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7:01:09 AM

Hurrah I'm getting on when I manually put my email address in but when the automated email address from computer goes in the box it won't let me.
Sorted!! :-)

NN I'm so glad your baby is well and happy and I totally understand your concerns re morgellons. I agree with Mel that this is airborne and agree with many on here that it affects people who's immune system is not functioning well, usually gut problems, candida issues, mold issues, poor diet, moldy houses, chronic fatigue issues or other immuno compromised conditions.

Your little baby sounds as fit as a fiddle by all accounts thank god!
Also you have had this five years and I think it depends on how severe your morgellons is as it can flare up. During a flare up it would be wise to be cautious, I'm not talking about a small flare up where you ate too much carbohydrates I mean if you get serious crawling symptoms on the head and body and many bites.. During those times I believe it can infectious to other people who have a compromised bioterrain. But to varying degrees.
The F1000research paper calls Morgellons a multi systemic infectious disease process, however it's still a rare disease so not that easy to catch and many people have it so mildly they don't even know they have it. The people affected the worst are always immuno compromised.

In my six years of having this my friend was infected washing my clothes from my bird mite flat when my washer broke and her husband too, we thought they baby fleas (the mites) as so she thought it was OK it wasn't. She then was diagnosed with lyme and for months her husband and her scratched and I saw specks on her felt symptoms in her house and car and she later reinfected me(I already had morgs but it was better) a year and a half later trying on trousers from her house and bam full blown symptoms.
So don't share clothes with people, watch clothe things, bedding, towels etc.
But they had health issues he had fungal issues, house was old and dusty... But they never got as sick as I am because their systems are healthier.
Another friend in my bird mite house got no symptoms another got a rash for weeks after that but it disappeared) because healthy immunity).
Another person affected very mildly because bad diet and moldy house... But I have severe reaction around this person and around my friend with lyme, crawling on my head and body so I react to their symptoms more than they do!)
I think often candida plays a huge part, I have had systemic candida 25years and mostly in that time followed candida diet with blips,and tried many meds, but I believe that candida went to the fungal form affected my hormones, adrenal glands, immunity, ability to fight of pathogens and therefore morgellons lyme Bartonella had a microbe party at my expense when the bird mites swarmed my feet.
I'm blasting the morgellons candida buggers as much as I can with mms and silver etc it's war my friends it's war.
Herpes virus is also part of this at present I have sores on my bum and back that feel like cold sores, painful I think it's bartonella Co infection I'm covering them in cold sore cream it helps.
But it's all about being rundown.
Your gorgeous little baby is healthy and vibrant and I wish you and your family all the best.
All you can do is your best to keep strong and healthy for you and for them, take care
John B

1:17:35 PM

Dear LT1985,

From my perspective you are a most welcome contributor here as your writings always seem to capture the focal point of our protocol, which is the importance of rehabilitating the bioterrain. Of course I always appreciate kind comments regarding Logos, but it is especially satisfying when someone who demonstrates the knowledge to recognize the unique qualities of our products shares their enthusiasm for them.

One such valued contributor to the success of Logos is Dr. Chris Smith of Albany GA who is one of the surgeons pioneering the Lynx technology you referred to that restores normal function of the esophageal sphincter for patients who suffer from chronic reflux using an ingenious device made with tiny magnets.

As you mentioned, many of his peers ignore the bioterrain and compound their patients' problems by prescribing antacid drugs. Not Dr. Smith. He educates each patient about the critical importance of digestive health, the role of diet and exercise in their recovery, and the critical role the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol plays in supporting their bioterrain. Surgical intervention is viewed as a last resort, and it is life changing for those who truly need it. Sadly, as you pointed out, we need more physicians like Dr. Smith in this world.

I do agree with Peter that for most people who are following the protocol, additional betaine (HCL) should not be necessary and could be problematic for those with peptic ulcers.

As for enemas, they can be very helpful in conditions involving very high toxicity or fecal impaction and need not be feared. Colonics may be necessary in cases of severe fecal impaction. That being said, daily use of enemas is not only unnecessary, but counterproductive to maintaining good bowel health.

Occasional and appropriate use of enemas is fine, but one must keep in mind that whatever you introduce into the body rectally is bypassing the protection of the liver and 70% of base immunity with direct and immediate access to the bloodstream - so it better not be contaminated or potentially toxic.

This is why Mel has not promoted the regular use of enemas - First Do No Harm. Remember, he is always concerned with the lowest common denominator so to speak - those who are desperate, not well informed, dealing with brain fog, etc., who he desires to inform and protect from making rash potentially harmful decisions.

Personally, MMS enemas - and especially daily - sound like a really bad idea to me because of the potential for toxicity and compromising immunity by basically sterilizing the lower GI Tract. In this case, what one person may tolerate well may be disastrous for another.

Keep in mind that in regard to our genetic predisposition to certain diseases, 30% of our genetic expression is controlled not by our own cellular DNA, but by genes influenced by the DNA of beneficial bacteria in our gut - which is why our protocol considers probiotics so fundamental to our health.

I know you pointed out the need for balance and moderation, but thought it might be helpful to provide some clarity as to why I believe Mel has chosen to err on the side of caution with enemas.

Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and passion for healing, and for your enthusiastic support of Logos products and Mel's protocol.

Warmest Regards,

John Burgstiner

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