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How I Cured Morgellons

7/31/2018 - 10/07/2018


Laura (aunt)

9:56:54 AM

October 7, 2017 (Almost 10 months on Protocol)

My updates are a little late,
But it is time to let everyone know.
This month’s progress has been most tremendous
As my Faith in Christ continues to grow.

It was hard to accept in the beginning,
Although God was leading the way.
I cried and prayed through this journey,
And I pleaded He would take it away.

He listened and cried along with me,
But the truth I still needed to hear.
Understanding the message of His word,
Which is now in my heart and so dear.

This week I finally realized,
God has me in the palm of his hand.
And my healing has already happened,
I praise Him and together we stand!

I am eating a life changing diet,
Taking the supplements 3 times a day.
I can honestly tell at this moment;
This disease is going AWAY!

I PRAISE you my heavenly Father,
For the first cold I’ve had in over two years.
It shows my immune system is working.
So today I cry joyous tears.

I thank God for the people He has sent me,
Who are precious in every way.
I pray for them a special blessing,
With this journey they are walking each day.

I have learned through the truth in His scripture,
It is Faith that must remain in my heart.
Once I accepted the message he sent me,
There was nothing to keep us apart.

I know my journey will soon be ending,
Because this disease he is taking away.
There is a new life my Savior is sending;
I must accept it and continue to pray.

My God, through the grace of your love and your mercy,
Please continue to show me the way.
As I strive to live the truth most important,
Forever in my heart you will stay!

Amen, Amen, Amen!

*** There is truly a difference between Hope and Faith. For Hope is only the beginning; Faith is believing in HIS word.


Laura (aunt)

7:48:12 AM

Nineteen months on this Protocol

My latest update
On "My Journey Through Poetry."

July 25, 2018

I want to give thanks to our Lord,
For leading and showing the way.
Understanding the truth in his word,
Gave me strength to continue each day.

This journey has never been easy,
Many times I would ask; God, why me?
As I listened for answers to my prayers,
It was scripture he led me to see.

There are so many phases of this journey,
We must learn to accept with his Grace.
Each one is equally important,
As we strive to complete this long race.

For 19 months I followed the protocol,
Which has helped me to restore my new health.
In addition, I prayed to our Savior,
Who taught me the understanding of wealth.

I continued to post in this forum,
Realizing this was a significant part.
This community has many caring people
Who forever, will be in my heart.

I encourage you all to remain strong,
While looking for God’s holy light.
Perseverance and love kept me going,
Now the finish line is clearly in sight.

It is time to begin the next phase,
Because God has new plans for me.
I will always remember what I have learned,
And his message, for now I am free.


Laura (aunt)

10:58:57 AM

Dear Anna and Cheryl,

Thank you both for the most kind words. I truly believe much of this journey has been about God. The old me loved God and prayed. The new me is beginning to understand the power of his love and scripture.

I believe it is the sum of the parts which got me well. The "sum" included my relationship with God and the acknowledgement of understanding what is really important in life.

I pray for God to bless you both as you continue to move forward!

"Trust in the LORD with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding; in all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths" Proverbs 3:5-6

In Christ Love,


Laura (aunt)

5:19:44 PM


As Mel mentioned, the protocol has evolved over the years to help address a variety of co-infections. In addition to this, I have found the protocol beneficial in restoring the integrity of my immune system.

Today I consider myself to be about 95% better than I was a year ago. What I have noticed besides overcoming the disease is; better digestion, better sleep patterns, and more energy to name a few. I attribute this to taking the protocol, changing my diet, and a stronger relationship with our Lord.

I have made the decision that even after completely restoring my health, I will remain on the basic protocol for the rest of my life. It just makes sense.

In Christ Love,


Laura (aunt)

9:59:02 AM

After the wonderful conference call on Saturday,
I thought the information here would further explain some of the benefits we get from Logo's supplements.

I encourage all new members dealing with this disease to focus on the positive benefits we are gaining by changing our diet and life style. In other words focus on the cure rather than the disease.

Today I have restored my health (95%) and am slowly moving back into living my life. I went through many phases and stages to get to this point. Mostly it took time, perseverance, and faith in our Lord. He definitely guided me to this website where people care and understand.

"Therefore, being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ" Romans 5:1

In Christ Love,



8:36:03 AM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

A question being ask at least once every week is...

Should I continue the protocol after I restore my health?

That decision ultimately lies with you.

I do have an opinion,since, as of this August, I have stayed on the basic protocol for ten years.
To be exact I take the basic protocol every day plus Adam's Vitality and Joint marvel as well.

Today I consider myself 72 years young for I have been blessed with a slow down in aging as well as the appearance of a younger man.

I feel great am still work over 50 plus hours per week.

Karen says I act like a six grader a lot of the time! HUM!
Oh well you can't have everything.

My point is, those of us who have stayed on the basic protocol are all enjoying extremely good health and are better protected against these TOXIC times.


Good luck God bless,

It's true, those who did not give up HOPE got well



2:24:00 PM

Hello Everyone,

I know there are many reading these posts for the first time, so I'll give a short recap of my experience to date.

I've been on the protocol for about 18 months now and have gotten progressively better overall though there are intermittent set backs.
However...most of the setbacks have happened as a result of my occasional slip ups with the discipline involved in following the "sum of the parts."

Sometimes my difficulty is diet...though those times usually don't last too long and I find that part pretty easy to direct back on track. The other difficulty can be getting in all the supplements on some days because with my working two jobs, sometimes I just get busy and overwhelmed with trying to get everything done and the day will get past me without my taking all the supplements when I should.

However...I've found that one to be pretty easy to fix since I started using Mel's twice a day protocol instead of a three meal a day protocol. So...with some effort, I've cleaned up those two difficulties I've been dealing with...and I've improved so much!

But my biggest difficulty has always been...the dreaded WPS. I call it "drinking the swimming pool water." I deplore the taste of it and that makes it easy for me to just talk myself out of it sometimes....well...a lot of times. I've always just done it once a day (at night) because it usually puts me into a kind of mild herx which is not fun to deal with at work. But...with working two jobs, I often get home late and by the time I do everything else, find myself nodding off and then...OOPS! Forgot to take the WPS!

I'd probably miss my one dose a day about three to four times a week.

Not an easy truth to admit...but...there it is. I can actually admit it better now because I've recently corrected that problem.

About three weeks ago, I made a commitment to myself to take it every day. If I'm home, I even try to take it twice a day.

I did this having mastered the other parts of the "sum of the parts" for several months. I know I've had a lot of supplements and healthy eating behind me, so my body was really ready to handle it.

I picked up at five drops a day and am now up to seven. I also brush my teeth and swish three times a week with WPS.

The first thing that happened was a herx that started and continued on for at least a couple of weeks. It involved severe fatigue, the usual "fun" skin issues amplified, headaches, stomach aches, sleeping problems, and just general malaise. I was having a very hard time of it and would have been really discouraged had I not noticed that during the course of this herx, my skin issues were gradually improving. As a matter of fact, the issues improved to the point where I began to notice that several areas were completely gone and the worst area was almost flattened out.

I had one good day about a week and a half ago, and then it got bad again...until...this morning!

I'd actually been able to sleep all night last night...and I mean good rest! No hot and weird skin sensations...nothing! I woke up this morning realizing this and just started thanking God aloud, saying over and again, "thank You, thank You, thank You, thank YOU!!!!"

I called Mel and told him...I can see it...I can SEE it! I CAN SEE I'LL REALLY AND TRULY GET WELL!!!!!"

Then the truth had to come out. I said..." know...that stuff really works!" What stuff asks he...and then I had to confess.

Don't think I'll need to repeat the lecture I got about that DOES work!

Now I'm loving it and almost kissing the bottles! I'm so happy!

I do know that this is not the end of it. When you get close to the end, I understand it fights back like the monster it is...but...with WPS I've seen the fastest progress I've had so far, and I've had a lot of progress over this last 18 months...but it's been really slow overall until the last three weeks.

I don't know if taking the WPS on a regular basis will yield the same results for everyone, but it sure did for me and I think that's because I'd built such a great foundation from having been on the supplements (and partially on the WPS) for so long.

Anyway...part of Mel's response to me spilling my guts this morning was..."So write a post about it!" I was kind of squeamish to do so because of having to admit my weakness, but he said..."Think of all the people it might help." Well...that's all it takes to get me it gut spilling confessional and the happy results from my corrective action.

So...go make friends with the two little WPS bottles, but please...please...PLEASE if you are reading this and you are not on the VERY careful with how you implement the WPS and how you take it over time. There's a way to do it, and you must be very very careful. Don't just read this and think...Yea!! Magic Bullet!!! It is magic in my opinion, but it's not an instant's a substance to hold in very high respect and use very carefully.

Hope this helps someone else.



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