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7:01:09 AM

Hurrah I'm getting on when I manually put my email address in but when the automated email address from computer goes in the box it won't let me.
Sorted!! :-)

NN I'm so glad your baby is well and happy and I totally understand your concerns re morgellons. I agree with Mel that this is airborne and agree with many on here that it affects people who's immune system is not functioning well, usually gut problems, candida issues, mold issues, poor diet, moldy houses, chronic fatigue issues or other immuno compromised conditions.

Your little baby sounds as fit as a fiddle by all accounts thank god!
Also you have had this five years and I think it depends on how severe your morgellons is as it can flare up. During a flare up it would be wise to be cautious, I'm not talking about a small flare up where you ate too much carbohydrates I mean if you get serious crawling symptoms on the head and body and many bites.. During those times I believe it can infectious to other people who have a compromised bioterrain. But to varying degrees.
The F1000research paper calls Morgellons a multi systemic infectious disease process, however it's still a rare disease so not that easy to catch and many people have it so mildly they don't even know they have it. The people affected the worst are always immuno compromised.

In my six years of having this my friend was infected washing my clothes from my bird mite flat when my washer broke and her husband too, we thought they baby fleas (the mites) as so she thought it was OK it wasn't. She then was diagnosed with lyme and for months her husband and her scratched and I saw specks on her felt symptoms in her house and car and she later reinfected me(I already had morgs but it was better) a year and a half later trying on trousers from her house and bam full blown symptoms.
So don't share clothes with people, watch clothe things, bedding, towels etc.
But they had health issues he had fungal issues, house was old and dusty... But they never got as sick as I am because their systems are healthier.
Another friend in my bird mite house got no symptoms another got a rash for weeks after that but it disappeared) because healthy immunity).
Another person affected very mildly because bad diet and moldy house... But I have severe reaction around this person and around my friend with lyme, crawling on my head and body so I react to their symptoms more than they do!)
I think often candida plays a huge part, I have had systemic candida 25years and mostly in that time followed candida diet with blips,and tried many meds, but I believe that candida went to the fungal form affected my hormones, adrenal glands, immunity, ability to fight of pathogens and therefore morgellons lyme Bartonella had a microbe party at my expense when the bird mites swarmed my feet.
I'm blasting the morgellons candida buggers as much as I can with mms and silver etc it's war my friends it's war.
Herpes virus is also part of this at present I have sores on my bum and back that feel like cold sores, painful I think it's bartonella Co infection I'm covering them in cold sore cream it helps.
But it's all about being rundown.
Your gorgeous little baby is healthy and vibrant and I wish you and your family all the best.
All you can do is your best to keep strong and healthy for you and for them, take care
John B

1:17:35 PM

Dear LT1985,

From my perspective you are a most welcome contributor here as your writings always seem to capture the focal point of our protocol, which is the importance of rehabilitating the bioterrain. Of course I always appreciate kind comments regarding Logos, but it is especially satisfying when someone who demonstrates the knowledge to recognize the unique qualities of our products shares their enthusiasm for them.

One such valued contributor to the success of Logos is Dr. Chris Smith of Albany GA who is one of the surgeons pioneering the Lynx technology you referred to that restores normal function of the esophageal sphincter for patients who suffer from chronic reflux using an ingenious device made with tiny magnets.

As you mentioned, many of his peers ignore the bioterrain and compound their patients' problems by prescribing antacid drugs. Not Dr. Smith. He educates each patient about the critical importance of digestive health, the role of diet and exercise in their recovery, and the critical role the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol plays in supporting their bioterrain. Surgical intervention is viewed as a last resort, and it is life changing for those who truly need it. Sadly, as you pointed out, we need more physicians like Dr. Smith in this world.

I do agree with Peter that for most people who are following the protocol, additional betaine (HCL) should not be necessary and could be problematic for those with peptic ulcers.

As for enemas, they can be very helpful in conditions involving very high toxicity or fecal impaction and need not be feared. Colonics may be necessary in cases of severe fecal impaction. That being said, daily use of enemas is not only unnecessary, but counterproductive to maintaining good bowel health.

Occasional and appropriate use of enemas is fine, but one must keep in mind that whatever you introduce into the body rectally is bypassing the protection of the liver and 70% of base immunity with direct and immediate access to the bloodstream - so it better not be contaminated or potentially toxic.

This is why Mel has not promoted the regular use of enemas - First Do No Harm. Remember, he is always concerned with the lowest common denominator so to speak - those who are desperate, not well informed, dealing with brain fog, etc., who he desires to inform and protect from making rash potentially harmful decisions.

Personally, MMS enemas - and especially daily - sound like a really bad idea to me because of the potential for toxicity and compromising immunity by basically sterilizing the lower GI Tract. In this case, what one person may tolerate well may be disastrous for another.

Keep in mind that in regard to our genetic predisposition to certain diseases, 30% of our genetic expression is controlled not by our own cellular DNA, but by genes influenced by the DNA of beneficial bacteria in our gut - which is why our protocol considers probiotics so fundamental to our health.

I know you pointed out the need for balance and moderation, but thought it might be helpful to provide some clarity as to why I believe Mel has chosen to err on the side of caution with enemas.

Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and passion for healing, and for your enthusiastic support of Logos products and Mel's protocol.

Warmest Regards,

John Burgstiner

9:13:40 PM

Hi Peter- thanks for your kind response - and I really mean that because it is vulnerable to share and it takes time to open up here - so I appreciate not being slammed for saying something you might not agree with - or just appreciate the way you expounded on some extras in a way that valued me as a contributor ! I really mean that!

Now I agree that people with Ulcer issues and reflux problems cannot necessarily use capsules of Betaine - they would need to heal and cleanse out the build up and junk first - and once things were healed and back in tune - their stomach would likely make enough of their own needed gastric juices again.

But it angers me that people - like docs - forget that our GI tract can get clogged just like old pipes on a house get clogged with gunk and build up.

I recently read about a fancy contraption device that can be placed inside the body to help assuage acid reflux - and the doctor who performed the surgery was pretty skilled - however - it seemed analogous to a plumber coming out to my home and treating deep plumbing problems by only working on the upper drain. Some clogs are out in the street - and some gunk and debris are at the elbow pipes and need a snake to reach them - and if they stayed working at the drain it would be again not getting to root causes!

This is not the place to talk about whether or not acid reflux is related to a need to clean out intestinal pipes - even tho I do think it is related - but because Morgellons is a whole body affliction - well we all know that the conversation of cleansing the inner pipes must come up.
Again and again.
This is what MMS does - what the parabolish does - and
What many items in the protocol helps do....they get at restoring the bioterrain from the inside out.
And you noted how many logos products have the Beatine added - well that is another reason I love the LOGOS brand - and other products that are forMulated for absorption!

- years ago when my candiaisis was bad (I did not know what it was at the time - but later on it was obvious) well the very first vitamin I took that helped me so much was Trader Joe's cal mag in a green base - which had the betaine! It helped me to absorb as the betaine cut through the fungus!

many years later I am at a different place with my alimentary health - ahhh - feels so good - and for me - supplementing with betaine and pepsin (in a capsule) is wonderful for heavy meals or times I enjoy meat (my blood type needs red meats).
I don't want to get into a discussion about alkaline foods - because I am still learning myself and I understand that there are varying views - but my favorite herbalist reminds us that there is balance needed and while it is very hard to develop alkalosis - it could happen- and I firmly believe that we need some acids - esp citrus fruits - for wellness. I am not even sure what kind of acids are in citrus - but I know we need them-
And while many are iffy about using ascorbic acid (vitamin C powder) I still find it useful for certain times!
and esp if taken with good fats! (some have used vitamin c therapy to heal from cancer)- I know ascorbic acid is not part of the protocol here - but it is something I love in small amounts at different times.

And speaking of acidic -
The chlorine dioxide we take (or MMS or WPS) - isn't that acidic!? Not sure what it is...
But I do know if we take too much MMS - it is baking soda or vitamin C powder that counters chlorine dioxide.
Anyhow - let me just say that I do not have acid reflux problems or ulcers and when I worked up to taking Capsules of betaine (hcl) with pepsin - I sometimes felt a kick inside my gut! - it came a few minUtes after taking it -and seriously - it felt like the small inner kick of a fetus -!
I know it was the parasites Inside me!
And the daily use of mms can break them down too - but that was interesting to experience -
I likely had extra worms that not all MD folks get - our family had gotten worms that dogs get-
but that simple little addition (of betaine) made a huge difference for me - and I was more satisfied after eating meals that helped me heal.
regarding enemas -
I am sad that I stayed away from doing enemas for so long!
I had a fear of enemas that was unwarranted.
Enemas "can" be done gently and with no harm.
It actually makes me laugh now to think about how I was afraid to do them.
I do not know the difference between a colonic and an enema -
And I also do not use the enema bags for retention enemas (as Many parasite pros suggest)
I do the most simplest of Enemas around -
I buy the two pack of bottles from Walmart (I like fleet) and dump the contents-
Then using clean water I add a few drops of MMS (WPS) and then insert the contents into the Rectum. Within a minute or two it is expelled - and usually brings out dead stuff. And so much relief - i sometimes do one or two more in a row - and it works better after a BM - or it can be used to gently help get a BM going.
Keep in mind that familiarity is an issue here. We are not familiar with enemas and so we project an opinion.
I researched it a lot and they are safe when done right.

of course we do need to use extreme caution with what we insert into the body this way - it goes right into the bloodstream and so we must use wisdom (a few years ago some stupid kids did alcohol enemas and I heard someone died) - but doing simple enemas (not necessarily retention enemas or using large amounts of liquid with bags) is absolutely one of the biggest gifts of my adult life!

It has not only helped me heal and rid plethora of parasites - it has been a wellness tool that has made my life better overall. Especially when traveling and eating new foods...or if feeling stopped up.

The safest things to use in an enema are fresh lemon juice (causes cramping at first but that ends when pathogens are removed) castor oil, baking soda, kefir, or a tiny bit of MMS. Oh and coffee enemas are very calming....and it is supposed to help the liver .

Of course not too much of anything - balance is always needed - and maybe some folks never need to do enemas - but I sure needed them.

I waited a long time before doing the MMS enemas - (mostly alternated with lemon water one day and baking soda the next) but after a few people in my health group testified to their success with MMS enemas - I gave it a try! I had to start with one drop of mms - and never did more than five drops - but it really helped to heal.- i had these mounds on my cheeks that would not go away until I did mms enemas - the mounds were like large bumps that would not scab! But the mms enemas led them to puss and hen scab and then go away - all within 6 weeks of daily mms enemas - whew. That was an answer to prayer.
We all know that not everyone gets healed using Mel's protocol -
And then some have gotten fully better in ten months (it might even be shorter now) - and woo hoo for that!
So for those that might need a little boost - I wanted to just share how much enemas have helped me!

Enemas are much safer than many think -
They are not like a laxative that interferes with the contraction of the bowel ....
It is simply inserting a small amount of liquid into the anal area to help eradicate fecal material and gunk.
The danger could be with an irritated rectum - which is why we use coconut oil (or another oil) to lubricate the bottle tip and rectum - and we don't do too many in one day!
And of course we need to watch "what" we enema with - Because as noted - it is absorbed into bloodstream -
And so it might be a good idea to do a plain water enema to start and see if it is for you.
Well thanks for letting me share more about how enemas have been one of my favorite healing aids!
I won't write any more about it - but I am thankful to those who were willing to share about their enema use and In my very humble opinion - I believe that doing enemas can Expediate the healing from many chronic conditions.
In closing -
Best wishes to all!
And many thanks to Mel- john b - and to you dear peter.... for your caring hearts and commitment to help the many who are afflicted with this crazy and hard to eradicate affliction!
And thx for having patience with the many voices chiming in here!

Also thanks to all of you who contribute here at Mel's site -
Whether it is poems - recipes - tips - encouragement - progress updates - etc. - it makes a difference and we are better together - <3

This is a special place on the web and may the lord keep Mel's site safe and running for a long time!
And may you all be encouraged as you heal!


11:04:16 AM

hello Deby and LP,

Thanks Deby for bringing clarity.

I found this very interesting and think that this will help answer a lot of questions for myself and many others.

Deb thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.
This is a question many of us needed some clarification on.

I think any future posts concerning children, needs to be under the Children and morgellons thread. It would be easier to find to best serve us all.

Thanks to you both

2:37:06 AM

Hello Damon

I, like Paula, want to welcome you and your wife here. Her suggestion to join in the conference calls is sound advice, and will serve you both well. LT 1985 has also delivered several significant considerations for you in that post. However, there are a couple comments I would like to add that center around Mel's primary guiding principle, "first, do no harm."

Colonics, or enemas are not part of Mel's protocol, and I would exercise caution here. And although establishing an alkaline internal ph is a primary goal, we feel this is best accomplished through diet. The diet and articles section here tells you what foods allow for this.

As for supplementing additional betaine hydochloride, one must be mindful of the risk of internal bleeding if duodenal ulcers are present. There is already adequate support in the protocol because Logos includes betaine HCL in their thymic formula, Magnifical, and the essential digestion products. This goes to the synergy that LT 1985 mentions, or what we call "the sum of the parts."

I hope that you will remain here. If you wish to continue to share your journey, there is a thread titled "Hello Down Under" which has over 5 years of posts from others in Australia. This would be a great place for you to contribute. Your wife has the promise of health if you dedicate to this protocol as witnessed through the experiences of others in this forum. People get well here, Damon. Believe it! May god bless you both.

Strength and Love,


11:04:52 PM

Hello LP,

I am glad you chose life for your precious baby.

Every good gift is from God and children are his greatest gift.

Regarding contagion though I truly believe that we are all exposed to this every single day. I agree with Mel that it's airborne.

I would definitely consult with Mel or Logos about the importance of colostrum for your infant. Strengthening the immune system is a must and prevention is so important especially with children.

This disease has a bioilluminescent quality and recently I was able to capture this by simply taking a magnified pic with my cell phone. I noted these glowing areas are shaped like a donut. I have seen this in my hair, my kids hair, my dogs fur, and even in some foods, and of course on my skin. Me and the dog are the only one's who show outward symptoms.

Don't walk around checking, there's no need, just get on the protocol eat alkaline and as much organic food as possible. There is no way to be perfect but by the grace of God and
Mel's site this can be defeated!

God bless

9:06:29 AM

Hello Damon,

I want to welcome you here, not sure how to answer your question. But come to the conference call on Fridays and you can get that question answered, they are very informative. We also have a call on Saturday which is also very helpful, I strongly encourage you to attend. If you havent had a one on one with Mel that is a good start. He is also full of information and a very caring Man. Read as much as you can from this site is also a way to gain wisdom about this decease.

Love always, Paula

6:18:39 AM

Hi Damon-
When I lived in Florida - we had a pool and we used ph test strips to see if the water was too alkaline or acidic - and then we added our chemicals to get it just so-
However - it is not that easy with the human body because we have so many systems and organs that work synergistically -
It is all interconnected - which I am sure you know already - but I really learned more about the systems thru this MD affliction.
And while my pool was easy to adjust for ph-
With us....
The goal is to rebuild the immune system.
The immune system is overworked and so your wife "likely" had
A stressed immune system long. Before she got MD.
The protocol here is one way that many people have repaired their terrain- so read more and more ....
But your wife likely has to....
unclog her liver - feed her thyroid- supplement with minerals and enzymes and aminos so the body's systems can fire and work efficiently again!
She needs vitamins so her cells can get fed and work again -
And she. Likely needs to remove numerous parasites - ....

Many people also have co-infections that are secondary to MD -
And most of us have had extremely high heavy metal counts -
And I believe candiasis plays a role....

All humans have parasites - the remains of the caveman showed a worm in the intestine area - but when our parasite load gets too heavy it stresses the immune system more.
And because of leaky gut - pathogens leave the intestines that were never meant to exit! So the gut lining needs healing too!

And many of us believe that the parasites with MD are unique - and I know some folks who think they got this from a mosquito bite and feel their parasite cocktail is what horses get!
I passed tons of flukes (flatworms) and many other kinds - and so this is a very layered affliction.
Now I did use baking soda enemas to help alkalize my body - and they had some perks - and I sometimes drank baking soda and lemon water (from dr sircus research) but it was not enough to touch MD.
Mel's protocol has the key components that a body needs to cleanse and rebuild - so look at each item and consider what it does for the "system" ;)

And speaking of alkaline vs acidic - I actually take capsules of betaine HCL with pepsin with meals - because for most of us - the stomach needs that acidic help -

and so my point is that because there is so much going on in the body - amd because we need acidic and Alkaline - we have to think of rebuilding the body and getting the blood clean - sealing the gut - ridding the fungal sludge and pathogens inside and out -
we have to think of cleaning the pool pump - repairing holes in the pool walls - getting out any floating debris from the water - etc.-

Mel's protocol is what helps rebuild the terrain!

I know you will read more and more here - and I wish your wife well - I am sure it has been a long three and half years with this affliction and hope you both can find support here. And healing !

3:04:01 PM


I am from Tasmania, Australia!

My wife has Morgellons (prob for around 3years now) and we were pretty stoked to find this conversation on Morgellons....

Thank you people for a lot of handy/interesting comments.

Can anyone please help?

My understanding is that in order to become-&-remain infected one must have a high~acidity bio terrain yeah?

So are we to assume in trying to attain a much greater alkaline based bio terrain yeah?

How does one go about achieving that and maintaining that?

Thank you very much,

10:45:10 AM

It's 2017, I wonder if anybody transfered This to their little children? I have 6 months old, and very worried. Please share

1:59:13 PM

I so much agree with you Peter. My husband has no S&S of this and family is fine. I have had this for 1 year and 4 months (the signs and symptoms), now after having my "encapsulated appendix" out my bio-terrain has greatly improved along with my healing.

10:05:25 PM


That is so mind-boggling, that all this nightmare on the outside comes down to what's going on on your insides! If addressing that is what it takes, count me in. It's not fun when we have luncheons at work, but I'm starting to get used to turning away foods I love. It helps having a support system.

Blessings to you!

8:26:49 PM

Hey Susan

You are so right to make a committment to just "focus on the cure." Isn't that all that really matters? Mel taught me this very early on. It has been my guiding principle and has always been where I have kept my most serious thoughts...."focus on the cure."

Sure, we cannot help but wonder where it came from. This is human nature. I am simply asking you to realize Morgellons as a "state" and not as a "thing." If you can come to fully accept this, without question, the most reasonable conclusion becomes what John B. has written here for you within this thread. "Whether or not one who is exposed develops symptoms seems to depend on his or her cellular vitality and immune integrity." "Mel's protocol is profound in that it addresses both the potential threats we all face, and the body's ability to deal effectively with them."

Therfore, both infection and remission are primarily dependant upon the bio-terrain. Believe it, as I do. If you can restore the bioterrain, you will become, and remain well!

God Bless,

11:17:19 PM

Hello, Peter!

I'm glad to here from you. I've read many posts and listened to several conference calls in which you've answered questions and "bared your soul". You seem very nice and very wise and I appreciate the hours you've obviously spent researching this disease.
While I agree with the observation that people with weakened immune systems are susceptible to the organisms, I know, without any doubt at all, I got infected from the hotel bed.
With that said, we'll simply agree to disagree. Mel says this is a place for healing. That is why I'm here. I've spent 2 1/2 years trying to convince doctors I had something. Now, I just want to get well. Any help with that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for understanding,

7:48:07 PM

Hello Susan

Hello Susan

My research over the past 2 years leads me to believe that many people may carry the fibers which may live unnoticed, at first, on the body. Only when certain factors are in place do Morgellons symptoms become noticeable. The parasites do seem to adjust to individual body chemistry which the respective host puts at the disposal of the organism.

If a person is generally healthy and strong, then possibly not much happens. However, a weak or compromised immune system, in my opinion, contributes to the manifestation of the disease. But this is not the sole reason. Hormonal imbalance, adrenal suppression, and ongoing stress all may work together to create a certain biochemical change with sets the stage or triggers Morgellons.

FYI….Age infection statistics have shown that around 62% of sufferers are female between the age of 45to 55. Hope this helps with you question about contagion.

Strength and Love,

4:23:52 PM

I forgot to add that nobody inside my home has been infected. I have been very careful not to sit on anything with cloth or share any blankets, towels, etc. At the beginning, I wouldn't even hold my grandchild if I felt crawling or biting. I have relaxed a little now, but never all the way, till this is beaten. I start on the protocol after I've gotten paid next week.

4:12:54 PM

Hi, everyone! This is my first post. I've had Morgellons since July 24th, 2011. That was the day I slept in a hotel in Oklahoma and came back with it. I only found out what I had in February this year. I didn't think it was Morgellons because I didn't have the sores. Anyway, my experience with contagion is this: my mother got it by helping do my laundry because I was so sick. 4 others got it from either infected pets or furniture. Oddly enough, the ones who no longer have symptoms all smoke!

11:57:08 AM


You have come to the right place for treatment of this disease. Here you will find support as you start your journey back to health. You can find information on the protocol by clicking on the words "Mel's Protocol" at the top of this page. There is also a wealth of good information under the other tabs. In the beginning, we all suffer from brain fog and short term memory loss so don't feel bad that you didn't see the protocol tab before.

As you look thru the information on this website and read the topics on the forum, it may be a good idea to look them over again later when your mind is more clear. It's a lot of information to take in but it will help you greatly in your journey to wellness. Welcome, and remember... it can't rain all the time. Things will get better. Much love, Monique

7:18:58 PM

Please tell me how to find the protocol that is frequently mentioned in these posts. I have been dealing w/ this horrific illness for 5 years and so far no one around me has gotten it except my precious dog. He is low to the ground and we sleep curled up. I don't know who gave it to who. I am so sick with it and thank god, he doesn't seem so bad. Any help would be deeply appreciated

7:17:42 PM


I was at the latest Morgellons Conference In Austin, Tx. At the end of the conference there was panel made up by all the presenters for a question and answer session. One of the questions asked was 'Is Morgellons Contagious?'. The consensus of the the panel was not easily if at all.

The consensus of the panel squares with my personal experience and belief.


2:15:31 PM

can u help me?can u tell me if morgellon is contagious?thanks very much!i am very urgent!


9:31:41 AM

Hello! I am pleased to meet so many people here!
I contacted with Mr. Marc Newman, he helped me to find a man with 'Morgs' near my region - in Ukraine. I contact often with him on-line and we share our experience. And I think, we now know more about parazits, plazmodies and funguses than any proffesor.

1:34:26 PM

Hello Svetlana,


I see that the head of our Research Dept.(PS)
Has already responded and I think answered your
First two questions, I am sure there will be many more.

Please check out the greeting to (Bes) just below in this same thread, I am sure that the same suggestions will help you as well.

Welcome again,
God bless, Never Never give up HOPE!

6:35:26 PM


Regarding your question: "I can't guess - how this 'american' disease could appear here, in the Caucasus?"

Morgellons has a World Wide Distrubition. Marc Neuman has the informative Morgellons site You will find a Morgellons Distribution map on the first page of his site. By looking at this map you will see that Morgellons is a World Wide Disease.

Mary M. Leitao who is from the United States named the disease and did much of the early work to raise awareness of the disease. Within a short time Mary and several other Morgellons activist utilizing talk radio and the internet brought this disease to the attention of the American public. Thus the perception that Morgellons is and "American" Disease.

My research indicates that Morgellons is probably environmentally acquired and not easily contagious person to person. Due to families living in the same environment and having similar opportunities to acquire the pathogen gives the appearance of communicability.


1:49:27 PM

Hiya Robin,

Welcome as always;

Very nice to speak with both you and your mother.
I am Very Pleased that you are willing to help with others in your area!

God bless you and Mom,
Never Never give up HOPE!

1:38:09 PM

Hello Bes,

Welcome; you are now the second person from Australia to find our website.

I have already sent a email to Carol in the hope she can help have a calming effect, and that you two can talk!

Here there is Hope. I am not the only one to get better. We have a Testimonials Section with lots of encouraging stories. We have a Teleconference Call Archives section, full of great information
(just sit back and listen)!

Reading as much as possible not only will answer many questions, but seems to be a common denominator of those reporting the most success, as well as diligence and bravery.

We have a Search Engine section, which can be very helpful in answering questions!

Unfortunately it did take a lot of time(18 months every day on the entire protocol)for me to feel I completely eradicated every last one of the little devils. Most people can sense if the Protocol is working for them within three to four months.
If the Protocol is not working, the most common reasons are additional health issues, your diet may be working against you, or it's possible you need a different anti-biotic and or a different anti-fungal. We have often said everyone's body is slightly different. Therefore your needs could be different!

That takes us back to DO NO HARM. I have always said try and find a doctor to guide you. I know that this is not easy, yet it is very important.

I sure hope I helped a little!

God bless,Never,Never,give up HOPE!

8:42:17 AM

I think, it is contagious. My son had it too, but without laisons. I live in the Republic of Georgia, Tbilisi. I can't guess - how this 'american' disease could appear here, in the Caucasus?

8:58:43 PM

I have been gone a while. I want to say that I did catch it from someone. My mother came to visit me and after she left I started symptoms. However, I had had a boyfriend, (and still do) and he was very close to me always and he never caught it. So, depending on your health, I guess, you catch it from another or don't. I think I was under a huge amount of stress at the time and they say (Trish Springstead) said that most of the people she sees were under a horrendous amount of stress when symptoms started.

6:46:57 PM

Hi, this is my first post. I'm from Tasmania in Australia, I've found many australians starting to speak about Morgellons but we unfortunately seem years behind the progress of america in accepting this as an acutal disease.
I've been reasearching this condition for 4 years since the lesions and fibres started appearing and in the last month only have 'thank god' found Mels website. in the last 8months i have progressed to the stage where i have not gone a day without fibres continually coming from my forever unhealing lesions. this is accompanied of course from the other array of symptems, confusion kidney and liver failure etc etc... anyway enough of background but to the topic at hand 'are we contagious'. I really do hope we are not but i have noticed relatives/ friends do seem to get sicker when i'm around with colds or cold sores etc, this may also be my paranoia but as I really can't remember how I started to get Morgellons I can't remember the starting symptons. Though I also have had partners over the time and these and my friends and family members are still not showing signs of fibres/specs/fluff. how long do the fibres usually start to appear?
also if it isn't totally contagious does anyone else belive I would be affecting others general health???
I do not believe I caught this of anyone else myself.

Also does anyone have contacts for doctors in Australia? This disease seems to definately have spread world wide!

Thanks to you all for letting me know there are others out there and for taking the time to post.

G Ras

1:34:13 AM

we caught it....

11:27:27 AM

Hiya NN,

Welcome as always;

Check the New welcome letter on the forum page,
you will find it there.

God bless you and baby Phoenix,
Never give up Hope!

8:23:35 AM


Can you give me your email address again ? I have a concern Id like to speak with you about.

12:07:16 PM

If you are living in the environment of morgellons or in close contact with someone who has it, I think your chances of getting it are higher. It probably depends on your immune system, as John states.
I have seen it spread to those in very close contact with me. I have seen people who spent only a few days in close contact start to show signs such as complaining of stratchy things in eyes, rubbing eyes, stratching body, unexplained pimples, rashes. Even asking if anyone else felt like they were getting bit. It seemed that eventually those people who were no longer in close contact got better. But those in constant contact in same household continued to show symptoms - within a period of 2 years - everyone in household showed symptoms.
This was my experience.

3:47:02 PM

It appears from the testimonies given on this website that this condition can under the right circumstances be contagious. However, whether or not one who is exposed develops symptoms seems to depend on his or her cellular vitality and immune integrity.

In other words, it's all in the bioterrain folks.

We may or may not all have exposure to the "horrid little worms" discussed in PS's research, but without question, we all have cumulative and multiple low level exposures to toxic chemicals, pesticides, plastics, xenobiotics, and the end products of genetic manipulation in the food supply.

Survival of the fittest is an immutable law of nature, and so it will be with all of humanity during the plagues of the last days. Mel's protocol is profound in that it addresses both the potential threats we all face, and the body's ability to deal effectively with them.

7:54:55 PM

from my experience I would say it's contagious. I got symptoms of morgellons about 3 days after a new roommate moved in. The person later admitted that they had morgellons and moved out. Whatever this is infests your environment when a host comes in contact w/ certain materials i.e. cotton

11:26:33 PM

To understand whether or not Morgellons is contagious person to person, we need to know what causes the disease. It has been my impression that Mel wanted his focus more about how to get rid of Morgellons than to be a site about what causes it. Much to my surprise Mel opened that can of worms on a conference call hosted by Dennis Richard of A2Z about Morgellons on Thursday September 16, 2010. Dennis was gracious enough to ask Mel, John B., and me to be guest on that program devoted exclusively to Morgellons. We did discuss the cause of Morgellons on the call. A link to that conference call has been posted on this website in the "Conference Call Archive", it is worth a listen.

My findings indicate that Morgellons has three major components associated with it. First a parasitic worm, Second a fungus that is specific to that worm, and third opportunist pathogens that can include, but not limited to; bacteria, fungus, and virus.

As stated earlier on this forum, two things appear necessary to develop Morgellons. One: carrying the Morgellons pathogen (the parasitic worm) and two: a compromised immune system. I have carried the parasitic worm for most of my life. During that time I enjoyed good health much of the time. Only rarely did I have any symptoms of Morgellons. Those were limited to fatigue, itching, and small lesions. Most looked like a pimple but a couple were like a small callous that never went away. It only when I had pneumonia that caused an Immunodeficiency state that I started to develop more skin lesions. Only when I started taking MMS out of desperation for my autoimmune diseases, and the "horrid little worms" started to crawl out, did it dawn on me that I might have Morgellons.

My best guess as to how Morgellons is contracted is food, water, wind, or rarely the fecal oral route. Although the eggs are very large compared to a helminth they can be carried by the wind and enter the nose or mouth. This could explain along with a difference in immune systems why some families all seem to have Morgellons or why only one person in a family or group of people has it.

Some of the opportunist infections associated with Morgellons probably are easily communicable. It is possible that they may suppress a person's immune system allowing Morgellons to emerge if the pathogen is present. Another possibility is that these may cause skin lesions that are not Morgellons but mistaken for it.

To my knowledge none of the people I have been around have Morgellons. My wife of many years shows no signs of Morgellons. Based on my experience and research I don't think Morgellons is easily transmitted from person to person.


6:24:16 PM

As a mother of 2 and grandmother of 4,I know what all of you are going thru.The fear of spreading this thing is far worse than having to deal with it day in and day out.I personally do not know how i would be able to live with the knowledge that I gave this to anyone.When I am at my younger daughter's home,my special needs granddaughter crawls onto my lap.This horrifies me.She is deaf and does not understand why I get up and move.My grandchildren and I have always been very close.Until 2 years ago,we all lived within 1 mile of each other.This child was born at 5 months and 1 week.She has shunts and had 9 brain surgeries by age 1.I love all of them,but this one does not understand why I can't hold her and do the things we used to do.I am confident that I will continue to improve.I have become semi stable at this point.The difference in my health now and 3 months ago is profound.
Coupled with the fear of spreading the disease or syndrome is the fact that others don't grasp the seriousness of being extremely cautious.My kids say if it was contagious they would have all contracted it before we saw evidence of what this was.Unfortunately,I had slept with the grandkids on different occassions.
I know we talk about their being o.k. as long as there immunity is not compromised.but as a nurse,I know that sometimes it is immpossible to know this until someone starts to show untoward symptoms.I have no answers on this.I am completely open to any one who has expertise in this area.
All I know is I am trusting God to see all of thru this.We are all in an unofficial club we never wanted to be in.We are sisters and brothers looking to God and each other to find the answers we need.I pray now that God will send us the person or persons with the knowledge and perserverance to find a cure for all of us.
God bless you all

3:49:10 PM


My research indicates that Morgellons is not easily communicated person to person if at all.

(I'm in a meeting right now and will elaborate later)


2:59:10 PM

HiYa Nichole,

Truly wonderful to hear from you;

This appears to be the third time that question has been asked on our web site.

I used the Search Engine to collect our thoughts at the times of the earlier posts and then will add my current thoughts.

Here are those posts;

2:09:02 PM
Hiya Jocelyn,
Welcome-There are many theories,the jury is still out.
The common denomintor amongst Morgellons sufferers is a dysfunctional immune sytem, therefore if, you caught Morgellons from your boy friend,it was at a time that your immune system was very weak.
As I stated in my story, after one month I started to feel different. After two months I started to feel better.After three months I was symptom free. I have continued on this protocol for six months and will continue to do so.

Good Luck,
God bless,
P.S the more you read from our forum the more you will learn, starting with page one.

7:30:13 PM
I lived with my boyfriend four years before getting Morgellons from him ( he has had it app. 18 years.) From everything I've read either whole families get it at once, or one member has it and no other family member gets it from them. I'm thinking it is contagious through blood to blood only. What have you read to asses whether it is contagious or not?

How long did you use the products and the prescription before being clear, and do you need to continue the protocol for a long time after?


11:40:12 AM
I had the same concerns , newborn in the family and could not, would not chance it.
Sure it's hard, but that is temporary. In the mean time I conveyed my love in other ways, gifts, calls ..lots of em, and I did exactly what Mae suggested, I simply said I really haven't been well and I don't want to touch the baby right now, though I really would love to.
Connie you are in our prayers too!

11:29:35 PM
Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I do feel at peace. I do know I am going to win this thing and I appreciate your love and concern for a complete stranger. God bless you too!

2:32:43 PM
Hiya Connie,
Welcome- A new born baby's immune system may not be fully devoloped @ this early stage of it's life,I would consult your doctor on this matter. the good news is as you get better the baby will grow stronger and you will have many wonderful years together.
Good luck God bless,

2:22:29 PM
Connie, Just a little Ps on your sweet grand baby.
I believe the Morgellons produces little tiny eggs.Sorry to have to say that and I am actually sitting here crying about the thought.I would feel uncomfortable about one of the eggs getting on baby.Though I would love to kiss their little faces off I personally wouldn't hold the newborn.But that won't be forever,as mel did get better.I'm looking forward to getting better as well.

11:11:19 AM
Dear dear Connie,
I so understand. So much. There are a few variables that are really a question mark with this stinken stuff.I am very,very cautious with friends that I know have immune compromises or weak make ups. I am so sorry too that in some cases there aren't any answers yet.For myself,I would try to vaguely explain about the fact you have been ill and about that being the reason for precautions with the baby. I don't like it personally when others think I am stand offish,as I am a squisher and hugger. I feel like if I stick with Mels protocol I will become less and less contagious.I am looking forward to getting well and squishing and hugging everyone :-)
Blessings my dear sister -God is in control and He is mighty for the pulling down of strongholds!He loves you so much He can't take His eyes off of you.

1:21:46 PM
Thank you for your responses. I found much relief in your words. It has been 4 months since I have been around my dear family. I have missed a lot. Including being able to help my daughter with my new grandson. I have just completely stayed away. So, Mel and Mae it sounds like you think it is safe to be around your loved ones as long as you are completely careful? I have just been so afraid I could pass this to one of my loved ones, even when I feel fine. Have you just gone on living your lives as normal as you can? Because my life has come to a dead halt while I have fought this illness. No family, No work, No church. Not really anything but I have done my best to stay positive as I have been learning everything I can on this disease. Everything I have read does not really talk about living a life with Morgellons. Yet, I feel like I am getting it under control and I am ready to return to my life. I miss so much. Oh, how I can not wait to hold my new grand baby. Do you think it is safe? Please give me as much feed back as you can. I would really appreciate it.
Thank You,

3:36:43 AM
Hi Connie,
This is Mae,so sorry for what you have to think about in the way of the children.We love just kissing their little faces and squishing them to pieces huh? It absolutely tears at my heart.I have children and grand children also. Thank you Mel for helping her so sweetly,thxxx mel man.
Connie I have had this for many years and the advice MEL has given is good. Our family also went on a mission trip to mexico it seems I got it around that time. The precautions I take are the ones Mel mentioned and it seems okay so far. If its okay I would ad -no brushes or combs traded,jackets,caps,towels etc.
Good to get to know you a bit,hope to chat more.
God Bless you richly with all that is Him,

1:54:53 PM
hiya connie,
Welcome-I think that Morgellons is contagious,more so at certain times.First when Morgellons is spreading on yourself, this is a dangerous time.
Also the common denominator is compromised immune system. When they are ill,(your children and grand children) it would be easier to infect them. No pool or jucuzzie time, warm water opens the poors of our skin and this is how I believe I got Morgellons.
I know this might not be what you wanted to hear. But these are my thoughts!

Good luck God bless,

12:30:05 AM Hi, I am wondering how contagious you think this disease is? Is it okay to be around my adult children and my grandkids if I am very careful? It seems my husband and I contacted this from Mexico. From food or water. This is our guess. We have been doing a lot of good things and have had no activity for several weeks. Information I have read on the internet has suggested this is not highly contagious? What do you think?


Hiya Again Nicky,

Today I have come to understand that morgellons is air born disease reported in most every country in the world.
The best possible scenario is to keep our immune systems as strong as possible through a good vitamin regiment as well as a good diet!

God bless you and the little Phoenix.
NN **

10:50:06 PM

As someone who has been dealing with Morgellons for over 5 years now, I wanted to begin a discussion to see how many of us have concluded whether or not we feel that its contagious. The reason I wanted to begin this discussion is bcuz I recently delivered my first and only child about 4 months ago who by the grace of the heavens above is completely MORGELLONS FREE. AMEM. Now, I recognize that this is a scenario where only time can be the ultimate storY teller here but at the same time, I honestly DO believe in my heart that my child will remain in the exact same state of health that she was born into. So in essence this is my testimony to those of you who are living your lives being totally in fear of spreading this awful disease. Yes its terrible and I wouldnt wish it on my worse enemy. But I also want everyone here to know that you should not be feeling forced to excommunicate yourselves from your freinds and family members out of fear that you will somehow pass it along. In the 5 years I have had one has EVER showed signs of 'catching' it and I've truly just been living my life as I always have. NORMALLY. or at least as normal as possible. I mean for the first few years I was very overly cautious about EVERYTHING under the sun. Dont sit here dont lie there... etc etc. but after a while I began to live life without those kinds of fears just out of sheer exhaustion. later on I had to really make up mind about what I REALLY believed in my heart when the time came for me to decided whether or not I would allow my unplanned unborn child to have a chance in this world or not. Needless to say I chose life and boy am I glad I did as my child has become the greatest accomplishment I made.(special thanks again to pamela mae who i consider my daughters long lost God mother because she was very encouraging when i was still uncertain about going thru with it in fear that she would be born in sickness..) but as I said before by the grace of God she came into this world as healthy as a whistle! In fact she is extremely advanced for her age in many ways, particularly when it comes to her general growth health and intelligence. So even though Im still living with the daily struggle of Morgellons, itching and scratching like every second of the day. I am still able to live my life normally without feeling as though I am some kind of walking disease bringer to all who cross my path and I just want everyone to know that they shouldnt put too much pressure on themselves to 'stay away' from the people that they want to spend time with. At least thats my experience but I would like to know who might completely disagree or aagrees and why? Im not a scientist and no I dont really understand the nature of Morgellons in the least but I do know that I am the only person Ive ever known that has this problem; and for that I am grateful.

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