Welcome again.

Rocket fuel is how I sometimes described the taste to John. I actually put two drops under my tongue every day around 10:30 in the morning. If I happened to be on the phone at the time, each and every time I would complain about its taste.

It was the only thing in the protocol that I found distasteful, but I felt it absolutely necessary in order to eradicate the fungal overgrowth within me.

My grandmother would say, "But Mel, anything that tastes that bad is good for you!"

I agree that noodles are absolutely no good. Pasta feeds the fungus.

We look forward to following your progress as you recover.

God Bless, Never give up Hope,


11:14:57 AM

Ugh. Rocket fuel is a good description!

Every morning I have 1/2 cup applesauce with 1/2 teaspoon creme of tartar (to control ph. You can't detect the grainy texture when it's in applesauce). This morning I changed the serving size to 1 cup and added 3 drops of oregano oil.

It wasn't the most delicious thing in the world, but it was tolerable. (Straight is intolerable).

Spaghetti sauce is a close relative to V-8 juice, so having a portion each day isn't a totally off-the-wall idea.

I could keep a jar of Ragu sauce in the fridge and dish out as needed. Spaghetti noodles are not necessary.

John B

3:08:12 PM

Hi Ann,

Mel asked me to address this question since I suggested he add the oil to his regimen long ago. As you pointed out, you can buy oil of oregano in its pure form or precut with olive oil.

The oil is very hot and caustic, so I would either buy it premixed or mix it with olive oil yourself (5 drops of olive oil to one drop oregano).

Mel put it (a few drops per day) on his tongue, but I always tried to keep it under my tongue to maximize absorption and minimize taste.

The stuff is really nasty (tastes like what I imagine rocket fuel would taste like), but it is very effective for keeping fungal overgrowth at bay.

The taste factor is one reason why we decided to incorporate it in our broad spectrum antimicrobial formula, Candida Rid (you can't taste it in the capsules).

So glad to not have to deal with that taste (or strong breath) any more when I need a natural antifungal or antibiotic...


5:58:20 PM

The oregano oil used in your protocol:

Is it 100% oregano oil (essential oil) or is it oregano oil which has been added to olive oil or some other base?

I ordered 'oregano oil' and then discovered that it has an olive oil base.
Ann **

2:25:56 PM


10:41:08 AM

Hi, Mel.

I couldn't find the answer to this one by using the search function: how did you take oregano oil? Straight from an eye dropper into your mouth? Mixed with a liquid? Mixed in food?

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us. You are a godsend.

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