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1:13:40 AM

For Craig

A thirty year friend of mine stopped by Sunday. We became caught up in the joy of longstanding comradeship. I even missed our weekly payer call.

Here is a little part of our visit. He shared a memory with me about how his father had approached him one day and told him about his doctor visit. It seemed that his dad had not seen a doctor in quite some time, so he figured he should.

He said that all of his tests had demonstrated that he was in perfect health. He said the doctor said: "these tests are too good, there must be something wrong." "What are we missing?" and told his dad they needed to run more tests.

My friend laughed as he told me it was at that point that his father politely excused himself. It was at that point that he realized why he had remained so healthy! I hope this stirs some thought and finds you smiling.


11:24:30 PM

Hello Folks

I want to honor Craig by keeping this thread that he created alive. So here is a great story that will help you see stress in a special way....

A lobster is a creature that is very soft and vulnerable on the inside. But on the outside it has a very hard and protective shell. The problem is, when a lobster grows, this hard outer shell pushes against it's insides and causes a great deal of stress. So what does the lobster do? It goes under a rock in a very quiet place and sheds this outer shell. Then it remains still and patient while a new outer shell grows. Then, it comes out and goes about it's business as a new and stress free creature again.

Time and time again, it will go to the safety and quiet under the rock each time it needs to "shed the stress" that comes from growing. Therein lies a great lesson for us. When we are under stress, we must take action. Then, like the lobster, we must look for the safety in knowing that we grow by shedding our stress. Then we come back to life renewed and ready to carry on! Hope this finds you smiling!

We miss you, Craig

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