How I Cured Morgellons

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Marie Liang

10:48:49 AM

I have solved the problem and published in a website. Its title is "How to avoid invisible insect stings". You can find from Google.

1:43:40 PM

I was having an episode of crawling sensations and had a mixture of WPS solution and added about 10 to 15 drops of clove oil. The solution was about 1 quart of water. I sprayed this on and rubbed it in before showering and this really stopped the crawling as well as expell tons of black specks. They hate this combo. I've never experienced this from Wps or Kleen Green alone. It didn't burn my skin at all either.

I make my own soap and add Neem oil which is also great. Cruz who is 5 had a tick on him from playing outdoors, I took the soap and rubbed it a couple of times on the area and the tick immediately came off. Yeah! No pulling with the risk of leaving the head in. Next I need a kid friendly bug repellant


11:30:39 AM

Hello Ann

This toxic disease makes us very uncomfortable at times. This protocol, diet n life change takes a big commitment. You must understand how sick you really are. I would recommend you to communicate with a Mel regarding your meds making sure your on the correct regiment .

When it came to the itchy and crawling, I took a many of Epson salt baths with a mixture of oils. One day I'd use pure n natural oil of oregano n others lavender, coconut, tea tree, and/or Eucalyptus oil. I would put a little spray of MMS with pure aloe. I would also use some shampoos and soaps that Dr Bonners offers at your local vitamin store.

Don't forget to back all this up with lots of faith n prayer. Hope this works my friend God bless

PS sometimes your skin needs a break try not to over due things. Everyone skin is different.


8:45:19 AM


Mel, will tell you all about his protocol which will cure you as it has cured others.

Yes the itching is unbearable.
It will get less and more bearable as you get well.

Please do not do as I did and waste huge amounts of money on creams and stuff. Most have no effect. I tried everything.

Dermatologists are utterly blinkered and diagnose it as everything but what it truly is. A simple skin scrape would have revealed the truth- but will they do one? No they will not? I wonder why?

It is not scabies, or exzcema or allergy. The itching is caused by bacteria. Antihistamines did not work for me .

What helped the most were lemons; eaten, juiced or rubbed on the skin.
Another product called Kleen Green also helped as did a cream containing zinc and a herbal cream made of essential oils, hemp, neem, and canabidoil.

But remember different things work for different folk.

Colloidal silver works well but when I had this unbearable itching all night, every night for five months I knew nothing of the power of silver.

You need to use the best such as Sovereign silver.

Those on this site will help you through it all.

Epsom salts baths are a great help too.

Anything that kills off the bacteria is good.

Diet is most important as you probably know. No sugar and carbs as low as you can manage.

Leafy green veg, probiotics and salads, bone broth soup with vegetables, organic meat etc etc.

Mel's protocol grew out of his own long struggle to fight morgellons and he succeede

It is made by Logos Nutritionals and other products.

Be of good heart. You will get well again.
God Bless.


12:17:02 AM

I have had Morgellons for about 3 years now but it seems to have changed for the worst.. It used to be just the lesions on my skin and I would put iodine on them.

Now I have a rash and intense itching in many places. I still get the lesions too. I have been to 3 dermatologist, waste of money. I hear about protocols yet do not know what a protocol is.

I take Benadryl but it is not working as it used to but still helps some.

Any suggestions to handle the itching would be much appreciated.

Does it itch enough to want to die? Yes, at times I feel as if I can't go on. I am not suicidal.

10:44:00 PM

I have eczema, dry and sensitive skin since I was born.

Now I have this crawling pricking tinkling extra dry skin that makes me itch with madness. this all compounded 3 month after my knee replacement.

I went to the skin doctor and after a series of tests of blood and thousands of dollars later, he states I am allergic to eggs. I felt like my whole world ended. I love eggs, what is breakfast without eggs.

He prescribed Levocetirizine,a tiny pill which seems to help, but I think my body is adjusting to it and it doesn't work as it use to. I'm thinking that something in our lives triggered this itch, in my case its the knee replacement.

I am hoping that this too shall pass for me, and for all who suffer this madness.

And yes lets pray, God in Jesus Christ name and the Holy Spirit who cures everything in its due time.
May God have Mercy on us.
Keep the Faith.

3:21:28 AM

Infact i've being reading the comments many people are making concerning your treatment on bugs and crawling movment on the body as well as the itching that follows it. please help me if you can get the rid of this strange problem that have been eating me up since. i'll be very grateful if mine hope is not dash. Thanks

10:06:29 AM

Wow. I had no idea this crawling skin was so prevalent.

9:40:21 PM

I am new to post, however I have been suffering for 3 years.

I am a 63 and my 65 year old husband is also suffering.

As I read your post I can't seem to find info on Janice's cream.
If someone can please enlighten me,it would be greatly appreciated.

3:32:57 PM

To relieve itching try this tip: Get some organic, ground coffee (Not Decaf), wet your fingers or hand and spread it on the area that itches. Rinse it off and then firmly massage that area with your wet hand. The black specs will come out and the itching will stop. This is one of the things that has saved me from so much agony.

7:51:07 PM

Hi Julie,

I firmly believe that there are malevolent spirits using this illness to distract us. That is a real possibility, however these spirits have no power against Jesus (nor his followers) and can be routed out.

However, with that being said, no Julie, it is not just bad spirits. Sounds like you have possibly contracted Morgellons and you will feel these things. they can get much worse left completely untreated.

unfortunately this is also very much a unknown and little understood illness it appears, (except on this website)) and there will be a uphill battle if you choose to see a GP.. or primary.(I am in the US)

If the itching and crawly feelings hopefully aren't everywhere on your body.

Please read up on these protocols (read the FAQ and the forums)
Decide for yourself if this is the way you want to go and then BEGIN!

Email Mel with your phone # for more information and any questions related to the protocol.

feel free to go through the forums to gain the valuable wisdom of those who came before you.

So many people have come here fearful who made the changes needed and gotten well and left strong and victorious.

I pray you will be one of them!

Love you,
Marie C

3:08:20 PM

No. Dear Julie,

It is part of Morgellons and nothing at all to do with spirits. Believe me.

It is just the body ridding itself of unwanted things.
Perhaps use an anti fungal anti bacterial shower product containing Neem and tea tree and only natural things. Or use sulphur soap in the shower and Epsom salts, sea salt and white vinegar in the bath.

As for the itching , pricking, stabbing it will ease as you get well again.

There are creams and lotions you can use that will ease it a little and others who are further along the wellness road will advise you.

Put Skin into the search engine box at the top of this page on the left and there will be lots of advice for you.
We all have had/have this skin problem and it gets better I promise you.

But it is essential you cut out all sugar from your diet and eat only natural, healthy foods.

We are all with you.


11:18:45 AM


I am new to this sight as I was looking for a cure on itchy skin as well and found this sight.

I to have the same problem as you all. As soon as I shower and go to bed I start itching real bad. It takes a while before the itching stops.

I just wonder if it is to do with bad spirits because I always get this crawling sensation like something is crawling all over my body and I feel like I'm being stabbed with something sharp in the eyes.It hurts but I get this prickling sensation under the skin.

I hope you have an answer for me because it happens every night after a shower and when I get into bed.

Look forward to your reply,


8:59:45 PM

Hi Doug,
I am sorry you have this dreadful disease, BUT there is HOPE. I think you will be happy you found Mel’s place.
Take a look at the Mel’s protocol and FAQ pages. I suggest you print them out since brain fog is part of the symptoms. Also, the forum page is invaluable to most of us so take a look at it for overall summary of available information on Mel’s site as well as daily updates from others who are regaining their health. Do not get overwhelmed by the data. It is a lot so some of us take notes or review the conference calls first until we can focus more than do the reading. The diet is very important and need to eat a lot of veggies; no refine sugar, no gluten, no corn, no smoking, and no alcohol. The recipe link is on the Forum page and also the search engine is useful to find specific information such as “cleaning” or “breakfast”. There are some great people that can advise you so if need help either communicate on the forum page or send email out to Mel ( so he can call you. He has seen it all and has pretty good insight of steps people need to take.
Be sure to breath. I hope you are starting the protocol and will soon be saying hello to much better health and eventually will realize a full recovery.
Keep in touch on your progress.

8:16:45 PM

I believe I have this dreadful stuff.

3:34:24 AM

Hello Eve

Let me try to answer your question. Our understanding is that heavy metals like Mercury and Aluminum create toxicity in the body. Chelation is the process of eliminating this heavy metal toxicity from the body.

During detoxification from Morgellons, we experience what we call "glitter" that will sometimes purge from the skin. I believe this is merely one way that the body is chelating these heavy metals.

There is some research that suggests that decaying dental fillings with amalgamates that contain Mercury may be fueling this. Nothing definitive, though.


11:04:02 AM


Does anyone have silver particles coming out of them?
Very small And if so what are they.


7:43:25 AM

Mercury poisoning may be the root cause of every symptom or condition listed.
M White

9:27:28 AM

hello all,
I came to this site while researching the cause of my second outbreak of shingles in two years (herpes varicella zoster virus). my second outbreak was severe and unusual in that it covered multiple and wide areas of my body. i had the blistering welts and tremendous itching. i don't know if any of you have noticed the increase in shingles among younger folks and youngish middle aged (i am 46). at any rate i thought i would tell u how i treated my itching in the hopes it might help you as well. shingles is not morgellons but itching is itching. here's what i did:

do ALL the steps below

1) spray itchy area with sovereign silver.
2) let silver dry (a few minutes)
3) spray same itchy area with undiluted vinegar (i just put some organic apple cider vinegar in a small glass spray bottle)
4) let vinegar dry (a few minutes)
5) put and spread drops of tumeric water on same itchy area - use as many drops as you need to generously wet area (to make tumeric water put 1 large tablespoon tumeric in a few 3-4 ounces water and keep in a glass dropper bottle, the water should look bright yellow, always shake bottle before applying drops).
6) now is the hard part...wait 15 minutes for the itching to stop. try to distract yourself with something until the itching stops. you may need to reapply after a few hours but this worked for me when nothing else did.

final note: sometimes i could not resist scratching before i was able to perform the above steps and had open wounds and also some of my very blistered areas had a complete breakdown of the skin. for the areas that were like large weeping wounds i skipped the vinegar step and just did the silver and tumeric. for smaller wounds, i kept the vinegar step in, which stung but subsided within 10 minutes.

anyhow, i hope this procedure helps you. it really helped me to get thru a terrible shingles outbreak. i do not compare my experience with all of you but maybe these steps might alleviate the itch. btw, tumeric stains clothing so you may want to stick with dark clothes and towels while you are doing this.
best wishes to you all


1:12:35 PM

Hello Folks

Mel regularly reminds us that much information across many subjects can be gleamed from reading past posts.

I wanted to move this thresd forward for thos of you that have requested help with relief from the ithing that we often have to deal with. John B. and others provide a lot of useful information in this thread.

I can tell you that it only took me 5 minutes to read and locate good tips in this thread. So I would also remind you to use the search engine and read past threads whenever you need help. You will usually find the answers you require from reading.

Strength and Love

3:29:02 PM

Hi Summer! I'm new to the forum but wanted to chime in. It is a blessing to have found this site. Been lurking for about 2 months and reading til my eyeballs close. Haha!. LOTS of good people here. I appreciate everything I read. :-D

I'm on day 23 of raw veggie diet and day 10 of protocol and doing pretty good. Amazing what a good clean alkaline diet does! I didn't laugh for a month but now I laugh every day. Feels great!

I was a light sleeper before, then had insomnia, but now I sleep a deep healing rest and luckily do not have night time issues, mine are during the day. I have made a concoction from vasaline, coconut oil and a little tea tree oil (mix it in a little vasaline jar) that I apply to throughout the day and before bed. It stops the itching immediately and if you rub it in a bit, lots of sandy particles come out. Thought it might help you. Also had some great results putting Bactraban (prescription antibacterial gel) or generic Neosporin on my face where I can feel something embedded (these were sharp and hurt). Did a test area first and it brought it to the surface so I could gently remove it with tweezers. My face is totally clear now

8:38:01 AM

This little itching episodes just started a few months ago!!! Grrrrr it keeps me up at night. I feel crawling sensations everywhere from my arms,head, face, legs anywhere I'm itching and scratching. Once I itch the itch will go away but itch somewhere close by that spot. I will just be laying there and I feel this what feels like your hair follicle is being touched. Iv done research I don't have bed bugs! I do have hard water at my house but I lotion so I can't figure out what this issue is! It is frustrating! I do have to add I clean alllllll the time iv shined a flash light on myself and on the bed when it's dark... I can't see anything! I feel I'm going crazy! Any suggestions

12:34:36 PM

I could be very wrong but I do not think that this 'parasite' lives out of the body. As I have gotten much better, I have noticed that I do not get reinfected from bed, sheets, clothing etc. People sit where I was miserable and they have no problems. I do not go to any extra extremes in cleaning. I gave up at one point and have noticed no difference ????
I also know someone else who has come to the same conclusion. As you work to cure yourself everything around you seems to return to normal.

2:58:43 PM

Hiya Northeast Morgie,


Normally we do not make posts discussing products that I did not personally use, but we have had many other posts that have mentioned the products you have and they have all been positive as well.

Therefore, a gentle reminder: First Do No Harm, and consult your physician before using the products.

Welcome again.

God Bless, Never give up Hope!

NE Morgie

3:18:22 PM

Hi, I have found that Super Hazel (a variation of Witch Hazel that contains aloe vera) works for me. Often when I get into bed I feel these things crawling into my skin from my sheets! I know there is something either coming in or coming out because it only happens on body parts that are touching the bed. This even happens after I wash my sheets with Dr. Bonners peppermint Soap, Borax and OxyClean. The Witch Hazel immediately stops the feeling that bugs are crawling onto me. This gives me great relief and Im able to sleep at night. I will try Neem lotion as well.

GL everyone.

9:47:47 AM

You might also want to check National Allergy's website... I think it is The company is owned by its employees and they have great products and pricing.

10:06:07 PM

I have seen in the post where a lot of us are having trouble sleeping in our beds at night.A few months ago,I discovered Clean Rest(on line or at Bed Bath And Beyond).They make bug proof micron technology mattress covers,duvet covers,and pillow covers.I have been using them for 4 months and have been able to move back to my bed.I have a king size bed and it takes two people to put it on.Once on,It does not have to be cleaned for 6 months.The king was 130.00.The smaller sizes are less.It was well worth the money after sleeping on my leather couch for 6 months.God bless and keep us all,Kathy

10:32:59 AM

Hi Sandra,

Some Morgellons sufferers are reporting tremendous relief of their cutaneous symptoms when using GABA (gamma amino butyric acid). This actually makes sense, because GABA is an amino acid that has a calming effect on the nervous system in adults. Not surprisingly, it is also reportedly helpful with anxiety. However, it can have a paradoxical (reverse) effect in children.

Logos does not currently carry GABA, but we probably will in the near future. I have been researching GABA for possible inclusion in a new sleep formula we are working on.

Just thought I would pass that info along.




3:35:22 PM

pamela mae

8:36:23 PM

Dear ZD,
I am so sorry for what you are having to endure.
There is hope as mr cs and mel have shared with you.

Until we can get you to a doctor -since you have so much face involvement there is a cream that is mild but helps relieve things. The person who formulated it had morgellons herself, and you can contact her if you email me

Forsome things I think Mr cs uses a peppermint soap?? and a sulfa soap called azure I think.
If you search here you will find the peppermint and the azure.
Mel uses the MMS baths and is realllly in love with what they are doing for his skin.
He has been really happy about the results on his psoriasis and will even tell you :-)

I use the menthol crystals for my environment and am gradually seeing some improvement.(SEE PRECAUTIONS)

Please do email me,if you would like to get a GPL doctor.

Pamela Mae


1:11:08 PM

Hiya zd,


So very sorry to hear of your symptoms, May I suggest
that you get with your doctor as soon as possible. If he can offer no assistance;

Then I suggest you contact Pamela Crane @ morgellon focus .com. She can help to put you in touch with the Great PLains Labs.

They could test you and may offer you insights to your condition, as well as offer ways to get better!

I Hope this will help!

Good Luck and God bless you,
P.S. Thanks Mr.C,your help is always Appreciated !
Mr. Common Sense

12:09:25 PM

zd, you are not alone, for every person that has realized what is happening to them there are 1,000 others (probably more) out there a drift at sea that have no idea what is happening to them. Nizoral shampoo is a good anti-fungal shampoo btw ...

11:53:32 AM

Hi! I'm new to the forum. I get alot of stuff off my face and hair. My face and hair are my biggest nightmare. I have something in my hair that I've heard no one speak of and I am afraid to speak of but here goes. Whatever this is moves through my scalp sometimes very rapidly down my face around my nose in my nose and my mouth and it makes a noise. I can't touch it however, I can tell where it at because it itches where the thing touches. Nothing I have used affects it. And I have tried alot of different products. When it goes in my mouth I start coughing and sometimes the coughing is bad. When the
coughing disturbs it, it leaves my mouth quickly but
this thing likes warm areas. Like the corner of my mouth or my nose. I feel helpless and afraid. I know it leaves eggs or something on me gritty. It never stops. At night I place a throw away shower cap and tie it up to try and keep it in my hair while I sleep. The parasite comes to the hairlike and makes a noise. When I clean my hair I get thise white things out of my hair. I feel lost and alone in this.

10:16:11 AM

Auntie M,
The difference for me between the live eggs and dead eggs is that the live ones are round (white) and rubber like, the dead ones are more like dried (white) skin. I have had nothing new in quite some time. I think I only have one leision left that has anything in it. It must have been pretty deep. My legs were the worst. I had more leisions than normal skin. Now 95% is skin (with scars) and the rest small leisions that are getting smaller everyday. for me, this is nothing short of a miracle.
Auntie M

6:59:16 PM

For Deb 2: Can you explain the difference between live eggs and dead ones? How they look and feel, etc? Thanks
Auntie M

6:58:00 PM

There are different types of particles that come off the skin. I am getting less and less round "fuzz balls," which have been greenish and which I identify as Morgellons. I also have gotten off-white fuzz balls, all about the size of a grain of sand or smaller.

I also have had black specks, which I have not gotten in awhile now. These are smaller than a grain of sand.

I am getting very tiny (almost can't see them) dark, almost-sliver-like organizms, which I think are parasites. These keep getting smaller and smaller and fewer and fewer.

My scalp is still the worst area, where I nit comb out all kinds of sizes and shapes of organizms, little red specks--like very tiny grains of sand (very few anymore), little black specks (not any more), off-white flakes of varying sizes and shapes. Some round, some longer. Some so small, it comes off on one side of the comb as almost a powder and sticky. This powder has greatly reduced. The general stickiness I have experienced everywhere is diminishing.

When I take a vinegar/salt bath (I've been adding dried powdered alfalfa lately), I put my entire scalp underwater for some time. This seems to be diminishing the stuff on the head.

It is my interpretation that these things are both fungal (spores??) and parasitic in nature.

Very rarely, I take something black that almost looks like charcoal (small jagged pieces) from my bath water. One other person has also had these come out of her.

Hope this helps.
Susanne, question for Aunt M

11:45:40 AM

Auntie M,
When you wipe all these 'bugs' off... which also show up between your fingers. .
can you tell what they look like, particularly what color they are. . etc.
I am trying to identify them on me. These things that are wiped off, are they black specs, white crystals, white sand granules, or white sticky particles which stick to skin?
Anyway, let me know what you're getting.

10:25:29 AM

Hi Auntie M,
As I read your post, I keep wondering if you are ONLY reducing your load of "eggs" but not killing off the new eggs. You are going thru an awful lot of manual work to rid yourself of the "bugs" but I worry that you are not killing off the new ones.
Once I started the medications I am on there was a very big difference between the "live" eggs and the "dead" eggs. If you are not seeing a visible difference than I doubt you are killing off the new stuff. It is very rare that I pull anything out of me now, but if I do, I know it is dead. These are NOT new, only coming to the surface as my body get's rid of them.
Just a thought
Auntie M

3:22:48 AM

Here is a kit I created that I take with me EVERYWHERE I GO when out of the house. I put everything in plastic bags in my knapsack: vinyl plastic gloves, torn paper towel sheets, Thera Neem Lotion, NutraSilver, Hydrogen Peroxide (When the itching and hatching in my privates was unbearable, this and hydrogen peroxide were the only things to give me relief for a couple of hours, so I could leave the house. First, I poured on the hydrogen peroxide. Then, applied the Nutrasilver. Nutrasilver stains your clothes, so wear dark ones.).

My privates have almost healed and putting the neem lotion there when I am out seems to give me a couple of hours of relief. The fungal and parasitic load there is GREATLY reduced.

I pretty much only use the Thera Neem lotion on my body when I am out now because I have gotten so much better.
Auntie M **

3:11:22 AM

I have had much worse skin sensations at night, also. In fact, this has kept me up ALL night, many a night. I've had marked improvement over the last week or so. The last 2 days have been the best ever.

What I use to help get rid of the terrible sensations is THERA NEEM LEAF AND OIL LOTION. After I do Janice's creme protocol (after bathing and during the day as needed and in the evening a couple of hours before I sleep), which is: 1) coat skin with organic olive or sesame oil, 2) make salt water solution using salt (I use sea salt) and water (I use purified water); wipe salt water all over all areas covered with oil. This brings the bugs OUT and for me, can be painful. 3) apply Janice's creme (I use a toothpick to take a little bit out of the container and throw the toothpick away after using it one time. This way I do not recontaminate her creme.) sparcely over all affected areas. I USE DISPOSABLE VINYL GLOVES when I do this process. I use a new pair of gloves for different parts of the body (I've had infection/infestation in my privates, as well as my face, neck, scalp and other parts of the body.. To be most effective, I have had to shave my hairy areas. I have a crewcut now.

This particular neem lotion seems to activate/irritate the bugs or fungus or whatever and then, they have to be REMOVED from the skin immediately. Using this skin protocol WITH JANICE'S CREME religiously every day has closed up my lesions and made them go away quickly.

I use the THERA NEEM LOTION (purchase from$10.95 a bottle) after Janice's skin protocol when the sensations start to get really bad, to get the bugs OUT and OFF. I apply the neem lotion and rub it in. The skin drinks it in. So I keep reappying it. The rubbing finally releases the bugs from the skin. Neem is anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, and anti-bacterial, originally from a type of tree in India. Indians have been using it to fight parasites for thousands of years.

Then, after rubbing, the bugs come off, lots of them. I don't wear gloves to do the wiping. I need to feel my skin (I can feel the bugs that need to be removed, though they are getting SO SMALL now, sometimes I only SEE them on my fingers and hands, though I do not feel them. I wipe my dirty hands on paper towels (Trader Joe's has the best ones for me: each piece torn from the roll is small. Yes, I've gone through a truckload of paper towels. But the bugs ARE LEAVING). Every time I wipe with my hands, I hold the hands up to the light, as the bugs collect BETWEEN the fingers. You have to get them off or they will imbed. I use sulphur soap to wash my hands when done. That removes them from sticking to the skin.

Doing this time-consuming ritual then gives me relief so I can fall asleep at night.

For months, I would wake up around dawn and the sensations would be excrutiating on my face and neck. THIS HAS ALMOST GONE AWAY. I IMMEDIATELY start applying the NEEM lotion over the sensations and RUB it in. The critters seem to calm down. This, again seems to buy me more time to sleep at night. Sometimes, I have to rub and work the bugs out of me at that time, to get relief. Sometimes, just rubbing in the neem lotion is all it takes to get some relief. When parasites eat neem, they die.

Janice said that the only way to get rid of these things is to remove them by hand. I now agree, though there is no question that all the stuff I am taking internally to heal is killing stuff inside me as well. My stool has been a parade of variations over the months. Now, a film that is coming off in sheets around my BM is showing up in the toilet bowl. Lord, I could write a book about the bizarre BM's I've witnessed over the last eight months at this point. I WON'T.

I am convinced that the sulphur and herbal teas I have been taking are loosening the biofilm in me. The film on my tongue in the morning is almost gone. This was a white coat for a long time. Molecula silver removes it in the morning. I spit out the loosened film in the silver. Then, I take in more silver for absorption and to swallow.

I hope this protocol brings other people relief, especially the children who will need the help of a parent to do this.

I have sucessfully removed the bugs just using the NEEM LOTION, when I cannot do the whole protocol. LIKE when I AM DRIVING OR OUT OF THE HOUSE and the bugs start the terrible sensations.

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