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11:00:32 AM


I am new to this and have been reading and re-reading your post. You have answered so many of my question but I was wondering if you would consider speaking to me. I know you said you were more of writer but at this point, I am a little overwhelmed and would love to talk a woman/wife/mother who has experienced this. I plan to write my story after I progress a little more. Mel could give you my number.

Thank you and God Bless,


1:06:09 PM

Mary, Kelly and Laura

Thank you for your post!

It’s encouraging to hear from you guys. I pray you guys had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Mel thank you for your continued guidance in this protocol and the HOPE you offer to us suffering with this.

I am doing good and I am encouraged by Mary’s post!

I can’t wait until I can have something sweet without the fear of it affecting me.

Love you guys!
Love always, Paula
Laura (aunt)

8:43:07 AM


Thank you for taking the time to post again; which gives hope to the members of this community. For many of us it is difficult to picture the future free of this disease because we are working so diligently just to survive.

You have shared a wonderfully successful journey but mostly you have shared there is life after MD. I appreciated your words of encouragement and am most grateful you took time to share! I pray everyone reading your journey will once again have HOPE!

One thing I have gained through this disease is a closer relationship with our Lord. Everything else we do as far as the "sum of the parts" should also include having Faith in our Savior.

May God continue to bless you and your family!
In Christ Love,

2:12:59 PM

It was so great to read your post! I am so happy for you, and I would like to thank you for all the posting you've done since you joined this site. I always learned something from each and every post you did.
Here's to a happy and healthy 2018!!

All my best,

1:42:41 AM

Merry Christmas, All!

I have been thinking about checking in here for a while now. Just so hard to find the time. However, I've really come back to full health these last two months or so since the Old Timers conference call I participated in. So, I wanted to post. I have actually been eating anything I want which for me was always the true test of being well again. I ate regular wheat bagels with lox and cream cheese a couple times in the last week with no ill effects. Boy was that nice to have again. I eat cookies and ice cream. Nothing negative except weight gain. I'm not saying anyone should eat like this daily, carbs make us fat and breed candida, but for this holiday, I have eaten a few Christmas cookies daily. So, I would say, that I no longer have this condition! I thought I would just put it in writing here at the end of 2017 so all can have hope and belief that this condition is curable with this protocol. I don't know if it is "remission" and can come back, but I feel cured. I had stopped taking all MMS a few weeks ago. I am slowing down on the rest of the protocol too only because I ran out and Logos is closed until next week. John, is a good boss giving his employees off this week! So, I haven't been obsessive about making sure I ordered them in advance because I feel so healthy. As I mentioned in the conference call, I even skip doses due to being busy and just forgetting. I never did that in my first 2 1/2 years! Silver went by the wayside months ago except if I feel a cold coming on.

My plan is still to take the Logos Nutritionals and MSM. I think next year I will take breaks from the Candida Rid and Olive Leaf so to be able to pulse them by going on them for a short while and then off for a while. I think that way they won't lose effectiveness by the body getting use to it and building a tolerance to them.

That's all I wanted to share. I am so thankful to Mel and John and all the supporting people of this website. Also, of course, to our Heavenly Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, for allowing me to have this cross for a while and allowing me through it to come so much closer to Him. I see the world so much more clearly now. The worldly trappings no longer blind me, but I stay close to Him so that I don't ever get lost again.

God Bless everyone! Wishing you much health in the new year! Stay strong and keep thinking the Sum of the Parts...
Laura (aunt)

7:01:01 AM

Dear Mary and Chasity.

Thank you! Such a beautiful tribute to our Lord and Savior!

These words are inspiring and motivational for all to read. How glorious our GOD is and I can tell he is working through both of you.

May God our Father continue to bless you both and all the people in this amazing community!

In Christ Love,
Laura (aunt)

6:20:42 PM

I just wanted to let you know that you are one of the people who helped me get through my toughest of tough times, and I want to thank you. I am so happy for you that you are feeling so "normal" again. I am on my way, but I wouldn't be without the words that people like you wrote before me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

God Bless,

9:03:21 AM

Amen! I am reminded every day to appreciate the little things in life and I'm so grateful for all of us finding Mel's protocol . God has used Mel to complete His work so that all of us can get well and restore our health. God has shown His grace and mercy through Mel's protocol, team, and knowledge when no Doctor or specialist could. We owe all the glory to our Heavenly Father.
Everything happening around us can sometimes cause us to forget just who our "GOD IS" let's stir up some powerful "GOD IS" truths today to launch us into the realm of God possibilities! Declare it!

GOD constant companion. He will never leave or forsake me!
GOD IS...taking care of me even when it seems like I'm all alone, God is working hard behind the scenes of my life! God is going to get Glory from my Story!
GOD IS...bigger than my problem! There is no disease He cannot heal...heart He cannot mend...bondage He cannot break...need He cannot meet...enemy He cannot defeat or mountain He cannot move!
GOD IS...amazing at taking my daily process and turning it into a destiny...working gifts and skills into my life that I need for my future even in a season of trial and adversity. I am being equipped and growing!
GOD IS...opening doors for me that will take me to new levels and greater opportunities.
GOD IS...not finished with me. Just because I couldn't do something yesterday doesnt mean I can't achieve it today! The same God who started the good work in me will finish, further and execute it!
GOD IS...birthing increase...blessings and a supernatural harvest that is continual and ongoing in my life!
GOD IS...causing ALL THINGS to work together for my good. No power of darkness will succeed to shut the door against my life in the name of Jesus!
GOD IS...speaking peace into every place in my life that concerns new beginnings, bringing freedom from pressure and release from the care and worry of the future!
GOD IS...always faithful even when people are not. He cares about the sparrow. I know he won't forget me! His eyes are always upon me and upon my days and years to come!
Hope everyone has a blessed day

5:54:53 PM

Dear Mary,

Thank you so much for continuing to post with news of how you are doing.

Its wonderful to hear that you are feeling so well that you sometimes forget to take the pills! Also lovely to hear that you are reducing the WPS gradually.

Are you still adding new foods or are you sticking to a certain diet?

Thank you for keeping your word and staying on the website even when you are well. Its such an encouragement to those of us who are still on the journey to hear your wonderful progress.

Thank you again Mary for responding to my early posts when you were in the middle of your own battle. It was such a comfort to me then and now its such a joy to know you are all better.

Love Ruth


10:20:30 AM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

Can you tell she is a happy camper, who has restored her health like so many others here.

Thank you for sharing your JOY!

May GOD continue to bless you and your Family.

Those who do not give up HOPE get well!


12:23:47 AM

Happy Divine Mercy Sunday, Fellow Warriors! This is a most blessed day and I'm so grateful to our Lord for His mercy endures forever.
Blessed be God. 
Blessed be His Holy Name. 
Blessed be Jesus Christ, true God and true Man. 
Blessed be the Name of Jesus.
Blessed be His Most Sacred Heart.
Blessed be His Most Precious Blood.
Blessed be Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.
Blessed be the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete...
-from the Divine Praises

I just want to wish everyone much blessings. I continue to pray for you all daily without fail. I am doing wonderfully and, thanks be to God, I am down to 14 drops of WPS. I am decreasing a drop each week. I haven't been taking my Logos protocol as perfectly as I did for 2 1/2 years, though I intend to, I miss doses because I'm feeling so fine and it's harder to remember to take them when you are feeling so healthy and normal. Please believe in this protocol that God gave to us through Mel and John and stay with it.

Much love and blessings always,

Jesus, I Trust In You

12:09:05 AM

Hi April!

I am so thankful to our Heavenly Father that the work of my hand, He has made helpful. That He has provided this place for gathering, supporting and loving each other during this difficult cross bearing time in our lives.

I am doing very well.
I do everything I want, but don't eat everything I want.

My health is recovered though there are still signs that I have something going on, they are small but keep me focused on staying healthy.

I figure God knows that if I didn't have any of those little sensations, then I might start eating poorly.
I don't think that I would, but He knows best.

The dark days of the first few months,they are all but a faint memory as new, positive ones build and layer up every month.

So, have hope. Have belief.

This protocol heals and restores health.

As a recovering person, I am assuming you know God and know to surrender to Him and let Him take care of you.
Let God comfort you here and heal you of this condition as well.

It's awesome that you have conquered your dependency on alcohol. Now, though, the effects of that harmful lifestyle have probably contributed to the Morgellons issues since it would have run down your health which then made you susceptible to this hypertoxic condition where candida and other parasites invade and grow freely.

So, stay on the protocol diligently, continue to pray, use the support system here, and think positive and peaceful thoughts.

You are strong, you overcame one very difficult thing already in your life (at least one) and you can overcome this also.

You have been blessed with a child! You are someone's mom! That child is a miracle and a blessing right there. Focus on that, too, as mother's (and father's) are so vitally important to a child there are not words that capture this adequately. Your child loves you and you are their one and only mom.

So, stay strong in your thoughts and faith. Focus on just one day at a time. Nothing more. Set a goal to stay positive just for the day. Don't worry about the future. The next day, do the same thing over again. You will get there, one day at a time.

You're in my prayers for healing, peace, and strength as are all with this condition, especially those on our Mel's website.


11:28:11 PM


thank you all, especially Mary for this documentation.

I am weak and tired and losing hope at times. recovering alcoholic, single mom, I am having dark hours of a new type.

thank you for the hope and support!

How are you feeling?

4:42:15 PM

Hi Mary,

Congratulations! Thank you for keeping us posted and giving all of us hope.


7:36:17 PM

Hi Mary,

All good things! Great to hear you are so well. Since we started around the same time I am so happy to hear you have gotten so much healing and a return to being happy with your family!

Congratulations on your return to wellness!
Becca N

11:46:02 PM

Hi Mary-

You made my day, there is hope I can have my favorite pleasure again... coffee!!

11:24:51 PM

I just wanted to wish everyone a very blessed, joyous, and healthy New Year 2017!

I am doing extremely well and enjoy my cup of coffee each day now sans crawling. I am exercising more and am making this year my year to get physically strong. I've got my health back, thanks be to God for Mel and John B. I now need to raise that body temp and get seriously fat burning and sweating so I can heat up this body to eliminate any last unwelcomed organism and keep them away for good.

I pray that everyone here continues the protocol and regains their health this year as well!

Warm Regards and Blessings,

1:30:18 AM

Thank you Kelly and Craig!

It was nice to hear back from you and to receive your support!

I'm so happy for you that you moved your daughters into their dorm without fears! What glorious progress!

I feel the same now that I can get in bed with my son and wrestle with him again and give him back rubs and head rubs without fear! Thanks be to God!

It's what a mother should be able to do without a thought or fear. It was the hardest part of this condition for me when I was scared to infect him by touching him and chose to keep my distance using a back scratcher to rub and tickle his back before bed. I remember squirting it with Kleen Green and wrapping a paper towel around the part I would hold. I'd sneak a quick rub with my hand at the end. What difficult and painful times those were.

I think I should clarify a little, though, my plan is at this time to widen my food options and from my talks with Mel and Ellen it is what one should do at this point.

Test your body with new foods and see what you can now tolerate. Try things in increasing quantities slowly over time. So, I am hoping I don't have to go to the strict diet of the first 2 years.

I really think it isn't needed. So, I don't really consider what I'm doing cheating at this point. I believe that all those that did get well, get to this point and start to broaden their foods. When I was on the conference call with Ellen, when she was the guest speaker, she was saying the same. After I posted last week, the crawling when I drink my bit of coffee has stopped. So, yay, it seems to be okay for me now.

I guess that's all I wanted to make sure was clear, because as I've said before, when I first started here it didn't seem to me that anyone that was really well would post enough on what they were eating and how their lives were normalizing. I got really excited when Bill M first started posting his diet changes.
So, I believe it gives hope to those who might be like I was in the beginning stages that don't know what to expect and feel a little hopeless unless they read about the normalizing happening at the wellness end of this journey.

God Bless!

3:59:06 PM

Welcome mighty companion Mary,

On this climb to the Summit of Mount Wellness and Wholeness, a journey back Home. Looking forward to sharing communion (communication) with you and all mighty companions on the Peak.

I am chuffed that you are enjoying the metaphor.

Peace, love and joy to you.


2:50:29 PM

Hi Mary,

It's so good to hear that you feel like you can concentrate better now. I know exactly what you mean and feel the same way. In the beginning, when symptoms are many and often, all you can really concentrate on is treating the disease and getting through the day.

I remember moving my daughters into college last year and I was absolutely terrified that I was going to contaminate their dorm was horrible!
We moved them both into college again last week, and, though I am very careful always and everywhere, I did not fear that I was contaminating their rooms. It's a great feeling.

I don't know if you tried the Capomo Maya Nut coffee alternative that Deborah recommended, but it is delicious, and no crawlies.
Don't feel badly about not staying on the strict diet all the time, we are all human and we all have our days when we just need to treat ourselves.

I hope you kids have a good school year!

Take Care,


2:05:22 AM

Happy September Everyone!

Summer has come and gone and it’s back to school time for us parents. Buying all the school supplies, helping with homework, school projects, getting them up in the morning, making breakfasts and packing lunchboxes.

Sounds like work especially when you actually have a daytime job, but now a days, I just thank God that I’m here to do it all!

So, I didn’t get to post a monthly update since June because I’m feeling so healthy and have no shortage of energy. And this summer, I also gained another level of mental clarity. It's really amazing at how clearly I can think now and how things don’t seem overwhelming anymore.

This next level occurred about 2-3 weeks ago. It is such a difference now that I turned this corner and I see how I was before getting tired and not thinking a clearly. Now, a long day doesn't feel as long and I come home with positive mood and don’t feel exhausted mentally.

Difficult clients aren't affecting me and I am able to use good boundaries to cope.

I can switch gears and have fun, goof around and get dinner, groceries, or do some paperwork. Anyway, it’s just nice to have a brain that can handle more and think more effectively.

Just another layer of healing in this journey.

Okay, but still, I have some crawlies. And, I’m thinking it’s because I keep insisting on having a little coffee (a quarter to a third cup in the morning).

The crawlies from this much coffee are just a small amount. If I drink more, I’m really unhappy and lots of activity. I just have to wonder if it is a nerve issue that caffeine aggravates.

As I mentioned before, skin crawling is a symptom of menopause and Lyme’s. However, every once in a great while, I’ll have a strong itch and a black speck with be there. That is really, really rare, but to be honest, it has happened once or twice.

If I don’t drink coffee then I have no crawling. I drink some juice, I eat some red potatoes now and then. I have some dairy now in the form of a dollop of Greek yogurt on top of my taco salad or some shredded cheese sprinkled on my scrambled eggs. Still no corn, wheat, white sugar or any sweetener other than stevia.

I am on the full protocol minus the silver. I run out of silver and don’t rush to refill it right away now. I will get a bottle soon but when it runs out, then I might wait a few weeks to get the next bottle.

I know I could be helping myself more, by going back to the strict diet. I realize that if I don’t, it is possible that I may never get rid of this altogether.

It is so weird to realize I’m almost tolerant of this super low level of symptoms because they don’t bother me or hamper my life in any way other than keep me eating better.

I am exercising now to the Firm DVD’s with weights and a step and I feel stronger than I have in a long time. I hope that this will help to get rid of any last issues.

Well, that’s the end of summer update.

I continue to pray for us all everyday without fail.
I am so thankful for the restoration of my health and pray especially in thanks for Mel and John and all the supporting cast and crew.

I’m loving your metaphor of the ascent to Mount Wellness, Craig. That is great.
My friend is doing that with her leukemia and she is beating it! So, I’m climbing it with you and cheering you on!

Warm Regards and Blessings,


9:02:54 PM

Hi Mary,

Thank you so much for your post.

It gives me hope that at some point in the future I will not have an impact on others around me. I'm not so much concerned about them getting the disease but I get very stressed when I see people around me coughing and scratching.

I think my stress may be making it worse but I just can't help it.

Thank you again for responding to my question.

I am so happy that you are doing well.

I hope to well like you soon.


1:09:01 AM

Hi Paul,

I'm so sorry that I missed your last post to me! I hope that you are seeing less impact on others by now, but if not, it did go away for me, and others, so I'm sure it will for you as well. For a while, some people would itch more around me, consistently. But now, I don't notice it happening at all.

No one that I would see itch ever contracted it. None of my family itched, it would just be people at work. I found that hard to explain thinking the family should surely have the same reaction around me, but they didn't. Go figure. This is one mysterious condition.

I'll do better about monitoring the forum in the future! I'm just busy as can be trying to make up financially for what was lost in the last two years as I got this condition at the same time we had other major changes to our income for other reasons. And, also since I'm feeling so well, I'm not needing the forum like I once did for comfort and support.

For these reasons combined, I have not been to the forum as diligently as I'd like. So, I resolve to reserve time to read here and check in as it is so important to support each other through this!

Warm Regards,


7:15:38 PM

Hi Mary,

Thank you so much for your response. I am so happy that you are able to be affectionate with your family an also that you don't need to buy kleen green anymore. It is very expensive.

I have one more issue that I hope you can help me with.

Did you make any one around you itch and/or cough when you were in the early part of your recovery? If so, did that stop and how far along on the recovery were you when that happened. It stresses me to no end when I see people around me affected and I can't wait for the day that it stops happening.

Thank you again for all of your help.


12:17:54 AM

Hi Paul,

I'm glad my posts are helpful to you! I haven't noticed anything getting worse since ending the use of KG in wash or spraying in my shoes. And, yes, my husband and I are back in same bed and no problems. Same with my son when my hubby is on biz trips, I let the lil' guy stay in my bed. So, that part is all wonderful. Glad to hear you are staying strong and with the program!
Peace of Christ be with you and your family!

10:46:49 PM

Hi Mary,
I am so happy to hear about how well you are doing. It gives me great hope that I too will be there soon. Have you noticed any difference since you stopped using the kleen green? I still use it for all laundry and cleaning around the house but it is quite expensive. I believe in one of your earlier posts you mentioned that you were moving back to the room with your husband. How has that gone? I would like to move back in to our bedroom with my wife but I am waiting until I get a little further along. Please keep posting. I always find comport and useful information in your posts.


2:42:28 AM

Greetings All! I am amazed that I missed my May posting altogether. It has been so busy. As a working mom, I am so busy with my own business, both direct client contact and then all the administrative stuff like returning calls/emails, billing, etc. Plus I find that I really need to stay on top of my son’s school work and make sure he is studying and preparing projects. It has never been so busy in my life. But, I love it for the most part. Summer is almost here and I’m looking forward to sleeping in a little and not having to get up to get him ready and off to school, packing lunches and making breakfasts. No morning review sessions of algebraic formulas and functions of the human anatomy nor medieval and renaissance history. Oy veh!

Well, as for my MD, it is still here. I have just reached the 2nd anniversary of when I first realized I had it. I recall it being in June 2014. Started the protocol as I’ve mentioned in other posts in August. So, this is quite the journey. 18 months is gone by the wayside. I do have a whole complete life, though. I have the crawling, some days so minimal I consider it none. But other days more. More when I drink too much coffee, such as ½ cup is too much. ¼ cup seems to be ok. I don’t really have any more crawling when I have fruit, even watermelon and pineapple and not when I have red potatoes with EVOO, lots of garlic and rosemary. I have the sugar free ketchup from the health food store and lots of hot sauce like Chalula. Also no problem with yoghurt, goat or cow’s milk, but plain not flavored. So, I can make my tzatziki (cucumber garlic dip) for lamb and beanitos or veggies. So, maybe I’m slowing my healing down, but I don’t know. If it doesn’t cause any crawling increase, I figure it is okay. I think that’s the way we are supposed to gauge it.

I’m so happy to watch all the new developments here. I’m not a phone person and am much more a writer, so, I don’t call in. Life is also so busy to find the time for calls. But, if I need to, I’m glad to know it’s available. I think it will be great for the newer folks, too. I definitely would have been calling a lot if I had this back in 2014. And, I don’t even know anything about skyping so, I think technology is now surpassing me. That’s great that you are keeping up with the times, Mel. I’m sure I’ll have to learn more of it as my son gets older if I want to stay in close connection with him. I’m glad it works for so many people here and that it is really getting user friendly with all the options of how to connect. Mel you are continuing to do a phenomenal job running this site. Peter, you continue to be amazing also with all your caring and informative posts. Lady T (could you be the Theresa of old? Or Tee?) I’m so curious now. But, lady, you have a lot to share, and it is certainly fascinating. You have amazing energy. You’ve got to be in the natural healing arts because you seem to know so much!

I personally do not have the energy (not low on energy due to MD just don’t have the motivation currently) to try more supplements than those on Mel’s protocol. So, when I’m 100% it will be because of only the protocol and nada else.

One newer advancement is that I no longer have been using Kleen Green in wash or anywhere. I use a ½ c of Borax and the Arm n Hammer detergent and softner that is biodegradable. I wash all my delicate clothing that require cold water wash in the washing machine with just the detergent and softner and then hang dry. So, I’m looking more "stylish" again with a wide range of clothing. I also had my hair dyed to get rid of the grey, twice now and all is well. Nothing at all happened unusual. My stylist that I’ve had for many years is using gluten free dye product.

So, I'm still fighting for full recovery. Peter's inspirational accomplishment of this after so long is really great for morale. I'll keep at it too. I'm not giving up either!

My prayers for all of us with MD continue and may God Bless all of us, everyone.

5:32:19 PM

Hi Mary

Just like probable mold with rice cakes, there is probable Mercury with Teas. Due to the Acetaldehyde connection, it seems more likely that Mercury, not caffeine, would fuel symptoms like itching and stinging.

I wanted to share with you that past research led me to understand that among many Tea products were often found to contain Mercury. Matcha Green Tea,(or Green Tea Extract) was found to be Mercury free.

I see a noticeable benefit in digestion from Green Tea Extract taken in combination with Resveratrol and Turmeric. This may be because I have no Gall Bladder. Anyway, I am convinced that there are particular benefits to Green Tea extract. When funds will allow, I continue to pulse these three together even today.

There is an important consideration here. It involves how significant it becomes to properly investigate the manufacturing practices of companies we solicit. It is mandatory that one know one's supplier, and then choose accordingly. The integrity of any protocol requires this wisdom.

Within Morgellons and the effects of body toxicity, we can be fully confident in how safe and clean the Logos products really are. Their manufacturing practices clearly rise to a level not seen anywhere else in the industry. This equates to the results we experience. Logos = "no added excipient toxicity."



4:59:34 PM

Gee, thanks everyone that replied to my last post like Ruth, Linn, Fiona, Peter and John! I feel better knowing that others share in my interest in finding out what it's like to return to health and how that re-integration looks via food and other areas of life. I will continue for sure. Everyday is a new experience of increased freedom to not have to be at home and cook for every meal. I actually had rice bread from Good Life? (I think that's right) and it isn't bothering me, so I think Peter is right again and that the dry crumbly rice cakes must have some mold (or something in them that they don't list in the ingredients) that is not good for my body.

And, Peter, I am very interested in finding out more about the matcha green tea. I see that it is powdered whole tea leaves, but if the green tea last tried gave me crawlies, then I suspect this will too. But, I will sprinkle it into guacamole and see. Resveratrol, well known antioxidant, but I guess I could try it. I know it can't hurt. Maybe Costco has a good price. Thanks for recommending these.
I'm still on the full protocol as still not 100% yet. Just really, really close.
So everything is still costly with the full support and extension packs each month. But, I'm able to work more and more business is coming my way...maybe it can fit into the budget. Can income tax and property taxes not be due at the same time! Please, April is awful for the budget because of that.

As per Ruth's question, I lint roll sheets and sometimes I have a few fibres and sometimes none. When they show up they are super, tiny sized. I have no idea what they actually are since I have never taken a microscope to anything, my skin included, as I didn't really want to know or see things that I couldn't see with my own eyes. Sometimes I didn't want to see those things either! I just trusted God, Mel, John, Peter, et al and the protocol and persevered. So, I'm not a wealth of information by any means. But, the lint rolling looks like I just described and the car no longer has the white little "dust" particles over the steering column. My room seems to get less "dusty" (I didn't know what it was so I called it dust and dusted it). I don't see much of anything when I where black clothes now. Hard to know what's normal vs not as I never used to pay attention at that level of detail to my clothes.

Oh, and thanks John for the Summer's Eve recommendation. I will try it out if the hot flashes continue. That's great that you have a product that addresses that naturally.

Well, thanks again to all! Love you all and may God bless us, everyone.

7:44:11 AM

Hello Mary,

Thank you again for your post. Please keep posting what you are eating. Its not annoying at all, rather very encouraging and helpful to read about how you are adapting to being well.

I hope you don't mind me asking about your symptoms but I just wondered if you are still seeing fibres or if they have stopped.

Thank you so much for staying here to be such an encouragement!

Love Ruth

7:36:45 AM

Hi Mary

Congratulations! I'm delighted for you that you've done so well. Please don't feel bad about posting about the things you can now eat - I actually love to hear about what people can go back to once their health is restored. It's great motivation for the rest of us to see this through knowing that there will be the prospect of occasional little treats and the opportunity to reintroduce some of the healthy foods we've had to ommit for the time being. Please keep posting, I'd love to hear about life after recovery and whether you keep going with the full protocol etc.

Lots of love

12:53:56 PM

Dearest Mary!!

Wow! Congratulations my friend!!!!!! Thank you for sharing your triumphant good news!

Every time one more success story truly encourage the ones going through it. Thank you Mary! Please continue to share with us. I want to thank you for all of your posts.

Truly shows God's power, nothing is too difficult for Him!


2:30:36 AM

Dear Mary

Genuine Congratulations! You stayed the course and got the job done. Wow! You now join a distinguished group of God’s faithful who demonstrate that this affliction doesn’t negate our value; instead, our performance reflects our desire. And you shared your experiences with others throughout your journey back to health. For this, I admire you!

I think your post may support that rice cakes are prone to have mold and fungal considerations, and should be strictly avoided. I agree that it is best for you to continue to avoid coffee. However, I actually believe that at your stage of recovery, moderate use of Macha Green Tea Extract together with Resveratrol should help continue to provide balanced adrenal support. They are best taken with food, not as a tea.

The positive blood work results prove for you that the sweating is likely an immune response. No worries! Since your body is engineered to enjoy a wide variety of foods now that you are in remission, your diet is good. I’m certain that it feels good to enjoy these foods again, no?

Nutritional healing and lifestyle changes deliver another victory! We all share in this victory in Christ with you. May God continue to bless you and keep you.

John B

9:17:33 PM

Hi Mary,

So good to see that you are doing so well overall, but sorry to hear you are dealing with those hormonal flux issues. I wanted to make sure you knew that Logos has a wonderful women's health formula called Eve's Harmony that has proven to be a Godsend for women going through perimenopause or menopause. It has long been one of our most popular formulations.

If you decide to try it, please let me know what you think.

Love Always,


1:53:44 AM

Here I am in my 20th month on MMS and I am just about 100%! I haven't had any crawlies as long as I stay off of rice bread and rice cakes (you know those dry crumbly things). And I haven't tried for a month, but I figure coffee and green tea, anything with caffeine, still will rile my nerves and makes the crawling sensations. So still caffeine free. Oh, joy, I did start hot flashes this month. Boy are they unpleasant. My hormones have reached that stage in life. But, my previously cold body that was sub standard temperature is always hot and sweaty now. So, I think it may be killing any pathogens in me that liked my body cooler. You know when we get a cold and develop a fever it is the body's way of killing off the cold bug. I'm imagining that my body is killing off the remainder of the candida and whatever all MD is made of. I guess, though, I will look into some natural remedies for hot flashes, Black Cohosh and such. Oh, and I got my blood test back and all is "normal".

I am eating a lot of regular foods now. Red potatoes for one. Pineapple, prunes, strawberries, bananas, plain yoghurt for my tzatziki sauce for my lamb, sheep and goat milk feta cheese, brown rice tortillas. A bite or two of my son's ice cream sundae. I have no pimpling or crawlies to any of those.

I plan to keep posting a monthly update until I hopefully have no crawlies at all with gluten free bread. I'll really never plan to eat gluten again, so I'm not even going to test that.

As always, I hope it isn't annoying that I post what I eat, but when I was new, there were no posts from people about what they ate as they got well and for me it was very discouraging because I thought if I didn't see it being posted, then no one must be able to eat normally again. Only Mel and his chicken parm. So, that's why I post it. I made a pact with Daisy way back that I would post what I ate as I think she also had noticed the lack of the posting about food lifestyle back a couple years ago. Now, happily, it seems there are a lot more recipes being shared which I know for many like me will be uplifting. But, also I want to give hope and show that eventually, one can resume normal eating as long as it isn't unhealthy food like fast food. I mean one could, I could, but why would any of us after recovering from this, go pollute our bods with stuff that will compromise the immune system again and make us susceptible to infections again?! That wouldn't be too smart in my opinion.

Wishing everyone a lovely April and much strength and confidence in our Heavenly Father and this protocol He gave us! Stay the course to good health!

My prayers continue daily for all of us.


6:24:22 AM

Hello Mary,

Thank you for continuing to post each month. It is so helpful to hear how you are doing and the progress you are making. Each person's journey is different with regard to time scales and experiences and it is very encouraging to hear that you are feeling better and stronger. It is a big help to read your whole story and how you are now trying different things in your diet and monitoring how it goes. I so appreciate you taking the time to do this.

Love Ruth

2:36:21 AM

Hello Mary

Congratulations! To read you write that at 19 months you feel "marvelous," brings me great joy! You did the work and have taken your health back. Wonderful!

I followed your detox. Here is what I saw. You did not mix protocols. You dedicated yourself completely to this protocol. You remained patient, slow, and steady. You shared your journey by writing uplifting posts always highlighting the positive, because you knew this was therapeutic.

You remained free of distractions and on line predators. You stuck to the guiding principles. You treated the spirit and understood that the disease is purposeful and one of renewal and restoration. You payed it forward by being of service to others to free them from fear and desperation. You studied physiology and came to understand the importance of diet. In a nutshell, you made all the right choices.

"Welcome home!" God has been faithful and fulfilled his promise. Again, congratulations.

In His Love,

1:36:37 AM

Happy March, Everyone,

I am here in my 19h month on MMS having started in August 2014. And, I feel pretty marvelous. I made regular ole' lasagna except used brown rice lasagna noodles in place of wheat last week. But, used all the mozzarella, ricotta, and parmesan, tomato sauce, ground beef and onions. The family was so glad to have some different food and get back to some of our old faves. I had a good size piece every day for about 3 days and no problems. No pimples, no increase in crawling. I even had some red wine. So, I am so excited! I'm not going crazy and eating like that every day, but I think it is a really good sign that I'm getting close to 100% The reason I know I'm not yet, is that I still have some crawling. It can be gone on some days and then back a little tiny bit here and there. The main place it occurs is on my feet and much more when I'm on the computer. It will always happen when I'm on the computer. That electrical charge activates my nerves as I think it is a nervous condition. Maybe some folks are more sensitive electrical charges and EMF's. And, when I was drinking coffee, I did get more crawling sensations so I stopped coffee again. It also keeps making pimpling on my face after a few days of having a half cup. Oh, well. No coffee for now. I am not a great morning person, so, I do miss that help getting going in the morn.
I am also able to tolerate the Nacho cheese Beanitos so that is another fun change to the standard black bean ones.
Besides being able to tolerate more foods, I am really noticing far less stuff on my bed sheets in the morning. Lint roller is practically clean. The stuff it does pick up is really tiny, too. I've also gotten on the life cycle and did pretty well. I have like no muscles left after my inactivity for 2 years. I don't do much at work but sit, so, I shudder to think how few steps I take a day. But that is changing as I gear up for summer. I got my blood draw, but haven't gotten results back yet. Told the doc I have skin crawling sensations, just to see what she'd say (Internal Medicine MD) but she just wrote it down and is checking my B12, D, and nothing else significant, just a normal CBC from what I can tell. I think I'll probably just get results in the mail unless there is something significant. I'll post here if anything of interest surfaces.

This is all so great and of course I'm just praising God all the time as it is so wonderful to be so well since when one first gets this condition, it is so scary. I just want to be a testimony to the power of God and this protocol. Peter thanks for letting us know John isn't feeling well. I'm real sorry to hear that and he is in my prayers. As are everyone with this condition and especially those that are here.

1:24:30 AM

Happy February!

I got so busy, that I didn’t post in January!

Well, that is probably just fine since there is less to report as things are just getting better and better every week.

I did have a horrible cold the first week of February and was off work for a week. It turned into a sinus infection and I finally went into the walk-in clinic and got a prescription for an antibiotic called Amox-Clav which was 2x/day for 10 days. It worked and I feel great now. But the symptoms were initially throwing up, then chills and couldn’t get warm and then a fever, though for me with my baseline subnormal temp, the fever never actually hit 100 degrees. But still, for me, my body was fighting hard to get rid of this cold bug. In fact, I was lightheaded and mostly stayed in bed and slept. At night I would wake up soaking wet which I’m thinking in this case was my body trying to rid itself of the cold bug and not a thyroid issue as it hasn’t happened since. Mel and John came to the rescue for my anxiety with their kind support and reassuring words of wisdom, that I had a cold bug and not some relapse of MD.

As Mel says, the immune system is back on line and so you really feel the difference between good health and a cold bug/flu. Before, it was just all feeling poorly and couldn’t tell the difference between anything as no clear “war” was ever waged by the body’s immune system.

I just got back from a lovely 3 day weekend road trip with the family up to the Central Coast of California. It is so beautiful and the temps at Pismo Beach were in the 80’s. I felt so healthy and ate a few salads out at restaurants and actually ate their salad dressings that were closest to Italian which I haven’t done since contracting (always brought my own EVOO and ACV). I’ve taken bites of my family members’ meals and no problems.

I have not cheated the whole 18 months on MMS, and stuck strictly to the approved foods. Never any bites of anything off of the diet. But, I am trying new things now as I’ve got to start seeing what foods I can now tolerate. I’ve had 3 large sweet strawberries which were so good. And a cup of coffee. A sip of a pineapple fruit smoothie. Even the nacho flavored Beanitos. These are small but very nice taste treats.

I continue to wear clothing more than once now. And, have no bins in my room. I wash sheets once a week. Still washing towels after every use. I am sitting on more furniture around the home and I don’t believe I’m contagious. My son sits on my bed again and we do homework together when it is not needed to be at a desk. I have taken several baths and they are wonderful and no weird events happen. In the bath, I’ve been using dead sea salts with eucalyptus that I get from a great company that uses water from the Dead Sea in their products as it has lots of good minerals in it or Lavender Epsom Salts.

For exercise I am walking around the neighborhood several times a week which is up and down hill. I am going for my yearly physical in a week to see what my vitamin D, thyroid and other blood values are. I highly do suspect a thyroid issue, though it never is diagnosed and my values always look “normal” somehow, but I have a strong family history of this on mom’s side and a sub baseline body temp. I find it very interesting that skin crawling is a symptom of many other issues: thyroid issues, iron deficiency, MS Lyme, Diabetes, peripheral neuropathy and endocrine issues for example. Apparently it happens in menopaus for many women and is a hormonal change effect. It is known as formification. So, it really seems that this Morgellons condition is a hypertoxic condition that takes down the immune system and gets into the central and peripheral nervous system.

I believe that the longer I rebuild my health with the Logos supplements, the healthier the cells of the nervous system will get. I also have an iron issue due to genetic condition I inherited, so this this didn’t help my immune system any.

I’ve read that MS has symptoms of skin crawling, joint pain, and a restless feeling in legs/arms, tingling sensations and coldness in extremities all of which I have and sometimes still have. So I’m going to run past the Internal Medicine doc who is my primary care doc. I’ll see how they test for that, but I am figuring that even if I get a diagnosis of MS, MD imitates many of these autoimmune conditions and that by staying the course of our protocol and exercising more, I’m going to be rid of these symptoms completely.

My aunt who is in her 60's and who works at a college of naturopathic medicine in Arizona that trains docs in wholistic health practices, just reversed her thyroid issue by going on a diet very similar to ours for almost a year. Now her thyroid is normal and no meds needed. She eats regularly again, but still she is a very healthy eater also having celiac disease which she keeps very well controlled.

Well, I hope to have even more good news next month or two.

I look forward to the day I can write that I’m 100%.

With much praise and glory to God!


8:20:43 PM

Happy New Year to all! I’m here with my monthly update for December. Meant to say thanks to Nan for the mousse recipe. I haven’t gotten a chance to try it, but do have it on my To Do’s. It looks yummy!

I was reading online that there is an effort to develop a stevia that is going to be able to be more useful in making desserts to substitute for liquid sweeteners like agave. I lost the page and now have to try to find it again. Oh, well. Anyway, I did make faux “sugar cookie cutouts” for Christmas with almond and coconut flour and stevia. They were ok, certainly better than nothing and at least I got to have a few Christmas shaped cookies and had fun making them with my son. I didn’t have time to find recipe for icing but if someone here had some ideas, it would be really helpful for future. I imagine that using coconut oil and mixing with stevia and vanilla extract and some natural food dyes would be all it takes for some basic icing. It would be really fun if someone developed sprinkles and other cookie decorations made from stevia. The whole stevia market seems like a good one to invest in as there is so much potential.

Well, this month was really great. The crawling is mostly gone with a few here and there very slight every once in a while. Nothing at all during the full moon. I looked directly at it to see if I had a reaction like Mel said he did and nothing happened. I am drinking a little coffee (straight) in the morning, maybe 6 oz or so and no problems. I drink water afterwards to get the aftertaste out and help to neutralize the acid. I previously had added almond milk but that seemed to cause problems for me. I haven’t tried it again lately since I can tolerate the coffee plain. I still have small fibers when I lint roll the sheets each morning, but I don’t wash the sheets until every 5th day or so. I called in on the prayer meeting and Peter did a beautiful job about two weeks ago. After the prayer, I asked about if clothes needed to be washed after every use at this point that I’m at and the answer from Mel and Peter was that it wasn’t necessary since the main problem comes from stuff inside the body and since I’m better on the inside, there isn’t any of the active M coming out of me. They recommended after every 3rd usage. So, yay, I’ve been wearing clothes 2 times now as a test and so far so good. This really helps the laundry to be reduced! I do use butter now and then in the pan for cooking my eggs in. I use only butter from Ireland. And, I have enjoyed some goat milk gouda from Holland. That is a nice treat. I don’t overdo anything because I know that is the kind of food that in excess can cause candida to grow. I also use regular shampoo again and makeup.
My energy is normal and I’m looking forward to 2016 very excitedly. It is just so good to know that Mel’s protocol does work and it does take time. For me, I’m at month 16 and feel it won’t be too much longer to be totally recovered from the overgrowth condition of yeast/fungus/and whatever else this is comprised of and having a strong immune system. I plan to stay on the Logos supplements forever. I know that I will now treasure my health and always keep it a priority.
Many happy wishes and blessing for the coming year to all! Keep the faith and believe!
In Jesus’ Name,

8:41:04 PM

Hi Mary,

I found the recipe below that replaces agave or maple syrup with stevia. Yea!! I am using this as my baseline with other recipes since only eat stevia since we all know no sugar in our diets.
Please share if you find something yummy.

Raw VeganVegan

3/4 cup almond milk (you can make your own to make this recipe fully raw)
3 avocados, stone removed and flesh scooped out of the skin
just over a cup of cacao nibs or powder
1/4 cup agave nectar, or maple syrup (or 2 tsp powdered stevia for sugar-free option)

Place all ingredients in a high-speed blender and blend until silky smooth. If your blender is not so powerful, add the cacao bit by bit and stop the blender every once in a while to scrape down the sides with a spatula.
Pour into 6 glasses and refrigerate for at least 4 hours (overnight delivers the best results.)

4:03:56 AM

Dear Mary

You have helped Paul through the threshold of overcoming the fear, confusion, and uncertainty of the disease. He is now prepared to commit. Wonderful, because of the assurance that he will get well. What a blessing!

I want to say this to you again. The support and caring you deliver is indeed God's love in action! Keep demonstrating for others through your courage and love. Keep making good choices. Remain committed to telling others that they can bring forth the healing that they so desperately long for.

GODSPEED...and God Bless,

8:35:52 PM

Hey Mary,
Happy Thanksgiving. I am so thrilled you are doing so well! I think Christmas is going to be extra special for you this year. Prayers do come true. I think your last few post will give Paul and others some good insight and peace with being with their family and seeing they can renew their health.
Cheers, Nan

5:57:34 PM

Hi Mary,

Thank you so much for responding to my questions. I love all the detail and the more wordy the better! I'm a detail oriented person so I love having as much detail as I can get. You're post has certainly giving me valuable information that I can use and much comfort knowing that it is possible to be close with your family again. I know you know this but the hardest part for me about having this disease is the fear that my family will get it and that I can't hug and hold them close like I want and need to. My wife has cried a few times and just wants it to all go away but unfortunately that isn't going to happen quickly. All we can do is follow the protocol and pray to our Lord that we get better soon. I hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving. God Bless you and your family.


12:20:03 AM

Happy Thanksgiving, Paul. It is good to hear from you. I am glad to know that my posts have been of some help to you. I want to answer some of your questions, so let me go to that now. When I first got MD, I was diagnosed with scabies. So, there is confusion as to whether I really had MD or scabies in the beginning. So, since I got dx’d with scabies, I was prescribed permethrin cream and it was advised that all in the home should also and to go on the scabies protocol which meant everyone separated into their own rooms, all laundry done separately, and no more sitting next to each other, sheets were all washed daily, wear clothing and use towels only once, use paper towels instead of hand towels and kitchen towels.
While my son never really showed any symptoms (I thought I saw small skin colored bumps on his belly and doc looked and wasn’t sure it was even scabies or just dry skin), my hubby did seem to have some initial symptoms. He seemed to have small white grains when he would scratch at an itch. So, I had him also go on the full Logos/silver/MSM protocol (no MMS), but he only stayed on it maybe a month. He also went on the diet and stopped consuming beer and wheat and dairy for the most part. He always cheated a little with dairy. But again after about a month or two, he felt totally normal, started thinking he never had anything in the first place. During that time he lost weight and started to exercise, he was feeling and looking good. The whole idea of MD was hard for him to accept and he never believed it was contagious. But, he cooperated, begrudgingly at times. It was very stressful on him as he had a very hard time adjusting to our new lifestyle which was sleeping in different rooms, all the new groceries and cooking I required and demanded, and the careful attention to laundry and cleaning. He about went bonkers and times were tough. But, through the grace of God and our strong connection to our church and our faith in God, we made it through. And for many months now, he’s been adjusted to the lifestyle change and helps out with cooking the protocol friendly foods, knows the groceries to buy, knows to check labels, does his own laundry.
Our son handled it well and it was hard on him too as of course he was aware of the situation and the associated tension and fear. Once I started to feel better and got a handle on the new lifestyle, the stress went down. But, I stopped having him in my bed to watch tv, I didn’t get in his bed to cuddle, I always wore full clothing when I was in his room, and tickled his back at night with a backscratcher that I wiped down with Kleen Green each time. I would give him quick hugs. It was very hard on me not to be able to touch him. I cried alone many times. More recently, I read on this forum how one of our mom members used to take a shower and then wrap a towel up around her child and hug him while she knew she was cleanest. I never did that but thought that I would have done it if I had thought about it in the beginning. I put my son on Colostrom for about 45 days and Flora which he is still taking (one a day). He can’t swallow pills so I open them up and stir them into keifer.
I never withheld dairy or gluten/corn from him, though he had much less of it since his dad and I weren’t eating it. But for school lunches, he’d still have his regular sandwiches and snacks and juice boxes. He still ate candy on holiday occasions or birthday parties.
Lastly, I’ll say that during the first 8 months (this started before finding Mel’s website during the time I thought I had scabies) I wore the disposable latex free gloves when doing my laundry (moving clothes from washer to dryer) and when doing my son’s laundry. I still did his laundry and made his bed. I used the gloves while cooking, so I had a box of gloves in kitchen and in laundry room. I had my son and all of us only wearing clothes once and then putting into hampers (lined with trashbags) so they got washed after every wearing, and again, all washed separately from one another.
And, I would sit in living room with them and watch tv, but we all were assigned our own seat and never would we sit in another’s place. We also were fortunate enough to all have our own bathrooms and we did not use each other’s bathrooms. I cleaned my son’s bathroom and mine. Hubby in charge of his own. I drove in the cars with them and just carried my bottle of Kleen Green and sprayed around on the flooring and the seats before and/or after driving. And, at dinner table, we also did the assigned seating thing and I set myself a little farther away from them.
That is really the nuts and bolts of the beginning months. I started the scabies protocol at the beginning of the year Jan 2014 and it wasn’t until July that I found and started the protocol here. So, I think I slowed the spread of it in my family by separating sleeping, laundry, and bathrooms all those months while I thought I had scabies.
Eventually I stopped wearing the gloves all together for laundry or cooking, started having longer hugs with immediate family and hugging friends and extended family again, I tickle my son’s back in the last 3 or 4 months with my bare hand with no worries. I hug him many times a day. Kids need and deserve lots of physical touch. Now looking to share the bedroom with my hubby again, but will still keep our laundry all separate for a while more or maybe permanently. Still only wear things once and wash it. Hubby doesn’t, though. I feel soon I can start wearing things more than once. Don't know that I'll ever feel like using towels more than once ever again. You get use to feeling very clean and bacteria free.
I hope this has been helpful. May God bless and protect you and your family. And may you enjoy a very happy Thanksgiving!

7:42:41 PM

Hi Mary,

I've just finished reading your entire posting for the second time and I find it very inspiring. I've posted a few times under “A Journey in Texas” but I don't have time to do that often. My situation is similar to yours in that I am living in a room separate from my wife and try to avoid contact with my kids. I am up to 16 drops of MMS this week and overall I am doing better since I started the protocol. This week has been a tough one for me though as I've had a resurgence of the crawlies after they had subsided for the most part. I've also had the return of the burning/fiberglass sensation on my arms and legs. I started taking MMS baths this week to help relieve the skin sensations and it helps. I haven't checked to see if I'm purging any fibers when I'm taking the bath. My biggest concern and stress is for my wife and kids. It will break my heart if they end up with M and I'm afraid I have had too much contact with them as my wife does not fully understand M. I try not to burden her with too much information as she is having a hard time dealing with me having the disease and has her hands full with our two kids. I have a few questions for you if you don't mind helping me. Have your husband or your son ever been on any of the protocol or modified protocol? Aside from sleeping in a separate room, did you maintain a normal routine at home? I don't cook for my kids except when I grill occasionally and I do my own laundry so that makes it easier but I also try to stay sequestered in my room. It will be difficult to do that for another year as I miss my wife and kids so very much. I guess I'm trying to figure out how much interaction is considered safe such as eating at the same table, watching TV in the same room, being in the car together. I know that no one knows for sure but if you could share some of your experience it would be very helpful. I hope you and your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving.


11:57:14 AM

Happy Thanksgiving! I am amazed at how quickly time keeps passing. I remember a year ago writing about Thanksgiving and energized that I found some recipes that would allow me to enjoy some of the traditional fare of the day. I am once again looking forward to a slice of pumpkin pie and whipped cream, paleo style of course. I wish so much that I was a better cook/baker because there are so many delicious recipes on the paleo websites that don’t use dairy or gluten, but use maple syrup, agave, or some other sugar substitute, but don’t use stevia. I wish the paleo people weren’t anti-stevia. If I knew how to bake better, I would be able to figure out what recipes stevia could be subbed in. I’m going to try the recipe I found for paleo eggnog, and try using stevia. If it turns out, I’ll post it.
I am now in my 15th month since starting MMS. And, I really think I am almost 100%. I don’t have hardly any crawlies. They are gone the majority of the time and only every once in a while will I feel a sensation. It is truly wonderful. It’s surreal. I keep thinking, “ok, so you’ve been through this before. It gets better and then a new crop is born and it comes back a little less, but it will come back.” However, it is not coming back! I have to pinch myself. I am so eternally thankful to God, Mel and John. This protocol works and there is no two ways about it. I have now had weeks of full energy and no brain fog or weird low energy moments. I am able to last all day long and not need to lay down for a few minutes like I used to. I admit, I haven’t strayed off the diet, and I know that until the crawlies are totally gone and gone for a while, will I try some higher glycemic foods. I figure if it took this long to get to where I am now, then it will be a few months more, maybe 6 months? But these last weeks seem to be getting better in a more rapid way than all the months before. Almost like it gets to a point where there is so few pathogens left inside, that the MMS is eliminating them more quickly.
I am not sure what else has happened since my last writing as this was the most significant progress to me. I just asked my husband and son and they started shouting out things like I can go out to eat at restaurants more now, that I travel well, that I exercise more (going on walks) and that I play board games with them now. That got me thinking that I am much more relaxed about cleaning and almost back to my pre-illness level so I have time and energy for board games. I am also much more physical with them and give and get lots of hugs and cuddles. Which is soooo good after so long of being very restricted in the amount of touch with my immediate family. We are planning at this point, to have my husband return to our bedroom around Christmas. I really don’t think that there is a risk of infection anymore. I pray I’m right.
I hope that everyone stays the course as it leads to recovery. Even though I’m not quite yet 100%, I know it’s coming. I can’t wait! But, in the meantime, this protocol isn’t so hard anymore and every month, since I started, just got better and better. Always trending forward progress. I believe that all who find themselves with this condition, just need to persevere with the protocol and accept it will be around for a little while, but not forever. And, we will all be healthier than ever at the end of it. I also want to add, sheepishly, that I haven’t yet taken Immune Pulse. I wanted to wait to see what the basic protocol would do and when I felt it wasn’t progressing, then I’d add on the IP. I have the bottle of it. And, if you all recall, I’m a chicken when it comes to new pills and herbs because of my history (before having MD) with allergic reactions that were pretty serious. Hey, I still haven’t even taken a bath this whole time. For the majority of the time, this was due to being chicken or more precisely, PTSD, from MD’s “debut” (and what a show it was), while taking a bath back in 2014. Now, though, the only reason I haven’t had a bath is only because of timing. As soon as I can find the time, I’m getting in. I don’t know if I need MMS in the bath, I guess I could but I detest the smell, but just a nice bath with lavender Epsom salts would be so relaxing.
Well, I will end with an urging to stay strong in faith like the Canaanite woman did in the scriptural passage from Matthew 15:21-28 in which she persisted in her pleading Jesus for healing for her daughter. His apparent attempt to put her off was therefore a test, and her great faith must have been gratifying to the Savior. Let our great faith also be pleasing to our Lord. Hang in there and believe and trust in Him! He gave us this protocol vis-a-vis Mel and John.
Warmest wishes for a happy, healthier and hope-filled Thanksgiving!

1:04:34 PM

Thanks, Ruth and Peter. I appreciate your feedback that my postings are helpful. I found Peter, Monica's and others postings very helpful myself. So, again, thank you for letting me know my journey is helping you, Ruth. I look forward to continuing to read yours as well! Peter, the rock's, too! We are all helpful to each other, I firmly believe. (that was a little Yoda-like sentence structure, sorry).

Since I accidently skipped Sept posting, and wrote one earlier this month, I'll add on a little. Coming into the 3rd week here of October and I hit another period of very low symptom manifestation. I love these periods because the crawlies are minimal (really weak tiny sensations and far fewer of them) and I feel so healthy and normal. It was preceded by a day of unusual tiredness, so I guess that was a herx and detox process. My energy is just incredible. I'm just on the basic protocol. But, now I have received my bottle of Immune Pulse and am gearing up to start it. The conference call last Sunday (not yesterday) was so good. I had to go after the first 45 mins, but I'm going to go back and listen to the rest of it now that it is on -line. And it was so helpful to hear John speak about the product and take questions. I asked about the medicinal mushrooms that are included in it and whether the mycotoxins that are in mushrooms would be a negative effect on us. His answer, that those are not present in the extracted portion of the mushroom, just the beneficial portion, was good to hear. I've previously taken the Reishi, Maitake, and Shiitake mushroom extracts due to many articles I had read on their healing benefits. But, before I got MD, I had long since quit doing all my healthy supplements and exercise. At least I have the healthy supplements and eating down now. Please, Lord, help me with the exercise. I'm standing up at my laptop now instead of sitting. Some of my healthiest fitness was when I was a waitress and on my feet for hours at a time, walking. So, I'm trying to counter all the sitting I do now at the job.
Well, speaking of work, off I go to get some work done.
Blessings to all! Strength, faith, and much peace....

8:45:45 AM

Hi Mary,

Thank you so much for your thread! I've read it through again this week and am so grateful for how you have shared your protocol journey here. So many things you mention I can relate to.

I find it really helpful to go back and read how others at the same stage as I am currently at found things and its also encouraging to read how things improve over the months.

Looking forward to your next post!

Love Ruth


4:05:26 AM

Hello Mary

I just want to tell you that I continue to revel in reading your posts! You tell us so much about what really matters. Things like love of family, balancing time, commitment, patience and so much more. What a blessing you have become to this community, and what an indomitable spirit you demonstrate. I applaud you and I love you for this. By grace, through faith, you are slaying the beast! Believe it...and stay the course.


10:16:50 PM

Happy October! I can’t believe that September went by so quickly. I didn’t get my monthly post in. Much has been happening. Good friends of many years suddenly lost their 10 year old in his sleep. We have been helping organize the service, providing emotional support to them, finding them counseling and support services, and spending weekends with them ever since. They are grieving most deeply. It is absolutely life altering and they don't have any faith to help ease the pain even the slightest. It is something I hope I never have to go through in my family. So, as I know everyone here can imagine, adding that onto our already over burdened life with all the cleaning and cooking, has been over the top. I’ve gotten a little more off on my supplement times some days, but never missed a dose of MMS. And, have not gone off the diet. However, the blood super moon, seemed to have got me again even though I divided the dose. Aren’t we lucky to be having all the astronomic events involving the moon! (not!).
But, despite the crawlies coming back for a while and a couple days now every full moon I do get more emotional and tired (this appears to be a pattern), my energy is great. I’m working a lot now and since I can control my schedule I’ve taken on more work to try to help our financial situation. My focus and mental clarity is great. My son started middle school so that is a huge amount more of homework than he’s ever had before and I am the parent that handles the homework. Poor hubby wasn’t that great in school, himself. So, I have my job, plus my other job as mom every afternoon until late into the night.
I still try to read the forum each night, but haven’t had the time to write. I’m hoping as the adjustment to middle school happens I’ll be needed less for that, yet at the same time, I love that he still needs me a little. They become so independent and grown up so quickly. I still get lots of hugs and kisses, though. Yay!
Thank the Lord that no one else in the family has contracted this condition. I am now on month 14 since starting MMS. Our Good Lord isn’t ready for me to be over this yet. I have my whole life going though, the only thing is laundry and the food restrictions. But, that isn’t so bad anymore since we are so used to it and have our weekly dinner menu routine. Just a little boring for an old foodie like me.
Well, it’s Friday night and I’m going to go try to actually relax in front of the TV with the family. I never have time for TV, well, maybe because I prefer to read / pray at night. Well, and every once in a while, to have down time with my son for 20 mins, I’ll watch a re-run with him that he’s recorded of the Brady Bunch. He’s really into that old show and it brings me back to my childhood too. Viva la 70’s! The simpler life...
Love and Blessings to you all,

1:05:36 AM

Hi Shari,
Good to hear from you! Though, I'm sorry to hear you are suffering from the bites and stings and bumps! All I can say about my progress through the grace of God, is that I've been faithful to the protocol since the start and I have been eating pretty strictly. When I try to add certain things into my diet, the crawlies and/or bumps increase and tell me that I'm not ready for it yet. So, I still haven't eaten bread. Ellen's Ezekiel bread, though flourless, my body doesn't like. The rice bread that someone else mentioned, my body also doesn't like. I do tolerate the small bread that is the Holy Eucharist at mass daily with the small sip of wine, but my beliefs are that both are no longer those particular substances when I receive them anyway. I haven't eaten fruit other than the green apple slices with cinnamon every so often cause if I eat that often, that causes increase in crawlies. So, I think my diet is so strict that it is helping. It apparently isn't helping the toenail fungus, though. I did think the split dosing last full moon seemed to help reduce the crawlies to the point they are at now, here some days and gone others. So, I'm doing it again starting tomorrow (26th is 3 days before the 29th, I think that's right).
I hope you are doing good avoiding sugar now. I know I've read so many labels when in the market, but I still look and occasionally I stumble upon a new product to incorporate. The food products I mentioned are Lily's Dark Chocolate Bars ( which our Sprouts and Mother's Market carries. I eat only the dark chocolate bar and not the milk chocolate ones. And, I only eat a row of the bar at a meal. 2-3 rows per day max., not all at once. Sometimes it's good to dip it into sunbutter and make like a Reese's pbutter cup experience. The salad dressing is by Annie's (sorry I had said Amy's). The versions I've found that meet the guidelines pretty well are the Organic Green Garlic and Lemon-Chive Vinaigrette. I don't use them daily so, I don't know what would happen if I did. I also use my own EVOO/ACV/S&P dressing with lots of avocado intermittently.
Hang in there, I'm praying for you to have strength, perseverance, and faith during this dry, desert wandering portion of the journey toward the promised land of great health!
Your Sister in Christ,
Mary xo

7:53:23 PM


Great news and a wonderful uplifting post timely for me to read today. How is your family and husband doing? Sounds like you are having no problems at all! Well, good! Good for you! Unfortunately, I still am having crawlies and stings (extreme ones the last two days) itching and bumps etc... I am looking for any doctor in So Cal that could help or believe me.

So please pray tell where are these items so I can buy them in the future? What are they actually called?
"Amy’s salad dressing that has no sugar, soy, no dairy, etc…. which one is this? I have looked at a bunch of "natural" dressings and all have things in them we cannot/should not ingest, so I am dying to KNOW!

"With a few squares from a stevia sweetened chocolate bar as dessert." Thats awesome! What is the name of this chocolate? Again I have looked at many and all I seen have high sugar amounts or ingredients that are no-no for us. I want to check this one out at least!

God bless you sister in Christ,


2:18:58 AM

Hi Everyone,
I am finally writing my monthly progress report for August. On the 10th I celebrated my one year anniversary of being on MMS. And, what did I do for my anniversary? I went with my family to the mountains and rode a bike through the alpine terrain (well, I stayed on the very nice, paved bike path as I think true mountain biking would have ended up poorly for me-LOL), but still saw some beautiful sights. My legs were so weak! I haven’t really been exercising. Even though I could shift into the other gears to make it easier to pedal uphill, the high altitude makes it harder to catch the breath, so maybe less oxygen to the muscles since less is in the air. I think thinner atmosphere means less oxygen. Well, anyway, I liked the down hill parts a lot! All the kids that I rode with (son, his friend, and our other friend’s kids) did better than me, so what. It felt really good and then I felt unusually low level of crawlies the rest of that day and the day after. Like, none. I think exercise is really key to getting the blood circulating and moving them out of where they are hiding and sweating is one of the ways our body detoxifies itself along with breathing. I breathed harder and did sweat, that’s for sure. I’m planning on continuing to exercise now that I’m back.
A year on the protocol and I feel good-great. I still don’t go swimming in pool for fear of the contagious possibility. But, do go in the ocean and the ocean water has been warm. El Nino warm. I don’t know why I feel it is not contagious in the ocean. Just a feeling. I shower once a day. Wash my hair every other day. No MMS bath yet, though planning to any day now. I don’t clean nearly as much as I used to and started using my dishtowels to dry dishes once in a while instead of paper towels or air drying all the time. The environment really doesn’t seem to affect me anymore. I vacuum all the carpeted floors just once a week. I don’t spray Kleen Green and just use in laundry now. I have a lot of energy and a really clear brain and find that I’m organizing a lot to try to get rid of all the clutter and find a place for everything. So much stuff we save over the years. Especially kids’ stuff. My little guy, almost as tall as me now, outgrows his clothes and shoes every time I turn around. His closet and room is a mess! Or was, much better now. I worked around the house and on errands today from the time I got up in the morning through until 9pm when I first sat down to watch TV. Seriously, we’ve been busy here today, got a lot done.
I am eating the same stuff a lot. Every week, the same menu. Once in a while a nice change with a new kind of fish. Got some king crab legs at Costco, those were incredible. I know, crab is a scavenger and so probably considered “dirty”. But, once in a great while, hopefully, that won’t hurt. The rest of the time it is grassfed beef, free ranging chicken, and lamb. And my new veggie friend is brussel sprouts that I pan fry in EVOO and garlic salt. Very satisfying. I found some Amy’s salad dressing that has no sugar, soy, dairy, etc…. That’s a nice change up to my EVOO and ACV dressing. I still love my sunbutter and blue diamond artisan nut thins. With a few squares from a stevia sweetened chocolate bar as dessert.
As far as symptoms, I still feel the crawlies though at the lowest point yet. It seems they come and then they go. I get really excited that they’re all gone, and then they come back. Then they go again. One day they will be gone all the way, but I’m planning to try the Immune Pulse to see if that helps with this last stage. I am not having any pimple/bumps on my neck or face. All clear. My skin has gotten so dried out from that Dr. Bronners soap that I switched to a dead sea salt bar of soap for moisturizing. After shower, before drying off with my towel, I put on coconut or argan oil and lock in the water. Then towel off just a little. Also had to start using my old moisturizer on my face because the coconut oils and health store moisturizers were not cutting it. I was looking very wrinkled. Much better now. On my darn big toes, I have nail fungus which turns the nail cloudy-white in portions. Amazing that I have any fungus with the protocol and all, but there it is. I am putting layers of stuff on them: oregano oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, vicks vaporub, coconut oil, and occasionally soaking in ACV and amber listerine. Going to try Epsom salts soak for the feet tomorrow. The left toe is getting better, the right got dark, so I think I’m killing it off. But, everything I read on-line says to be persistent and consistent as the fungus if not all dead will grow back. I’m also wearing a lot of open toe shoes.
So, that’s the state of affairs for August 2015. School starts up on the 1st so having some families over tomorrow for an end of year bbq gathering. All the kids have gone to school with each other for years now. They are going to be big 7th graders this year. Time flies.
Blessings to everyone!

12:31:46 PM

Thank you, Ellen, for your most kind and reassuring words. I agree on paying it forward, both what we receive here and what blessings God gives us each day.
Many thanks for these inspirational words and for the sharing your works.

9:24:56 AM

Hello Mary,

Thank you for your gracious response. When I write a message and not speak directly to someone, there is always the possibility that the true intent will not come across. Well, you embrace the spirit of this site and all the good that Mel has started. Your kindness and compassion for others is so evident.

Sometimes I think when we are on the receiving end of so much help from others, it is difficult to know how best to be thankful. I think it is easier to pay it forward.

For example, the person who cooked meals for me when I was sick doesn't communicate with me anymore. I think she may be fearful of getting this disease but maybe our friendship just ran it's course. It doesn't really matter because I can show my gratitude by helping the homeless folks in my community as well as others in my life.
It's all good!

Bless you, Mary


I think

2:12:39 AM

Hello All!
I appreciate the responses from Mel, Peter and Ellen! Mel, thanks for the MMS bath instructions. I plan to start soon, 20 drops activated MMS to start.

Once again, the out of the blue increase in symptoms subsided as quickly as it came. It lasted 3 days. When I posted it was already on the downturn and next day when Mel called me, it turned out to be a great day. If it was the full moon plus planetary convergence, then it wasn’t too bad looking back knowing how short it lasted. And, again, the C/W’s weren’t terrible, just noticeably more intense and frequent than they had been. Now, once again, I’ll be at work all day and won’t even notice any C/W’s. When I realize that, I get a big smile and thank the Lord for His healing of me.

Peter, I love astronomy too, so thanks for sharing that factoid that Mel passed onto you about this month’s Hay Moon. I’ve always been a sky watcher. I’ve seen some very interesting things up there, too! Mel, you continue to impress me with how dynamic you are. So many interests, abilities, talents! A very well rounded individual you are!

And, dear Ellen, you are so kind to write, and I hope you didn’t think I was complaining about not hearing from you. You have given so much here already and to me personally in the beginning. And, I know you are there if ever I have specific questions to ask you. I’ve come close several times, but then somehow my question gets resolved or is no longer important, so I don't reach out.

I know many are so busy with their lives. I was thinking more of those that are still struggling with this. Those that we’ve heard from in the beginning and then who we don’t hear from again or those that never have posted. I fantasize about a humongous group of us sharing ideas and supporting one another. But, if that’s not to be, then so be it. I think this website is awesome and we are blessed to have what we have here already. When I tell others about what Mel has created and compare it to other websites out there, the few that there are, they have no forum, no conference calls, no John B and his Wellness Protocol, and no prayer groups, no Limerick contests….I love this place and I hope to always be able to help even once I’m well. But, I realize that from the other side, the cured side, the more time that passes, the more busy life gets. Aging parents are on my mind as well, and I think that this is something that is coming soon around the bend and it is scary and sad to think about. There is never enough time for everything I want to do. But, at least now due to Mel and company, I have the energy to do it and the clarity of mind and healthier body to do it with. I mean, I’m nonstop all day. I’m even back to taking my piano lessons. And that means I’m living life like I did prior to getting MD. I got an ice bream maker this weekend and made coconut iceream with stevia, eggs, vanilla extract and chocolate chips made with stevia. It was divine. Had 4th of July at my house replete with BBQ dinner and swim party finishing the night off with some fountain type Red Devil fireworks. I could be seen running around with my sparklers. It was a blast. If it weren’t for the fact of taking the protocol and the special diet and more laundry, my life has returned to normal. The occasional skin bump/pimple or C/W is so minimal now (except when a Thunder Moon comes along) Yay!
Well, I just wanted to make sure was not offending anyone. That wasn’t my intention. I just love this forum and would love to hear from as many as can participate. We are all in this together.
Goodnight and may God keep us all safe this night!

10:33:09 AM

Hello to Mary and all,

I hope you are feeling a lessening of your symptoms. I'm also sensing a lot of frustration about what others to this site are able to provide in terms of support.

I have said this before and I tell it to Mel often that I do as much as I can on this site but need to keep a balance in my life because of all the obligations I have unrelated to this issue including work, two elderly parents and a sister who is a quadriplegic. If others are feeling better, and prefer to get on with their lives, we need to accept that, because we do not have knowledge of what else their lives demand of them.

I feel that recovering from this disease is truly a blessing and I hope I do not take this healing for granted. For my own well being, however, I cannot dwell on it too much because it was so traumatic. I don't want to revisit my worst moments and, like Mel, prefer to be optimistic and positive.

I always had Mel and Peter and John as reference points and cheerleaders but I was alone in my fight for most of the duration. So I guess what I am asking is that others use this time to heal, to rest, and summon the strength that is in you. No one else can do this for you and we are all volunteering our time. If others don't respond with what you expect or feel you need, please remember that we do not get paid and we are doing the best we can.

Take care,



2:56:36 AM

Hello Mary

Now you know that Mel is also a part time astronomer. He takes pictures through his telescope. Pretty cool, no? He brought me to the discovery that this July 1 full moon is known as the "Hay Moon," "Buck Moon," or "Thunder Moon." It rises around sunset and sets around sunrise. This is the only night in the month when the moon is in the sky all night long, and this is the first of two full moons this month. Thank you, Mel. I am still paying attention brother!

11:36:24 AM

Hello Mary & others,

Welcome as always. I will attempt to answer your questions one at a time!

I have talked with many folks this week that have had a very tough time. I mentioned to John B that my gut instinct tells me that some form of a magnetic pull has effected earth as a result of the combination of the full moon and the past week's planetary events. He said he would do some research on this. The good news is that this event only happens every two thousand years!

Ellen realized what she was dealing with almost immediately and began our protocol without reservation. She claims to have never done any of the FIVE MOST COMMON REASONS FOR FAILING TO ACHIEVE DESIRED RESULTS found in our FAQ's. She was healed in record time and didn't feel the need to bath in MMS.

I am different in some ways than other men; I like baths. I know that MMS baths are relaxing and therapeutic, They aerate the skin. Start at 20 drops and work up to 35-40 slowly. Take MMS baths only twice or three times a week!!!

I have wished for six and a quarter years that more people would have posted, but with the negative stigma attached to Morgellons and the government in denial, many sufferers by in to the lie and feel like 21st century lepers. But as you see each year, more people are communicating here! It's actually less then two percent of those who visit, but we have created a safe and loving environment for those who are truly looking to restore their health.

I often say to those whom I talk with, when I was sick, there was no one to talk with when inevitable setbacks occurred. I sure hope this helps you Mary and others who come here!

Keep up the good fight Mary. You are a warrior who will win!

God Bless, You have not given up HOPE!


1:48:35 AM

Hi Everyone,
I’m just writing tonight because I’m having a rough full moon this month. I have a lot of skin crawling/wiggling (C/W) today and yesterday. I think it’s a lot, but it’s still not like it was at the beginning of this condition. But, still it’s much more than it’s been in recent months. I’m wondering if there is any way the Jupiter/Venus convergence is affecting things here. Well, whether it is or isn’t, I’m really feeling it, whatever it is due to. And, this is following an incredible week of virtually no symptoms at all. Last week, I was thinking I am almost there. I was rating myself at 95%. My family agreed at how much energy I had and my good mood because I felt soooo normal. I was up in some high mountains on a mini vacation and was able to hike all over without the previous lethargy I’ve had in high altitudes. I’ve had great energy, clarity of mind, great energy, and no C/W. This is sure a big burst of my bubble to have the C/W's come back with a vengence. But, all I can do is keep my faith that when He wants me cured is when I’ll be cured. But, I am seriously considering taking an MMS bath for the first time because if it kills the stuff in the skin, if this stuff is actually able to be reached by the MMS penetrating the skin, then I should probably try it. Plus, since Mel said it might be why his skin looks so good, I was considering it anyway (LOL). I’ll start researching how to start taking MMS baths. See if I’m supposed to start with lower amount of drops and work it up. The only person I recall posting on this recently is Shari. I know you said the last time she wrote about it she said that nothing came out of her skin like the first time she did it. Ellen had told me she never took an MMS bath. So, I was going to skip it too. But, starting to think I miss my baths and maybe it would be helpful for the type of MD that I have.
I still wish so much that more warriors out there would post. We all benefit from hearing each other’s experiences so much. I’d love to hear from you all, too. I think Mel said there is something like less than 10% of the people that visit this site regularly, posting here. So just think of all the information we could be pooling together if the other 90% of people posted! We have an okay amount now, but more could be even better.
Well, please think about it. You may have the answer for someone. Or you may benefit from having interaction with those that are posting already.
Warmest Regards,

1:11:14 AM

Time again for my monthly update! I read the forum every night, but haven’t been posting much lately. I think it’s because I’m just tired by the time I finally get the time to sit in bed and click on my little blue bird icon at the top of my browser that brings me to our family meeting place here. I’ve had so many posts that I’ve written disappear in a blink after I’ve hit something on my keyboard. And once it’s gone, it’s gone on this website. No bringing it back. So, now I have to write it in Word and copy/paste it into the website. But, if I hadn’t written it in word and I’ve been on the website and the post gets deleted accidently, I give up and just don’t re-write the post. So that’s also why it seems I’ve been a little quiet.
Definitely writing this in Word first….On one hand, I’m busy and glad to be. I have good energy and lots of creativity flowing again. So much in fact, that I was motivated to pick up the project that halted after just starting to plan it last June when I was first symptomatic of MD. So, I’m back at scanning my wedding photos and I’m going to somehow make a picture arrangement on the wall of some wedding photos, my son’s baptism and First Communion. A wall of Sacraments. God willing, there will be several more to put up on that wall over the next 10-20 years… Confirmation, and later on either my son’s wedding or possibly ordination into priesthood, baptism of grandchildren… Only our Heavenly Father knows what He has in store for my boy. As parents know, he gives me great and deep joy to see him grow and to see what a good person he is becoming. Faith filled. Caring. Received an Academic Achievement award signed by President Obama….And I’m so thankful he’s also healthy. I don’t know how he has been spared from MD, but I’m eternally thankful. My heart goes out to all the parents here whose children have MD. You are incredibly inspirational people. When I think of if my son ever gets it and get scared, I just think of you all and it calms me down. I see that you are handling it so well even though I know how hard it must be to take care of yourself and them. You show us all that it is doable and not hopeless. Thank you from the deepest reaches of my heart.
I am in the midst on my 11 month on MMS. It was last June that I realized I had MD. It was July when I found Mel’s website. It was August when I started MMS. This one year anniversary is really bittersweet. I feel better, so much better. But, also, I realize that God isn’t ready for me to be done with this yet. I have to give Him my trust as I know that I will be 100% when He feels I am ready for it. I have to keep reminding myself of that undeniable fact and be patient. I am trying to stay grateful as I am sooo much better, clearly going to get healed of this eventually. But, we have to be mindful of our thoughts or they wander into negative thinking which the Enemy just loves. Sorry, I won’t give up my faith. Not ever.
Since my last post in May, I have had no more of those deep tissue vibrations. I have had a whole lot less purging as barely nothing is picked up in the morning lint roll of the sheets. I have some bumping on my face occasionally. Much less than ever before. Crawlies are much less, but still there. For the most part the frequency of them has decreased and the intensity of them is much less. I have really bad sinus congestion, but I think it is my allergies. Maybe some pollen in the area. It is so uncomfortable. I go through a box of tissue every two to three days. Mostly in the middle of the night, I awake and have to do a lot of blowing. Clear discharge but lots of it. It would be great if this was part of healing. But I think it is just allergies. I finally gave in and took a Benadryl tonight so I can hopefully breathe better.
I think that is all for this update. May God bless every one of you, may the peace of Christ be with you, and may you feel His deep love for you this night and all the days to come.
With Love, Mary

9:47:20 PM

Thank you, Peter! You are so kind. You know I feel the same about you!

I have the nuts and spices Kind bars that are 4grams but I need to check the ingredients for Canola Oil. I am not eating them anymore for a while anyway. For my little sweet after a meal, I have a little bit of a stevia sweetened dark chocolate bar like Lily's or Coco Polo. I don't think they have canola oil. I'll check them too.

I will look into the Rudi's spelt products and the Natures Path Buckwheat waffles. If I could tolerate those, that would be quite a treat!! Bread, open face sandwiches- are nice for fried eggs, egg salad, and like you suggested with the cinnamon.

Thank you for the information and again for your kind words.
:) Mary


7:34:11 PM

Hey Mary

Great post. You are really good at relating information to personal experience. I wish I was able to do that as well as you do. A couple things for you that should be useful. Early on, I ate the “nuts and spices” Kind bars, but I can’t find them anymore. There were only 4 grams of sugar in them back then. Today, Kind bar ingredients have changed. They now contain canola oil. This is one very bad oil that I believe does fuel symptoms. They were indeed probably part of your problems in your recent experience.

I could not tolerate the Ezekial breads either. One bread that I could tolerate is Rudy’s Spelt bread. They also make spelt tortillas. Seems like spelt, millet, amaranth and buckwhet are all ok. They are known as the ancient grains. Natures Path makes Buckwheat waffles that are really good too. Only 5 grams of sugar in a two waffle serving size. Stevia, coconut oil, and cinnamon on top make them really satisfying.

You should tell everyone about the glycemic index and how it applies to different fruits. Then you can explain why some people can tolerate blueberries. Just a thought. You are a blessing!


11:57:50 PM

Hi Nicole, I hope you and your son enjoyed a fun Memorial Day Weekend!
Thank you so much for your response. It is good to hear from you.
I found it interesting to hear about your experience of having the M in your ears and how you addressed that. I did have sensations in there a few times last week during that purge, but otherwise, thankfully, none. But I'll know to use the silver if it returns.
I like your recommendations for the MMS mouthwash, it is good for killing bacteria in general and for good mouth health. I did that early on as well as brushing with mixture of 5 drops of sodium chloride (MMS without the citric acid) and 1 oz of warm water every few days. That healed a sore, inflamed gum line.
I’m glad to report that nothing new has occurred since last Wed and the crawling/wiggling (C/W) feelings are even less than before the vibrations and the following full body C/W.
Actually since I didn’t do a full monthly post last week, I’d like to add a few things now. I forgot to mention that this month I’ve had many days in a row with no itchy red bumps anywhere on my face or neck. I hope they don't return. The lymph node on my neck/throat that doctors always noticed was inflamed, is smaller, don’t know if it’s normal sized yet, but definitely smaller. I do have nasal congestion that has gotten worse especially in the morning. It is clear discharge. But, I’ve always had a long history of nasal polyps, removed and grew back, and nasal allergies/sinusitis, I don’t know what the technical diagnosis is, so this congestion is nothing new to me. It’s just that I was less congested before this last month. Could be some pollen or could be a reaction to something going on inside of me. I don’t know. Lastly, I noticed that if I look way over my shoulder (like when backing up in my car) I no longer get dizzy feeling like I had for so many months. Also, when hanging my head upside down, I no longer feel wiggles in my eye area or get that slight dizzy feeling.
I know Nicole didn’t feel the Kind bars were good for the healing process, and I don’t know if they contributed problems to this recent experience. It feels like it was a massive die off following the deep vibrations more than a relapse from Kind bars, but it could have been both....But, at any rate, we all have to try things and see how they do for each of us as some of us can tolerate more sugar or carbs than others. I only tried the 4 and 5 gram sugar Kind bars because a few of our 100 percenters said that they ate them. But, they also had Ezekiel bread and Ez. cereal and I haven’t yet to date been able to tolerate those on an ongoing basis. Even the one slice of bread/day I was having in April, I decided was giving me more skin sensations and I eliminated it. I think what happens with me is that it tastes so good, I start to have it daily. And, if I could just stick with having it once a week, it would probably be okay. Boy did that almond cereal with almond milk, stevia, and chia seeds taste good, too. Oh, well.
Lastly, I just started having some blueberries to see how I tolerate those. I’ll try not to do it every day. (LOL) It’s been such a long time without fruit. The green apple slices seem to be okay for me, but, I’d like to add a berry, and I believe blue berries are low glycemic and full of antioxidants.
Okay, I think that is a more complete update for May.
God Bless, Mary

11:16:50 AM

Thank you, Mel, for your quick reply to my post. I received your detailed phone message yesterday afternoon, though I think you left it in the morning. I don’t know how you do it, but I am thankful!

It was sure good to hear that what I experienced Sun-Tues was a herx and that it was the M being chased out of the deeper pockets in my body and NOT a relapse. So, as you relayed to me, the MMS gas gets around into different levels of the body as it builds in our system over time. These herx’s happen as the M scramble to get away from the poison. That was the first really noticeable one in all these months. I hope a lot of the M were taken out. Yesterday I continued to be a powerhouse of clarity of mind and energy. I did some great work at the office and felt really “”on top of my game”. Minimal crawling is once again the status here.
Much Warmth and Appreciation, Mary

10:14:09 AM

Hi Mary;-)

I don't doubt that the mms is breaking things up that are deep within the body! I had ear and jaw pain very intensely in the beginning and took great strides in targeting these areas, I used Alcohol and or Alcohol and peroxide mixture directly in my ears but I had I had silver then I think this would have been a more gentle option, and probably more effective to! Also the ear nose and throat are connected and it was my thought it was fungal attachments in these areas.. I Gargled and with listerene and used a tongue scraper but I have found using and mms mouthwash and tongue scrapper is even more effective.. If you add this into your mouthcare you will notice a difference in your gums when flossing too! I'm so glad that after atleast a year of intense mouthcare .. I was able to eliminate the pain I was having in my jaw/ear area.. But it was painful before it was better! I advice caution when doing these treatments as with anything if you over do it you can cause more sensitivity than needed..

Silver can go in ears, nose ect ect so many uses for this product even topical use ;-)

Mms can be a great mouthwash consider including it into your self care! ;-)

Love, Nicole

Also glad u eliminated those kind bars ect that is no good on our diet defiantly could have increased symptoms for sure. Everything else I read you eating sound great to me!! <3

10:33:20 AM

Good Morning All,
After I wrote my loooong monthly post last night, I remembered something that I meant to add. Before the onslaught of this recent crawling episode, I had these sensations all over my body one day of deep vibrations in my muscles or tissue. Not really in the skin, but deeper. Even one in my tooth, which I felt was coming from under the molar, from the gum. There weren't a lot of them, but maybe 10 through the day or two that they happened. I think I recalled that someone else had these weird vibrations in their body and viewed them as deeper healing. I wonder if the MMS was penetrating down to some level they were at in my tissue and releasing them or starting to kill them. So when they left the tissue, there was that specific vibration in that muscle (or wherever it was coming from) and then they were all running around in my body causing the crawling sensations. That was Sunday the crawlings started, Wed was better and today, Thursday I feel none yet and I have good energy and positive mood. So, I'm going to think of it that way. Still won't go back to Cioppino or Kind bars in the near future....
I'd be interested to know if others have had this happen. Thanks!

1:45:38 AM

Hi everyone!
I hope you are all enjoying a nice May wherever you are in this world. Here we have had some rains that are welcome due to a very dry winter. It almost felt like Christmas weather for a day or two. So, it’s been hard to get as much sun this month. Still I manage and it feels so relaxing. I need to get my D levels checked, but I don’t have easy veins to find, so I am not eagerly setting up appointments. I am setting a goal to do this in June.
I am in my 10th month on MMS and sadly, seem to have had a set back. I don’t know exactly why, but the crawlies really started up again. One day they were all over my body. Yuk, disgusting and depressing. It was strange because I had just had some super great days of feeling almost none at all and then it’s like a whole new crop of them sprouted. I got real tired too, and I don’t know if that was due to the MD being more active or if it was due to my stress and angst at the situation. Both probably served to drain me. I got pretty down. I had a meltdown yesterday and was having a big pity party. I kept telling myself to stop, but wasn’t winning the battle. I am a terrible sufferer even though I strive to unite my suffering with Jesus’ and offer it up for Him to apply to the interests of his sacred heart. Redemptive suffering makes good come from our suffering. So, I’ve been taught to offer it up. But, I was hardly able to get those words out. It was rough. Clearly, I will never be a saint, they suffer so and never complain.
Today though, my mood is much more positive and my energy was good. The craling sensations are still stronger than they had been and more frequent. But they are less than the other day. I think the whole thing could have started by eating Ciopino or the daily Kind bar I had been having. The fish and seafood stew didn’t have anything bad in it: no soy, dairy, added sugar, that is if they told me the truth. I have eaten tomato based meals the whole time, whether it be chili, chicken cilantro spaghetti sauce, or tacos with tomato sauce in the meat. So, why would the stew's tomato broth cause this? But, maybe too much protein and not enough alkaline (aka: veggies). That is the hardest part for me. I’m a protein person and not much into veggies. The way I get veggies is to put onions, celery, tomatoes, cucs, and avocado into my chicken and egg salads with my homemade mayo and sugar free mustard. I put avocado with my scrambled eggs for breakfast with a handful of almonds on the side. I just don’t eat salads except maybe 2x/week. I do eat lots of that cauliflower curry rice which is all cauliflower, onions, coconut oil, curry and sliced almonds. For dinner we tend to have steamed artichokes and green beans as sides. And, I snack on celery and hummus or celery and sunbutter. I’m just not a daily salad for lunch person like so many seem to be here. Maybe I need to work on that.
Well, we’ll see how it goes the next few days. I hope it keeps getting better. I cut the Kind bars out for now. It is weird if they were the culprit because I’d have one a day for months with no problems. So confusing.
I wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day and weekend! God Bless you all.
Lots of Love, Mary

1:19:56 PM

Happy Saturday! Just saw a cute little news piece on a local goose that has a crush on this man. Just wanted to share a little fun on this day....we all have to get our daily "aaawwwws"

10:36:45 PM

Happy April Everyone!
I am so happy that there is so many people posting and connecting with each other here lately. It helps me to fight off the loneliness of this condition. No one I know has it. So, it’s just all of you here that keep me company during this looooong journey. Well, of course, I have to say our Heavenly Father is with me every day, but as far as actual people… I hope it all keeps going just like it is with new people joining in saying they’ve been reading and have been on the protocol for a couple months. That’s so cool to finally hear from some silent warriors.
I’m almost through my 9th month on MMS. I feel fabulous. The only thing I’ve had since last month are the red, itchy bumps (would be like a pimple except for theyre itchy). These are only really surfacing on my face. There was a period when they were on my neck every day or so, a new one. Then they moved to my forehead and jaw line. A couple has come on my face near my nose. But, the rest of my body is clear. So, I don’t think it is anything environmental. I really think this is the last hold out of this stuff, in my face. They must have been hiding there and now the MMS is killing them and my body is pushing it out. They are leaving a bit of a “scar” a dark purplish coloration. But the ones on my neck are fading and a few are gone. So I’m hopeful the ones on my face will do the same. No one notices anything, they just think it’s acne. So, it’s no biggy. I do use natural foundation over the spots to go to work. And my health food store brand blush and colored lip glosses. I’ve been using regular mascara for months now, which I know isn’t good. But, I think the health food store brand was causing that rash on my eyelids. And, If I don’t look alert and healthy, clients will not want to come to me. I need to keep the business going. But, I think that since I stopped all the other hair weaving with bleach and the hair products with silicone and the unhealthy body lotions….I’ve really detoxed my body well. I’ve lost 35 pounds since starting and I’d like to lose one more dress size. But, really, all I really want is to be 100% healed. I just feel so healthy now with all that weight off. I’ll hope to start jogging and biking again soon.
I also noticed this month that the purging has dropped dramatically. I judge this by the amount of microfibers on my sticky lint roller after rolling my sheets each morning. Barely any and the ones that are there are real tiny little pieces. I never could see it in my clothes, but I’m shortening the wash cycle and not using all that extra water now due to the drought here. Fires this weekend and smoke in the sky. So, we are really starting to hurt for lack of rain. I’m thinking that I bet the Kleen Green in the wash isn’t really doing that much anymore and that really the borax and laundry detergent is probably enough with the hot dryer. I handwash some clothes in MMS, but don’t see any fibers in the water. So, I dunno. Is it still needed? I’ve been back in my closet and drawers now for a month or two and all is fine there.
I don’t have very many crawling sensations anymore. They are still there, but very little. They have not increased but only decreased this last month.
Food, I’ve started eating the brown rice bread, a slice toasted with a fried egg and slice of tomatoe for breakfast. I seem to tolerate it well, but when I started eating more than that one slice, I think I felt more crawling a day later. So, keeping it at one slice a day for now.
Celebrating my 50th birthday this week. I can’t believe I’ve been on this planet for 50 years. It’s amazing how fast it seems to go. I look forward to having another 50 years of good health though! This MMS adds years onto our lives. So, who knows ?
I’m praying for all of us always! Looking forward to seeing how much better we’ll all be next month.
Blessings, Mary

2:14:01 AM

Hi Everyone!
In my 8th month of MMS here. So this is going to be along post and I’m sorry, but I would have liked to have seen more of this kind of info when I was startin’ out, so here it is. In this last month, I think I’ve made some good progress! Something that helped morale a lot was moving my clothes first back into my closet and then after a few weeks, and all was well, I moved the rest into my dresser. So, no more plastic bins for clean clothes! And for my everyday machine washable clothes, I’m putting them in my old wicker hamper with a hefty bag liner. So no bending over to open a bin to put my day’s dirty clothes into either. Now I’m only using bins for my clean and dirty towels (yes, I used real towels since day 1) and my hand washable clothes that get MMS. In my washing machine, since it is a front loader, it never worked out to use MMS. I got some bleach marks on my clothes, but I think somehow it was from Kleen Green as I never put MMS in the machine. I didn’t think KG would bleach, but I think it does if it’s too concentrated like when you get to the bottom of the container. So, since that happened months ago, I only put a ½ oz of Kleen Green undiluted in my machines bleach dispenser and select the extra water button. The Arm and Hammer detergent, fabric softner 7th Generation or one like it, and ½ c of Borax.
I’ve had some rough moments off and on. Like this weekend I was dizzy and no energy for two days at the start of my period. But, then on the third day, great energy and no dizziness. So, I assume that was some major die off being eliminated that slowed me down for a couple days. But, also maybe something to do with the hormones change of the period, but haven’t had that in all the months until now. Another rough time was that for a few weeks a bunch of bumps broke out on my neck. The same itchy red ones that I first got on my chest, later on my back, then on my neck and jawline. Some of them go away in a day, but some linger and linger. Well, the one stubborn spot on my neck seems to finally be on the way out, its getting smaller and no longer itchy. It is now just scaly and red and for size, maybe that of half a dime. Not a big spot but still annoying. My face and neck are clear now and it’s nice not to have an itchy bump anywhere in that vicinity. Or anywhere on my bod at the moment.
The crawlies have lowered down another notch. They are really few and far between. Hours without anything and I’ll be praising God in thanks for feeling entirely normal. I am living a normal life except the diet and taking all the protocol. Ok, and washing everything after wearing it once. That was not normal for me. But, with the bins reduced and the crawlies, I really do feel I’ve reclaimed my life and God is awesome! I will never take my health for granted again. I will always eat better and stay away from gluten for good. This is the second time in my life where gluten was named as a culprit for health issues. My auntie has celiac disease, so it runs in the family. Though as Peter just posted, I don’t think any body recognizes gluten as in the evolutionary scheme of things it is a newer grain and our digestive physiology was developed without it on the menu. So, when gluten came along on the scene thousands of years later, our body wasn’t able to digest it not having developed physiology to effectively digest that grain. Mostly the human body of today is really much the same as in the caveman days.
This last month I started eating a few slices of green apple for the first time. I had my first Kind bar with chocolate. I’ve been eating the Lilly’s and Coco Polo chocolate bars with almonds sweetened with stevia. I only have a row of the chocolate at a time/meal and not the whole bar. Even some of the Lilly’s stevia sweetened chocolate chips. I’ve used some of the Kerrigold butter from Ireland here and there. Until this month, I had not had any butter at all and have been completely dairy free. I’ve had a few slices here and there of cheese as long as it is European origin. But, I’ve seem to have lost my previous cheese addiction, so, I rarely desire any at all. I also had zucchini noodles with no problem this month. All sorts of things seem to be opening up. Going to try coconut again as I mentioned on another food thread. Sandwiches seem the only thing I miss. I haven’t had Ezekiel bread products because in the past they caused crawlies, so time to try it again and see what happens. And the Zevia Ginger-Rootbeer soda, 6 oz at a time, has been a delight. I used to always drink Zevia’s and it’s nice to be able to have them again.
I also brought out a bunch of my old clothes and added them to my wardrobe. Since I never stopped using cotton clothes, that wasn’t the issue, it was just not having the hang of hand washing in MMS, nor the bin space, and now I have that handled, so it’s nice to have some “new” old clothes to wear. Though, I’ve shrunk almost 3 sizes since I used to wear those 8 months ago. They hang on me now ?
Basically, I’m just cruising along, trying to stay focused on God and being a good mom and wife. Well, the wife part, we are living like friends of course, because we haven’t touched in over 8 months now. A little quick hug or kiss. Not sharing a bed for so long is really weird after 25 years of marriage. And, I think it is getting to us. A little lonely at night at times. No one to talk to. But luckily I sleep so soundly, it’s morning real quick, too quick and I want to keep sleeping instead of getting my son up for school, make him breakfast, pack a lunch and drive him to school. Then to church for morning mass and then home to shower, get dressed for work, eat, go to work….home, dinner, basketball practice or my catechism class….lots of busy, busy busy. So time flies by.
As always, I pray for all of us to be healed and by the looks of it, God is answering that prayer through Mel’s Place, the protocol and all of great world-wide support and comraderie that’s here. Thank you, our Heavenly Father, for loving us and looking out for us. I love you.
Blessings, Strength and Love to all!

11:18:53 PM


How absolutely wonderful! You are ahead of me slightly in this process and I am so encouraged to hear of your healing and process! It was crazy those last weeks with the in laws but look at your reward?!

If it's ok with you, I really would love to contact you and speak to you about some things. Please get my contact info from Mel.

I am going to print this post out and put it on my fridge and mirror as a daily reminder for this week!

Thankful and grateful for you,

2:25:46 AM

Thanks. Peter, as always I appreciate your encouraging words! For the past week I have developed a high. I can't explain it, but just a VERY positive mood and energy. Super clear thinking and reasoning. And extremely little skin crawling. I feel so normal for most of the day. No anxiety at all. It is such a high when I think of how I was feeling last summer and fall. God is so good! I praise Him and thank Him every day. It's the first thing I think when I wake up, "thank you, Lord, for healing me". And, throughout the day and of of course, each night. He chose Mel and John to heal us. That is the truth. Maybe choosing all of us for a certain reason for which we don't yet or may never fully know. The possibilities are endless and mind blowing when trying to even fathom His plan. But submitting ourselves with confidence to Him is key, I believe. Starting Lenten season and going through the stations of the cross last night was a sobering experience. As we are reminded of His incredible, perfect love for us and the pain He willingly endured. I know I just need to stay focused on what is most important in this life and away from the pitfalls and trappings of the world. I don't believe I'll ever lose focus again, but it amazing how easy it is to lose focus with all the consumerism abounding and reality tv shows and all. The path is wide indeed. This experience has strengthened me so much. I am thankful for this cross and this rocky, narrow path. Yes, I have a part of me that wishes that I had never heard of it nor got it. Absolutely that is a part of me! But, I also realize the great good that's come from it in my life. Though my cross is much smaller than our Lord's, a tiny speck, it was huge for me and my family there for a while and still limits us, and uses up so much of our time cleaning and cooking, but I will carry it, and try to do so patiently, until He takes it from me.

Stay strong everyone. I'm so glad you're all here in this healing place. With love, Mary

4:17:54 PM

Hi Mary

You have come a long ways, and there is no doubt that you are succeeding. Congratulations for your commitment. You are definitely moving much closer to remission!

I also want to applaud you for how you accept the callous and unbelieving nature of your relatives. You dignify our illness by how you behaved. From your example, others can learn how to better navigate their own family dynamics. A wonderful example of being a Romans 12 Christian too!

You are making all the right choices! Stay the course. You are closer than you think!


2:15:52 AM

Hey everyone!
February already…this is one time that I’m glad that time moves so quickly. I’m glad because I feel that I’m rushing toward being done with this and living my life again amongst the living. I am already doing more things, but Christmas was tough in retrospect and I turned down the few Christmas party invites that I received. I wasn’t feeling that I could be amongst the regular folks, who would be eating and drinking without care. I think that if I was at where I am now, I could do it and have fun without feeling deprived or at least without the deprived feeling ruling my experience. So far on this journey, I’ve learned how to be self-sufficient especially in the area of cooking. I’m learning tasty, healthy recipes and finding more which makes me realize how poorly we ate before. I’d gotten to relying on premade food like at Trader Joes that heats up in the micro in a plastic dish…that can’t be too good. I also used to drive through Carls J and get a low carb six dollar burger. Maybe if I felt like splurging, some fried zucchini and whatever it is that they call ranch dressing to dip them in. That was before Carls J started using grassfed or organic beef or whatever they claim to be using now. So, I got my share of pink slime, I’m sure. :P I've also learned how to have fun without food/drink but just au natural. Keep my house cleaner than ever before. So many new things at this later time in my life.

A friend’s husband died this past week, only in his 40’s. Kidney disease for many years. He left behind his wife and two daughters, one my son’s age (11). I’m so sad for them, though they were a family of faith so they know that they will be reunited someday. But still, so tough. So this has been a somber week.

To go with it, I had a little tough time last weekend as for the first time in 6 months I offered my home to host my father-in-laws 87th birthday. My sister in law has been hosting everything since I got M as I had said my home wasn’t available. I didn’t want anyone possibly contracting this. In the beginning we told about M and the parents of my husband researched it and came up with the conclusion that it wasn’t contagious and probably not even real. At any rate, all these months, none of them have called to talk with me and see how I’m doing, offer their support, or ever asked me anything about it. Is that how they’d treat me if I had cancer? Lupus? MS? I’ve given that painful experience of being invalidated and uncared for to God as I want to forgive and love them. So, I host this dinner and make some of my new paleo recipes: coleslaw, dirty “rice” and my husband made the crab cakes. Yes, they had gluten and who knows what all, so I didn’t have any. I was quite content with the other two items, though. They all acted nice as usual. I did ask my father in law to please not sit in a chair I found him sitting in as it is the one I sit in all the time and I didn’t want him to risk getting this. He didn’t budge and laughed at me. A few days later I heard from my husband that his sister, parents and sister’s hubby all thought I was pretty out there and are worried for my son’s emotional health since I talked about it so much and because we wash everything all the time…. Uggh. I guess I was talking to them about something, but I can’t recall what. I thought I was just talking about my food /diet guidelines. I think I was forcing the topic on them since they weren’t asking and never ask or check in with me. I can’t believe they never ask. It is the weirdest phenomenon as these are typically very caring people. I think I was trying to break through their denial and make my illness real for them. It didn’t work. I guess I’m figuring out now, that they’ve been thinking I’m nuts and that’s why they aren’t reaching out with support. Anyway, I’m so glad that my own mom believes me. I cannot put into words how hurtful it is to me when family doesn’t believe me. I've never run across this before in my life. I think they are so ignorant and I have to let it go. But if they ever got M themselves, I really think they wouldn’t be able to cope with it. so better me than them. The only good I can do with this suffering is offer it up to Him to use for the benefit of others.

Well, I need to get positive, so here’s some good news….my son and husband still seem to be symptom free. I don’t know if they ever had it and I don’t know if they have it inside of them and it will show later on. I saw that Nicole said her son Tyler got it a year after she got it. I hope I have that right, sorry if I don’t. But, when I learned that, I got nervous all over again. But, I just can’t think about it since I can’t control it. We still stay in separate rooms, separate chairs, separate laundry. So, I’m prayerful that it is working.

I’ve been loving the sun and sitting out quite a bit in our 80 degree weather. It doesn’t seem to be bothering me and makes me feel good and relaxed! I think the Vitamine K/D has to be a good thing for the immune system. I’ve been working and energy and brain power is good. I’ve had break outs of these red welt-type bumps, usually just one here and there. They are itchy usually, so I know that I’m having it. They go away pretty quickly. A bunch on my back between the shoulder blades. And, the crawlies pretty minimal. However, they came back pretty good during this past full moon. Last full moon, nothing. This full moon, definitely an increase. So maybe next one, I will divide my MMS dose. I have the microfibers in the sheets each morning. Blue and black. Black specks. I don’t see them on my clothes at all during the day. Nothing seems to be in my scalp and hair is healthy though now about 5 inches of natural brown roots with it’s new grey tinge. Lovely :/ But, at least it is healthy. The back of my hands got really old and wrinkly for a few days/weeks and now that’s cleared up. And, I’ve had a few experiences of what I think some people describe as fiber glass in my skin. I thought of it as really dry skin that stings/burns when it’s so dry and it gets stretched by a movement. I put lotion on it and it felt better and then after a few days, those sensations stopped happening altogether. Peter would probably say it was deeper form of healing, and I like that so that’s what I’m sticking with. And, I think my eyesight is getting better and my focus and concentration. Bill or Peter, one of you said in our con call that your grey hairs reversed out. I’m looking forward to that happening to me too!
So, I guess that is what’s going on with me here at the start of my 7th month on MMS. I’m looking forward, though, to being 100% and hope that I can beat Ellen’s record! I'm competitive by nature and can't help it, Mel. I'm still going slow and steady and no cheating. ?

I continue to pray for all of us daily. And, that this will be eradicated from this earth altogether.
God Bless Every One

12:01:35 AM

Hey Mary

Really informative post. What is so valuable about it is the way you describe the integrity that is kept intact to the quality of meat when there are no stress hormones released during butchering.

This is important to understand and is a great example of learning about food. I hope you will continue to share what you already know and what you continuing to learn. You are a blessing.


9:33:07 PM

Hello all, I wanted to post an exciting website finding for fellow foodies out there. sells beef and pork products that are sugar free (including any sugar from honey or other sources), grass fed, nitrate, hormone, & steroid free. I looked under the link on their main page that said sugar free products and there is a long list of things like bacon (pork and beef) sausages, breakfast sausage, chorizo, pemmican, pork rinds, jerky, slim Jim's, salami ... That's just a few I can remember. This might help morale to have some variety of healthy meats for our snacking and recipes that don’t have added sugar or any of that other poison. They also sell wild caught seafood and poultry, too.
I know ordering on-line and having it shipped isn’t cheap and so it can’t be a regular part of my weekly menu, after speaking with Mel and learning more about Kosher meat, we are planning to buy our weekly supplies at a local Kosher market. From what I understand, the Kosher guidelines are that the blood be taken out of the meat and that there are specific procedures that have existed for thousands of years for this and are still adhered to today. If the blood contains most of the toxins, then removing the blood cleans the meat for us. The animal / meat is inspected after its death and if any disease if found, the meat can’t be deemed Kosher. Also, the way the animal is slaughtered is specified so that the animal suffers as little as possible. Little to no stress hormones are released at the end of the animal’s life. For many vegetarians, none of this is going to sound good. And, I’m sorry to be so graphic. But, for those that eat meat, we know the animal is giving it’s life for us and that needs to be respected and done with as little suffering to the animal as possible. The native peoples of the world have always had great respect for the animals that give their life for the tribe. I think we should adopt the same attitude of appreciation and gratitude. And, I think they should all be given grassland to spread out on and graze on, not squished dirt pens with who knows what in their feed bins. So, it turns out what is best for the animal, is also best for us. What do you know.
I’ve read before that stressed animals produce the stress hormone that then enters their body and the meat from these animals. Which in turn we ingest and it causes significant problems in human health. Here is a link to one research article I found on it.

Well, hope you all have an enjoyable weekend!
Blessings, Mary

8:50:03 AM

Hey Mary! Wonderful news. It really is a Happy New Year! So happy with the progress you made. I'm just entering my 5th month but I started MMS late so I'm only at 10 drops but I have to say this full Moon was not so terrible. It just makes me feel that I'm that much closer. It's nice to see you enjoying life again. Thank you so very much for the recipe. Can't wait to try it!

God bless!

12:39:19 AM

Pumpkin Pie
2/3 C. coconut flour
½ C. blanched almond meal
2 pinches sea salt
Shake of powdered stevia (I use NOW Better Stevia)
2 Tbs coconut oil, melted
2 eggs, beaten
2 Tbs water

Preheat oven to 350F
Evenly mix coconut and almond meal with salt and stevia
Fold in coconut oil and eggs
Add in water if mix is too dry
Oil the bottom of a 9 inch pie plate and mold crust onto bottom and sides
Press the crust on firmly and try to get the crust even thickness all over
Bake until crust is firm but not burnt (10-15 mins in my oven)

1 tsp stevia powder
1 tsp cinnamon
½ tsp ground ginger
¼ tsp ground cloves
Dash of nutmeg
½ tsp salt
2 eggs, beaten
1 lb. pumpkin puree
8 oz of coconut milk (I have used ¾ of a can of coconut milk before and it turned out okay as well)

In a large bowl, whisk eggs and pumpkin puree together. Add the rest of the dried ingredients and whisk together while slowly pouring in the coconut milk.
Pour mixture into pie crust
Bake 20 mins on 390F then reduce oven to 350F and bake another 45-60 mins until inserted toothpick comes out clean.
Refrigerating for a few hours or overnight brings the flavors together

Serve each slice with a dollop of Whipped Coconut Cream – a can of refrigerator cooled coconut cream (coconut milk is okay if you can’t find the cream. However, refrigerate the can several hours and then when opening, carefully scoop out only the cream that has separated. 2 cans may be needed depending on how much cream each can provides). Put the cream into a chilled metal mixing bowl. Add a shake or two of powdered stevia. Mix with a hand mixer. Chilling the beaters in the freezer with the mixing bowl ahead of time helps it to whip up better. Add stevia to taste if needs more. Add powdered cacao powder for a chocolate whipped cream if desired.


9:08:17 PM

Good Evening and Happy New Year 2015,

I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas and good start to the new year. If you are here reading this post and on the protocol, then I'm quite sure your new year will be much better than last year. Because you're on your journey back to reclaiming your health.

I can't believe it has been 5 months since starting the full protocol. I had my Big Herx last month and ever since, I have had virtually no crawlies. There is one every so often. In my car, home, office, and at the computer desk, all quiet. No itching on my back where my bra strap closes. The full moon didn't phase me this week. No flies. A few red itchy welts came out this morning and then left. I view it as things coming out, being kicked out by my body. I do lint roll my sheets each morning (wash my sheets every 3 days) and when I lint roll, thousands of tiny microfibers that to me look like lint appear on the roller tape. Hard to even tell what color they are and I haven't gotten curious enough to grab a magnifying glass and inspect them. I think they could be bluish. The eyelids are significantly better but still red. Just not puffy and not scaly anymore. No one really notices unless I point it out to them and they really look closely. I guess the 16 drops of MMS is doing the trick! Along with the wonderful Logos supplements, sov. silver, and MSM.

Last week we went with friends on a trip to Mammoth and went skiing. I actually skied one day and had no problems, other than my leg muscles are weak from not having worked out in a year and by 2pm they were not holding my skiis straight and I had a few near wipe outs. It really picked up my morale. I didn't ski the second day while everyone else did as I didn't want to push myself too far causing exhaustion and possible set backs and my leg strength was clearly not ready for another whole day. I was really delighted to have that one day on the mountain. I also didn't want to slow down the pack. There were 12 of us all together. I felt okay sharing a house with them as I had my own bedroom and bathroom and only sat on certain chairs. It was very good to feel normal and social again.

So, for now things are going along well. I thank God daily and recite the Divine Mercy Chaplet. One of the main parts of which is Jesus' message to trust in Him. What better message is there?!

Looking forward to next week's con call!
Strength and Peace to all-

12:24:48 AM

I'm behind on responding to a few posts and I'm so sorry. I'm away from home and checking the forum from my phone and writing on this little screen isn't easy for me. But, I wanted to acknowledge your posts and have been so comforted by your kind comments and encouragement Cynthia and Shari! I've been trying the coconut oil on my eyelids as they continue to be red, puffy and rough. It looked like it was going away but it just moved over to the left eye. The oil helps a little bit. I also put eyedrops in and that seemed to help even more. Maybe this is connected to dry eyes?
I'm hopeful this will pass as well eventually.

I will post the pumpkin pie recipe as soon as I get back home in a few days. Cynthia, I hope your son likes it too! Basically, the crust is almond and coconut flour with coconut oil and a little stevia. The pie uses can of coconut milk, eggs, stevia and lots of spices like clove ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon in addition to the pumpkin puree. But I can't remember the quantities so I'll have to wait till I can check the recipe I printed out.

I'm glad to hear, Shari, that you're up to 13 drops, But how is that possible at nine weeks, maybe that's why you're feeling so poorly! Its interesting that you had this eye thing too! I hope it and your fever are gone now. And you're even healthier having had that detox episode!

Hope you both are staying strong and thanks again for giving me strength with your positive words and caring. So appreciated!

2:53:27 PM

Oh Kim that was you! I can't thank you enough for that. I felt them so badly in my eyes now no more! These conference calls are so great with some valuable information.I can't wait for the next one.
So grateful,
Kim J

4:47:39 PM

Hey Cynthia,

That was me who recommended the coconut oil!I am so happy you benefited from it!!!!Yay!See I was able to help another sufferer,I AM HAPPY!!!!!

Love and Light,


4:19:34 PM

Wow Mary, your going to cross that finish line real soon!I myself felt them so much in my eyes but at the last conference call someone mentioned Coconut oil in the eyes and you know what, it worked right away. I would like your pumpkin pie recipe. My son likes it and it's worth a try. I pray for all of our health to be restored within the New Year! I can't wait to tolerate more food but right now I still eat veggies, eggs, fish, chicken and an occasional organic burger (holding the bun of course). Looking forward into doing as good as you.Keep up the good work.

God bless always!


2:15:46 AM

Hi Peter and thank you for sharing that you also had a Battle at Eyelid. And encouraging to know it was in your later stages of detox. I do hope it means the same for me. My eyelids are better today but Saturday I awoke in the morning with the right eyelid very swollen and red. Then through the day it shrunk down perhaps due to gravity draining the fluids that puddle up while lying down flat. The lids were oozing a little moisture too. So then Sunday morning when I awoke a scab of sorts had formed where it had been oozing the clear fluid and I couldn't open my eyelid all the way. A little warm water loosened it up. Later in the day, the scab flaked off...well, I must admit I couldn't stop picking at it. It was super annoying. By the evening, the skin was smoother and had less scaly, rough areas. Today practically normal. Just a trace left. Even the redness is fading away and normal color returning. Glad it's healing so quickly. If stuff was hiding out in the lids, I guess the mms got it good. I also had a dull headache all day yesterday so I think I did have a major kill and today I had great energy and no headache so it seems to me that my body successfully eliminated the dead remains.
:) Mary


11:04:38 PM


Congratulations that sounds wonderful! I hope you ARE close to remission. Ironically, I recently had all those symptoms as well as a fever, but I am only up to 13 drops. I was soo sick the other day it was terrible, so I think I know how you felt!

I don't think, nor Mel thinks I am at my max yet, so I will conduct this for one more week at 13 drops and see.

Glad it was gone for you shortly! Praise God! Your hard work and prayers are paying off. Hugging and cuddling is on its way!

I still have to make a point to check out Melissa's recipes and go to a healing service too.

Praying for your healing,


11:58:33 PM

Hey Mary

Got some really good news for you to consider. I went through a period where my eyes did the same thing. Since it happened late in my detox, I can only see it as a very good sign that you are getting close to remission!


2:20:06 AM

Hi Everyone,
Well, I finally had my Big Herx. Obvious from past posts, I’ve been anticipating it and wondering each time I increase my MMS if this is the level that is going to be my max. I started 19 drops on Sunday and Tuesday morning I woke up and had it. What mine consisted of was basically diarrhea, following by gurgling stomach and then a few brief moments of vague nausea a few hours later. It was not painful. It lasted about a ½ hour all total. I really appreciated Mel’s quick confirmation and congratulations. That felt surreal, but good. And, it was a little anti-climactic, I must have really built it up in my head what it might be like. It’s really encouraging that the herx indicates that a big portion of this junk has been killed off and that there aren’t too many more months left to get rid of the rest! Woo!Hoo!
So, no MMS for me for 3 days and then maintenance dose at 16 drops on Friday. I’m glad I won’t have to keep trying to keep track of how many drops I’m on each week.
Since my last post at 15 drops in November, I’ve been having very few black specks, they just stopped showing up. The only thing purging are tiny bluish short fibers. When I lint roll the sheets in the morning, it picks up tons of ‘em. Can’t see them by just looking at the sheets, even though white sheets, but when rolled they’re all there each morning. I go through several sheets of the sticky paper to get them all. I’m glad that is all coming out of me. Also, this month, none of the gross and weirdly shaped flies have appeared, so perhaps those have been killed off by the MMS for good! Hallelujah! I still have the crawlies, but just keep getting less and less and are now very minimal and still mainly on feet. I’m aware when I have one because it is so infrequent. Even at my computer which is where they always seemed to get really active, it is much quieter. So last two weeks saw a big improvement in that.
A new symptom did develop starting last week, which is my eyelids are red and a little swollen. My right eye waters easily out of the outer corner. The salty tearing stings that area surrounding my eye. But, both eyelids developed a red color and a little rough skin. Right eye is the worst one though. My eyesight is fine. The whites of my eyes are white. No pain. So, I’m hoping that this is a battle zone where the junk is being attacked and losing. I’m monitoring it for now. I’ve had pink eye before but that usually makes the whites of one’s eye red and you wake up with goo crusting your eye shut. Neither is happening with this. Just weirdness. It could be an allergy to the “healthy” mascara from Mother’s Market. I should go a few days without it. But strange that it isn’t bothering my eyelashes or the roots of the lashes part of the eye lid. Still, it could be.

I’m continuing to stick to the diet protocol. For months, I have had the crackers by Blue Diamond called Multi Seed Artisan Crackers. They are gluten free. I find them at Sprouts and Whole foods. They are great with Maranantha Sunflower seed butter. It always makes me feel satiated and lifts my mood. Sometime even adding a little stevia to the sunbutter or almond butter and putting that on the cracker for a sweet treat. Also, I’m continuing to take the Eucharist at mass which I go to several times a week in addition to Sunday. Even though technically, there is gluten in it, as per our Catholics faith, it is transformed and becomes Jesus under the appearance of bread. And, believe me, I want to receive Him as often as possible! So, for other Catholics out there who might have been nervous about taking the Blessed Sacrament, it has been okay for me.
Well, I guess that’s the news update for now. Loved the con call Sunday and hearing from more new warriors! It is so nice to be able to talk together like that, isn’t it?! Peter, great job!!! Looking forward to our January call.
And, may we all be filled with the joy of Christmas! God Bless us, everyone.

1:02:58 AM

Hi Shari! I hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving! It was nice to hear that you remembered that old rock station. :) And I'm so glad if any positives come from my posts to others. I give that all to His credit. I am nothing without Him. Let me be His handmaiden. So many here have had a profound effect on me through their posts.

I also want to say thanks to you for sharing that you, too, have the flies with extra large wings or to me they seem more triangular shaped wings. We both lived in soCal so maybe we ran into the same version of M. At any rate, I don't feel so alone with that now and I'm glad I decided to share it. The fruit flies that you see, I see them too, but only in kitchen. Our fruit bowl that usually has apples, lemons, and avocados seems to be the source or the destination of those flies. So, I'm not concerned or at least I haven't been. Maybe I should be but I've always seen those for many years and only in the kitchen and only when fruit in the bowl. I'm not sure about the bumps either but I'm trusting Jesus and our Heavenly Father that it is the body pushing it out and that as long as I clean fairly well and stick to the full protocol, I'm going to get well. Stress and anxiety are obstacles to healing so I just focus on giving it to God when I catch myself worrying and anxious. I have always felt much better once I reallign my thoughts this way.
Going to go say my night time prayers now and then hit the hay.
Warm regards and wishes for a good week ahead!


5:10:50 PM


So blessed to hear that you are healing well!! Praise God!! I absolutely loved this post. I think we have some things in common. Even KMET.. I dont get the whole origin of hump day, I am in SoCal and know all about that station. Though now I listen to only Air1 strictly now, because any secular music I hear now depresses me or puts me in a "where has my life gone?" state of thinking - I really don't need to enter the enemies playground at this level of my health state. LOL

I too have been noticing many gnats or flies or whatever the hell they are, fungus gnats? small black gnat/little fly things in this new place. As well as a very wide winged smaller black fly (these I almost always see on a wall-even the places I babysit at have some type of bug) . Thank God not as many of these as the gnat/small flies. :(

I know how you feel it's very depressing for me too, I also have a bug phobia. Glad you shared this though. I have also seen small black as well as white mites in this room in between the walls and on the floor as well as tiny microscopic black ones in my bathroom sink. I mop floors with KG and have sprayed with KG and still they are around. This new room was flooded the day after we moved in so there was moisture under the floor and likely fungus growing. I don't even know anymore if the bugs are from me or if I just keep living in places with bugs? The place I was living in when contracting this M also had bugs and many fruit flies. :( and are the bugs biting me or are these "bumps" what I call "bites" the Morgs? (I have moved 3 times in the last 3 months - now back to NY in December since this place has bugs and prob now mold - we're not waiting here to find out.) Drives me crazy, these questions.

That's amazing that you spent a whole day praising the Lord! I too should spend a whole day praying and praising God, maybe I wont feel the crawlies! They make me crazy, so I am going to try that. Sorry God, it has taken this to get me to praise you for a full 24 hours. He deserves that and so much more!

Mary, it really sounds like you are going to have a delicious wonderful Thanksgiving and so much to be thankful for! I cannot get over the fact that you are still working 5 days a week. I barely can do 3. You give me hope Mary. Your faith and strength show and I am grateful for you. I love how detailed you are with your words and how supportive you have been. You are being God's love in action. Thank you and God bless you. Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Peace and healing blessings,

2:01:50 AM

It's hump day! Does anyone from SoCal remember how radio station KMET referred to Wednesdays that way? Well, I'm an 80's girl and to this day, when Wednesdays roll around, I get a smile remembering this and thinking if I make it through this day, I'll be over the hump and on the downhill slide toward the weekend. So, we're over the hump as it's Wednesday evening now. I'm actually surprised how the weeks roll by now that I'm all grown up. Boy, do they go fast. And, I'm already on 15 drops of MMS. I just can't believe how time flies and we're around the corner from Thanksgiving and Christmas before you know it and then the new year. The year I'm going to be healthier than I've been in years. I'm really looking forward to it.

So, it's been since August when I started MMS and I was scared and stressed a lot back then. Crawlies like crazy. Then the MMS started (I also went to a healing mass) and the improvements began, slow but steady. I would get some days of brain fog and low energy, but they'd pass in a day. I have gotten and still do get a few black specks in the sheets and shower. I don't notice them anywhere else. However, I do find them randomly in weird places like on jars that I've touched. I think they are attracted to things and I think I recall reading about someones thought that there is an electrostatic or magnetic attraction at work that attracts them. I know when I sit at my computer they are way more active in my feet and my feet are resting on one of those plastic mats to allow the chair to roll around when the floor has carpet on it. So, all that plastic and the electricity of the computer, seems to energize them. But, this week, there was a significant drop in activity in my feet while at the computer and in general. One day, I was praising God all day as I had no crawlies for hours at a time and even when I had one it was small and on my feet only. I felt really normal!

My energy has been at a very healthy level and I'm able to think clearly and focus. I go to bed between 10-11pm and get up at 7am. Energy is good all day. I'm not anxious anymore because it is very clear to me that I'm getting well. The protocol is working. I will occasionally still get an itchy red bump pop up, but it goes away in a day or two and I am viewing it as some of this crud that the MMS just found and killed and that my body pushed to the surface to expel it. Better out than in. And speaking of that, the one symptom that is my gross, sci-fi symptom (doesn't everyone have one of these?) is still happening. I hadn't mentioned it before because I was trying to not think about it, but here it seems that flies come out of me. I know. Gross. Creepy. No way. But, it has been 5 months now and each month, around the full moon, I will find one of these distinctly shaped flies in my room or at my office. I do not feel them come out of me and I don't see where they might have come from, but I'm sure now that it's coming from me somehow because even when on a vacation in the summer, there was one in my bedroon in that rental condo. Twice I've seen it fly away from me from my head area. The other times it was just on a wall. So, I guess better out than in, but I'll tell you, I hate the sight of those flies and they do bring me down because it's just too gross and weird. I've heard of a few others that had this symptom, too, and spoken to one of them and they are sane people. So, I know I'm not delusional, though I wish I was imagining this. This symptom my husband is not able to accept and I don't understand how it could be either. But, enough said. I'm just hoping that in December, I don't see any and never see another one again. But if I do, I'm just planning to eliminate it and then keep moving on and not think about it at all.

As far as my food, I'm doing well. I made some almond-butter and pumpkin cookies using quinoa flour, oat flour, and vanilla stevia. They turned out okay. But, my son wasn't super thrilled with 'em, so I'm going to dip them in some chocolate that I plan to make with raw cacao powder, coconut oil, and stevia. That should do the trick for him. I really want to get him off sugar and gluten by making more healthy treats like that. The pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving is next with coconut cream whipped cream. The pie is also gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free using stevia. I plan to also have the cauliflower "mashed potatoes", turkey, green beans with sliced almonds and sauteed onions, and a green salad. I don't think I'll suffer much while I watch my family (sister in law and her family, my parents in law, and my hubby and son) eat all the regular fixins. I might even try some of my mother in law's sauerkraut with caraway seeds and pork. She promised to buy organic pork, (hope she can find it) and Bubbies sauerkraut which is made only with salt and water and no sugar or vinegar. I did find a brand that makes sugar free and nitrate free bacon. But I had to search as most bacon has that. Shawn, I saw that you ate bacon and it got me thinking that I'd like to have some every once in a while as long as it didn't have sugar or nitrates. I think the brand I found is called Pedersons. Haven't found the CoYo yet. The internet was wrong.

Cleaning is a little less intense now. I wash my sheets every 3rd day and lint roll and Kleen Green spray in between. I still wash my clothes after I wear them once. I use towels and have all along after showering and to wash my face. But still use paper towels to dry hands off. No kitchen towels, got a dish drying rack for dishes that don't go in the dishwasher and are washed by hand so they can air dry.

And lastly, my hair is doing better. I've never cut it since contracting this condition and its 4-5 inches past my shoulders. But, it's no longer getting weaved with highlights, so my natural color is growing in along with a fair share of gray hairs. But, it's getting healthier and I'm not minding it as much as I thought I would. Being healthy is most important, but I still want to look somewhat together. I just tell people at work that I have Lyme's (as I probably really do since I did have tick bites when riding my horse on the trails as a kid) and for this treatment protocol I can't use any chemicals on my body, so I'm letting my hair go natural. The women have said they think it's a great idea and are supportive. Men say the same and a few even say they think it's even more attractive when women let their hair go gray. No one says anything rude and if they did, all I would think is just that, that they don't have good social skills and are judgmental and I wouldn't take it personally. I know what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. Being vain just has to have it's limits or a person will become obsessed with non-important worries and issues and stay sick. Life is too short. If I look good enough to me that's all that matters. Well, actually, I want to be beautiful in God's eyes, but that beauty is another kind of beauty and that is the most important kind.

That's the update for now. Going good, getting better every week. God Bless everyone and wishing all a most Happy Thanksgiving. Much to be thankful for....Mel, John, the fellow warriors here, my faith, friends, and family!

1:07:25 AM

Greetings All,

I am posting an update as I'm at 10 drops now and just about to go up to 11 tomorrow. I'm feeling anxious about whether it will be my Herx level. I'm also wanting to get to that point so I can get onto maintenance mode. But, I think I'm mostly anxious. I think tomorrow I'm going to go pick up some Vit C 500mgs to have on hand if I herx and it is a strong reaction. I'm thinking tonight of all the warriors that have gone before me. I remember bits of posts like someone saying how vile the MMS tastes and those that use a chaser after drinking it. It really is a strange and quite awful taste. Sometimes it feels like I'm drinking pool water. But, I've tried not breathing in my nose and it does help. I think how delicious it is now, just wait to see how lovely it is going to taste if I get up to 20 drops. Ughh! LOL :)

Last night I had a "herx" of a different kind, stress. I was cooking and using a mandolin to cut cucumbers thinly. Well, for those that know this culinary device, it is darn tricky one and I don't know how many times I have cut myself on its sharp blade. And, I did it again. Didn't need stitches but it's a good cut on the tip of the finger. Ya, it hurt darn good, but, my point in sharing this act of clumsiness is that I cried like a baby. I think it was all my stress from this whole last 5 months coming out finally because I was really sobbing deeply and for quite a few minutes. I am not one to cry hardly ever and I realized that I really haven't truly cried since this started, until last night. Got my husbands shirt all wet and messy from when he was consoling me. But, then it stopped and I felt calm and had a good night sleep. Even though I had to release all that stress from all the washing, cleaning, spraying KG on chairs I sit on and wearing disposable latex free gloves to do my family's laundry.....I am still visualizing the Canaanite Woman who in Matthew 15:21-28 wouldn't give up asking Jesus for her daughter to be healed. I'm hopeful my faith will also be rewarded and my request for healing be fulfilled. I'm not giving up. And, actually, I believe I am being healed now. It's a slow healing, not instantaneous. And that's okay. I believe it is God's plan for me and there's a good reason to make it this particular path I'm on. I have to change my lifestyle and the longer I practice this because I have to, the more likely it is going to stay in place once I don't have to.

I have been having good energy and still working 5 days a week. Really clear thinking and no brain fog. I have had itchy small welts that are coming out here and there around my chin, jawbone, and neck. I had developed a fatty double chin for a while when I had all the weight gain that wouldn't come off prior to getting this and I think as I've been losing weight (almost 30 lbs now), this stuff is leaving that fatty area where it had been living. So that is a happy event even though I don't like the itchy welts. Some black specks on sheets and maybe tiny black fibers in shower. They are thin and very short so, I just realized that they were there and that I'd better start using my reader glasses when I clean to make sure I don't miss any.

Lastly, I'm still happier and less stressed around meals now that I've found some good recipe websites and cookbooks and can cook some tasty food for myself and my family. I'm a foodie, hence the previous weight problem, but I was a lazy foodie and would microwave pre-made fare. Not anymore. Tonight was Spicy Chicken Cilantro Spaghetti sauce over spaghetti squash. Tomorrow is Lamb Stew. (sorry if this is offensive to the vegetarians and others out there, I am a Mediterranean girl at heart so was raised with lamb as a regular meat). Lately, I feel like a a traditional Old World mom, like my YiaYia was, as I spend most of Saturday making food for the week now. It is surprisingly satisfying for the soul to know I'm doing good for my family with healthy food and that I'm joining women that for centuries have known this same good feeling.

I guess that's all for now. I wonder what another 2 weeks will bring....
May the Peace of Christ Be with you all-


8:08:39 PM

Hello Mary

Wow, what an uplifting post. You really are “working the all of the parts” and your post makes me feel like you are already getting noticeable results. Don’t think you are extremely wordy. Think instead that you are sharing. Being focused is your strength and not a weakness. Know that you are valued.

I smiled as I read your closing paragraph. Your words ring so true. The support and caring here is indeed God's love in action! Keep demonstrating for others through your courage and love. Keep making good choices. Remaining committed will bring forth the healing that you long for.

Strength and Love’

1:55:41 AM

Hello everyone,
I enjoyed the conference call very much with you all and want to say a great, big thank you to Ellen for sharing her experience and for being willing to be very detailed. The specifics about food are so helpful. Since you got well so quickly, perhaps the fastest on record to date, I am trying to emulate you and replicate your behaviors from cleaning house to laundry to food. And thanks to Amber for sharing her positive experience with unusual soap, Nature Rich. I might try it, but I think I'm still avoiding doing anything besides mms to increase the purging. No baths yet! LOL

Well, I am now up to 8 drops MMS as of yesterday. I have mostly good energy and cognitive functioning days. Still working 5 days a week. And then come home to my second job, but not second in importance, my family feeding, sports practices, piano practices, homework, and laundry (always laundry).

I've had more black specks in my sheets in the morn but less than 10. Some days only one or two. The lint roller and KG spray are very helpful. I also find them around in the bathroom and shower so spray my KG and wipe them away. I have very low crawlies now. Still mainly just on my feet and ankles. Also I've been getting some itchy red welts mostly on my right lower inner arm. They come and stay around a day or do and then are gone. It's not fun but I remind myself that I've got these things on the move and that's good news. They aren't comfortable in this body anymore and won't be able to call this body home much longer!

I've added monolaurin to my regimen for the fungal and bacteria that a test the doctor ran showed I have an overgrowth of. No surprise there. Also I added the Renaissance activated whey protein powder. Very tasty in blender with unsweetened almond milk and ice. A yummy energy providing "milkshake". Thanks, John!

I also got a rush of energy after having my first bowl of hot quinoa flakes cereal with almond milk, cinammon, and stevia. Guess that seed has lots of good protein. Going to use it more now that it no longer increasing the crawlies like it did earlier on.

Lastly I discovered the comforting goodness of red rooibus tea with stevia. Yum! And Ellen has said she drank that often too. Want to try to make that rooibus jello next that I saw in the recipe section.

One last food note to mention, my new fave website is Okay, not a fan of the name of the site but Melissa "Melicious" is an awesome cook and the recipes are very tasty and satisfying. It's a paleo website. My family loved the cauliflower mashed "potatoes" and the cinammon beef stew also known as Greek stew. Food is so important to me as I was raised with Mediterranean food so I really need spices to make food interesting which then raises my morale. I am looking forward to thanksgiving now! And there is a great short video showing how to make an olive oil mayo much easierly? (more easier) than how I had been doing it. She says dont use EVOO but plain OO to avoid getting a bitter taste. Makes my deviled eggs really good. I can't find a store bought mayo that doesnt have soy or canola oil for the life of me.

As far as make up... I have to wear it to work so I'm using a line that Mothers market carries called Benecos which is from Germany and is reportedly made with über clean ingredients. The mascara too is the best I've found. I put it on with disposable wands my friend got me from a beauty supply company for estheticians. but I'm sure they can be found on amazon, can't everything?! Then there is a nice light lip tint by Hemp Organics that I use daily. But though the Giovanni line of hair care is really helping my dry hair look healthy, I've stopped weaving highlites into my hair because of the chemicals. So, hello grey! I'm tring to make friends with the grey and as my roots grow out, it's the first time I've seen my actual hair color in decades. But with the added touch of grey. Perhaps what God has given me in the hair department will turn out to be even better than what I've been paying for all these can dream, can't they?

So, for now I'm doing well. I pray for all of us each day and am starting to really feel that this is a blessing, crazy as it sounds. I am learning how to eat better and cook better. My family is getting healthier. I avoid the microwave as much as i can and have rediscovered the oven! I'm learning to not even think about a glass of wine, don't know when the last time I craved one was. And I'm making sure exercise and sunshine are a daily part of my life. I must say I do get very fatigued from walking around the hilly neighborhood where I never used to and used to be able to go on treadmill at high speed walk with incline. It seems like my muscles have atrophied as I get weak legs just going up stairs somedays. But, I have a very definite feeling that this will get better, too. God is amazing! Thank you!! and thanks to everyone here for being so supportive to one another!
Warm regards, Mary


9:22:49 PM

Thank you, Peter, for your very encouraging words! I feel I know you from reading all your posts in the forum and from listening to you on the conference calls! I really appreciate all that you do for everyone and how you pay it forward. I can tell you are just that kind of a caring person before all this ever started.

I am staying away from bleach baths since the incident in June. In fact, can't get in a bath yet, but feeling like I will be ready to take one in near future (without bleach of course). Maybe some MMS or Kleen Green. Better out than in, is a great motto and helps me to deal, every time I see a new bump or a speck.

And, thanks for assuring me I will be able to hug and cuddle in the near future. And, most of all, thanks for your prayers. I have all of us here in mine as well.

Warmly, mary


6:59:22 PM

Hi Mary

Welcome to this community and thank you for sharing in your post here. Let me assure you that choosing to dedicate to this protocol is the right choice. Many people here, like me, have, and are conquering this nightmare. Here there is only the positive. Put your focus and your energy into reading as much as you can. There is much for you to learn. Stay away from other sites since they will only become a distraction.

Diet is critical. The doctor who suggested that you avoid gluten and wheat, has given you good advice. Avoiding all sugar and refined carbohydrates is also required. The diet section here is really useful for understanding how to eat as part of getting well.

You mention avoiding prescription drugs and opting for natural remedies. This is so important, and key to addressing eliminating the toxicity that plays such a huge role in this co-infection. Here lies the mystery and the miracle of the Burgstiner wellness supplements as delivered through Mel’s protocol.

Restoring your internal bio-terrain is the treatment that brings forth the cure. So let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food. The anti-parasitical prescription drugs will only provide temporary results and fuel disappointment. Avoid them!

I would suggest that you no longer bathe in bleach. In my opinion, there is nothing to be gained by this. I consider it a mistake. Essential oils, sulphur, and mineral baths will serve you better. Purging will continue throughout your recovery as you detoxify.

Your view of faith is dead on. It is by grace, through faith, that we conquer this disease. You have many challenges ahead. But if you remain committed and diligent, you will get well! It does take time, but it is the correct course. Then, as you get well, your ability to express intimacy toward you loved ones will return. I pray that God strengthen you in this regard. Please continue to keep us informed as I believe this will become therapeutic for you. Stay in the fight and remain in a constant conversation with God.

Strength and Love,

9:46:25 PM

Thank you Diana and Deborah W for your feedback on my first post. I really appreciate hearing from you both and look forward to hearing about your progress, too! I am doing my best at being a good warrior! And, thanks for sharing your mantra, Diana, I will incorporate it into my arsenal of ammunition against the negative thoughts. :-)
Deborah W.

8:07:26 AM

Welcome Mary! I so much enjoyed your post, you have put into words thoughts that I have had but could not express. I use Kleen Green to, wonderful stuff! This site and Mel I believe saved my life!

1:23:05 PM

Mary, your journey is something I can really relate to. Started the protocol the beginning of Nov. 2013. After bathing and seeing skin roll off and all the specks etc, I too couldn't take another soaking bath till this July....showers only and I never looked only towel rubbed off the purging.... Scared me senseless... Now I am doing the mms baths 3 times a week, doing the full protocol along with my husband, and am also renewing my faith with the "Big Guy" up there! I am finally able to laugh and enjoy my family again! The panic and terror over the unknown is going! I still have the scars from the open wounds and wear long sleeved shirts but now I have more important issues at hand that I am able to deal with.... I feel like myself again only Better!! My mantra: cowards die a thousand deaths, the valiant only one.... I am a warrior! Hang in there.... It is only temporary and Mel's protocol Works! That is all we need to know!
Mary **

6:48:19 PM

Greetings to all of my sisters and brothers in this good place!

I am fairly new and have been on the protocol for about 7 weeks. I am up to 3 drops of MMS now as of Sunday.

I am so thankful to Mel for his faithfulness to God and to God for his use of Mel to help all of us! And, very thankful to John B for his dedication to helping us heal and to God for also working through John! I feel blessed to be part of this group.

I have been reading the posts since July 4th, when I finally found this place. Mel contacted me right away and I ordered the protocol. I have been strict with it since then (a little confusion as I started both the basic support kit and the extension kit right off the bat mistakenly following the protocol as it has evolved to date and missing the caveat that the extension kit is to start 30 days later). Mel caught that after a week and I stopped. No harm done.

My understanding of how I contracted M in June (I am figuring M started when I got my second case of "scabies" which may not have been scabies at all) is that I have been ill for years since going through in vitro fertilization procedures about a decade ago. They not only failed to allow my husband and I to get pregnant, but the mass amount of hormones taken during those months, crashed my immune system. I gained a lot of weight and then developed angio edemas (large swellings of my tongue, lip, on my arm, bottom of my foot....) randomly. After much allergy testing and getting the run around by allergists who don't really know a whole lot about allergies and who's tests produced different results of what I was allergic to at each doctor's office, I found one MD that thought out of the box and knew about ph balance, gluten sensitivities, eating for your blood type and a whole lot more. He was an allergist/immunologist and through his guidance to avoid gluten/wheat/and carbs except vegetables, the weight came off and the swellings stopped happening.

Eventually, I began to eat carbs again. Always minimal wheat, but it got in there. Raising my beautiful adopted son, and the snacks for school, I started to eat some carbs. And then there is the wine. We were wine drinkers and enjoyed it with meals and to relax in the evening. Started to gain weight again, (no surprise there) as I would be too exhausted from coming home from work, only to have my second job of doing homework with my son for 2-3 hours (I am not smarter than a 5th grader!). So, no exercise, sitting all day at work and then all evening doing homework, and wine. Recipe for dis-ease.

Around Thanksgiving 2013 I start not to feel well. Christmas and I start to develop skin colored, non itchy bumps. Then around New Years, they spread and were itchy and red, and I go to doctor who thinks they are scabies. So, got the premethrin and my husband, son and I all use it. We go into the sterile anti-scabies routine with washing everything and sleeping separately. It works and everyone is clear in a few weeks. We go back to our normal routine.

Then, at the end of May, it reappears on my arms. I see those burough tracks like scabies are supposed to have. Started using all the natural remedies for scabies that I found on-line and in my Prescription for Nutritional Healing as I really always have disliked and avoided medications if it can be helped. Essential oils, coconut oil, tons of vitamins/supplements/sovereign silver, baths with Borax, bleach (ok, I know this isn't natural, but I had started getting desperate). Then, one day some funky stuff came out of my legs in a bath and I knew I had M. I had a major, bonafide, meltdown of terror. I had run across this condition in my scabies research and it had impacted me then as terrible and I recall reminding myself that I didn't have it and to not dwell on it. (I wonder if my body knew I had it or I was having a glimpse into the future through the reality that space/time is a construct we operate on and can be transcended). At any rate, after "the bath" I knew I had it and started searching the web on that. Went down a path with another on-line "expert" in the natural health field who at least stressed alkalizing diet and ph of 7. The other external remedies he had me using, did help but I know it only would have been temporary had I stuck with it.

My mother, God bless her, found Mel's website and encouraged me to look. I was all set to see a local MD who specializes in M, but his website was so scary due to the photos of his patients. I had a bad vibe about it. So, I finally took a look at Mel's website and I knew immediately, this was the place for me, a good place that God wanted me to find.

My symptoms were the stuff coming out of my shins that day in the bleach bath (which only happened once because I have not stepped foot back into a bath since), a black fiber randomly here or there, a bunch came out of the top of my foot when I had been in the sun and got too hot one day (it looked like a bunch of dirt, but upon inspection was short fibers and specks), and then the skin crawlies which I have everyday, mostly on my feet. I am so thankful I don't have lesions and I don't have any itching. I sleep well and the crawlies seem to stop while I'm asleep. I don't have much purging yet that I am aware of. Occasionally, I'll itch and there will be a little white granule. I have a bottle of Kleen Green in every room and vehicle. I am so thankful for that stuff!

I titled the name of my post today after the parable of the Canaanite woman because it is an example of how Jesus and our Heavenly Father puts stumbling blocks in our way to test our faith. The Canaanite woman was persistent with her faith despite Jesus's first ignoring her cries and pleas, then putting her off, and then insulting her. Due to her faith, she was rewarded with the healing she requested for her daughter. I firmly believe that Our Father is gratified when we don't give up on Him during our suffering and believe in Him despite our crosses in life. It's easy to believe in Him when life is going good. And, I must say, that this cross is no fun and is abruptly, acutely, life altering. I sleep alone, we don't hug and cuddle like we use to do. I miss that soooo much. I am a very physically affectionate mom and person. Though I find ways to stay somewhat physically connected with my son by tickling his back with a long bamboo back scratcher that I spray with KG as he's falling asleep each night. I sneak a quick hug in after a shower or when I have less crawlies. But, it is nothing like the amount of touching we did before. This is the most painful part of all this. Truly a heavy cross.

I have had deep faith in God, who had started calling me to Him, well, I guess I started answering His lifelong call, several years ago. I believe now was preparing me for this crisis. And, it is my faith in God that has kept me from drowning in a sea of panic/despair. I have received some signs of consolation from Him along the journey and am very thankful. God is good! I clearly see that this "crisis" is going to turn my life around. I have realized that life wasn't so tough after all, what really matters in life is faith, family and friends, wine is not necessary to relax (LOL), and it has got me back to the person I was before the stress of adulthood which was a person that loves the outdoors, the beach, the sierras, God's natural churches, and a love for cooking and eating wholesomely, exercising....
And, it definitely brought us all closer to God. My husband is learning so much about patience and tolerance too! :-)

Well, I realize I am extremely wordy individual and I know I have a weakness of being too focused on details. I'm sure you will all come to realize that about me, if I keep posting, which I intend to do. Hope it isn't too annoying. I very much want to be part of this group and go through this with all of you. The support and caring here is truly God's love in action! We didn't' know that we would all be family of sorts one day. So interesting and I'm just choosing to go with it and accept it and let God turn this bad thing into a blessing as He always does and always will.

Warmest Regards,


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