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10:26:45 AM


I really need your prayers. I've been on the protocol for one week today, following it to a T.....except for smoking. I have an addiction to these things and I really want to stop. I know I won't get well if I keep on smoking, but they're so hard to put down.

I'm hoping to get some good replies here, I plan on referring back to these every time I get a strong craving. I really need all of your support!


10:09:35 AM


I am sooooo happy to hear you found the answers you needed in a previous thread... they (the answers) REALLY are all here in this website and we are "truly" worth the investment of time and energy to seek them!!

All of the threads listed in Follow the Journeys have been EXTREMELY beneficial in my healing journey, so I "highly" recommend you continue to read, read, read as Mel tells us!!!

The fungal hairs/rhizoids you mention are VERY common and will definitely subside over time with following Mel's Protocol exactly as it is laid out for us, including the diet, water consumption and rest. Remember though it does and will get worse before it gets better and every fungal hair, rhizoid, filament, etc. that you see on the outside means one less on the inside... better out than in!!! Merely remove and dispose of them all while rejoicing YOU ARE HEALING!!! I do like to hit these foreign objects with Kleen Green prior to disposing of them just to be sure they are really a thing of my past!!!

Also Laura gave you great information about the importance of testing our pH. If we want to get well we have to have an alkaline body. For me that means eating good quality grass fed, organic, meats typically beef, salmon and occasionally chicken but only twice a week. Any more than that and my body remains too acidic thus disease grows. I stay away from turkey as I learned through The Truth About Cancer... they call it foul for a reason. You can google a list of alkaline and acidic foods to help you make good choices in this area. I personally test my pH twice a day and make my food choices according to the results I receive.

I hope this helps and I hope that you continue to learn, grow and heal here in this AMAZING community as soooo many others have done and are doing now!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,
Laura (aunt)

10:40:13 AM


I have learned from previous warriors the importance of food combinations as well as keeping your PH in a healthy range. I am including a previous post from John Burgstiner on foods and the importance of PH.

"There is near universal agreement that citrus fruits are alkalizing, but considerable confusion as to why. Citrus fruits are acidic; lemons and limes have a pH of around 2 (pH 7 is neutral). So how could they be alkalizing?

Your stomach is an organ that is designed to produce acid to break down proteins and other nutrients before they enter the small intestine. The small intestine is designed to be alkaline, so as to break down the nutrients even further to facilitate absorption into the bloodstream for transport to the cells.

Stomach acid (HCL) has a pH of around 1. Your stomach normally maintains a pH of around 2 to facilitate the digestive process. Foods that are whole and natural, unadulterated, and high in acid (like lemons, kiwis, grapefruit, etc.) are easy to digest because they cause so little stress to the stomach. Little or no additional acid is needed for digestion, and consequently, less neutralizing is required in the small intestine.

Problems occur when 'alkalizing' and 'alkaline' are used interchangeably. Alkaline foods and beverages call for more stomach acid, and may contribute to acidification of body fluids and tissues down the line. But eating more alkaline foods is just what many are recommending, with potentially dangerous consequences. Alkalizing the stomach puts extra stress on the entire system.

Failure to break down proteins and fats in the stomach due to the use of anti-acids is considered by many experts in the field of nutrition to be a leading contributor to the development of colorectal cancer. Disrupting the acid balance in the stomach is bound to have negative effects, and especially if it becomes a regular routine.

Bottom line, if we eat the mineral rich foods that our creator intended for us to eat, we will maintain a slightly alkaline blood pH without causing undue stress on the body. If we eat processed, demineralized and devitalized "food" our bodies must rob from their own resources to survive.

So, rather than buying expensive alkalizing pills or water, the best way to prevent buildup of acid wastes is to eat God's foods. If you want to supplement your diet or use something to offset poor choices, the best way to go is to start your day with a high quality greens drink." John B 8/25/2011

Hope this information helps you.

In Christ Love,
Julie B

10:33:22 AM


On the morning dose of WPS I ran into the same problem for my husband.

I mix it right before he leaves & put it in an insulated cup.

Mel is right about using cold water. I keep a jar in the refrigerator for taking the WPS. I put a small amount of ice and the mixed WPS in the cup so he can take it at 10am while he is on the job.

It's been working great. I also do the same thing if I need to run errands and my dose falls while I'm gone from the house.

Also by splitting the drops, it's not nearly as strong smelling either. In the insulated mug no one would be able to smell it. You could take it with you to your desk everyday.

Just a thought. Hope it helps.

8:47:26 AM


Thanks for the reply. It's funny, I was JUST reading Monica's posts on purging fungal hairs. I get it now! As far as the diet goes, I've been eating only organic turkey and chicken. Is this ok or should I be limiting myself on any kind of meat?
Laura (aunt)

8:19:39 PM


Although I am not familiar with your particular symptom, I believe these are referred to as "Rhizoids" or fungal hairs. If you type Rhizoids into the search engine you will find information in the thread titled "How Lucky Can You Get?"

Everyone in this community experiences a variety of symptoms with this disease. Some are different while others have similar characteristics. I hope you have started changing your diet along with taking the protocol.

I also recommend that you start reading other people's journeys and soon you will make many connections to what you are experiencing. Once you make the positive changes suggested on this website along with taking the protocol; things do get better.

Please understand it no longer matters how you ended up with this disease. I also experienced the whole mite situation and it took me over 18 months before finding this community. Now I look forward to the conference calls and learning from other members. There is a true science behind this disease.

May God bless you and I pray you find comfort in His holy word.

In Christ Love,

3:23:10 PM

Hi Brian,

Oh yes...we all experience crazy things that we dare not share with anyone else outside this forum because no one would believe it.

The easy answer here is...yes...they'll go away.

Just do everything Mel says...especially and including the WPS when it's the right time. Do it in the recommended way and go slowly...but don't neglect taking it like I can be guilty of because it tastes so bad.

If I take the WPS on a regular basis, those freaky things diminish considerably. Now I just need to do it enough to take it across the finish line. If I'm honest with myself, that's probably why I still have this disease...not taking the WPS like I should...though I'm SO much better...I'm still not completely well yet.

It's really hard for me to take the twice a day dose though...because one dose falls when I'm at work. It smells so bad, I have to figure out a way to go out to my car to take it...and my work schedule won't always allow me to take the needed break at the appropriate time.

I've never smoked, but I feel like I'm sneaking off to smoke a cigarette or something. Because of this, the split dose doesn't work for I went back to the old way of just taking it at night. I think the split dose makes things easier and faster in the long run...but I just cannot do the morning dose and'm night only.

Be sure to take all of your supplements too...because the WPS kills off pathogens...and they release toxicity into your body when they die. Your body needs to be ready to handle it. That's another reason I like taking it at night only. I don't feel it as much...not as much "herxie" feeling when I take it at night.

Lots of water will keep these toxins flushed make yourself do that too.

I've heard people say it's best not to get too obsessed about the things that emerge from your skin. That's probably a good idea...though I'm the exfoliation queen.

If you use coconut oil and some essential oils, etc., you will be able to extract some of this from your skin. It's hard not to get obsessed with doing this because there's always the thought behind it that you'll eventually get everything out and this whole nightmare will go away.

However...this is all over the inside our bodies, so the idea that one could pull all of it out through one exit point on the skin is unrealistic. Mel has told me to stop that...and to let as much of it as I can stay inside and then "gas 'em." That means the WPS. When you take WPS internally, it'll go into your digestive system, then bloodstream,and then to other parts of your body and you'll be able to hit them where they live, so to speak.

One way to chase the pathogens "inside" us with with cold. They hate cold water...which is why Mel says to put your head under the faucet of cold running water when you first wake up. I do that and then spray my hair with 91% alcohol and it really helps.

The pathogens also hide out in biofilm inside your body and on your skin...but Magnifizyme is a biofilm that'll flush them out of their hiding places. The WPS will nuke them and all the water will flush them out.

Magnifizyme comes a little later in the talk to Mel about how to start all that.

Not an easy party for our organs...hence all the other supplements...though that's kind of an over simplification.

I'm trying to limit myself on my exfoliation because I can sometimes do it so much, my skin will start bleeding in tiny spots where the biofilm emerges. That, and the fact that I never seem to get to the end of it when I'm pulling it out of my skin puts me in a very upset frame of mind. For one thing it hurts like crazy after a while, and for another thing the idea that there is so much of this stuff in my body upsets me quite a bit, so I'm working on leaving this practice in my past. Mel told me to just let it emerge naturally and to leave it alone...let the WPS do it's job on the inside of the body.

In any case...all the glittery glowing stuff is really attention getting. I have...I kid you glitter that comes out of my skin periodically.

So...I've decided there needs to be a Morgellons Barbie...just push a button and pink glitter spews out everywhere.

Kind regards,



3:04:01 PM


No, You are not crazy.

We all experience a multitude of different things with this disease. it is systemic and affects every part of us.

Yes the silver things, the black things, the white things that cover our clothes,bodies,computers etc.are All part of the same thing.

Our hair moves seemingly of its own accord too.

All these things reduce and disappear once we are along the road to recovery.

The weeks, months pass and if you stick rigidly to the protocol and the diet.

Get as much sleep and rest as possible then all these nasties disappear.

Try vit D 3 pills and magnesium tablets to help sleep.
If sleep won't come then read through posts on this site or listen to the recorded calls.

There are answers for all your questions!!!

Put your query into the search box and the answers will come.

I spent many many sleepless nights either crying or on this site or listening to music. Prayer helps.
Now I sleep like a baby apart from those days before around full moon time when the itches and pains are a nuisance. Or when I slip up on diet.

In a few months time you will find you are on the way to wellness.

Never think this is not real. It is a very nasty disease that takes all your strength of character to overcome.

Thanks to Mel, John and Peter you will find all the help you need.

Just have faith and hope and let love surround you.

God Bless.


8:44:36 AM

Hello everyone,

Ok, either I'm going crazy or I have these shiny things on my arms & legs that look like hairs. They actually move... Noticed it in the shower.

Did anyone else experience This? If so, did they ever go away?
Laura (aunt)

12:39:46 PM


First of all; please realize from this day forward it does not matter what infected you. I also know it was some type of straw or bird mite that initially caused the problem. I have had to overcome and accept the mite no longer matters. You must restore you bio terrain and immune system. We have been bitten by bugs and mites most of our lives. It is only when we have a poor immune system that these parasites are able to cause problems for us. So please understand the importance of curing this disease from the inside out....and the rest will take care of itself.

You are better off than most since you found this website early. Please stay strong because it is definitely a roller coaster ride. Do not let the tough days cause you to stress, as we all have them. You must remain patient and persevere.

I would spray the carpets with Kleen Green and Odoban. The following information is from the Kleen Green's website which will provide important information for you to read. "Insects are made up of a high concentration of protein. When Kleen Green™ is introduced to an insect, the enzymes act and cause the insect to molt (shed its outer coating) prematurely." The following is information on Odoban which can be purchased at Home Depot: "Cleans, disinfects, sanitizes and deodorizes all hard, nonporous household surfaces. Eliminates unpleasant odors on washable surfaces such as upholstery, carpets, bedding, showers, walls and floors."

You may want to wait before bathing in the WPS. It is important to start the protocol, change your diet, get plenty of rest, and keep your environment clean. Then have a discussion about when you should bath in the WPS. You may use Kleen Green on your skin as this works great for me.

We are all here for you whenever you are feeling lost, confused, or just need people to understand what you are going through. I also believe our strength comes from God who has the power and can heal us; but we must ask and listen.

“Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.” Ephesians 6:10

Welcome to our community. I pray for you to cross that finish line in restoring your health and ultimately regaining your life.

In Christ Love,

11:19:05 AM

Hello Everyone,

I just ordered the M Support Kit, along with the silver and WPS.
I understand I cannot use it internally until my 2nd month.

Has anyone tried bathing in it?
I've read some good things online.
Would it mess up my protocol in any way?

Also, what is the suggestion for killing anything that may be in carpeting?

I'm getting an apartment and I want to make sure I don't infest the carpets.

Brian **

1:38:18 PM

Hello everyone,

It was a pleasure being part of my first conference call.
There was so much great information.

About the wps, how many drops of wps and citric acid do I put in a bowl. Also, does this go in each room? My house is 1300 as ft.

I also have a question about the disease in general.

I'm infected by bird mites, so is this considered Morgellons?

How will the protocol kill these mites under my skin and on the outside?

I'm just a bit confused, but I'm learning as I go along!

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