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Laura (aunt)

6:14:33 PM


As you begin to look for information on how to guide you friend, I would like to provide some important facts about the protocol we use in this community. First of all, it is based on facts from years of research by people who have lived with and conquered this disease.

Secondly, the people in this community are supportive and compassionate because we understand how it feels to go through this "science fiction" disease. We are able to answer questions based on our own experiences.

I encourage you to have your friend read the FAQ's on the forum. Yes there is a fee which just started due to the demand of people suffering with MD. However, it is only five dollars per month and the information provided is priceless.

May God bless you both as you begin to search for answers. I pray you will find comfort in knowing this is the community to remain with.

In Christ Love,

10:59:23 AM

Hey Lisa,

Welcome to the Forum.

It is wonderful that you are trying to help your friend.

Mel very kindly holds conference calls each Saturday where everyone has the opportunity to ask questions. What an amazing opportunity these calls are to learn and receive instruction.

Information on attending the Saturday morning conference calls can be found in the More Communication is Better thread.

Another great help is that the conference calls are recorded and posted, so the past calls are available for you and your friend to listen to.

There is great information to be found by clicking on Mel's Protocol link at the top of the page under those pretty mountains and reading it, and clicking on the FAQ and reading those.

There is so much to learn from reading the Forum. Also, there is a Search link in case there is a specific topic on the Forum that you would like to get information on quickly.

Also there is hope and encouragement here. There are people who will believe with your friend that she can and will get better.


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