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11:01:54 AM


There is a time for everything and surely the time is now when you need some financial security to continue to do God's work.

This can only be possible by a membership fee.

Newbies in their desperate need who may not have money,
can surely fill out some paper work and once approved,
there in.
I know you have never denied service because someone had no money.

Think what they will save in not wasting vast amounts in expensive creams for incorrectly diagnosed scabies alone or useless dermatologist fees. In money wasted seeking help from doctors who cannot help them or who belittle them.

Many of us would not be here Mel but for you.
You have given us extra years of life. What price is a life?

You have given the children their mothers back.

Your site is totally unique.

What other gives so much to receive so little in return ?
What other site gives from its own pocket to pay for what is needed for each individual's healing?

Every one who comes here needs you.
Yes! You do it for God but He also knows you must be supported financially and if there is a way to do it... Then so be it.

God Bless you always for who you are and what you do.


I was so happy that Mel had found his soul mate and someone to help him in his vision.

I can understand how hard it was for you both.

Love transcends physical boundaries and you will always be a great support to him.

God bless.

Your posts are just lovely and are such a blessing to all who are struggling with this wretched disease.
Julie B

6:03:32 AM


Thank you for posting the website information. Wow! Mind boggling to see the numbers. And the numerous countries listed. I am so thankful your website was there when I was searching desperately for answers. And that you are there everyday for us. I pray that God would open up the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing on you that overflows!


Thank you for your post!

I agree completely that pay per view to Mel's website would be wonderful.

How much money did we all waste looking for help? A lot!

I would gladly pay to access the wealth of information that Mel has so pain stakenly provided for us.

Julie B.

Laura (aunt)

11:30:34 AM

This many people searching for answers is quite heartbreaking. I hope they grow to understand the science behind this whole crazy disease and then I pray they decide to stay with this community where people do overcome the disease. I know all too well the information in this community has come to us through research, understanding, dedication, and our saving Lord.

"And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." Acts 2:21

7:52:15 AM
Hello Everyone and Welcome,

For many years I have shared actual numbers of our continuous growth, and so many found it hard to believe, so I thought it was time to show you these unfortunately amazing numbers;

Site Traffic:2016


Visitors: 47048

Pages Per Regular Visitor: 11.3

First Time Visitors: 27246

Pages Served: 985878

The growth in this last year Was the most Dramatic increase in our history;

Site Traffic:2017


Visitors: 60614

Pages Per Regular Visitor: 12.4

First Time Visitors: 39424

Pages Served: 1559496

I am only one man trying to help as many of you as possible.

God bless, those who did not give up HOPE got well


11:29:57 AM

Hi everyone,

I got really worried for Mel after reading Karen's email and I called him up and as usual he assured me that he's all know how he is, always whistling and always in a happy state.

Mel's website has a whole lot of information in it, that you will not get anywhere else. Infact this is a protocol that works. Not only that, Mel has guided so many in the past and continues to guide people through the protocol. His guidance is key to achieving our health successes, cos the protocol is just a guideline, but how to use it correctly is what we need help with since we are all different and hence heal differently.

I just want to say that I approached a doc (not even an MD, but he's a chiropractic doc), who pretty much does the same thing as Mel, in that he helps people heal from a cellular level. His protocol is different for sure and probably costs a bit more per month than ours. But here's what he charges for his time. The 1st appointment is $900, then on the program is approx 11-12 months where you have unlimited access to him and all his resources and guidance. This program is $14,000. Yes, you got that rite......I didn't mess up with those 0's. I don't want to disclose this doctors name here, so he will remain anonymous. Just those costs were enough to shock me. I read positive testimonials on his website and everyone was all praises for him because he helped cure them of cancer. Sure he cured them, but he also charged a hefty fee for it. I don't call that HELP.

I can't believe Mel helps us get our health back for free. I think it's only right if we give back to him as much as he gives us. I whole heartedly agree with Karen's idea of charging a membership fee or some sort of fee for website access. Also, as Cate mentioned, maybe we can have helpers to help answer questions for new comers.


P.S: Pardon any grammatical errors or phrases that may sound incorrect.

12:27:50 AM

Hi Karen ,

I’m glad you shared, so that more of us are made aware of the sacrifices and effort Mel has been putting in....It should be obvious, but it’s easy to take something, even something good like this website, for granted, and not understand the enormity of what it entails, to run..

Maybe your idea of charging a site access fee/membership dues, or something is a good idea. Perhaps there could be more people who could step alongside Mel, to lighten the load...maybe there would be members/previous members from this site, who could volunteer to help out in their region.

In other words, if someone were from a particular region/state, perhaps they could be a contact person/point of contact/volunteer to mentor/reach out to people in that particular area. Or, perhaps there could be a group of volunteers that could each take a particular week/month that they help Mel with anything that needs help, with the site.

I do believe that Mel is fulfilling a purpose that is so important, and overlooked, and clearly a calling. But, there’s no reason it couldn’t be pared down to a manageable level, if volunteers could come forth, or Mel could be compensated financially, to survive.

Regardless, you’re right, it’s a lot for one person.


6:28:43 PM

Dear Karen,

Thank you for being so open and real with this community.

I'm so sorry that things haven't worked out in the way you and Mel hoped.

I've laughed with you and cried with you reading your posts on the forum and you have a great gift in the way that you describe events and your thoughts around them.

I do understand the difficulties you encountered. Thank you for your concern for Mel. Thank you for being such an encouragement to him.

I don't know what can be done to make things easier financially for Mel, but I wish it would happen!
Laura (aunt)

6:32:19 PM

Dear Karen,

Yes things do happen for a reason. We may not always know the reason, but God does. So thank you for sharing your thoughts and I know something positive will come out of this.

There are so many wonderful people in this community and God has brought us here; one by one. Each person that becomes a part of our community has a role. Our role may be for a short amount of time or a long amount of time. However, only God knows so we must follow his lead. Mel's role is evident in all he has done to create this wonderful website and showing up everyday.

You have such a kind and caring spirit and perhaps that is your role; offering encouragement through your caring spirit. Again, thank you for sharing your heart with us.

I pray for this new year to full of love, health, and continued growth in your relationship with our Lord.

God Bless you Karen!
Love In Christ,

11:06:37 AM

Dear Karen and Mel,

I don't know what to say;

Other than I'm sorry things have not worked out the way you both hoped.

Though, friendship is always good, especially friendship that endures over the years and trials and tribulations of life.

But it is also sad when hopes and dreams are dashed... It takes time to accept that doesn't it.

I hope you are both OK. I hope that things will work out for the best, in time.. in all ways, including with the website.

Take care both of you,

3:46:57 AM

Hello Everyone,

Many of you knew I was going to Mel’s home in Reno to visit over the holidays.

It was an interesting trip, and I learned many things about how Mel “does it” he manages his life so that he can offer the kind of support he does to toxic disease sufferers.

It's been said that people come into your life for a reason
or a season...and I believe the relationship that Mel and I have shared has encapsulated both, although the referred to “season” is a rather short one.

I apologize in advance that this will be a lot of info...and even though it's basically about what's happened between the two of us, which could potentially be a yawner for many people...I offer it because it's much more than that. I offer it to paint a picture of what is happening in Mel’s life...and because that has a direct effect on the site and those of us in the community who depend upon it.

Many will be affected if there are changes on the website...especially if Mel is no longer able to offer his services as creator and operator of the site, and because of this, I'd like to encourage all of you to please read this entire post. Again...I apologize for its length. I've tried to space it out a lot for easier and faster reading.

Sometimes a chain of events can leave a person kind of confused and feeling a need to make sense of it all.

Because of this, I wrote the following to Mel...and I did so to help the two of us get a perspective on things, and also with the idea that it could be shared on the site as well so that others could have a clear picture about Mel’s current reality and how that could affect them.

I thought this would be a good thread to park it in, and it follows.

Dear Mel,

You are exhausted...physically, mentally, and emotionally because of the increased demand of the site and your difficulty in turning away anyone who contacts you for help.

As per the increased demand of the site...the numbers tell the story, and the numbers are staggering.

What you showed me blew my mind.

You opened a window to what you deal with daily.

You showed me details.

There is a way to see the activity on the site at any given moment, and we took a moment to look at this on Christmas Day.

When we looked we could see that there were people from every part of the world on the site...I cannot even remember all of the different countries...there were too many of them...but they were from every corner of the globe. I think at that very moment...on Christmas Day, there were something like 96 people on the site.

You said that was a very light day.

This tells me how much this disease is out there. I many people would just randomly read a Morgellons Disease (MD) site on Christmas Day unless they were having concerns, and that's putting it mildly.

Your generosity toward those of us who suffer from toxic disease is remarkable. .

This is clearly evident in what you do for people you don't even know, and I can personally vouch for what you do for one person.

I want to describe what your generous nature looks like on a one on one basis.

I saw what you did to prepare for my visit and you did all of this while not slowing down one bit on your self-assigned site responsibilities.

Your home is so warm and inviting...and you make the most out of every little thing you have, though it's obvious to me that you haven't purchased anything new in years. Everything in your house is well maintained and pristine. You put things together to create a welcoming environment for yourself and anyone who might come to visit.

You are an incredible cook, and had gone to so much trouble to stock up and prepare things so that I would have a most delightful experience. I've listened to your shopping strategies, and you could create another whole website about how to save money buying food..

I don't know how you can cook like you do and spend so little, but I've figured out that I spend at least twice as much as you do at the grocery store and produce about 25% of the quality of cooked meals...and I'm considered a decent cook.

You are so careful with your money because you know how...and because you need to do so to survive. You produce wonderful meals because you are so clever and creative.

Your kindness to me is just one example of your consideration for others, and you extend this spirit of generosity to anyone who comes to you for support.

However...all of this has taken a toll on you.

You've had to isolate yourself in your home over the last nine years to accomplish what you set out to do...and you've done that and more. How you've done this, I don't know. I cannot even conceive of doing what you do for a week without losing my mind and becoming depressed, but you do it day in and day out and you've done it for years.

I've said this before, and I don't want to belabor the fact...but seeing this first hand in visiting your house, it had, for lack of a better term, a very sobering effect.

I could see that you have to have a system to make all of this work.

It was clear that having things in a certain order is how you've managed to survive and get the massive amount of things done you do on a daily basis. You're not used to having someone in your environment even though I know how much you wanted me to visit.

Having someone else in your house was stressful to you even though you wanted me to be there so much, and you were enjoying the company.

I saw that you were exhausted from all the prep and the subsequent changes in your sleep patterns, and because of this and because of other recent stress you've been under, you started to fray around the edges emotionally.

I came with a cold. I didn't realize how bad it was until I got there. I'd had very light two day cold-like like symptoms last month and thought it was going to be pretty much the same thing this time. I haven't had a real cold in three years, so I didn't see this one coming. That is a good bad thing...good because it indicates a change for the better in my immune system, but bad because it could put you at risk to catch it.

Surprisingly to me, the cold got worse in transit...much worse...and it felt like the change in weather had an effect on my symptoms too, although I don't know if that is true or felt like it though. The weather in Nevada is so much colder than I'm used to here in Texas.

All the stress of the last few months plus prep for my visit had you at the end of your rope and this reality, along with my cold, presented a potential to compromise your health. I should have recognized the situation and backed out of the trip. I started to...but it would have been at the last I reasoned my way out of it.

I wanted to see you. At the time I left my house, my cold wasn't that bad and you’d said you had a slight cold I thought that would make it OK.

I also knew how much you'd prepared for my visit and how excited we both were, and did not want to disappoint you (or me) after you'd gone to so much trouble.

We did have a great time though. You took such good care of me. I felt bad about letting you do that, but also realized that my getting in your road for how you do things made you very uncomfortable as well. That put us both in a difficult position and added to the stress. I could see all of this was exhausting you, but because of how you like things done, I was limited on what I could contribute to lighten your load.

You'd bought a little Norfolk Island pine to decorate for a Christmas tree. I was loving it...that was so 1970's...clearly our era and I remembered having one of those for a Christmas tree in 1976. I brought tiny colored lights and little bows to decorate it because I know you can't put anything heavy on one of those delicate trees. I used those things plus the shiny stars you’d bought and decorated it when you took a nap.

It was so much fun to see your excitement and wonder when you saw the decorated tree after you woke up. You were like a kid with smiled and laughed and made so many excited remarks. You told me you hadn't had a Christmas in Over 20 years...and had never even really celebrated Christmas since you'd gotten sick...and that was
13 years ago.

That brought tears to my eyes.

I so enjoyed watching you play with the lights and the battery packs. You couldn't stop fooling with it and admiring it every time you walked by. Your reaction was one of pure delight and your happiness was contagious.

You were so excited over the presents too. All you wanted to do was look at them and rearrange them under the tree. I like to wrap presents and you loved the fancy wrapping paper I'd had sent to your house before I got there.

You made such a production out of it...and your gifts to me made me cry and still do every time I think about them.

I know you are strapped for money...but you were so creative...and found little things with so much meaning.

You know I love your OCD arrangement of food in your refrigerator and had admired you bought me little plastic bins from the dollar store. You also found things around your house you already had that you knew I'd like and packaged them up for me and put them under the tree. Your love was evident in everything you did for me and there was nothing I could buy that could even come close to that.

The meals you cooked for me surpassed anything I could find in a restaurant...and your arrangement of your table showed how much you value the whole experience of sharing a meal. The love you put into all of this was clearly evident.

Your putting the table by the fireplace created such a nice ambiance...the food was delicious...but the company was even better. You are a charming host.

On the third night I was there, I got up after you went to sleep when I realized there was food sitting out that wasn't covered and that needed to go in the refrigerator. Not knowing where everything was in your kitchen and not wanting to dig around, I decided to cover it up with a plate before putting it in the fridge because I did know where the plates were.

Being about a foot shorter than you and your plates being on a high shelf made it difficult to see that you had a bowl stacked on top of your plates. When I picked up a plate, the bowl on top fell down on the counter top and broke loudly. That startled you awake and what I saw afterward could only be described as a dramatic melt down when you came running in the kitchen to see what happened. I don't even think you were fully awake...and you were so upset.

I knew you were at the end of your rope and hanging on by a thread, but your actions at this point illustrated all of this to leave no doubt in my mind.

I could see my visit was having a toll on you even though you clearly wanted me to be there.

It was also hard for me to feel so bad from the cold and not be in my own home, and both of these things, along with my concerns about putting your health at risk due to my cold, led me to the decision to go home a few days early.

The incident upset us both and made some things clear.

The most obvious need to do something very different Mel.

You cannot continue to serve the people of this community with the numbers of new sufferers exploding exponentially.

You cannot continue to do this and have any hope of maintaining health or sanity or any hope of having a personal life.

You are one person...and you've stayed well by staying focused and disciplined on the details of your physical recovery...the "sum of the parts" that you tell all of us to do.'ve preached this to all of us, but you've neglected yourself in things that would regenerate your enough rest and escape from the ever present and increasing stress of maintaining this monster of a task you've set forth for yourself.

You've maintained this by forgoing even the most basic things most humans want in a close emotional connection with someone who could love and appreciate you.

You've had to do this to keep the site afloat...and I personally think it's a tremendous sacrifice.

Managing all of this alone is a Herculean task...but having to do this and worry about money is nothing short of outrageous.

Where would we be without you?

Real sick. That's the bottom line.

Who would do this if you didn't?

No one.

This is clear because when you are brainstorming to try to figure out who might replace you, so you can someday retire (a really good idea since you are, after all, age 72), you can't even come up with one person.

Why do you think this is true?

It's because who could or would basically dedicate their lives to no time, no money, no relationship and never ending and ongoing stress?

You MUST do something different about getting compensated for all your time and effort or you will find yourself ending all of this sooner rather than later because you cannot continue as you have.

Your meltdown was clear evidence of this. What is next? A nervous breakdown? A heart attack? Death from exhaustion?

Please know I'm not saying you're weak. Heavens no...who in the world could have done what you've already done? I for one am so thankful you have though because of the difference you've made in my life. I'd be in very bad shape if I hadn't found your site and learned what to do about this monster called MD.

We all know the pain of reaching out to the medical community we've trusted for our whole lives and realizing that we were not only not going to get any help, but that we were going to be denigrated by being called delusional. The irony of paying for this abuse is not lost on any of us...and none of this makes it any easier to deal with this ongoing nightmare.

However...there is one person out there who is a friend to all...and that is you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I cannot say it gain is your loss...and multiply that by the massive numbers of people benefiting from your expertise and generosity, and it's really unbelievable that you haven't fallen apart many years ago.

Your friend and doctor Shannon tried warning you when you decided to start the website, that this could have a negative effect on your personal health 9 years ago, especially after all your had suffered to restore your own health.

I saw all of this after your melt down and because of your stress level, and because of my misery with my cold and concerns about putting you at risk for catching it, I decided to cut my stay short and go back home.

In the clarity of the next morning, and before I left for the airport, we discussed it.

It was very bittersweet and sad, but all of this has made it clear to both of us that your lifestyle precludes you really being able to have a relationship in your life. It was a very sad moment when you realized this…and we both cried.

Before I came to visit, you'd said you wanted me to stay the whole week so we could see how things worked out when we'd spent that much time together. further explained that you needed to see if I could adapt to your lifestyle.

Nothing was ever mentioned about what I might want or need in a future lifestyle or relationship. I've come to realize that this is not because you're self-absorbed, it's because of your dedication to doing what you promised God you would do if you got well.

Because of your commitment to the community of toxic disease sufferers, you have to maintain strict adherence to your rigid schedule and routine to even attempt to get it all done.

I'm a generous person, and I care deeply about you and others and what you've set forth as a life mission for yourself.

I'd love to support you in all you do...but for me to do this...or for anyone else to do this, it would require a commitment to forgoing any type of life outside of the confines of how you live.

It would require this day in and day out...a sacrifice of schedule, location (because you have explained that the environment of Reno contributes to helping you maintain your health), and money.

I cannot leave my job and other ways of generating income that
I have, in place where I live. I cannot replace those in Reno.

We realized much of this before my visit and tried to figure out how all of this could work with us being 1800 miles apart. The upshot is that we really cannot realistically figure out a way to do this, even though we care deeply for one another.

Because of this, we knew my visit was an emotional risk before I even came, but because of our feelings for each other, we decided to do it anyway.

What unfolded during our time together made it clear that our being in a relationship together under one roof, would require a sacrifice that I cannot would require me adapting to your rigid environment that allows you to continue the grueling day to day task of maintaining your dedication to the toxic disease community.

It would require me making the some real sacrifices, but in a different way. I saw in the short time I was there that I had to tiptoe around you and be so careful not distract you from your schedule so you wouldn’t tire out and not have enough energy for your duties…and this was on a holiday… I cannot imagine what it would be like during a regular work week.
I saw that even the smallest things could derail you from
this rigid schedule and saw that any departure from your schedule created significant stress for you.

And so...if we were together, not only would I have to tiptoe and be quiet and constricted in my own home, I'd have no hope of having a partner who could enjoy the fruits of the years of labor we've already put into the work force.

That is what life should be like in our later years...not just years ahead of of facing grueling nonstop work and stress.

I suppose this means I'm not as generous as you are...but I also know my limitations.

I think everything happens for a reason though...and I think the outcome of what happened on this visit makes that reason abundantly clear.

The events that transpired, as described above were enough to let you see that something has to change with your time and with the stress of your financial situation.

You cannot continue to support this community by giving away every resource at your disposal, including all of your time and energy.

You will have to think of a way for this website to at least pay for itself, and that includes some kind of an income for you. Besides the website, you have the He Cures All Foundation to manage. HCAF is a non-profit...and it is basic operating procedure for any non-profit to have some sort of compensation for the director.

It's not selfishness's survival.

NO ONE in his or her right mind would begrudge you this. Your needs are so small and you are so good at managing resources. It's not like you're out partying or buying expensive items. You are just trying to survive on the very basics of life so you can continue to offer a very real and needed service to others who are suffering so much.

Right now, your most driving focus is to try to come up with ways to find money to offer those who cannot afford to buy their own supplements.

Because you are now depleted of reserves from doing this for so many years, and because you are so focused on helping others, you often forget your very real financial situation and then end up needing to sometimes put out a plea for your Go Fund Me account when things get so dire.

In my opinion, this is not acceptable.
You should never have to ask for support through a Go Fund me.

Considering all you do, this is just wrong on every level...and I'm speaking not as someone personally involved with you but as a reasonable thinking individual.

You have told me you are working for God...and anyone who reads me...this is a true statement. I've never seen anyone who is so devoted to helping others that he will not give it up for even a day. I had to drag him out of his office on Christmas Day. Really...this says much about his dedication to doing what he thinks is right.

I was a little upset with you, Mel for not getting out of the office completely for that day...but you told me...Karen...there are already so many emails today from people who are scared and suffering...and the disease doesn't care that it's Christmas Day...and you were right.

I was sharing this with my best friend...and she asked if you were codependent...or what was wrong with you that you would neglect yourself so much to offer such a thing to so many others.

Her question did give me pause for consideration, and I thought about it for a while.

That's when I remembered last year. I'd just started talking to you last December. I'd contacted you earlier in the month for the first time to book a coaching session. You talked to me for that session, and when my funds were depleted, you still called me again. You called me on Christmas Day last year to see how I was doing. I wasn't the only one you did this for so many others as well.

I remember crying after I'd gotten that call. I was so sick at the time and also living the same grim reality most MD sufferers are dealing with from the pain of the illness...and from family and friends not really understanding the disease which, as we all know, leads to a tremendous lack of support at our darkest hours...not to mention the emotional pain of what can only be seen as a type of betrayal...and the pain of thinking life would never be the same again.

Our family was going to celebrate Christmas on another day last year and that left Christmas Day with me feeling very alone and sad...though I'd never have let anyone know pride wouldn't have allowed it.

Because of this, a phone call. from someone who was, at the time, a complete stranger had a huge effect on me. I couldn't believe you called me on that day to just cheer me up and it meant more than words can describe.

I'm sure it meant much to all the others you called as well.

And so...this memory left me feeling pretty humble...and again realizing why you do what you do.

So maybe you are codependent…or some other thing…but I know you and know you do this because you understand suffering so well… and because you have suffered so much in your lifetime, you have a deep and profound empathy for others who suffer too.

And for the sake of anyone reading this, I'd like to offer the following as well...

Mel can be gruff sounding at times and sometimes people...especially those of us from the South...have a hard time with it. I sure did at first. It was was such a kind person, but also someone who sounds like he's being rude sometimes...but I now think that this may just be a difference between how people from different regions interact. He tells me part of this is from being from NYC...and, in my opinion, those differences in how people communicate can, at times, be pretty startling for someone who is used to more gentle types of interactions. Mel is also not very patient at times because he is stressed out from doing so many different things for so many different's part of his nature and personality. my...what God does to teach us life lessons is very spot on sometimes, isn't it Mel?

However...that doesn't change the bottom line. He does this because he made a promise to God and because of this, and because he is so very compassionate for anyone who is suffering, he has depleted himself down to the wire. have brainstormed ways for the site to generate some income...and you need to do it...and you need to do it soon.

We have discussed this many times...and you have discussed the possibility of what you call "pay per view" which is basically a nominal fee per month or year to have access to the site and all of the information it provides.

You talk about it, and then you worry about it and keep continuing to kick the idea around and around...but you need to get off the fence and do something soon.

Doing this would offset the financial burden of running this thing, and offer you at least some relief.

It would offset it without having to ask much of all the people who come to you for help. It would spread out the financial outlay and still make it easy for any one person to afford. It would be a very nominal cost for any one person,

And so...I think you need to go to your "pay per view" or subscriptions or whatever and do it soon.

With all the predators, who take our money and offer little real help, you for nine years have offered the answers for free.

We all benefit from what you offer us on the site, and, at this time, there's no one to replace you if you burn out or expire from overuse.

Doing this will help you to continue at least for a few more years until someone else comes along who can take over your duties (unlikely that it'll be one person) or until you can set up a system for more experienced members to mentor the newer people and someone to oversee and manage this system.

As for the two of us...and as we both know and have discussed extensively...we will remain friends. That will not change, we also know and have discussed, it's clear that because of circumstances described above that this long distance friendship will be the most we can manage.

I admire you deeply.

Love always,



4:46:00 AM

Thank you Karen for sharing the pictures and your personal observations of Mel.

He looks very healthy and happy. In fact, he looks like I think all of us want to look when we are well from this disease.

These pictures gives me hope that if I keep doing what I'm doing and following Mel's protocol then I will get well.

I'm counting on it! Thank you so much for showing us what 100 percent well looks like!

I'm definitely headed to the 100% club!
Laura (aunt)

4:32:50 PM

Dear Karen,

If there is one thing the people in this community understand; that is loneliness. Your post is so inspiring and helped me to realize there is life after this disease.

I can sense your happiness as well as your positive attitude to get better. Thank you for sharing and showing us; there is life after MD. You give us all hope!

May God continue to bless you as you cross that finish line!

In Christ Love,

7:13:21 PM

Thanks for sharing Karen.

So glad y'all had a nice visit. I heard it's beautiful there. This is such a sweet post. I know before long you too will be 100% well.

Mel has motivated and encouraged so many threw every step of healing from this horrific toxic disease.
He sure does look happy, healthy, and lots of life still to live. He surely has been through a lot and never gave up.

Very motivating n hope we all live to our fullest potential after suffering for so long.

God is good n is always working behind the scenes.

God bless Karen!
Karen **

5:01:32 PM
"Seeing is Believing"

Mel's been well for ten years...but I was really curious to see for myself how he looked...did he really look well? We've talked on the phone multiple times a day for a while...and we Skype at least once a day as well. I had a general idea of what he looked like...but wanted to see for myself how well he was. That kind of thing is important to those of us who suffer from these types of illnesses...we want to see what someone who made it through to the other side looks like...and if they have regained a normal life.

I went to see Mel last week in Reno...and he surpassed my expectations. The man is a picture of health...he buzzes around his house with the energy of someone half his age and flies up and down the stairs so fast I can't keep up with him. He has biceps created long ago from being a professional athlete and he's kept it up over the years with weight lifting, etc. He is an inspiration.

He looks much younger in person than he does on his FB pix. He is very tall...and has startlingly blue eyes which are even more startling with his white hair. He has an elegant kind of air about him in the way he holds himself and moves....and it's so funny because it SO doesn't match the way he talks. Those of you who know Mel know just what I'm talking about.

He keeps us all inspired and laughing.
Seeing is Believing

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