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When I started reading the forum just under three years ago I loved following the progress of all the different people, reading how they were improving, all the ups and downs of their journey. Sometimes I found it hard when people stopped posting because I wondered if they had ever got well, had they had setbacks, if they did get well how did they go forward with diet and everything else we manage in our lives.

So when I started posting I made the decision that I would never stop until I got well, whether the news was good or bad or boring!

I found that posting the stage where I was stopping the olive leaf and WPS was really difficult. I felt quite exposed saying that I had no symptoms but would wait and see what would happen stopping those two things. I really didn't want to disappoint anyone. It felt that it would have been easier to just keep quiet. Anyway I have now been off the olive leaf and WPS for the three months, just keeping on with the Wellness Kit and am happy to report that there is nothing to report!

I aim not to examine my skin and most of the time I manage that. Its just that sometimes my skin will get a little itch! Did that happen before morgellons - it must have done but of course I never thought anything about it. But now if I do I still spray with Kleen Green or WPS but there is nothing to see. I get the occasional spot on my face but of course I always did before. Maybe as time passes I will calm down - but I want to keep learning how to look after my health. I've learnt so much from being ill but want to keep on learning to make sure that I stay well.

Thank you again to Mel - I cannot imagine what I would have done without him and this website. Thank you to you all for being my friend here. I'm still following everyone's progress on the forum and on the calls and cheering you on.

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