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12:41:15 PM

Thank you Laura for your kind words about our protocol which forms the nutritional foundation of Mel's program. It has been a blessing and an inspiration to serve this community from its inception, and I applaud Mel for his courage and determination to overcome all obstacles in the pursuit of his calling.

Logos remains dedicated to the cause of eliminating suffering and empowering those who are challenged with toxic diseases to recover productive lives. It is our joy to serve beside Mel and the other leaders in this community.

Love and Blessings to All,


7:43:42 PM

Hello All

This is a scary thing at first, I remember being so scared early in my journey, Peter told me that Fear was not of God and I knew that, but for someone to care and walk me through this time in my life when i felt so alone was a blessing!

Mel helped me to see what i needed to do to get better.
He challenged me and I listened what he had to say.

Now I am proof of what happens when you listen, follow the protocol exactly the way it's laid out and make the necessary changes and sacrifices, you get better!

Keep fighting!

Love always, Paula

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