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1:49:53 PM

Hello KAREN,

Thank you for this post, and for me it was not too long at all. I very much enjoy your posts and your writing ability is a gift that gives to us all. Please continue to do so because you do keep us inspired and feed and edify our souls.

You were very blessed to have such a wonderful childhood full of fond memories where you were able to enjoy these experiences at your grandmother's house. Reading what you wrote took me there and I starting thinking how nice it would be to live somewhere in the country. To be able to sit outside on a warm evening to look up at the amazing night's sky full of stars and the fireflies lighting up all around me. With all the pleasant outdoor smells and the relaxed stress-free environment. That would be wonderful if this could happen someday!

Thank you for your recommendation of the author you mentioned. Is there any particular book by this author that is a favorite of yours?

I like the idea of a thread where we can write about movies and books to uplift us. Unlike you, I do find it hard to find good movies to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Since coming to Christ I've found that my taste has changed quite a bit and that I no longer enjoy watching what I used to (I still like Lord of the Rings though and doubt that that'll ever change!) But for me it's a rarity that I actually find a good quality movie that has substance and isn't full of violence, sexual conduct, and obscene language. It's very disturbing the number of times a movie has the actors speaking the Lord's name in vain and I cringe when I hear it. Jesus died for our sins and we say His name as an expression of exasperation or as an expletive, very sad.

Two good movies that I recommend:
Noble and Lion. Both are based on true stories of their lives. Noble is the story of Christina Noble who was led to go to Viet Nam later in her life to help the children there. It's an INCREDIBLE story! And one that shows how God can affect so many lives through one person. I highly recommend this one. Lion is about a boy from India who gets lost and tells about his amazing journey. This one is another amazing story about hope and will totally wrench your heart out in the end. Also it shows the real guy after the movie is over and the pictures of him and his family.

I'm currently reading a book called Nine O'Clock In The Morning by Dennis J Bennett. It's about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. So far I really like it but am only a little more than half way through. I'm usually very guarded about reading books that I perceive are going to teach the wrong message, especially that of the prosperity gospel like many other false teachers, however so far I'm not seeing anything to be concerned about. Nevertheless, I would prefer to read it to the end before I can recommend it to anyone. Mere Christinanity is good one by C.S. Lewis, but very deep and needs to be read a few times to really grasp everything. In it he says that Pride is the ultimate anti-God state of mind. I also like books by Timothy Keller. He’s written books like “The Reason for God”, “Walking with God through Pain and Suffering” (I should probably reread this one), and several others that I want to read like “The freedom of Self-Forgetfulness”.

Like THOMAS and many of you, looking at nature and God’s creation is something that lifts my spirit. For some time now butterfllies have really impressed me, so much so that I compiled a file that contain many species. I look at these butterflies often and they never cease to amaze me and show God’s wisdom in His design of this tiny beautiful creature. I’m sending a condensed version to Mel (my original document is over 200 and is way to big to post). I hope that the smaller file which is a pdf can be posted some way because I would really like to share this with everyone.

God Bless you all!

10:26:07 AM

Hi Everyone,

I am so touched by everyone's response.

My original post was written when I was in one of those pensive moods of reflection. We all have things we do when we need to deal with some type of emotion...and writing is that for me.

This community is filled with such sweet souls. There is no doubt in my mind that we've been pulled together from far and wide to learn and grow and accomplish something very important together. As we continue to connect and discuss and reflect, we'll help each other and perhaps pave the road a bit further for those who come after us.

Mel is truly a pioneer in learning about and helping others to restore their health from toxic diseases. There are so very many aspects to these kinds of illnesses...and the emotional piece is a big one. Mel has provided this forum (and conference calls) for us to come together and learn more from one another, and I feel so blessed to be a part of this community.

I look forward to more connection with my "family" of all of you. I reach out to you through my writing...though...I do know I tend to write really long posts. I sometimes imagine people stopping reading midway through one of my posts to jump up and grab some Sovereign Silver to put in their eyes.'d think thoughts like this would slow me down...but...well...sometimes there is just so much to say!

I'm a person who loves words. I'm from the South so the storytelling tradition runs deep within my heritage. I love someone to tell me a story, and I love to express myself by telling my own stories. Memories from my very young childhood are intertwined with the sweet lull of voices telling stories...stories about the past...stories about today...what happened and how. Every day events were always wrapped in rich narrative and connected to the bigger picture of our life experiences.

One of my earliest memories is being rocked on my grandmother's back screened porch in the evening after dinner. It was twilight...and everyone was lounging on the back porch to cool off since she did not have air conditioning. I could hear the clink of the ice in the sweet tea as it melted in the heat...the squeak of the chair...the soft laughing voices and felt the total security of being wrapped in love and tradition of story.

One of my favorite storytellers (writers) is James Lee Burke. He writes crime novels, though ironically, that is my least favorite genre. I dislike violence so much that I keep my environment saturated in the kind of energy one might find in a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie. My favorite episode binge watches are things like "Downton Abbey," "Call the Midwife," "Anne with and 'e'"(which is a version of "Anne of Green Gables"), get the idea. I sometimes think I like things so sickeningly sweet, they'd hurt your teeth...but I digress.

But back to James Lee Burke. I love his writing so much that I plow through the crime and violence parts just so I can read (or hear on Audible books) his prose. No one can touch my heart the way he does when he writes about the things God has put on this earth for us to enjoy. He describes nature, people, and situations with a perspective of such deep love and appreciation for life that it will instantly change one's perspective.

I share these things because my original intent for this thread was to get some ideas rolling of things we could do to nourish our help support ourselves and others in ways that will shore up this part of our recovery. For some reason, when I wrote the original post on this thread, I veered off into my "story" of my own soul evolution with this disease to date...but maybe that was meant to be. Maybe that was a way to start this thought process for all of us.

So...I deal with the soul damaging aspect of this disease by reaching out to all of you with my reflections, by writing, and by reading (listening) to something that touches my heart. I also love Netflix and Amazon Prime...and Youtube has enough on it to entertain me for the rest of my life. Anything we can do to move the energy away from the scary stuff is so very important. This disease seems to feed off of fear and despair. I think it loves cortisol almost as much as it does sugar.

I love this quote from James Lee Burke so much that I've actually noted it before in a post a while back. It's about his perspective on his own contribution through his writing. Here it is...

“God might choose fools and people who glow with neurosis for his partners in creation, but he doesn’t make mistakes.”

I laugh every time I read that one because it so completely describes the human experience. We're here for a reason...we co-create with God to make the world a better place...we're not perfect, and we don't have to be...and there are no coincidences.

That is so true for all of us...and a wonderful way to describe the journey we're all on. Those of us in this community have been called upon to take the soul growth up several notches, and I cannot help but believe that each of us is here for a very special reason. pull it all together, this thread is about soul maintenance. Please use it to expand on this topic as it relates to you. Listen to the small voice within and know you are safe here to express the musings of your soul. We are all connected and your thoughts may be just the thing someone else needs to read at a certain moment in time to bring them some kind of relief...and to not feel so isolated.

Please join in by these kinds of reflections and also by thinking of things that will nurture your soul and then share these ideas with the group. Having a "go to" list of things to do when it gets emotionally rough can only help us all.

I look forward to reading all of your thoughts on this please...jump in!



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