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5:55:49 PM

Hi Anne,

Thanks so much for the tip on the Inner Talk recordings. I bought an Mp3 recording off the site but had some problems with downloading...and the transferring to my phone was another whole app that got a little complicated.'s an easy option...Youtube has some of these recordings. I found one about stress that we could all really it is...

It's great! Thanks again for the idea.



9:59:29 AM

Happy New Year to Everyone…..

I totally agree with Karen’s message (and always enjoy what she has to share!).

I am very close to the finish line as well but there have been times when I have had to tell myself 'STOP' because this thing will come back with a vengeance just when you think you are in a good place - and brings despair and negative thoughts with it.

Our mind is a very powerful thing and it is not easy to always keep a positive attitude with everything we have to deal with.

I have been listening to something called InnerTalk – ‘Accelerated Healing and Well Being’. Simply stated it is subliminal positive affirmations that are hidden within either music or nature sounds (waves).

I’ve had experience with these products before when I was in a corporate position and would listen to one that was focused on Powerful Speaking and Communications every time that I had to do a presentation. You can read more about the person who created this technology – his name is Eldon Taylor.

I listen to Accelerated Healing for one hour a day (per the instructions) and read the affirmations which are included with the mp3 or CD. The mp3 is $39.00.
Most of these are also spiritual in nature – as some of the affirmations reference God and His love, etc.

Here is a sample of the affirmations.
"I am positive. My body is powerful. My mind is powerful. My mind and body function powerfully. I am whole. I am healthy. My body responds. My body is well. My mind expects health. I am happy. I relax. I am comfortable. Pain is a signal. My body heals. I am healthy. All is well. I smile. I laugh. Pain is gone. Health is within. I am healthy. I am strong. I am ambitious. I feel strength. I release fear. I release dysfunction. I release dis-ease. I release anger. My cells are perfect. My cells replicate perfection. I will perfection. My cells have consciousness. I love my cells. I love my body. I accept perfect health. My body responds," etc.

I feel this is making a difference for me and perhaps it can help some of you as well.

Best Wishes, Anne

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