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5:43:34 PM

What is your informstion. To help. Please

9:55:16 AM

Hello Mary,

Yes, I have noticed the same thing, Thanks for

sharing. I don't have an answer for you but if we

are both experiencing the same thing, makes sense.

I make sure my clothes are washed daily with borax

and kleen green.

Love always,

Mary Q

1:53:06 AM

I'm so overwhelmed with all of this coming at me so fast, I'm so grateful to have found this site. I will tell my story another time when I'm not so fatigued, but what I really want to ask is if anyone has noticed their fabrics being damaged? Like the morg fibers chewing through things? Like clothing, blankets, even my matress pad! I never thought anything of all the "snags" in everything, but now I'm pretty sure everything in my house isn't coming unraveled by chance.


10:11:41 AM

Hello Diane,

You have found the right place! When you get on the

protocol you will feel better, it works! You might

get in touch with Mel he can direct you as to what

can help you. Keep reading on this site, there is

so much information out there. Welcome!

Love Always, Paula

2:28:34 AM

this is so interesting.

I am 60 and had thyroid cancer stage three and had rai treatment and about two yrs later started all theses symptoms.

I was looked at by drs and family as crazy. Ive been dealing w this on my own. so glad to find this site. thank u so much.

I have been using teatree oil and coconut oil. helps some.
I have the white grainlike as well as black specks. I feel biting, itching.
I shower two times a day and spray mix of teatree oil and water on after shower.I use teaatre oil in my shampoo and bodywash.

This All started soon after I fell into our pond trying to take a picture of a mom duck and her babies. It got pretty bad with chills and dizziness and now have body jerking at night. I Just had a 5 night sleep study jerking was so bad.

I'm going to start Mel'sprotocol. I am going to do some cleanses as well like parasite cleanse.

May God be with you all.

It is so exhausting.

You are all in my prayers.

7:29:51 AM

Thank You Deanna,

I popped into a local church for the first time in thirty five years. The priest was kind and wise. I am not a catholic but he helped me.

I don't know about any of you but my emotions are so heightened with this all the time I am finding it hard to be function normally.

Thank you

Love and prayers to you too xx

12:06:14 AM

Hi Siani,

I also wanted to welcome you to this amazing community that is filled with love, support and guidance which is exactly what we need during such a difficult time in our lives!

In your 10/17/16 post to Nancy you stated, "you all put me to shame with your bravery"... I know for me and I am sure that others will agree this is TRULY a place where we all find that God is doing for us what we couldn't do for ourselves!! If you stick around, read the FAQs, start the protocol, attend the conference calls when possible, listen to them whe you can't attend and continue to communicate on the Forum you too will realize that you are a brave warrior as we are all God's children and we were all created in His image!!!!

Love, Peace & Prayers,

12:42:07 PM


I did not mean to post ah! Nancy

I must have hit the wrong key

I WILL be praying for us all .

Thank you of calling me today a Mel. What a surprise xxx
Ms. V.

11:00:03 AM

Nancy, this was a truly lovely and inspirational post you related to Siani.

Hang in there, Siani!

Ms. V.

8:26:06 PM

Hi Nancy,

Thank you for your lovely reply and faith in Lord Jesus for my guidance.

You sound like an amazing person as do all the kind souls who have posted here.

When I am weak sad or frightened I shall think of all your kind words and what you have a already all endured in your lives.

You all put me to shame with your bravery and I will have to continue to fight for my health and pray for all yours too!

Thank you Xx
Nancy S.

11:36:43 PM

Dear Siani:

I have been caring for a sick brain injured relative for 7 years. He was not expected to live and we have had quite the adventure with seizures and falls and injuries and med related problems and finally got many his issues settled after years of hard work!

Then, two month ago I began to have prickly sensations on my head. I have long been disabled with heavy metals issues and resultant heart malfunctions. (In retrospect I seem to have had Lyme) So, I tried to research and could see that the tingles in limbs could be MS (doubtful) or nerve damage from fungus (possible) or nerve damage from heavy metals (possible).

But then I quickly realized I have Morgellons as I continued to read. I became sure by lint rolling my bedding. (Seeds!) And the biting and stinging was increasing. I jumped on this immediately.

Needless to say, I was a bit disappointed as I felt that 17 years of heavy metals was a sufficiently difficult trial!!!!! I already lived in isolation being misunderstood, on a strict diet, having lost my identity and life:)

So, I asked the Lord to please not let my relative be afflicted. I then noticed seeds in his bedding. It took my breath away as he is not a cooperative person and is more like a rebellious teen! But I got a grip and gave it to the Lord. I have guided him to what hygiene measures he will agree to and subtly made some diet changes and added supplements. But he is not willing to really recognize that I have a serious issue or that he does as well so it is a bit "tricky" and complicated.

I do my best and trust the Lord. For every problem in life, there is a pole to vault over it. And the Lord provides us with the perfect pole! I have purposely thrown all Morg debris away. Not my type of souvenirs!! I do lint roll and see less "stuff" and then I use a hand vac followed by spraying with Kleen Green. I want the peace of God to rule in my heart and not the bio-film that is resulting from the bacteria. I need to lean all of my human personality on the Lord to manage the "disappointment" of this added health issue plus knowing that my relative has it as well.

Remember that in the Bible the widow was running to find the prophet when her only son had died. Someone called out to her and asked her how things were going? She answered, "All is well." I try to focus on God's sovereignty in my life, and that what He has done is rightly done, and "All is well."

Many blessings,

Nancy S.

12:19:50 PM

Hello Adrianne, Miss V and Shari,

I am humbled by you detailed kind and positive responses. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply and reach out to me today.

So much has to change on this journey and having you all here, lessens the load.

It made me cry out loud and thank you all again.

Love to you all,
Siani x

6:11:08 PM

Gosh this is so familiar to read Siani, this was totally me in the beginning of my illness after figuring out what it was.

A little about me before Morgs, when I got this I was just finishing up college (I had to drop out due to the immediate & unexpected Morgs symptoms affecting my brain) studying biology and I was ALWAYS fascinated by everything i'd see in the microscope. I was known to spend many happy hours looking in and learning; while everyone else was bored. I was a 4.0 student.

However, I do NOT recommend doing this now. I have had horrific experiences of small things I could see with the naked eye and I don't want to "see" anymore. I realized also and you may too, that this inspection phase keeps me in a fear and confusion state. I have since met people in other social media sites who also have microscopes and look at their skin, poop, urine and more. Speaking to them lets me know this is not something I should engage my mind or my time in.

Definitely NOT the best for a healing state!! How can I think of healing when I am standing underneath the "what-ifs" and "what-is-this" umbrella?! Don't worry if he has it or not. If he is asymptomatic then good for him! Rejoice and be glad! Celebrate with him now and brace yourselves for the next 2-3 years of hard work!

My fiancee has no symptoms at all also but I wont ever be going through his skin or watching him for sores. If he suddenly showed some sign of anything we would take the course of action of looking into the protocol and I would let him decide FOR HIMSELF. I am not his mother. I don't get to tell him what to do. I am his support and vice versa. It is best to keep moving forward Siani, and limit inspection of you and he. For me, inspection kept me chained babes. Fear. Confusion. Sadness. Fear kept me chained. It started with fear.

As fascinating as I always found micro organisms to be, when they are LIVING IN ME, I don't want to see them! I have recently found out I not only have Morgellons, but Lyme disease, Babesia, Bartonella, Mycoplasma, Candida, and Erlichia infections. I have TOO many microorganisms to worry about and if I let them - they will kill me! I don't want to know anymore. I just want to get well and have them move out and move on. I now don't care what I have. I am only focused on getting well. Becoming my best me. This is what I want for you..

Siani, if you are anything like me, I know it may feel like you are trying at understanding "the unknown" or making "sense of if it all" but trust me, with this illness, you WILL NOT have that ANY TIME SOON. The best practice is to learn what you can, apply what works and try to be around those who understand that you need support and accept the unknown.

Focus only on healing, happiness, comfort with God available to you and your immediate future (the right now). Those are your knowns, those you have "control" over. Everything else. I hate to tell you, its all a crap shoot.

As for trying to prove anything to your husband, you have no time for that, love. As I have personally told many women in here before you, you MUST focus on your needs Siani and do your best to surround yourself by people who will support you. Anything else could keep you sick. You can't change/affect/convince anyone but you.

Perspective changes now will help form you into the amazing woman you are going to be after this illness, Siani. I for one, believe in you.

love you,
Ms. V.

3:25:03 PM

Welcome, Siani:

First thing, first: it's okay, totally sane and very natural to be frightened of this affliction.

But, the stress that fear places on our systems physically and mentally can make symptoms worse, so it is best to try to have a 'de-stressing protocol' to work with the physical and supplemental protocol.

I have a lot of anxiety - my husband calls me the Official Family Worry-Wort - I actually just talked to Mel a day ago about being afraid of different things, (Thank you, Mel!) so I do know how you feel. However, it truly gets better week by week. Once you begin focusing on doing the daily routine of what your body needs to heal in the form of nutrition, protocol, exercise, rest and peace, the routine nature of doing all of those things daily helps your mind overcome the fear. The routine of striving toward health replaces the fear.

One of the best ways to combat fear is to give our senses something else to feast on. I have a Spotify playlist of music that I use for both meditation and to restore calm when I feel anxious or overwhelmed. I have other playlists that are upbeat and playful. Shows or movies that are funny or inspirational can also help when you just need to tune the world out a bit.

The other thing I try to do daily is to practice a moment of gratitude for all of the things that are going right in my life at the moment. Being grateful helps pull one out of the depths of despairing over ailments and into the light of being glad for the best things in our lives. In conjunction with taking care of oneself physically, I believe gratitude, prayer and meditation all serve to advance healing dramatically. It's just about finding what form of mindfulness works for you personally.

I noticed you also mentioned that none of your family or friends believes you. I am lucky because my husband and son support me 100% in this and believe me. My stepson just thinks I am 'under the weather.' But, do you know what we tell everyone else? We know people will be skeptical and non believers, so we say that I am struggling with an autoimmune illness that we are still trying to identify the root cause of. If they ask further questions we tell them I still have testing to be done and we will keep them in the loop when we know anything. You don't have to explain anything else and if others aren't going to believe you anyway than you do not owe them any sort of explanation. In fact, explaining more just causes more stress for you and you have much bigger fish to fry, my dear - like healing :)

Stay here and talk to Mel and read all of the other wise voices herein on the forum. I promise it will get better.

Sending you warmth and best wishes for healing and peace -

Ms. V.

7:27:54 PM

AMEN to that Peter.

I don't spend any time doing any kind of examination anymore. Because either way I'm still going to lint roll the life out of whatever it was and dispose of it. Lol.

If I could go back in time to early August when I found this website, I would tell myself to calm the heck down. After countless days of crying and begging God for help, I found this website. I was getting worse at an exponential rate prior to finding the website and becoming educated on the importance of diet and limiting carbs. You are going to be okay, I promise. You WILL get better. If you found this site then you're on the right track. Almost all of us start at the same place as you. We are terrified at first and some of us have family members that still to this day don't believe us. While it hurts that those we love don't believe us, we don't need their diagnosis to get better. I started the protocol in early August. I'm doing much better and have gained back the will to live again and enjoy life. My life is not exactly back to normal,I still wash clothes and sheets every day and vacuum every day, but I can say I am happy again. I am still on the protocol and continuing to improve.

Use the search engine feature on the website to find the thread "for the newly stricken"- it will answer many of your questions.

I am a realist, I wouldn't be telling you that you were going to get better if I thought the odds were against you. Hang in there, don't be scared, and just come back here when you need to talk. Many of us including myself frequently visit the website and would love nothing more than to help you get through this both physically and mentally.

8:49:15 AM

Hello Thank you Mel, Peter & Ruth,

I have read your site for a while and had this for a year. I was hoping that it was getting better on it's own and and trying to monitor that .

I am very frightened and have been a bit paralyzed about taking action. I am trying to find the strength to make the radical changes to my life necessary to beat this. None of my family or friends will believe me either, as was the case with lots of people here.


8:39:59 PM

Hi Siani

Here is a common sense way to look at what purges from the skin. I hope it will persuade you to put your microscope away.

If one has dandruff, one sees flakes on clothes and around the sink, right? But here is the wouldn't look at dandruff under a microscope, right? One would simply brush it from clothes, wash it down the sink, and give it no further thought. Whatever is coming out of the skin, this is a "best practice, no?"

FYI...The assorted "junk" coming out of the skin has been identified as collegen, keratin, and chitin, along with fungal and bacterial cellular debris. It's best to wash it away thoroughly, and not handle and study it.


8:33:15 AM

Hello everyone and welcome,

As I have said many times before, I am not in favor of this course of action!

It absolutely does nothing positive!

It can only add to the fear one might experience when first realizing you have a toxic Disease .

I have mentioned that I collected baggies of my skin samples, but only to determine if the products I was testing Were working.

Three years of working with John B, before we found what worked for me and almost ten years now of trying to continuously improve on the protocol for those who came after me!

Focus on getting well,That's all that truly matters!!

God bless, those who did not give up HOPE got well.

7:33:01 AM

Hello Siani,

I've been thinking about your question about your husband and looking at his skin with the microscope. I often think about Adrianne's comment that not everything we see is morgellons. It can sometimes be difficult working out what is and what isn't though.

Its possible that if we look at anyone's skin with a microscope we would see bits of dust and fibres that have come from clothes or the air or surfaces around us. So I think that how I would approach it would be to wipe an area of skin clean and check it was clear with the microscope first and then spray on some Kleen Green if you have it which is good to spray on skin (just keep it away from the eyes). Let it air dry and whilst it is drying keep looking at the area with the microscope. you could also try using coconut oil after the Kleen Green. If you see anything new on the skin or coming out of the skin then you would be more sure that it wasn't from the environment.

Maybe others have some more ideas.

Love Ruth x

2:06:18 PM

Hello there does the cessation of this disease stop with the cessation of the specks and grains.

I am trying to show my husband I have this but he won't believe me. We looked with the microscope today for fibres and he has some too does that mean he has it ? He has no symptoms.

I am so very confused by all this and frightened and have only been offered risperidone by uk Dr

Many thanks


6:03:23 AM

Hi Erica

Wonderful post. It is remarkable to me because your "best helps" share a great degree of clearly sound behaviors. I see wisdom in them.

Each of your best helps will now benefit someone else who reads here. They are your example, given for others working to get well, and to be useful. Once understood, I think many will be following them as "best practices!"

Thank you for giving with your whole heart.

Strength and Love,

Erica C.

10:03:19 AM


What a kind reply. I've had some time to do some praying and reading. This has calmed the storm a little and I've begun to pull back on the obsessive cleaning. My symptoms have lessened slightly, but the journey continues. Our Kleen Green, and Nature Rich body soap/shampoo and detergent should arrive any day now. We've been eating very healthy, exercising daily, taking multivitamins, a daily green drink for myself, and spending at least 30 minutes outside. Daily cleansing, changing clothes, and cleaning (less) continue. Getting back to normal tasks and maintaining a strong mind are huge challenges, but things are getting better. The site has been a daily go-to like a morning hug. This has been an unmatched commitment, but with the chaos gone, we can rationally make decisions that actually contribute to the cure. I'm reading more about the protocol and want to feel educated on the products for my family. Financially, we probably won't be able to make an initial purchase until August. Until then, we will be working on our health.

Big helps:
PRAYER - The ultimate power to fight back
Healthy diet, exercise, sunshine
Drinking a lot of water
Showering before bed helps me sleep
Blow drying after the shower has kept the white things out of my hair
Drinking peppermint tea daily
Daily spoonful of honey with some cinnamon sprinkled on top for each of us (the kids think it's a treat)
Transitioning to clean hygiene/wash products
Maintaining the house on a schedule
Allergy pill for itching

Thank you for validating my thoughts on this page as it has been a step toward regaining sanity. ;)



2:38:06 AM

Hello Erica

I want to say hello and welcome you to this web site. God has surely lead you to this place of healing.

We focus only on the cure here, Erica. We do this by focusing on restoring our immune systems and by drawing upon the success found in the direct experience of others. Mel's protocol has already proven to free many of us from this insidious disease.

This forum alone contains years of posts wherein lies much truth about our disease. I hope that you will dedicate time here to discover this for yourself. There is a plethora of topics to read about, and it has been shown that the highest percentage of people that get well are the ones that read the most here.

The really good news for you is that you have caught this early. That is a huge benefit in your favor. Your chills are likely an immune response. The white spores seem to arrive as a precursor to black spores that come later. Again, this tells me you have caught this early on. The other symptoms you describe are typical to Morgellons co infection.

There is a thread here titled Children and Morgellons. If you post a plee to connect with other moms in that thread I am sure someone will respond. John Burgstiner also gives his time to be available to help with children and the protocol. Then you can align yourself with those that can share about their own children.

I hope you start the protocol and I hope you don't delay. I would also hope that you remain here and that you continue to share with us. We get well here, Erica. Believe it.

Strength and Love,

11:37:39 AM


I started seeing symptoms about a month ago:

White dots that look like salt on skin
Tiny black cotton-looking fibers emerging with lotion
Body and scalp itching
Blurry vision
Swollen eyelids
Sores on scalp
Feelings of crawling
The illusion of something moving quickly past my eyes
Pin poking or biting feelings all over body
Bug feelings in eyes, nose, ears
Increased mucus in stool

Ivermectin seems to help as I see the white dots emerge 24 hours after use, but the problem is ongoing

I'm currently using a tea tree shampoo and a natural tea tree body soap. Intense cleaning has ruled my household. Two of my three small children also have the black specs under their skin, but no other symptoms. I'm emotionally and physically drained and I'm scared for my family. Can a 4 and 7 year old go on this protocol?

12:36:52 PM

Hi Danelle and Kate,

Just wanted to say hello and welcome. (Not sure Kate if you are new to the site or not).

Sorry Danelle that you've been fighting this for a few years.

If you can take the time to read through all the forum pages and the articles there is a great amount of helpful information here. It was what I did when I first found the site and it really helped me and gave me hope that it was possible for me to get better.

If you look at the diet articles they will help you get started on changing your diet which is an essential part of the protocol.

Reading the FAQs will give you the essential information about how to get started.

I never went to a doctor with this as I read too many times of peoples' experiences getting diagnosed as delusional. Also I wasn't sure what they would treat me with even if they did diagnose morgellons. Here in the UK the doctors don't seem to have any sort of treatment protocol so it made sense to me to stick with Mel's protocol and I'm now in my 10th month and doing well.

It was a big decision for me to start the protocol as I could see it was not an easy option for me in all sorts of ways but the more that I read through the forum the more I was convinced it was the right thing to do. I took notes as I read through and also listened to the conference calls.

I'm able to join in the Saturday call, as it fits my time zone and I ring through Skype international calls which are very inexpensive for me - just £1 sterling for an hour call. Its great to be able to ask questions and get an immediate answer and very reassuring. So I can recommend it!

Keep in touch,

God bless Ruth

11:17:19 PM

My most annoying symptom is fibers everywhere. I used to think it was my own hair from hormonal imbalance. Now I believe it is probably md. Thankfully I rarely have bites or crawling sensations anymore so I really hope that means a lot of progress has been made! The fibers seem to be persistent and impossible to kill though:(
Danelle C

6:26:03 AM

Hi there,

So I was struggling with a crawling sensation under my skin and itchy feeling across entire body a few years ago but it went on for 4 years. The first time it was severe and I was treated for every known skin disease that you can think of. There are no visible wounds or rashes on my body tough just tiny black specs and also white sphere-like organisms. Nothing that is alive with legs or anything like that.

At first I thought it could be scabies or body lice but nothing worked. I went from doctor to doctor and nothing seemed to work. I almost took my own life because the doctors told me that nothing was wrong with me, but I couldn’t do it. I had to think of my family and I’m a Christian and didn’t want to go against God’s plan for my life.

I started on anti-depressants the first time and that seemed to help, so the doctors said it was all in my mind. That I had OCD. The first course of anti-depressants worked.

But after 6 months it flared up again. Then I was better for 6 months and didn’t feel anything.

Now it flared up again. There are so many things that a person thinks of and the internet gives you the most horrible things you can think of. It seems to start in winter time or every time I drink a specific multivitamin it seems to flare up again. But I don’t know what it could be. I’m trusting God for an answer.

So that was why I was so glad when I stumbled across your site. There are a lot of symptoms that I have that is mentioned on your site that I have experienced:

- tiny black specs coming out of skin
- small white spheres
- itchy all over
- crawling sensation
- tired all the time
- struggle to concentrate sometimes
- depression (but I’ve become a believer so God really helps me a lot)
- body feels weak sometimes
- have seen a few black fiber-like things coming out of skin

I’m a South African, this is not something that is common around here so the doctors look at you like you are insane.

Please help me if you can.

7:33:58 PM

Hello Everybody

Sometimes, special information from the past will help us in the present. In Diana's post here, we can see a perfect example of how reading on this site can bring forth specific insightful information that may often lead to reassurance. Reassurance then leads to commitment. I can remember bringing forward past posts that I had discovered reading here that gave me that special kind of insight. Mel would occasionally suggest and assist me with figuring out how these ideas could be significant for others to also consider. In a large way this information became instrumental towards moving me forward in my recovery and birthed much of what I know to be true today.

Without question, I believe that thoroughly reading past posts keeps us "in the know." This then greatly improves your chances for complete remission.

Strength and Love,

9:21:38 AM

On 10/5/2009 Susanne wrote exactly what I have experienced....still no one in my family has any symptoms....Amazing! Thank you for this is how I continue to have Hope....

3:21:28 PM


I see that your friend is working with a Doctor, which is always a good idea. I also take the same prescription antihistamine and use antihistamine anti-itch cream to help control itch.

We aren't Doctors here just people with Morgellons. We can't diagnose anyone but we can share some of our experiences and research with you I the hope it will help you help yourself.

I've had Morgellons for a very long time. Itching and biting, are a couple of the symptoms I have and, are common in Morgellons. The problem is much like flue-like symptoms they are also common in other diseases and conditions.

There are three other common symptoms that come to mind. Not everyone has any or all of them but most have at least one or two. They are: characteristic skin lesions, fibers coming from or under the skin, and the tiny white spheres or rice like granules. Some have also reported small pimple like lesions that persist for long periods of time (months or years).

It took me several years before I figured out I had Morgellons. It's often not easy and many other possibilities need to be examined. A couple things to consider are Bird Mites and allergies. Allergies being an extensive subject to research. It includes not just pets and pollens but environmental toxins and foods. Often it's not an easy task trying to rule in or out a possible cause, I know been there done that.

If you think Morgellons is a good possibility you will find the search function found at the top of the page (blue buttons) to be helpful so you can read about other peoples experience with the disease and compare them to your own.

Good luck in your search for answers and the road to wellness.



3:05:44 PM



2:09:32 PM


Before I address a couple of your questions. Please read Mel's Welcome Message at the top of Our Forum. It should help you answer many questions you may have about Morgellons.

First, is what you have Morgellons or caused by something else such as bird mites.

Morgellons is a self ascribed disease. It took me over a year of looking at images and symptoms of what others were calling Morgellons that I was able to ascertain I had (still have) what is called Morgellons.

Second, what to take if you have or suspect you have Morgellons.

What you started with looks sensible. I especially like the Colloidal Silver, Oil of Oregano, and Virgin Coconut Oil. If you determine you have Morgellons you may want to consider what Mel did to get rid of his Morgellons (The Protocol).

My research and personal experience indicate that the Morgellons pathogen(s) are probably not easily communicable person to person (contagious), if at all. Rather, they are most likely acquired from the environment we live in and / or the food we eat.


Mel, will be symptom free two years next month!

5:36:35 PM

A young man living at my house has many symptoms. A month ago, I first saw the black specks on my hands. I started immediately taking home-made colloidal silver, oil of oregano, apple cider vinegar, raw coconut oil (in and on body) and sometimes diatomaceous earth. So far, I have only the bites and black specks. I'm praying I caught this early but, my fear is one of my three children has the 'itchies' and my husband has two round spots he thought were poison ivy. My question to Mel is if he feels he is no longer infectious. Is everyone isolating themselves from others?

3:36:52 PM


Welcome, I'm glad you found our website also. We have been considering your post for several days and finally decided how to respond.

First we're very glad you are working with a physician. We feel it is important for everyone to have a physician and develop a good rapport with them.

Your symptoms are not consistent with Morgellons symptoms we are aware of. Although the black dots are commonly described in Morgellons they could be caused by a disease other than Morgellons.

Still, it remains possible that you could have Morgellons.

We suggest you continue working with you doctors. Let us know if we could be of further help.


9:21:34 PM

Actually, I had vertigo 5 years before I got this thing or at least the lesions part, vertigo was a regular occurence for me almost weekly. . and maybe that was a sign & I could have prevented progression. . but of course the doctors just gave me meclizine. I knew something was peculiar since the doctors do not know the cause or cure of the disease vertigo and they said it was harmless, yet it gave violent side effects in which I was vomiting and everything spinning, i thought that very odd of the doctors. I also went to the ER with vertigo. Currently, I am experiencing conjunctivitis in the eyes from time to time.

It seems to me, the high protein diet is also adding to my overall improvement. I can get the protocol but cant afford much else nor prescriptions. So for me, diet is crucial. Starve the fungus - feed the body concept is major.

9:34:44 PM

So glad to have found this site. I have been reading for hours. This thread seems to be the best place to ask my questions. I have had this burning itching rash for 29 months now. For the most part it has stayed on my R.lower leg/foot, (the other spots finally cleared up). I am still working with Dr.s and looking for a diagnosis. My ankle sometimes oozes and yellowish puss. It looks like I am wearing a red sock. The rash affected area grows slowly. I have never seen these thread, in this 2 yr period, have only seen 3 black dots, and have never seen these little bugs you talk about. So my qusetion is do you think I could still have Morgellons. One symptom I read that blew me away, was breaking out where you had an adhesive bandage, (I was bandaged where they did a biopsy). My R, foot/ankle is also swollen which I have not read as being a symptom. So what do you think.....I am miserable and need help.

7:42:08 PM

I have SEVERE FATIGUE that comes and goes for the last five years. One day about five years ago someone asked me what had happened to my arm!? I then realized I had a 3' long 1/2 inch wide scab on the back of my upper arm. I kept touching it in disbelief as it had appeared overnight and I could not explain why. The scab appeared to be a terrible burn that had been healing for weeks. My doctor at the time was perplexed and said, 'I believe you must have a parasite. This is the only thing that would explain a wound of this nature.' Parasite test came back negative, the wound healed but I kept get getting bouts of flu like symptoms that kept getting worse. 1 year later I noticed small oozing sores on my scalp & near belly button. That took months to clear up. Four years later to current I now have reoccuring lesions on my left lower cheek, jawline and neck area only. It feels like things are winding around the blood vessels that run up my neck. I have to pluck them out and there are many fibers that are black, white, green, dark navy blue and neon red. Attched to the fibers are black specks and little critters with a hook like thing that makes them VERY difficult to extract. I have scene hundreds of them so I know them very, very well. I do not feel like something is biting me nor do I itch much. For me, the lesions feel like they are burning and festering to the point where I have to remove them which can take up to 7 days. I will then get relief and the lesions will begin to heal. And then come back usually 1 month to 2 months later in the same chin/neck area. It also appears that something is tunneling up my neck. I have been on Mels Protocol 2-3 months and my doctor did put me on Bactrim. She lowered the dose by half the 2nd month and the lesions returned. I will be trying to increase the dosage. My doctor has diagnosed me with Morgellons Syndrome but she does not believe that I have a parasite. (I know I do). I feel the MMS is helping elimate this stuff from by body as I can see what is coming out of me. I feel I am improving but I continue to have setbacks and I just have to be prepared. A setback for me is being sick/sleeping for 48 hours with emotional trauma, flu like symptoms, red rash on face, neck and back and incredible back pain. I do not have a clue as to how I got this!! I am highly allergic to flea bites but I cannot say how, when Or why! This week I now have a thick black muck covering to top of the drum in our washer. I can see the little critters in the black muck. I am sweeping, steaming wood floors constantly to clean up what appears to be dead critters. I am fighting this terrible disease ALL THE TIME. My husband is completly oblivious to all of this except he knows how sick I get. Now that my doctor has diagnosed me he understands it a bit more. My life has been altered tremendously but at least I am fighting it above ground!! (Chilean Miners)MY Heros! I usually do not go into detail but this felt good so here goes. I hope this helps anyone who is new to this & good luck to everyone!! M
Carole Billerwell

10:24:55 PM

Hi all from South Australia. I have suffered from Morgellons for over 3 years. I am waiting on the protocol medicine from the My symptoms are tiny black specs. rice like white things, very sore eyesight suffered & went down in 3 months 2 years ago...vertigo..constant itching especially in my hair...burning sensation from bites...stinging..find specks on my clothes..trouble sleeping...& insects are my host. Trouble started 7 months after I moved into this house. Insects are in plague proportions here. They are in everyone's house now. Only bother a few people. Drs. mucked up my immune system by giving me drugs after an op. that I told them I was allergic to. Nearly died as a result. Think this is what is at the base of it all. Drs.(especially dermatoligists) have told me I am
delusional.( I wish it was that simple.) My support comes from reading all your 'mail' knowing I'm not alone. Carole.Australia
Susanne, answer for Debra

6:41:46 PM

Yes, Debra, my boyfriend has seen the white spiders, but only when he has threatened them with some chemical, they are very small. I have not looked for them. A NY doctor has also seen them and captured them. I do not know of anyone else.

3:10:13 PM

Deb 2, I wrote a short para to you above ( I had my debs mixed up) and DEBRA- read your 2 posts above, I agree with much of your concept ..
they come from fleas, mosquitoes, spiders, lizards, birds, rat mites. . and anything else in the air or environment that has been afflicted with this mutant organism

10:16:17 AM

It is also host specific - just as this particular mite. I left my house for 5 days and while I was gone my son suffered with the same symptoms. When I came home he got better. ? Did those organisms look for a new host while I was gone and then when I came back they said OH there's mommy and came back to me? I know of 4 people who may have this because of me, and none of them live in my house or see me on a regular basis. With all it took a period of at least 3 months of not seeing me to get sick. It took that amount of time to take a definite hold in a new body. The new born would only know their current host? So if they reproduce on the new host are they then infected?

10:05:51 AM

Reading my post here in May - I am a lot more focused now on what is going on. How I got this ? I am assuming it was transmitted by fleas - I still think this is a very good possibility. Did it come from my dog? Maybe, but at this time all my pets have been on revolution for months and all are happy and healthy. Why can't I take revolution also ? Maybe that will work on humans. My pets had the same symptoms as me and now they don't.

What I am now sure of is - this IS coming out of my eyes and going into my skin. It is NOT trying to get out of my skin from somewhere deep inside. Is it going into the skin from the outside of my body. I think if you have gotten to the point of having lesions you are not able to realize this. Thanks to our stuffy self absorbed medical profession, some of you tried to listen to these idiots and have only gotten worse and lost focus of reality. These things left in your skin will cause the fibers. THose of us that have been using products to rub in our skin and have successfully been removing these black specs and white grainy things have not progressed to the lesion stage. Am I correct on that? It is a daily chore to keep on top of this. There will be a build up if you do not do this. Maybe they also move around under the skin once they are in there. ?
AS far as what happens once you have lesions - I do not know. Bugs infest you - I believe it, bacterias infest you - why not.
It will hide whereever there is an openning in the body. It will infest the intestines, the naval passages, under your finger & toe nails, etc. But at some stage it comes out and goes into your skin for what reason - to feed? to plant fibers? Not sure. What are all these little skin like pieces that are all over my body and just appear. They don't hurt. Is this skin being displaced by these creatures?
When you use permetrin, etc. -you may kill the ones in your skin, but you are not getting to the ones that are hiding - and that is the problem. That is why we can not cure this.

We have to figure out how they are reproducing and then attack from all angles. Will sulfur creme left in the hair and on the scalp for 3 days straight kill this ? Has anyone tried that? What is the lifespan of these things - will they just hide and then reproduce after 3 days? Mel says there is a 5 wk cycle BUT I have not been able to see that. Has anyone else been able to verify this?

Has anyone seen the tiny almost see through organisms in your bath water? They look like tiny crabs or spiders. Has anyone seen the tiny silvery shinny specs in your clothes, in your house, etc. ?
THese are all the same tiny white things you have on your body. This is the organism that is ruining our lives.
How about the pieces of "rice"?

I have seen black specs attached to white things, and I have caused them to break apart. I have seen the rice pieces break apart into tiny white silvery specs. Is the rice like a protective cocoon for these organisms?

Does anyone have very strange things in the vitreous fluid of your eyes? Now we can try the molecula silver as drops in the eyes - see website. This is encouraging, although I am still starting to lose hope.

THIS IS a parasite. Any website or doctor that tells you it is not a parasite or it is a nerve problem is 100% inncorrect. Is it a new parasite not known by the best of the medical profession? Or is it something like the chleyletiela mite that infests pets? Called the walking dandruff mite because it hides behind dandruff - it hides in the opennings of the body and reproduces deep in the hair shaft. It is very very hard to find and just a pet stratching with heavy dandruff will cause a vet to diagnose and treat for this mite. Sounds similiar so if this is not it, it is not so far-fetched that they could be another similiar parasite.


3:37:11 AM

Forgot to mention the vertigo, had vertigo too, was intense several times a month .. that has stopped.

3:23:44 AM

The black specks are very very small. You could have had them but have not noticed them. So try to look thru magnifier if you must. The best way to see them is if you can sleep on all white sheets for several nights. (After, use a magnifier and look for these objects on any white background) they are very very small and look similar to a black pepper grain.

My full symptoms as follows: (of course have had improvement since)
Brain fog
Blurry vision
Itchy ears
Lumps under skin similar to razor burns
Lumps under skin with calluses on top
Paper cuts on hands
Scratches all over body for no reason
White sand granules
Black pepper like specks
Cognitive disorientation
Loss of balance ( I kept tripping)
Coordination disarranged ( I kept dropping things)
Slow lethargic speech
Word loss in the middle of a sentence
Memory loss
Skin bleeding easily
Lesions everywhere which do not heal
Ulcerated looking manifestations
Strength loss
Muscle loss
Arthritic behavior in joints and muscles
Some kind of muscle or bone cramps
Electricity shocks
Extreme itchiness all over
Feelings like ant bites and bee stings simultaneously

For me the worst of these has been the unsightly lesions and physical disfigurations making it near impossible functioning in the work arena or social realm . .
but we will stay strong and we will prevail

1:10:11 AM

Oh, almost forgot..
fatigue like I never have had and also conjunctivitis.
Eyes never clear since this started.
Vision somewhat affected , blurry to an extent.

12:05:20 AM

Foggy mentally,feeling of stimulation in the temporal region(top)of skull finding it difficult to find words,(never before!) twitching, white/sand-like tiny granules emanating from various areas , never seen before. Coming from back, nape of neck, facial areas.
Very odd.As I look over the lymphatic system chart, seems to correlate, as I have had these under the chin around the neck, and in the occipital region as well.
Itching biting feeling , sometimes having the bubble under the skin, appearing to be about the size of an insect bite or a tad of acne, yet I know it is not!(never turns yellow, no sign of a black head there nothing like that).Just a 'bump' out of nowhere.
(never really prone to acne), I resist itching it, nomatter how hard it gets, and the strangest thing is that it will suddenly recede , so I have come to believe that is a transient vector.
Have had severe bouts of gastrointestinal distress as well..especially at onset, then praying very hard for help, did get some relief.Came back, then receded after, came back...receded.
Also near onset
Vertigo,terrible dizziness,(again, never before!) non-healing ear issues with high level vestibular dysfunction.(right side)Did have some trauma so could be unrelated..but onset was awhile after that trauma!
Not sure on that.

Crawling, sensation of 'chills' but it is not chills.
Feeling of movement underskin.
Took a long time for a little nick to heal on my hand, months it seemed.
Have a permanent red spot there.
Initially had also nosebleeds.
I will post my story that goes with this on a new post at another time.
No lesions (thank God!)
Have seen them on fiance with whom I reside.
Saw first signs , biofilm, other on him first.
Over a year ago.


9:13:16 PM

Please see this video on you the 'specks'

See also..

see also quorum sensing (google)

see also Mels protocol and take heart!
It seems to be working!


12:21:06 PM

Deb2 - Have you tried rubbing mineral oil or coconut oil(per Susanne) on your body ? That is the only time I get black specs to come out along with the grainy white specs - very much like sand. Maybe these black specs turn into the fibers at some point.

8:28:09 AM

I have tons of long fibers, open leisions, itching, fatigue, brain fog, memory problems. I even got to the point were I was having spasms.
I started with extremely itchy bumps all over my body. Then with all the improper treatment from doctors I got progressively worse. I have never had the "black dots" which most of you have. This aspect concerns me greatly since those of you that are truly getting better seem to have that similar symptom. I am praying that this protocol works for me as well.
I truly believe that I got this when my hot water tank was changed. The timing is too much of a coincidence.
I am interested to know if anyone else has these fibers and if this protocol is helping.
Debra **

10:37:54 AM

I am curious what symptoms all of you are experiencing. I read Mels, but I am wondering how the rest of us are similiar or different, and what they feel the onset or cause was. It certainly may help us all in some way.
I think that what I have was transmitted from my dog to me via fleas. My dog was a stray in Costa Rica and we brought her back - NO quarantine. She has been shedding, she has bald spots and loads of dandruff and pimples for years. After this problem started and after many doses of revolution she grew hair back and the pimples stopped - points to a parasite - vet says cheyleitela mite. I think that was what I got. This started in October. Natural flea products were used during many walks in the deep woods - stupid I know.
My the time we realized we had fleas they were jumping on my bed.

I have white things, grainy things, black specs, red pimples, many strange looking floaters in eyes along with grainy things coming out of eyes. I had crawling and stinging feelings but that seems to have improved, because I think the mite is gone thanks to countless doses of evermectin. The other symptoms remain although it seems to be improving.
I do not pull long fibers from skin or have lesions. I wonder if that is a later stage? The black specs were sent to a lab and they said they actually were fibers and cat hair that my skin somehow absorbed. I believe it may be possible that the mites transmitted the hairs to me, since all my pets at one time were experiencing symptoms. Of course this is just my theory.
At the very onset when we first had our house exterminated, it caused an explosion of black spores on mirrors, walls, food boxes, etc. I also noticed a lot of things flying and floating around the house. We had our house tested for mold and had a high level of pennicilium/aspergillus.

Sorry for the long post. I hope it is not too boring and that maybe we can put our heads together and solve this thing. This seems to be the only logical website on this topic with the smartest people.

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