How I Cured Morgellons

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7:58:35 AM

Hello Jennifer

I spray Kleen Green all the time, yes I think it help

slow things down. Get with Mel about WPS, it is also

good source. If you read from this website you can

find all the answers you need, also listening to the

conference calls on Friday and Saturday, which are easy to find now that Mel and Glenn created the;

Love always, Paula

8:43:37 PM

Hi Jennifer

First, I would like to welcome you to this website and this community. I want to tell you that since you are early on in experiencing symptoms, you are in a very good position to arrest this quickly with far less suffering. What is important to you, is to understand the need for you to not delay beginning this protocol. The experience of others here who have caught this early on proves remission comes more quickly and with less difficulty.

Let me see if I can help with your question. I would say that many of the fibers you may be seeing in your vacuum have probably been in your environment for a long time. You likely may not have noticed them. What matters is to work on restoring your internal bioterrain, and removing hyper toxicity from your body. That is what Mel's protocol does. It also strengthens your immune system, which is needed to get well.

I would suggest that you visit the FAQ page and then send Mel an email. He will reach out to you. I hope that you will choose to remain here. There are many , like myself, who have reached remission and taken our health back when they commit to this treatment plan. and remember, time is of the essence, so please act quickly!

Strength and Love,
Jennifer **

10:25:45 PM

I only started with symptoms and seeing fibers a couple of weeks ago. It happened to be after/during dog sitting, but also after unpacking from a Caribbean vacation- found fibers on those clothes. (Can I just say that was our first vacation in 15yrs!! We're not jet-setters... ;) )

Just yesterday and today, our vacuum is filling with a crazy amount of dust/fibers. The whole canister is nearly full after vacuuming 4 or 5 rooms. Clearly, it's not all coming from my body. Do these things reproduce in the carpet, etc.?? I'm just wondering for cleaning purposes here. I didn't think I needed to vacuum every room every day, but do I? We've got a big, old house... hoping not. Does spritzing the carpet or walls with Kleen Green slow it down?

Thanks in advance for your input!

Blessings-- Jennifer

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