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6:42:05 AM


I wanted to check in on you to see how you're doing..... has there been any changes?

4:02:41 PM

Hello fellow warriors,

I am sorry for not writing sooner...I've been trying for the past week to write and reach out. I am not doing well and am really struggling and overwhelmed. I promise I won't give up hope but I honestly don't know if I'm going to survive through morgellons, homelessness and dealing with the United Nations and my late husband's shark cage diving case.

The AirBnB has been a blessing in many ways but there have been a few nightmare surprises like major cat peeing/spraying issues throughout the house, mold in the bathrooms, moths and flies everywhere as they are living in the dirty old stained carpet and it's taking its toll on my immune system too.

The 65yr old disabled homeowner is a hoarder suffering from many of his own health challenges. His afghan and cat pee and poop in the upstairs area and his bedroom is downright unsanitary for him or anyone else. I am trying to do what I can to help him and replace the carpets in his bedroom...prob mattress at some point soon. It's a massive job for a healthy person. It's almost time for him to go to an assisted living but not quite.

He bought a highend kitchen a few yrs ago and after having everything develired to his basement, he didn't have the money to pay for the labor to redo the kitchen. Therefore, I've listed the cabinets on craigslist and we are going to use the money from the cabinets to replace the old carpet and put down a laminate hardwood that's good for pets, kids, water spills, etc. It will make the entire home so much cleaner and more sanitary for all of us that I am making it a top priority. I'm hoping there will be enough left over to replace the carpets upstairs too, though that might have to wait until he generates more $$ with the upgraded AirBnB space.

I haven't heard anything from my parents since moving into the AirBnB 16 days ago. I sent my family and a few close friends another email on Saturday giving them a brief update on my health and letting them know that I'm currently suffering from the worst morgellons outbreak to date, and that I am in desperate need of Kleen Green, Colloidal Silver, Miracle II Soap, sulfur soap. I told them that I'm really struggling and need their help and sadly I have not heard a word from my parents or siblings.

It made Mother's Day particularly hard since I desperately want and need my mother right now and she's turned her back on me and completely walked away. It is so hard for my parents to see me suffering through morgellons, the lawsuit in South Africa, homelessness etc that at this point, they can't handle it. I think it's easier for my parents to cut me out of their lives and just go to my funeral than it is be to try and continue our relationship while I'm still alive. It is so incredibly heartbreaking. Beyond words.

I've completely run out of all of my health & wellness cleaning products and I'm currently dealing with the worst outbreak that I've ever had. I am in desperate need of Kleen Green, Colloidal Silver, essential oils, Miracle II products and will be out of coconut oil today. I sold a blanket over the weekend for $50 and am hoping that someone can drive me up to the grocery store since I'm out of food at this point. Thankfully, the other guests in the house have been sharing meals and leftovers with me.... a lot of the food is not rally food I should be eating but I'm so hungry that I will eat whatever anyone gives me at this point.

I am extremely thankful that through all of this craziness, I've been able to continue taking my morgellons protocol through a few anonymous charitable donations. After talking with John about some of the other supplements and antifungals, antibiotics I was taking previously, I started the extension kit 10 days ago. Even though my outbreak looks horrific, very long and colorful fibers are coming out in addition to the normal every day black fuzz fibers, I've noticed more granules and glitter too, and I know these are all better out than in. I look and feel like my life is a freak show right now but the life lessons and my focus and values are becoming more apparent throughout this morgellons madness.

I have to jump off my computer and go and walk outside for a few minutes to try and clear my head and boost my spirits. The scenery in CO is amazing and I'm very thankful that I've had several small lakes to walk around over the past two weeks. I try and do it daily to keep my sanity..

Prayers of strength, healing and recovery to those of you also suffering with your own morgellons nightmare.

Love, light and hugs to you all,

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