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10:47:50 AM

Hi Donna,

I am going to be completely honest with you because well that's just who and how I am... I really want you to ask yourself if you "truly" are ready to travel on planes?

I did travel on a plane after being on the protocol for 4 months and then again 12 months later but I honestly did not have any of the concerns or fears that you are experiencing and if I did, I don't think I would have flown.

I agree with Marie that most of what you are experiencing as far as biting, pinching, etc. is happening on the inside and that is why the protocol works because it heals us from the inside out. However, I do know there are also mites and other external parasites/bugs that are attracted to us when our immune systems are so challenged... so if I thought I was experiencing external parasites/bugs I definitely wouldn't want to expose others to them.

When I traveled my main concerns were that others germs would infect me and my weakened immune system which I did NOT need on top of everything else. So I did the following to protect myself.

1) I wore a diffuser necklace with Thieves Essential Oil in it. I can help you purchase this oil if you'd like.
2) I purchased and wore a Wein Personal Air Purifier. I wore it on my shirt at the neckline and ran it from the moment I began to board the plane until I exited the plane. I purchased mine on Amazon.
3) I cleaned my hands constantly with both Thieves Essential Oil hand sanitizer and Sovereign Silver Gel.
4) I also carried a small spray bottle of Kleen Green with me and sprayed in the bathroom when I needed to use it. Additionally it came in VERY handy one time when there was something on my seat when I entered the plane so I could clean it thoroughly prior to sitting.

The important thing if you do travel is NOT to stray from your Protocol, it's definitely MUCH more challenging then taking it at home but it can and MUST be done!!

I hope this has helped in some way!!! Let us know how you do if you go or if you decide to postpone traveling at this time as your experience will definitely help others!!!

Peace, Love & Prayers,

7:07:27 PM

Donna J,

Bugs won't jump all over you.These bacteria are inside you.

They may shed their rubbish but you just bathe in Epsom salts or whatever you use to wash it away.

Wear long sleeved clothing for the flight.
Spray yourself with kleen green.

Carry a tiny bottle of water with some citronella and oil of lavender added and dab it on forehead or hands When you feel the need.
Or just use store bought essential oil refreshing wipes.

Don't be afraid.

Board the plane later rather than earlier to avoid sitting there too long before take off.

Avoid sitting next to someone with a cough or cold.

Any form of public transport poses the same problems unless you can overcome this anxiety.
As you regain your health these fears will lessen.

If you feel panicky then concentrate on breathing slowly in and out counting as you do so and the fear will ease.
Try a short flight first and see how it goes.

God bless.

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