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12:57:18 PM


I want to welcome you again to this community!! This REALLY is the place where healing, physically, emotionally and spiritually, is happening... so as I believe you already know you are in the right place!!!

It also sounds like you are off to a GREAT start as far as jumping right in to the protocol, changing your diet and addressing your environment.

Two things I did want to mention though are as follows...

1) I "truly" understand your concern for infecting others but I also "truly" understand that your focus has to be healing yourself first and foremost. Worry can and will hinder our healing. Continue to educate yourself on this site, come to the weekly conference calls, listen to previous calls when you can, ask questions, follow the protocol EXACTLY as it has been laid out for us and follow the no sugar, no fruit (at first other than lemons, limes and avocados), no grains, no dairy and no processed foods diet. You'll also want to stay away from caffeine. Remember this is all temporary but I'll guarantee that you'll incorporate many of these diet changes into your life going forward as you'll see how much better you feel.

2) You mentioned doing your laundry with hot water and using Kleen Green. Kleen Green is a WONDERFUL non-toxic enzyme that "truly" becomes our best friend in this battle. However, both Cathie from Kleen Green and John from Logos have mentioned on previous conference calls that hot water should not be used with Kleen Green as it can weaken/deactivate the enzymes. Warm water is recommended. What I do is fill my washing machine with detergent, borax and warm water, once filled I add Kleen Green and let that agitate for a few minutes, I then add my clothes, again let the machine agitate and then I stop my machine and let the laundry soak for an hour before proceeding with the wash cycle. I also dry things on the hottest setting possible. I hope this helps!! You can also use WPS for laundry which is a little more economical, however, a little more work is involved and it is definitely harder on your belongings.

We all know what you are going through and we all know the frustration of not having our loved ones understand... that's why we need, support and love one an other the way we do!!! I always have to remind myself... I am living with this disease and I find it incredibly hard to believe some of the things that are happening to me, how could I "ever" expect someone else to understand!?!?!?

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,


9:52:57 AM


I to am new with the protocol, I started on august 18, and just started on the extension kit.

I traveled this nightmare for a year by myself treating the outside of my body, I have fought a great battle, but, this horrible attack seem to be winning, until "My FATHER GOD" open the door, and led me here. I now feel I have hope, and on my way out of this darkness!!! PRAISE HIS NAME!!

I am a widow, and live alone. If you ever need to talk, I would love to be there for you to compare our journey and give back, what has been graciously been extended to me.

In Christ Love,
Laura (aunt)

9:31:06 AM

Dear Stephanie,

There is nothing easy about this disease. But in time you will begin to see the light. Please continue to post your thoughts, questions, concerns, and journey on this forum. This community truly cares because we are all living this.....The research is based on facts by people who have already lived with and conquered this disease.

Take time to read other people's journey as you will find many connections to what you are experiencing. Their experiences include family, doctors, and friend rejections. It does get better but you must weather the storm.

Lastly please trust in our Lord. I know during my darkest moments with this disease; God was the only one listening and He led me here.

“O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trust in him.” Psalms 34:8

I pray for you and your family as you begin your journey of restoring your health.

In Christ Love,
Stephanie **

9:39:56 PM

Dear Mel,

I would like to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who welcomed me so warmly on the conference call this evening. While I have been ill off and on with various bizarre but supposedly unrelated maladies for 3 1/2 years now (including itchy weeping lesions, terrible joint pain, bleeding stomach, vision difficulties, fainting, memory issues, and extreme fatigue) , I only just began to find actual fiber-looking "things" emerge from my skin in the last two months. Quelle horreur!!

In my exhaustive research attempting to understand what has been happening, I ran across Morgellons which mirrors my own skin lesions, but dismissed the idea since I had never seen fibers. Well, the fibers began to make an appearance about 1-2 months ago, and I have been panicy ever since. I purchased the supplements and have been following the protocol for two weeks now. I began an all-organic/non-GMO, sugar-fruit-grain-dairy free diet three weeks ago, and have used Borax/H2O2, mustard shampoo/body wash, Kleen Green, and tetrasodium EDTA/ammonium chloride cleaners to clean either my body, my house, or both. I dust my house with diatomaceous earth and borax, spray Kleen Green everywhere, wash my clothing/sheets/bedding, etc. in hot water after every use with Borax/Kleen Green, and purchased an air purifier as well as replaced air filters throughout the house. My mattresses, pillows and box springs are now covered with bed bug protectors, all drapes have been sprayed with kleen green or washed if possible, and I am working on washing everything including walls and ceilings with mold killer. Truly exhausting work.

My first concern is that my husband and son (who has mild autism) don't contract Morgellons as it appears that Lyme may be contagious/transmitted and Morgellons appears to be closely related to lyme. I am attempting to clean my house as best as possible with everything mentioned on this forum including the various laundry procedures, but I still see fiber-type things flying in the air throughout the house. Also, I can only control their diets so much as they resist the no-sugar, no-chips-no eating out rule. My husband has a congenital heart defect which seems to have affected his immunity, and I am very concerned for them both. However, my husband is inclined to think I need psychiatric help. Needless to say, I do not have much buy-in here at home and I am not inclined to discuss a condition labeled as psychosis with friends and relations. I am very determined to recover and know I will succeed. I am also looking forward to the day that the CDC concedes its mistake so that my husband will apologize for ever doubting me and my sanity! :)

Having a group of people who understand and can provide advice as well as support is a godsend, and I am looking forward to getting to know all of you better. Thank you, Mel, for what must be tireless volunteer work, and everyone else for your kind words and understanding.


Stephanie in Florida

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