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10:43:48 AM

I've had Morgellons for 12 years; the only time I leave my apartment is when I absolutely must go to the doctor or the dentist, and then I will do some shopping, if I have the energy. And for the record, I go to the doctor about once a year and I've been to my dentist 3 times this year, due to problems.

But of course with Morgellons everything in a victims' life becomes a problem; unless you've personally suffered with the symptoms (and pray God you never do), you simply cannot imagine the horror. It affects every part if your body, it changes it's appearance so after a while anything abnormal that appears on your person may safely be assumed as Morgellons.

No help from AMA; they might do some tests, most won't bother, most will take your money, and tell you to see a shrink because your nuts. NOT. I went to 11 doctors, 5 were dermatologists, and I got no answers; they each gave me a prescription for itching, although I'd clearly explained I did not have any itching (at that time, anyhow), which was totally useless.

I did my own research, gave myself a diagnosis of Morgellons - took me a couple of years, looking, looking, finding something that looked like some of my symptoms, but there it ended. Finally though God's grace, I stumbled on a site, Mayo Clinic detailing undiagnosed skin diseases. I had felt if only I knew what it was, I could fix myself. But then when I found out what it was...haha. The last doctor I saw was recommended by the Center for Disease Control; and yes, he agreed it was Morgellons.
And their magic 'cure' was a bit much for a person plagued with this horror, or I thought so anyhow. I was to go to the clinic every other day, disrobe, and stand in front of a sun lamp for 45 seconds. It generally took me a couple of hours to get dressed, then drive to the clinic, fight for parking, check in at the desk, and wait...and wait and wait. Once called, I was taken to a large area with small curtained spaces somewhat similar to shower stalls, told to completely disrobe, put on dark glasses, and stand naked in front of a sun lamp for 45 seconds. 45 seconds. I tried it a few times, but it was more depressing than helpful, so I gave it up.
And then started seeking help online; unfortunately, I had very limited income and all online help was very expensive, which left me without help, hence without hope. Oh sure, I tried a dab of this and a bit of that - and when it didn't work in the first couple of months, I'd discard that solution as a loser and try something else I read about.

During this searching for help, I came across Mel's web site; I thought of all the sites I'd visited, his was levels above all others; and yes, I was impressed. Did not go further than reading because I knew I could not possibly afford the Protocol; put it on the back burner, so to speak, in hopes maybe I'd win the lotto or something, and could actually get over this horror.

To make a long story less long, I'll get to the point; although it had been a few years since I'd seen Mel's web site, I received an email from someone there, and I responded. Mel called me, and invited me to their BYOQ meetings; my goodness, what a welcome, to be able to talk to people who did not think you were a total ugly and likely contagious freak or worse,
that you were a total nut case.

I attended every meeting, totally uplifted with the very positive atmosphere generated by Mel and Peter and John;
the last of the white hats, not out to take your last dollar,
but offering their help at no charge.

Then the He Cures All Foundation put me on this Protocol,
no charge; I simply could not believe this was for real...

But it is! I am so very blessed to be under their care. And I will be healed of this horror, I will be well again, have a life again, be a human again.

And I will give to others as they have given to me; I will find a way to help people get their life back, to keep the faith and trust in our Father and never give up HOPE.
Without hope a person has no reason to live.
Donors have made it possible for so many to find faith, have HOPE restored, to know they can beat the demon Morgellons.
Which would not be possible without your generosity;
I cannot possibly begin to thank you for your good heart, your kindness, your caring. And you likely can't imagine the impact of your donations; you have, in essence, lifted a death sentence from so many, young, old and in between.

The old saying "what goes around comes around" is true;
God will bless you, and we will be forevermore grateful to you.

10:17:56 AM

Just want to say thank you to the kind donors and devoted workers of the He Cures All Foundation

I wish to thank you for the support and help you provided, for your dedication, attention given and for guidance within this protocol for success.

When in the last year, in addition to other needs, I had no telephone, no place to go and no money to continue, I was assisted by Mel and others (through God) from the kindness of their hearts.

This has meant everything to me.

Although it was not their responsibility to do so, Mel and Foundation friends helped me fill out the applications and I became the first person to receive the protocol after the Foundation reopened it's doors!

As I continue with my treatments, the protocol has been shown to assist me in the rehabilitation of this body, fighting this illness, restoring my life, hopefully soon alleviating my financial situation that prevented me from purchasing the protocol and will allow me to also give back.

When I turned to the HCA for assistance, you all immediately agreed and did your utmost to provide me with the supplements as quickly as possible.

All this was done in order to make things easier for me and point me in the direction of the light at the end of the tunnel.

We are so grateful for this foundation and to those who are supporting it.

Now in month 6, I just want to follow up and say thank you to Mel and all the donors for opening this door of opportunity to me, and for giving me strength to persist and succeed and "never give up HOPE".

Thank you for everything!



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