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Laura (aunt)

6:48:01 AM


You are never alone with this website. I have spent many hours reading, crying, laughing, and understanding after reading the journeys of others. Attending the conference calls and posting are also important for your healing. So congratulations for reading and posting! You are on your way.

Although I have not had the ringing in my ears some people have experienced, I have experienced pain. When this happened, I put a few drops of silver into each ear and it helped within 2 days. This has become part of my routine now as I do it daily.

I look forward to talking to you on the conference call this Friday evening and pray you continue to find comfort and peace in this loving and caring community. You have what it takes to overcome this disease.

“God does not give us overcoming life; He gives us life as we overcome.” ? Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest.

In Christ Love,

2:55:55 PM

Hey fellow Texan and far outskirts of Houston dweller.

Mel laughs at me for saying "Hey" when I answer the phone...he says..."Hay is what horses eat."'s also what Texans say as a greeting.

Anyway...I'd thought about this thread when you'd said something about ear ringing...but I got busy and didn't respond at that moment and then life got in the way.

So glad you found it...there are some good ideas in this thread.

I've also been using the silver as ear drops, and that seems to quiet things down a lot too...AND I use silver for eye drops...that seems to help as well.

Sorry you missed the conference call and prayer meetings this last weekend...we missed you. I know how annoying the MD inflicted ADHD can be...that aspect can drive you nuts. Having some "systems" in place seems to help some with this and, thankfully, I've developed a few systems to keep things on track, and that seems to help quite a bit.

I still have slip ups though. I'd gone off to work about three weeks ago and left my big rolling brief case at home. It's like an appendage...everything is in there and I can't do my work without its contents. I live 35 miles away from work and didn't realize I'd left it until I was almost at my office. I couldn't believe it!

I had to turn back around and go home and get annoying!

It also kick started an ongoing lecture from Mel about putting a nail by my back door and hanging a clip board on it with my "Remember" list.

I told him I'd do a post it note...but no nail in the woodwork I've spent so long sanding, filling, and painting! I probably got lead poisoning and metal toxicity from all the renovation work I've done over the years, so I'd like to at least enjoy the outcome without marring the surface with a nail.

Anyway...glad you found some info to help you and hope to "see" you next week at the conference call and prayer meetings.


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