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Laura (aunt)

6:48:01 AM


You are never alone with this website. I have spent many hours reading, crying, laughing, and understanding after reading the journeys of others. Attending the conference calls and posting are also important for your healing. So congratulations for reading and posting! You are on your way.

Although I have not had the ringing in my ears some people have experienced, I have experienced pain. When this happened, I put a few drops of silver into each ear and it helped within 2 days. This has become part of my routine now as I do it daily.

I look forward to talking to you on the conference call this Friday evening and pray you continue to find comfort and peace in this loving and caring community. You have what it takes to overcome this disease.

“God does not give us overcoming life; He gives us life as we overcome.” ? Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest.

In Christ Love,

2:55:55 PM

Hey fellow Texan and far outskirts of Houston dweller.

Mel laughs at me for saying "Hey" when I answer the phone...he says..."Hay is what horses eat."'s also what Texans say as a greeting.

Anyway...I'd thought about this thread when you'd said something about ear ringing...but I got busy and didn't respond at that moment and then life got in the way.

So glad you found it...there are some good ideas in this thread.

I've also been using the silver as ear drops, and that seems to quiet things down a lot too...AND I use silver for eye drops...that seems to help as well.

Sorry you missed the conference call and prayer meetings this last weekend...we missed you. I know how annoying the MD inflicted ADHD can be...that aspect can drive you nuts. Having some "systems" in place seems to help some with this and, thankfully, I've developed a few systems to keep things on track, and that seems to help quite a bit.

I still have slip ups though. I'd gone off to work about three weeks ago and left my big rolling brief case at home. It's like an appendage...everything is in there and I can't do my work without its contents. I live 35 miles away from work and didn't realize I'd left it until I was almost at my office. I couldn't believe it!

I had to turn back around and go home and get annoying!

It also kick started an ongoing lecture from Mel about putting a nail by my back door and hanging a clip board on it with my "Remember" list.

I told him I'd do a post it note...but no nail in the woodwork I've spent so long sanding, filling, and painting! I probably got lead poisoning and metal toxicity from all the renovation work I've done over the years, so I'd like to at least enjoy the outcome without marring the surface with a nail.

Anyway...glad you found some info to help you and hope to "see" you next week at the conference call and prayer meetings.



11:19:54 PM

I love the Search Engine! I’ve had what I consider a bad week and couldn’t wait for the Friday conference call. As it was getting time for the call, I reached for my phone and I couldn’t find it. I searched for about 2 hours and finally found it sitting in plain sight on the coffee table. Oh well, I thought, there is still the Sunday prayer conference call so I felt a bit better. I looked at the clock early Sunday evening and I missed that call too. I have got to get my stuff together and figure out how to get on the conference calls, I know this crazy but I intend to be on every one every single week and I miss every single call for one reason or another! I have always been extremely organized and punctual until this past year. I often lose things, forget things all the time and even get lost driving my car. This is just so not like me! After realizing I missed the prayer conference call this afternoon I just cried. I’ve cried a lot this week. That’s why I said that I love the search engine. My ears have been ringing so loudly that my hearing is affected so I put “ears ringing” in the search engine and found this thread.

What a great thread! Starting at the bottom and reading the entire thread was was pure educational entertainment! I needed to read comments like “ MD is hard”. It is, isn’t it? I forgot that. Duh!

I laughed so hard at Karen’s comments about being a Morgellons Barbie and how because of her exposure to heave metals she needed to stay away from large magnets. Oh my gosh, I needed to laugh!

I love Lt1985’s suggestion to use a light spray of Kleen Green in the shower. I’ve never done that before and it seems so simple. I don’t really know if my ears are ringing because of active parasites but even if they are not, using a small amount of KG in the shower seems like a good idea. His reminder that continuing to take the protocol and build my bioterrain is a great idea! That’s what I am doing.

Thanks ya’ll. I needed you today. I really did.


5:31:33 AM

hi Karen,

The house you are working on sounds like a cool project - and in a way it must be nice to rebuild/restore a structure while also rebuilding/restoring your bioterrain.
When you are done - I bet there will be special memories in each room - an assortment of them from where you were at with your healing - maybe where you had a whine-fest - or a breakthrough - etc
I look forward to maybe seeing a photo of the finished project some day. so curious about it and later I will look up your old post about it.

And laughing at the navel gazing....
Oh and u are so right with your comment about the skills and character people can gain from MD persevering -

I was just writing (somewhere else) how problems are essential and we tend to think that we use "existing" courage and strength to deal with problems - but it is actually "through" problems We "get" courage and strength - it is a refining process.
Now we also know parched and worn down to the core is not good - and so it really is our approach - helpful coping skills and the grace of God of course! Whew -
Also -
There are no u-hauls at the graveyard and sometimes paradigm shifts are needed to teach or remind us of what really matters -
And I know a few folks w/MD who believe it saved them from getting cancer (and cancer has been shown to also have a fungal connection) and so without Pollyanna-izing- this all -
Things really "could be worse" because the standard protocol for cancer in the US is not a root cause approach - (they serve cookies in the oncology reception area and have cake and ice cream to celebrate remission - ugh. And And Dr Sircus has some good research about how wrong the treatment is)
sorry about your bad meltdown - and so glad you're seeing such 5 month progress (and the serraptase post was great - what a good idea !
David Williams (2005) has a skin cancer cream made with vitamin c powder - vitamin a - vitamin E - zinc and some cream base - and I guess it eats up the fungal spores associated with Certain skin cancer-
I made a variety of oils and used so much stuff -while remembering we heal the inside out -
And BLACK WALNUT HULL tincture was/is one of my top antifungals and sore healer products -
Some topical mixes "brought stuff out" (especially if anything had a few drops of DMSO added) and then for calming relief "quiet things down" I used borax or Avalon organics lavender lotion - very nice formula to quiet MD on skin

Oh and u are so right - no one can fully grasp this disease unless they have lived it - and I pray that the medical community will stop calling it DP- or at least begin to give out tinfoil hats with hearing aids - lol ;) jk

But DP is so horrible -and Sometimes I pray for people in a blanket prayer - like at random times i just say "god - please help everyone afflicted with MD and give them hope and recovery" or "I come against a spirit of suicide in Jesus name....and pray for anyone who is weak right now"

And so may everyone "put on the garment of praise when things get heavy" and remember the joy of the lord is our stength and when we delight in him - not the situation - contentment rolls in and he gives us the desires of heart (Psalm 37)
Be encouarged - good things are in store - one day at a time - one hour at a time - one meltdown at a time - :<
And His grace is enough....

Lastly - Right now I am enjoying a book called "the tipping point" (gladwell, 2006) and I need to come back later and share some nfo about "how" he asserted HIV spread and how far it went back - really interesting stuff - and makes me think MD is a modified funked up morphed version of a few ailments and maybe even a cousin to HIV
Karen - so nice to connect and It will be a while before I come back - so please bear with me- and ask Mel for my email if ya want.
Oh and Peter - thanks for your wonderful comment - much love your way and thanks for all you give - may it continue to ripple back your way above and beyond what you could imagine -
And a quick hello to Shari - Gale - Kate - and the wonderful others I connected with last year - xxoo
Peace to all

2:46:23 PM

Thanks Peter!

Lol...I obviously got pretty deep into the wilderness of my rambling thoughts on that last one. Such is the outcome when one wakes up in the middle of the night, can't go back to sleep, and then opens the laptop. They don't SEEM that long when I'm typing them in the small box at the bottom of the page...but I'm sometimes even a little shocked at how long some of them are when I see how much real estate they take up on a thread.

In any case...I'm happy if any of my epistle posts help anyone with the stamina to read all the way through them.


10:28:45 PM

Hi Karen

You are a huge blessing because you share so openly and with such grace. You are a beacon of light and I love your heart.


2:44:19 AM

Thank you Aunt Laura and Deby for your input and encouraging words. Great idea about the hydrogen peroxide bottles LT1985...and Mel tells us it's great for the skin too. Additional thanks for sharing your meltdown made me feel better about "a few" emotional reactions I've had to some things over the course of this last 18 months of slaying fire breathing M dragons with its multiple heads.

Case in point...I'd posted about a serious meltdown a month or so ago after dealing with some relentless and painful purging symptoms that kept me from sleeping more than a few hours at a time for several days. It was a BAD meltdown...I even scared myself with it, often happens with M, it preceded a turn for the better. M never seems to let us have an upswing without paying for it, but it also seems that the price is kind of equal to the other words, the herx is equivalent to the pay off.

It makes sense though that we'd all have meltdowns...of course we get tired and frustrated...this thing attacks from every angle, affects every area of our lives and depletes all of our resources...physical, mental, emotional, and financial.

One thing that's been occurring to me lately is how "lucky" I am to be going this alone. Before I got M, I'd had a pretty active social life when I wanted it...though...there were times when I didn't want to be too socially active because, as I've mentioned in earlier posts, I have an old house I've been working on for several years...and if I was into a big project, I'd need to stop and focus on that to get anything accomplished. My friends who have known me for a long time used to offer to come help...but after politely declining each offer they'd get it and also understand I really don't want help working on my house (unless I hire someone to do something I can't do myself). I'm always touched at the kindness of these offers, and thank the offer-er profusely, but always decline. I tell them to just be happy they dodged a bullet...working on an old house is a tough project and I don't want to put anyone in that position...I want to enjoy my friendships / dates and not work them to death!

And as we all project life has to offer can even come close to the downright draining hard work of dealing with M. I've had plenty of solitary whine-fests (ok...I'll admit it...crying into my pillow) about being so alone and lonely in my greatest hour of need (I can be a little melodramatic at times) until it finally dawned on me that this is a good's kind of like working on the house...a huge project. For starters, I'm not the most fun person to be around right now. By necessity, a person dealing with M is totally self-absorbed and that's the least damaging aspect I can imagine of how this could affect others who might live with a person recovering from this disease. I'm sick of navel me me me...and can't imagine how annoying it would be to anyone else having to deal with hearing about it all the time too. Obvious evidence of this self-absorption was my feeling sorry for myself for being alone...a REALLY self-serving thought since wanting someone else around wouldn't provide any benefit for the other person...only me...and only if that person was a self sacrificing saint.

And's a solitary endeavor. I put on my game face at work and around my family and friends because it's not something they need to hear about or worry about. I'll talk about it a little in terms of Lyme disease (which I do have, though my Western Blot bars have all but disappeared on intermittent lab work) but, in my opinion, it's really inappropriate for me to say much else except I'm getting better and better every day...which is actually we all know...M will put you through two days of hell to get better for one day...and that's an optimistic's often more like two weeks (or more) of
H E double hockey sticks to get one day of better...but from month to month, I do see progress if I do everything I'm supposed to.

And with these thoughts...I'm happy to be doing this alone. I can be totally self-absorbed...whine...cry into my trash about various pathogens...spend what I need to with no one questioning like a monk living on an organic farm...and clean house and do laundry like someone with full blown OCD...and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

But...because of all of you on this site...and because of Mel and his wonderful warm personality, I really don't feel alone at all. I love to listen to the past conference calls, etc. and read the blogs of all of you here. Mel cracks me up...hilarious...but also such forceful personality and knows what he's talking about...very comforting to have clear cut information in what can often feel like a murky world of various opinions. It helps so much because...NO ONE understands this unless they've gone through or are going through it...and Mel's gone through it and is well to tell about it!

The more I read and listen to what everyone's going through, the more I'm amazed and impressed with the sheer strength and determination of every one of you. There are obviously many many people out there suffering from my opinion, the ones who have found this site and who are putting their shoulders to the wheel and pushing with all their might (i.e. following the protocol consistently plus doing everything else they know to do to get well and not giving in) are the ones to be admired and respected...because this takes a combination of guts, faith, and hard work that is above and beyond anything else I can even think of, and I'm pretty imaginative too!

Like everyone else here, I don't plan on being a recovering M person forever...I plan on putting an "ed" suffix on that word...and when I do, I plan on getting out there in the social world again...but this time I think I'll have so much more to offer (although it sure won't be monetary), but the upside to all of this is the strength and character that just gets built in as a result of navigating one's way through it all. We're all building an amazing skill set!

Thanks again to all of you who offer your support through posts and participating on conference calls. I don't often come in on the calls when they are happening but I do listen to the calls after the fact...and always learn so much and appreciate everyone's input. Just hearing your voices is so comforting to me...makes me feel not alone and supported by others who understand.


2:34:28 AM

Dear LT185

I can only assume that this is Lady T, the wonderful mysterious visitor who occasionally graces this forum with powerful insights in support of this protocol. "Thank you" for continuing to bring forth useful information and for the gift of your personal experience from your recovery that you so generously share.

In His Love,

10:47:32 PM


No foil!

Delusional humoratosis amiga

Wishing everyone a good holiday

10:44:04 PM

Dear Laura (aunt)
Thanks for your nice comment my sister in the lord -
And looking forward to someday posting that 100% journey - (so close and it feels so good)
and my favorite thing about the focus here at Mel's place is the focus on the cure and not necessarily the ins and outs of the pathogens - enough about the pathogens to know what is needed to heal - but the focus is on the cure -

I was reading on a very wonderful morgellons site last week - the research was great (lots of descriptions about symptoms and healing helps - and his stats said something like out of 15,000 MD sufferers - 62% were women between 45-65 - something like that) and he had great info -
as I perused other pages on his site - I felt sad beceause it seemed more focused on the disease and the progression of the disease -
- like he had tips for squeezing out the gums - oh man I ache for anyone who has had MD for 9 years and has it in the gums!
and he said he heard of cases where people had it 31 years?

Anyhow - I know That not everyone gets healed quickly on Mel's protocol - but they "improve" -slowly (and most improve greatly within first couple months)
Cos this protocol works - (( or one similar liken Mr. CS had)
And On this protocol there is not the deep progression of this affliction - like the gum infection and loose teeth - hair loss - etc.
so for anyone still on the fence about joining in on this protocol - let me quote John B and ask,
"So what are you waiting for?"
Thanks again Laura (aunt)
Laura (aunt)

3:01:11 PM


Love your humor and certainly understand the importance of using it heal! The ironic thing is; if I had a dime for every time I looked up asking "REALLY?", well my bank account would be in good standing!! Thank you for posting and please keep some humor in it. We all need it!

In Christ Love,
Laura (aunt)

11:26:41 AM

Lol...well...finding something to laugh about in all of this definitely has it's me anyway. Sometimes, when I'm home working my way through the same long daily "to do to get well" checklist we all have, I'll just have one of those moments. You all know what I of those moments when you remember what real life was like...and wonder what in the world happened. That's when I'll look up at the ceiling (for lack of a more imaginative place to rest my eyes in an attempt to look heavenward) and say..."Really?"

So far I haven't heard any audible answers...but once I get a few minutes to stop and meditate long enough to blow open all seven chakras, I'll see if I can pick up an answer.

Will keep all of you posted if I get anything interesting.

Hmmmmm...maybe I'd better be careful posting these kinds of silly thoughts. There are those (though realistically...probably not any of "those" who'd read these blogs) who'd probably see my wry remarks as evidence of delusional thinking. anyone who might be of that mindset and thinking thoughts along those lines about my tongue in cheek remarks...please know that I would NEVER do anything crazy like wear a tin foil pyramid shaped hat to offset any possible alien influence on this disease.

Because...that would be just WAY too much metal exposure. So no foil!

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!


5:27:29 AM


Enjoyed your reply and i don't think we can remind folks enough about getting healthy from the inside out!
It reminds me of Ty Bollinger's "truth about cancer" series - (I watched it years ago and he always says that) And it is also the mantra here -

Mel - peter - john - they are always reminding folks about how we manage symptoms and the external environment but they always remind us that the real focus should be cleaning the Inside and rebuilding our terrain!

Anyhow -regarding the kleen green- in my humble opinion -I don't think you could ever use too much of that all-natural amazing product - (it is so gentle) and I used to squirt it right inside my ears and nose and let it dry.

And side note - for those who cannot afford Kleen Green - don't forget another thing Mel shares often - about how
He sprayed MMS everywhere -
And I have a small story to share about what led me to FINALLY Try mms in a spray bottle - (I seemed to blow off what Mel said about the perks of spraying mms)

So for those who want to try MMS in a spray bottle here is a tip:
Most stores (wal-Mart, target, etc) sell an 8oz. spray bottle of hydrogen peroxide for under two dollars - well it makes the best bottle for mms
(I just emptied the contents into an old 32 oz bottle)
And then used the spray bottle for MMS (WPS) -
it is a great bottle
Strong and distributed the prefect amount of mms -
Dark so the spray stayed active
Did not break and was lightweight to carry around -
It was such a blessing cos I tried so many bottles (for products like KG- magnesium - and MMS) - small - large - glass - plastic - etc.
And that 8oz bottle was my fav!

Oh and tip #2 (regarding mms in spray bottle) -
When I was recovered enough to feel comfortable staying in people's homes - (while traveling) I sprayed the room during my stay to make sure I would not contaminate the area.
I know Pete and Mel remind us that MD is "out there" and people are exposed to it everyday - but I wanted to make sure I was not leaving it behind (as best as I could) especially for certain people I knew had immune system probs.
So I brought my own sheets (a top and bottom one) and my own pillow - and sprayed light mists of KG (and later MMS)
I also bought a travel diffuser from marshalls (8$) and this little item was great for keeping the air fresh - I left it running All day with fresh essential oils added- I also used the diffuser at home when I worked on computer - and it positively impacted the air - allowed me to work longer with less itchy -
Anyhow - the little story I have with KG is personal - but I want to share it here for readers because "Mel's place" is such an artery of support for folks.

One day I reached down into my cupboard to get my bottle of concentrated KLeen green - (time to refill my diluted mix)
I was making it a bit weak just so my big bottle of concentrate would last even longer -
I splurged on the large bottle without even knowing how friggin amazing it would be (if you have MD - you really need to experience the relief KG brings - which Deby shared a little about as she shared her use... ;)

So anyhow - my KG was gone. I was puzzled -
Checked all around the house -
- later that day realized
The cupboard was cleaned out - my son was home from college and for some crazy reason he decided to clean out under the kitchen sink. He is a little bit of a health guru - like he reminds people to not use bleach (or to not breathe it in if they use it) but the funny thing was he tossed my KG without reading the label - maybe the look of the bottle made him think it was bad?? He never does this and really apologized -
He also thought stuff under there was old (?) and now he knows I knew every item down there - ha.

Sadly, I did not notice the day he did it - or I could have retrieved it from the trash bin (With my bottle of neem oil that was tossed too)-
He was back at school and it was a week later.
We have worked through it since then - and actually got closer because he has been humbled and one of the products he used to tell me not to use (Dr Bs) he later bought me their organic lotion as a truce.
So we kind of share this bond thru it now - very cool.
But getting back to the day I discovered my KG was tossed - I had a meltdown.
not too bad -
But I cried like a baby - partly for the cost - cos we all know every bit counts when we need so many things for MD recovery - it was such a full bottle too - and I was actually thinking of folks who can't afford KG and now the landfill has a big ol' bottle -
And I needed To make a new bottle -

I also yelled at my son for throwing "my" stuff out -
And over the phone I was like "who does that? - goes under someone's sink and starts tossing stuff?" I might have dropped an f-bomb with those whining tears -like WTF-
I hung up the phone and realized it was disproportionate reacting -
I sobbed some more - and then after i vented a whole bunch more to my spouse -
who was all practical - "we'll get some more right now" - stuff like that - (well he had to stay in "listen mode" because I was not quite yet ready for him to be in fixin' mode - ha!)

I realized the meltdown was a healing afternoon for me.
I even asked "ok - why am I this upset?- it has to be more than the stuff under the sink"
I sobbed like a baby cos my clean green was tossed -
But it was more than the product loss - I was just tired and weary
MD had taken its toll
Worn out - drained
I did take care to release my stress ongoing - with talking - and I'm a daily journaler -
But for some reason I just needed this meltdown -
it was a release of months of build up.
Some of the hardest months of my life -
I might have been low on sleep - even tho I was pretty good with resting up too -
so i soon realized that it was all of the nonstop stuff
And I was human -
It was all the Symptom management - life interruption - going to yoga with a large circle wound on my cheek -(after a different one finally healed) taking supplements all day (wink) - taking shower after shower - keeping clothes separated - feeling far along to have another cycle start - less, but not gone (yet)....demand after demand-

And through the grace of god I made it through the toughest and easiest of days - for He never ever will give us more than we can handle - cos He is our strength and when we are weak his strength infuses us some more)

So everyone with MD
- remember that this "is" really difficult recovery -
And of course you all know that - but maybe we need to hear it more - and remind ourselves to keep pushing on -
And as deby astutely reminded us - we recover by cleaning the inside -
you can do this -
Better days are coming!
And don't forget that it is ok to feel - but watch out for wallowing in unhelpful ways - cos the running faucet of despair can take you down. Find ways to detach in healthy pauses - find encouragement -
It is ok if you have a meltdown or two - vent and get it out - cry - get mad (but control wrath and use wisdom) but it might be time to grab some tissues and just say "this sucks -'I'm exhausted and drained to the core - and my Kleen Green is gone - wahhhh"
And then take some deep breaths -
Get some protein in - drink some water - or a big glass of unsweetened almond milk -
Get some sleep -
Hug someone -
And regroup (use positive coping behaviors and stay on top of preventing burnout - but feel and process the hurt and setback -
And always get some more sleep (cos it does so much for our mood and responding)

Well deby - that is all from me - really glad Karen started this thread because it has been nice to share this week - ;)


3:29:53 AM

Karen - laughing pretty good at your joke about the magnets. Bah.
And I guess more good news is that we MD folks get to chelate metals and it should help us in old age to have better cognitive function and the healthy bioterrain we need.
Oh and I was just reading about how produce has toxic metals - ugh.
It was actually an article (dr Stengler (2011) shared about an article from journal of applied nutrition) on organic vs conventional, apples potatoes, pears, and sweet corn.
Organic had more minerals
And "25% less mercury and 29% less lead ban conventional foods - both metals are toxic to the nervous and immune systems" (p.106).

After I read that I thought - huh?
I guess the potential for human exposure to metals have been around a long while now and are increasing more and more (pesticides, faulty equipment, human error, corrupted products, contaminated water, etc.)
Well I was trying to think of a humerous comeback to your magnet joke, but I can't think of anything so I will just bask in the smile I still have (and now reply to a different comment) thx again
Have a good day...
Laura (aunt)

10:00:07 AM

LT 1085,
I look forward to reading your 100% healed post and have enjoyed reading about the information you are gaining along the way. Please continue to heal and post, as this enables others to learn from your journey.

May God Bless you and all others dealing with MD.
In Christ Love,
Laura (aunt)

8:42:26 AM

I had no idea metals are hiding in so many things we're exposed to on a daily basis. In running through your list I'm hitting at close to 100% on exposure....I guess. I should steer clear of any large magnets or I might just find myself flying toward same and sticking there until somebody pries me loose with a crow bar. Oops!! It couldn't be a metal crow bar though...hmmmm...and not plastic either. Uh oh! I'd just have to stay stuck!

All kidding aside...thanks for the info. No doubt about it, my recovery progress is directly related to knowledge welcome and appreciate all the helpful information. :)

9:44:34 PM

Hi Karen - enjoyed your reply - ;)

Glad u are having such good progress -
And getting that rest and the "sum" of the parts. ;)
And "tickling" in the ears was what I forgot to include - that was-is something I felt too.
And because MD gets in sinuses it only makes sense that ears would be connected - (and docs specialize as ENT - ear - nose and throat - very interconnected and areas)

Anyhow - the real reason I wanted to write back was to add a few comments about heavy metals in the body -

I am still learning right here with everyone - and yes - I am a "mostly healed" MD overcomer (in the 98% club maybe) and I will share more of my story perhaps later this year - when the time is right -

Anyhow - back to heavy metals.

I noticed that you mentioned dental work and old house paint - which are potential sources of exposures -
And I always thought of aluminum in deodorant -

But did you know we also get heavy metals from certain plastics (and chemicals like arsenic) and from certain cosmetic products -
And from foods - like colorings that were added can have traces -
Then contaminated soils - like barium

But some people also have heavy metals from copper pipes
And then the flu shot can be a source of mercury - ugh! Pisses me off -

And head some antibiotics have carrier metals -
And early on I had a breakthrough after using EDTA for chelating heavy metals - but it was not enough to heal the body's systems - which is what Mel's protocol safely does -

It gently detoxes and helps the liver work better - takes the burden off the thyroid - helps our organs get back in shape.

I'm convinced that a severe fungal infection is at the root of MD that is inter-playing with heavy metals (and other toxins, etc)

That's all for now - wishing you a good day
And to all in recovery mode -
Be encouraged Because good things are in store -
I know this is rough - but healing recovery is possible


12:53:39 PM

This is an interesting thread as I also suffer from ringing ears.

No doubt it's a symptom associated with morgellons and parasitic activity.

I appreciate the tips on how to deal with this problem.

Recently someone told me something was sticking from my ear and low and behold it was the exact same thing that is on my skin.

I have been using Kleen Green on my skin, which has a high amount of citric acid. This has been drying the things out and shrinking them tremendously.
When I shower I use Kleen Green and I also hold the sprayer a distance from my ears giving them a gentle spray. I am careful not to overdo this as the ear canal doesn't need to be overly dried out.

I always keep in mind that treatment starts from the gut and any external treatments are just that.

God bless!


12:02:32 AM

Wow! Thanks so much LT1985!

You offered so much great information...lots to think about and try. I have one of the three parasite symptoms you mentioned...ringing in ears...but not any kind of itching in my ears. I've gotten so used to it that I don't even notice it most of the time...but when I do stop and has made me wonder. I don't have any symptoms of hearing loss, so I don't think the ringing is associated with anything like my guess is that my hunch about it being related to evidence of parasites is correct.

Interesting you should mention heavy metals in the body. I'm a poster child for heavy metals...still have some metal fillings from childhood and I've had a life-long hobby of living in and renovating old houses. I'm sure I've sanded lead paint over the years...probably quite a bit of it and have definitely used all kinds of solvents, etc.

Over the last couple of years of dealing with this, I've noticed glitter coming from my skin from time to time. It can be sharp and painful when it purges out, but it's also freakishly fascinating to see pink glitter coming from my skin. If they ever made a Morgellons Barbie, I'm sure she'd spew forth pink glitter from every skin surface...and if would be almost quasi-authentic!

Your comments about getting better with time and adherence to the protocol are dead on. I'm about five months into doing the protocol correctly...had started it a year ago but was kind of hit and miss until a few months ago. Just this last week I'm starting to see it really pay off...I've had a HUGE improvement. The skin issue has made a giant leap forward and is now the best it's been in over a year! In addition, my energy level is holding out longer and longer each day...but I'm not taking any chances on this. I work a demanding full time job. If I get tempted to come home and do something heroic in terms of a project around the house from excitement over finally having some energy again, I just talk myself right out of it and go get some rest. I'm finally getting it about the SUM of the parts and getting it about rest and sleep to allow the immune system to rebuild.

Forgive me for not knowing much about your situation...I don't think I've read any of your posts because I'm still kind of new-ish here. From the context of your responses to my post, I'm thinking (hoping) that you're one of those who have recovered or mostly recovered...but...if you're still recovering, it sounds like you have the kind of knowledge and expertise to get to the finish line. In any case, thank you so much for your kindness in posting such a detailed response to my query. I wish you much health and happiness.



3:30:11 AM

Hi Karen
This is part 2
Here are some ideas for helping the ears - just to consider for educational purposes ;)

- make an ear oil and use a few drops in the outer ear area - I like olive oil, oregano and clove (light mix) with dash of lavender

- have a few drops of Swedish hitters under tongue - it can calm the nerves and auditory system - it also does great things for the GI

- breathe into the stomach - try the three part breath -first inhale into chest - inhale into ribs and add even more air - and then bring air into the belly- hold it and exhale triple slow - it will bring more oxygen to the blood and help in many ways - could help inner ears balance and settle down
- try the scuba diver ear clear
You just lightly decompress pressure in the ear by lightly holding your nose closed and blowing out (be gently and look it up on Padi)

- try massaging the jaw and back of neck - do shoulder lifts and do a lot of forward folds (inversions) because it is good for circulation and auditory system

3:19:56 AM

Hi Karen
I first heard about the connection between ear issues and parasites back in 1990. I was watching Maureen Salaman's show and she was drinking hot water with lemon. I wish I listened more to her teachings but I was stubborn -
Anyhow - someone told me that
"Back in the day" it was common knowledge to associate certain symptoms with parasites; three obvious signs of parasites were itchy anus, Itchy nose, and ear activity.

But nowadays the mainstream docs treat itchy butts with steroids - they treat Itchy noses with chemical sprays and allergy crap (or adenoids r removed) and issues ears get drugs and hearing aids!

As many here know - - most doctors today
are trained with a "symptom management" approach (big pharma decides what is taught in med school) and so they never even think parasites because it is not part of their training - it is assumed to be a third world ailment -
And likely it used to be more so - but in our global world we are now sharing much with travelers -migrant workers - imported foods - and prescription drugs made in factories we cannot inspect. Further - some parasites are coming in via textiles and imorted goods.

Even the docs that specialize in parasitology tend to have blinders on their eyes - and part of it is because many parasites stay hidden - only see them when they are dead - or again goes back to training -
I have come to be less mad at the way doctors are clueless with certain chronic infections - I have grace because I see the training connection - now many of
the docs are great for removing bullets or fixing broken bones - but intestinal health seems to be the great delusion and anyone staying in mainstream care (with MD especially) will usually not get to root causes (they will only have symptom management)
So back to the ears

12 years before I got MD I started cleansing - I used Sonne's clay and fiber and had great results -and my ears would tickle and pop the first few days
I also did stronger herbal cleanses on and off and felt some activity in my ears as well - but thankfully it was mild and not ringing - but I know some folks who had ringing and hearing loss and they were able to heal it.
(Side note - a mistake I made with my early cleaning was not taking supplements to rebuild my terrain - I was great at scrubbing - but terrible at rebuilding because I did not see the value - I "thought" vitamins were a hack - but as many here know - they can save us and this protocol heals us because it does both - it scrubs and rebuilds.)

Remember that most of us here had other coinfections with our MD - and I believe certain microbes are so small they get inside the parts of the ear and when your body is cleansing - it causes activity and healing there
- my ears had activity usually after taking the WPS (mms) Sometimes I had tons of popping - not too loud and not really ringing - but pops and activity
and many times it was more in one ear -
But I took some extra deep breaths and smiled because I knew good things were happening -;)
I think the ears will settle down as you work the protocol and get stronger and stronger -
I am back on a daily maintenance dose of MMS and sometimes I still feel some mild ( very mild) crackling in the ears- so maybe some of us will always have it-
Closing thought on parasites in general
Keep in mind that all humans have parasites
It is normal
And I heard the earliest caveman remains showed signs of worms in the intestine
But the problems happen when the "parasite burden" becomes too heavy-
And the problems happen when the gut is leaky (and allows parasites to go into areas they were not meant to)
And problems especially happen when the body has high levels of metals (and most with MD do)
I read some info about how certain heavy metals actually change the way candidiasis operates - like both are not good to have in the body -'but when they get together they take on more damaging roles -they become mischievous partners in havoc -
Further - problems come from parasites when our liver is clogged and thyroid over worked and our systems do not fire like they should - (impaired immunity)
And another problem happens if we get parasites that are not meant for us -
The inestestines might benefit from some helpful parasites (see Helminth therapy)
But the parasite cocktail of "gunk" with MD is not the helpful variety - I beleive fungi and a slime mold and biofilm is at the core allowing the other things to breed -
But be encouraged because when you recover from MD - and you can - just keep fighting and trust the process -
And you will end up with a mean fighting machine - a body that is healthy from the inside out.
I know it is miserable and time consuming
I know MD is rough
Because the body is heavily infected -
But you are getting to root causes by cleaning the gut (and cleaning your blood) and by feeding your body with protocol nutrients that help it to fire better and heal u ....

if those ears start bothering you - remember that good things are going on in your body.
I am not sure if anyone else has had the ear issues (and I only come here every few months to check in) but here are a few things I suggest to consider for helping ears
Karen **

2:41:00 PM

Hi Everyone,

I hope all of you are having a great my opinion almost anything would almost be a great day after getting through a full moon. Thank goodness that one's over!

On another note...does anyone else experience ringing in the ears? I have this constantly, and I read somewhere that the ringing is a symptom of parasites. Has anyone else heard or read this? Other than the full moon drama / typical symptom extravaganza, I've been getting so much better! The places on my chin are starting to flatten out, my eyes are no longer red, and I'm not nearly so tired.

If this ringing is a symptom of parasites, I wonder when it goes away...wonder if it's one of the last things to leave...or what? If so, I'm looking forward to the day I don't hear a thing!



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