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Laura (aunt)

7:51:12 PM


I would like to welcome you to our community where people get well. Please relax and begin reading information from this website. You will grow to understand there is a science behind what you are experiencing. The information you will learn from this website is based on facts and years of research by people who have conquered this disease.

Type questions into the search engine and begin reading. The diet is only part of the necessary changes you will need to make. Please do not get overwhelmed but rather feel relieved that you have found us.

It takes time and perseverance to overcome this disease but it can be done. I encourage you to read about the amazing protocol that we are using. You can also research the supplements and the many ways they help restore your bio-terrain and immune system.
You might want to consider using products such as Kleen Green to help with your environment.

Try attending our weekly conference calls where you will be able to ask questions and talk to other people who are experiencing the same symptoms you are. We are a caring community and will help you get through this.

"For with God nothing shall be impossible.” Luke 1:37

In Christ Love,
rlynn899 **

11:16:26 PM

Hello, I am a 30yo. I've had this for 10mos, a few weeks after moving to California. It happened about the same general time that I got a bunch of cuts and didn't put bandaids on them and they turned into big scabs. I was also riding around on the BART (public transportation) a lot and exposed to lots of germs. The cuts were pretty deep and took way longer than. I remember putting makeup one time and my entire face turned red. Within a few days my entire face was scaly and tough skin and it kept spreading and getting worse. My legs, where a lot of the cuts were, starting itching very intensely. Nothing stopped the itching. I was up for days in agony. I had no idea what it was. My face was also very itchy. I thought it was scabies. But when I put permethrin cream all over my face, the itching actually moved upward, to my scalp (and stayed on my face). Whatever it was, migrated. I started eating a bunch of doritos one night and the itching intensified by so much right after so I figured it was also probably diet-related. I finally had it under control afer I moved to a different place with very little belongings and got all new clothes. I also had a very strict, no-carb, very low calorie diet. After I moved into a bigger place with more space, it eventually came back.

It came back about a month ago after nearly 5 months of remisson. The only thing different I can think of is I ordered a bunch of clothes online and wore some of them without washing them. Also, although I was eating hardly any carbs, it was around the holidays and I indulged in diet for a few days. Also, I got a nasty cut from chopping food. It seems like after getting a cut or a cold, it is more likely to come back... but then after the body is healthy again it is still hard to get rid of because it is deeply rooted and spread around the body again. I was not on any sort of protocal at that point, just diet and being overall clean. But I somehow overcame with mostly just diet at my other place. I was eating virtually nothing though. 500 calories on many days. I am eating a ton more probiotics lately. Maybe that caused the flare up. I've lost 50lbs throughout the ordeal. Many sleepless nighs an worrying. Lots of franic cleaning and loss of concentration. I've been robbed of so much time. This time around I am basically just keeping a good diet, lots of garlic and antifungals, herbal teas, lots of probiotic cheeses (raw milk cheeses), kimchi, sauerkraut, etc. lots of cleanliness, some antioxidants, lots of spraying of kleen free, similar to kleen green i think. I use coconut oil too. i keep getting reinfected by clothes. Sometimes I'll put on a freshly laundered tshir and see fibers on it and i will notice more fibers coming out of my body. It's been driving me crazy. It's torture. I can't get any relief.

When I am purging more fibers, is that a good thing? Does it mean I am producing more and there is more morgellons in/on me, or does it just mean I am expelling more of it? Sometimes I feel like i am making lots of progress but then I'll put a different shirt on and notice more fibers coming out.

Also, do I most likely have lyme?

What exactly are the fibers? Are they alive or are they dead? It seems like the white/clear ones are active but the black ones aren't. And it seems like they turn black when the die? For example I have sprayed kleen free on a white surface and seen black fibers appear. Are they embedded in the paint or something? Or turned black after dying? I still have no idea what these are.

How come doctors and the medical industry won't take it seriously or even acknowledge it? Wikipedia and other "credible" sites claim it is delusions yet the NIH national institute of health claims that it is real and from borrelia infection. So how come people go out of their way to discredit it when even the government has acknowledged it? It's like there is some hidden agenda behind the scenes.

How come only some people get it? People I have been around with weaker immune systems haven't caught it. Is it kind of like an allergy like a mold allergy, where only some people are sensitive?

Is this stuff everywhere or usually contained within the home of the person infected? I've actually seen these fibers a lot on newly bought clothes. But I don't see lots of fibers around public places;

It seems like a lot of the fibers I get on me are from external places and don't originate from within my body. Are some of these things invisible and spread off of me like spores? I had on a white rain jacket one time and noticed a black fiber on it. I inspected the rest of the area and a minute later I had another one appear. It didn't come from my body.

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