How I Cured Morgellons

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Laura (aunt)

7:30:21 AM


Thank you for helping me to understand the fungus as a "food source". Slowly but surely I am comprehending this disease.

I appreciate the information you bring forth to this community. Not only have you spent years of research that you share with us; but we also have the benefits of the many years your Daddy put into research as well.

In Christ Love,

3:18:51 PM

Hi Aunt Laura,

One theory is that fungal overgrowth is not only one of the things that predisposes certain individuals to opportunistic infections, but opens the door to parasitic infestation because they are drawn to the fungus as a food source.

Yet another reason to embrace Mel's protocol and the restoration of your bioterrain...
Laura (aunt)

8:08:53 AM


Thank you for sharing this information. It is slowly sinking in. The connection I made to the eradicated flora could perhaps be due to my past over use of antibiotics; which also explains the compromised immune system. It would stand to reason that since it took me years to get the compromised immune will take a little more time to restore it. I am staying the "course" taking my protocol; but I guess I need more patience.

In Christ Love,

7:09:01 AM

Hello Laura

This is a very good question. I would share this. Myco means fungal, so mycotoxins are fungal toxins. With Morgellons, mycotoxins seem to be entering into more sophisticated symbiotic relationships with other various internal and external parasites. (Morgellons)

Look at this profile of Candida Albicans

A cutaneous (cell tissue) fungal infection which is considered to be opportunistic and which disseminates (goes system wide) to the blood, liver, spleen, and central nervous system. What is really interesting, is that a "dying body" actually "invites and allows" this fungal overload. That says a lot about why our restored bio terrain no longer fuels fungal overgrowth. Proper nutrition brings the body back to life; return life to the body and the parasites cannot remain.

Lastly, Candida is part of normal flora, but systemic overgrowth can happen when other flora is eradicated. Removing healthy competition may perhaps also invite parasites. Cell-mediated immunity then plays a key role, which is why immuno- compromised individuals are particularly susceptible to parasites. Parasitic fungal relationships certainly present a difficult challenge of scope and sequence, no? Hope this helps.

Laura (aunt) **

8:06:36 AM

What does fungus have to do with internal and external parasites?

I am confused about this process and how it works.

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