How I Cured Morgellons

The Canaanite Woman


9:37:04 AM

Hi everyone,

Well I dearly wish you all good health in 2017!

For myself I'm so grateful I listened to Mel about MMS as there's no way in a million years I would have taken it otherwise.
It definitely does help, I use it every day im taking 9 drops, daily in two doses though I take a little food alongside as I was dizzy if I didn't and it's a fine balancing act.

I have been taking mms now since Summer time and I feel it work on my scalp it tightens the skin as if killing of something.

I still have black specks and bite sensations, Bartonella scratches appear all over, burning sensations on leg or feet, painful bones and inflammation at times.
Some days worse than others, heat makes it worse also if I get wet or damp, well then the black specks all come itching out..

Not good when live in a damp cold country!
However,it has improved thank god thanks to mms! :-)

My dog still bites at herself at times and scratches, but she mirrors me, so isn't as bad either.

I speak to Marie on here nearly every week and I'm so happy Ruth gave me her number.

If it wasn't for this website we would never have spoken!!:-)
Despite our age difference we can talk for hours!!
Age means nothing, it's the spirit and personality that counts.
It's great to be able to talk with someone who understands you and you understand them about Morgellons and how it is distressing and things we react to or struggle with.
But we also talk about other things, about things we like, about wonderful experiences we have had, connections, good things.
As Marie is a storyteller she takes me to order places with her evocative stories, with her words, she makes me laugh out loud or think of times long gone.. We care about each other and she is my friend now, even though we will never meet in person no matter!
And it's lovely to chat away, it's company.

Especially since I still feel unsafe being around people, though it's better than it was.
But because it has flared up three times now I'm very very wary being around people.

I saw a video with the lovely Joni Mitchell and the guy said, " is it true you are a recluse? "

To which she stated, " people don't understand, "

But fellow Morgellons sufferers know only too well exactly why she has kept to herself.

Yet I saw a strength in her face, a nobility, I was really strung out and stressed with Morgellons symptoms that day and so I sought out this video of Joni to see if she looked like she was coping..

Well she was..she was still strong, despite the fight she has endured.

It's important to see that, to hear it and to see it in ourselves.

To see that all strength is not lost and that we are still here in ESSENSE even if we lost some parts of ourselves along the way.

We will never be the same person again, but we have learned so many things..

We live very simple lives and take nothing for granted.

Health we realise is the most wonderful thing we can have. Our values change overnight. Often it's about survival nothing else.

In some ways it's good to cut the wheat from the chaffe,and not fret over material things or things that are superficial and do not matter. Is this a spiritual lesson? I guess everything is really.

I don't hear from Fiona since she moved, but last I heard was she was doing very well on the protocol and wanted to move forward!
So I still think of her and wish her well.
I think she will be doing very well as she was healing well :-)

God bless everyone here x

Amy B

12:09:18 AM

Hello friends!

It has been awhile since I posted – and I feel like every time I post, I am apologizing for not posting enough. But I also feel like this community is so understanding of everyone and how we are all so different that y’all don’t need me to apologize.

With this disease, I am becoming healthier both physically AND mentally. :) Letting go of fear was something I had to really work on – and I am also working on not feeling so guilty and “less than” all the time.

So even though I am not a frequent poster or able to attend the calls in person – please know how much this community means to all of us. I read the forum all the time and listen to the conference calls weekly - thank you – that is awesome they are recorded!!!!

And even though you don’t know me, I feel like I know so many of you thru the calls. Thank you for that,by sharing your stories and your life, I can’t tell you how many times you have touched my heart and I feel your love. This truly is an amazing place!

I wish I could do more to give back to the community, but as a single mom who works full time and tries to keep up with kids – I am learning to do what I can and “let go and let God” for the rest!!

So for today, I will just say THANK YOU to everyone for being the amazing folks you are. I give to Mel’s go fund me when I can…I wish it were more, but like others have said, every little bit helps. And I send you all my love and prayers every day.

I first spoke with Mel and John B last October and am in my 13th month on the protocol. Soooooo much has happened this year, both good and bad….sometimes I can’t even believe it all – but the message I want you all to know is that because of you – I am still “warrioring” on. Before finding this community, fear controlled me – but not anymore, because of you, I know I am not alone. I am doing so, so much better than when I started….I have also been diagnosed with Chronic Lyme, so I think my journey is taking longer than some – but that is OK. Glory to God that I am getting better and I understand it is on his time, not mine. :)

Please know – that you are touching the lives of more people than you even realize. I love you all!

Amy B*
*I am adding the B to my name, because there has been another Amy who has joined and posted since my original post. :)


8:29:24 AM


I'm into my third month now! The regimen has begun to feel fully integrated, normal even. That feeling of "doing lots of extra things" has passed. Right now, my symptoms are:

Scalp itching
Occasional face activity
Daily fatigue

Two major wins this month! No more intestinal purging (plaque?) and no more skin irritation aside from the scalp. For a person with Ulcerative Colitis to stop purging intestinal nonsense--something good is happening. I have no doubt my ability to absorb nutrients has dramatically increased.

This journey has brought about both challenging and victorious days. If you run into a tough day, take a nap or go to bed early. It's the best way to get through it!

Stay the course, pray for strength, and give thanks for all the wonderful things in your life.

Best to you and yours,



10:53:01 PM

Hi all,

I've been MIA working on my life because I've been relatively more or less pretty ok.

My underlying health issues of Lyme and co-infections are always very considerable issues that I can resolve to an extent but never completely not yet.

The depths of awful toxic symptoms of M are at bay from the protocol. Still needing the maintenance dose of MMS.

I'm on the verge of moving again as it's the second time in Brooklyn that I've encountered mold!

I have to reiterate, if your environment is a problem, get out of it!
I moved three months ago and am doing it again, because no apt is worth sacrificing your health.

It's just a place you sleep, and sit... you can sleep and sit somewhere else!

I'm beginning grad school in an effort to increase marketability, decrease stress, increase income and to get on track with a fulfilling career : )

Super broke at the moment, but toward the eventual greater good.

Just wanna check in, and thank Mel again for saving my life ;)
All things considered at the moment, still feeling pretty good <3

Sending love and positivity <3


3:53:21 PM

Hi everyone

I forgot to say some stuff in my last post about what a wonderful company Logos is.
First I want to thank Glenn (shipping manager) for helping to resolve some questions I had regarding ordering. He was responsive, kind and professional what more could I ask!

Second, I could not believe the quality for the relatively small price. My husband and I have been taking many of the basic protocol stuff for years. As an example, we pay $25 for a bottle of Olive Leaf Extract. We take multi vitamins, probiotics are usually $50, we take fish oil, we take b and d vitamins, we buy kelp and copper separate, we take enzymes... I could go on and on. All of these items were previously purchased at our local health food store.

I got all this and much much more for about $150. It's all in there. That's for the basic kit and the extension kit.


That is all I have to say. Don't go elsewhere and try and piecemeal your own protocol. You'll pay much more and anyway why would you want to WHEN THIS ONE WORKS.

Do everything you can you get it. I know many struggle financially. I have nothing but understanding there as I do too.

I'm on a fixed income due to my disability and have just had a great expense due to loosing my mother in May. But I realized that my life was in grave danger if I did not put fighting this disease on the very very top of my to do list.

That's where it must stay from now on.

Most of the time, I look a mess. I don't care about hair, clothes, nails, makeup, jewelry a social life or anything else at the moment.
Any money or energy I may have spent on these things now goes into affording Mel's Protocol.

Everything else that's not absolutely necessary can wait for me.

Lots of love



3:22:13 PM

Hi everyone,

Well I'm back to report that I have successfully completed my first month on Mel's Protocol. Yesterday I began my seconds month along with the extension kit and the MMS.

Was I scared to do MMS the first time? YES!!! Did I down that stuff like a champ? BIG YES!!! I figured that if all of you can do it, being the Warriors that you are, then I can surely do it too!

MMS tastes bad, but I've most definitely tasted many pharmaceuticals that are much worse. So we just have to put mind over matter and get the job done.

I'm noticing subtle positive changes to the way I feel. My body has done a great deal of purging this month. Every day I take long soaks in the tub, recently things (MD, bio-film) is just sloughing off of my entire body en mass.

I feels so good to get things out and I'm noticing less and less pain the more things leave. My fatigue has greatly improved since being on the protocol even though I'm still careful not to overdo things. I used to sleep all day, now I don't.

I no longer have to change my bedding every single night. I can do it every two or three days without being kept up all night from stinging and biting.

I am sleeping through the night and able to wake up at 7 am feeling refreshed. That's huge because I was a pretty sad sick little puppy not too long ago. I slept all day.

Now I don't want to paint a picture here that's all puppy dogs and rainbows. I'm still struggling in several areas. I've slipped on my diet a few times. I won't elaborate but overall i would say I'm about 80% on the diet. I strive daily to do better.

I'm also struggling with my environment reinfecting me. Every time I handle my dogs or get in my car I'm itching again. I've ordered Revolution for the dogs and I also give them MMS and MSM. Surely things have to get better there. One evening, I took them outside and was totally swarmed and attached by some sort of flying insect. Some sort of gnat. It sook me two days to fully extract them all from my pores.

Overall however I can tell you that I am in good spirits. I'm trusting God for a full cure. He has His hand on all of our lives and I know he's not finished with me yet.

I'd also like to say that I have enjoyed participating live in a couple of conference calls.

I ADORE MEL's INFECTIOUS LAUGH. That's the only infection we really need around here.

I will be posting here from time to time to keep a running commentary for myself and anyone else who may be interested.

I hope to see everyone on the other side of this affliction.

Lots of love



7:15:38 PM

Hi Mary,

Thank you so much for your response. I am so happy that you are able to be affectionate with your family an also that you don't need to buy kleen green anymore. It is very expensive.

I have one more issue that I hope you can help me with.

Did you make any one around you itch and/or cough when you were in the early part of your recovery? If so, did that stop and how far along on the recovery were you when that happened. It stresses me to no end when I see people around me affected and I can't wait for the day that it stops happening.

Thank you again for all of your help.


12:17:54 AM

Hi Paul,

I'm glad my posts are helpful to you! I haven't noticed anything getting worse since ending the use of KG in wash or spraying in my shoes. And, yes, my husband and I are back in same bed and no problems. Same with my son when my hubby is on biz trips, I let the lil' guy stay in my bed. So, that part is all wonderful. Glad to hear you are staying strong and with the program!
Peace of Christ be with you and your family!

10:46:49 PM

Hi Mary,
I am so happy to hear about how well you are doing. It gives me great hope that I too will be there soon. Have you noticed any difference since you stopped using the kleen green? I still use it for all laundry and cleaning around the house but it is quite expensive. I believe in one of your earlier posts you mentioned that you were moving back to the room with your husband. How has that gone? I would like to move back in to our bedroom with my wife but I am waiting until I get a little further along. Please keep posting. I always find comport and useful information in your posts.


2:42:28 AM

Greetings All! I am amazed that I missed my May posting altogether. It has been so busy. As a working mom, I am so busy with my own business, both direct client contact and then all the administrative stuff like returning calls/emails, billing, etc. Plus I find that I really need to stay on top of my son’s school work and make sure he is studying and preparing projects. It has never been so busy in my life. But, I love it for the most part. Summer is almost here and I’m looking forward to sleeping in a little and not having to get up to get him ready and off to school, packing lunches and making breakfasts. No morning review sessions of algebraic formulas and functions of the human anatomy nor medieval and renaissance history. Oy veh!

Well, as for my MD, it is still here. I have just reached the 2nd anniversary of when I first realized I had it. I recall it being in June 2014. Started the protocol as I’ve mentioned in other posts in August. So, this is quite the journey. 18 months is gone by the wayside. I do have a whole complete life, though. I have the crawling, some days so minimal I consider it none. But other days more. More when I drink too much coffee, such as ½ cup is too much. ¼ cup seems to be ok. I don’t really have any more crawling when I have fruit, even watermelon and pineapple and not when I have red potatoes with EVOO, lots of garlic and rosemary. I have the sugar free ketchup from the health food store and lots of hot sauce like Chalula. Also no problem with yoghurt, goat or cow’s milk, but plain not flavored. So, I can make my tzatziki (cucumber garlic dip) for lamb and beanitos or veggies. So, maybe I’m slowing my healing down, but I don’t know. If it doesn’t cause any crawling increase, I figure it is okay. I think that’s the way we are supposed to gauge it.

I’m so happy to watch all the new developments here. I’m not a phone person and am much more a writer, so, I don’t call in. Life is also so busy to find the time for calls. But, if I need to, I’m glad to know it’s available. I think it will be great for the newer folks, too. I definitely would have been calling a lot if I had this back in 2014. And, I don’t even know anything about skyping so, I think technology is now surpassing me. That’s great that you are keeping up with the times, Mel. I’m sure I’ll have to learn more of it as my son gets older if I want to stay in close connection with him. I’m glad it works for so many people here and that it is really getting user friendly with all the options of how to connect. Mel you are continuing to do a phenomenal job running this site. Peter, you continue to be amazing also with all your caring and informative posts. Lady T (could you be the Theresa of old? Or Tee?) I’m so curious now. But, lady, you have a lot to share, and it is certainly fascinating. You have amazing energy. You’ve got to be in the natural healing arts because you seem to know so much!

I personally do not have the energy (not low on energy due to MD just don’t have the motivation currently) to try more supplements than those on Mel’s protocol. So, when I’m 100% it will be because of only the protocol and nada else.

One newer advancement is that I no longer have been using Kleen Green in wash or anywhere. I use a ½ c of Borax and the Arm n Hammer detergent and softner that is biodegradable. I wash all my delicate clothing that require cold water wash in the washing machine with just the detergent and softner and then hang dry. So, I’m looking more "stylish" again with a wide range of clothing. I also had my hair dyed to get rid of the grey, twice now and all is well. Nothing at all happened unusual. My stylist that I’ve had for many years is using gluten free dye product.

So, I'm still fighting for full recovery. Peter's inspirational accomplishment of this after so long is really great for morale. I'll keep at it too. I'm not giving up either!

My prayers for all of us with MD continue and may God Bless all of us, everyone.

Cured Over 90%


9:06:38 AM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,




5:06:37 AM

That's wonderful news Ruth!!!

Thanks for sharing that with us.

It will no doubt keep us all going!

I can't wait to be writing the same thing.

I hope you are enjoying life once again.

5:07:50 PM

Dear Ruth,

I couldn't be more happy for you! It's such a wonderful feeling NOT to be feeling symptoms all the time, isn't it?

Only recently, while I was talking with someone at work, I realized that I was actually completely focusing on our conversation and not on symptoms I use to feel, or the fact that I have this disease that I can't tell this person about.

oday while I was at the grocery store, I was thinking how even if I could eat some of the things I use to buy (like Peanut M&M's...yum!), I wouldn't, because I so enjoy putting only good food into my body now.

If we all just stay the course, and share our information, (like you have done so generously), we will ALL beat this thing!

Congratulations and much love,


12:58:17 AM

Dear Ruth

I am thrilled to read your post. Congratulations! Although you may still have some challenges ahead, the worst is surely behind you now. Stay disciplined and continue to do what has proven to work for you. And thank you for your many contributions to this community!

I never doubted that you would succeed.


12:03:55 AM

Dearest Ruth,

Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you! You showed that slow and steady spirit with your quiet and mild spirit. 1Peter 3:4 Wow soon we'll have a thread "I want to be well like Ruth" ahha it's such a great news! I'm loving it.


5:31:55 AM

Hi everyone,

Mel has asked that I put a post here and I am very happy to say that I feel I am in the 90% better category now.

The symptoms I have now are what I consider to be a tenth of what I have experienced at its worst. Some days I have no symptoms at all and other days see a few fibres and little cuts come and go. I no longer have any scratch marks or bruises and at the moment am rash and pimple free!

I'm currently in the middle of my second month cycle on Immune Pulse and had a wobbly moment a couple of weeks ago when I had two days of increased fibres. Reassurance from Mel that it is the Immune Pulse doing its work was very helpful. It shows that I've still got further to go but so far that is the only difference in symptoms I've had whilst taking it. I'm just starting my eleventh month on the protocol.

A big thank you to Mel, John and Peter for being here, for your support, help, advice and encouragement. Also thank you to everyone on the forum and conference calls, past and present as you have all been a huge help to me, passing on information, wisdom, humour and helping me keep on track.


3:14:26 PM

Hi Deborah

I appreciate your thanks and I am glad you responded for others to see that it was helpful. By sharing that your symptoms have reversed, you further assure others that our conclusions about the nature of returning symptoms are correct. Happy for you! You are closing in on the finish line.

Godspeed indeed!
Deborah W.

1:18:15 PM

Thank you for explaining that Peter. I really appreciate it. The rash is now gone to my shoulder and the other has subsided. Gods speed!

2:24:30 AM

Hello Deborah

In looking back at my journals, I can see where unexpected breakouts of pimpling and rashes returned to places that my body had maintained symptom free. This happened in a 5 month cycle. In other words, it seems that twice each year the disease makes a bold attempt to disseminate or go system wide again. It is just another cycle that occurs. Try not to be alarmed. Instead, try to ignore it.

The two or three times this has occurred, the symptoms localized around one knee, one ankle, and one bicep and reversed out within a few days. In other words, symptoms re-arrived quickly and then subsided quickly.

The key is to not worry. Worry will flood your system with cortisol which will then lengthen the time that symptoms remain. Trust in your immune response. This is representative of deeper detoxing and must take place to reach greater remission. Have no fear.

Strength and Love,

Deborah W.

1:42:23 PM

I was about 95% healed but in the past few weeks seem to be going a few steps backwards, still following the protocol, my hair and ears are a real problem right now and a rash where I was healed is now breaking out on my right shoulder. I have been adding tea tree oil to my conditioner and silver drops in ears but not progressing forward. Is this like "Custers last stand" or may I be doing something wrong? Does anyone have any advice?

1:05:31 PM

Hello Everyone,

I have not posted in a while but as Deborah mentioned, when I feel good, I am able to do so much more with my days. Last fall and winter I stayed home most of the time and spent many hours online, reading and researching. In trying to get my life back, I like to pretend I do not have this disease. I do read every single post on this site and today want to let others know how well I am doing.

In the beginning when I read the 90% cured posts, I didn't know what that meant. I can say now that I really don't have any symptoms when I keep to the protocol and diet all the time. When I am away from home more, I sometimes eat foods off the plan and sometimes forget to take supplements with me. It is then that I notice an increase in itching. Other than that, I have to remind myself that I have this disease. Some things that have helped me and continue to help:

DIET - I drink Every Day Detox tea or Red Rooibus Tea in the morning with an egg and Ezekiel bread. Ezekiel makes English muffins and wraps also. There is no flour in their products and they are high in protein. Other mornings, I have Ezekiel cereal with unsweetened coconut, cinnamon, flax and chia seeds and use almond coconut milk that is unsweetened. I now eat berries and green apples, but didn't in the beginning.
For lunch I eat lots of vegetables and try to have one big salad a day with at least 5 different vegetables. I might add some chicken, almonds, or egg.
For dinner I make a lot of veggie burgers by throwing lots of stuff into my food processor, cooking them and freezing for later. I have fish or grass-fed beef maybe once a week. I eat other vegetables in season, and if I have a grain, it is quinoa or brown rice pasta. I use a lot of herbs and spices like cayenne, cumin, coriander, parsley, basil, and curry powder.

I only use Stevia for sweetener. I put lemon or lime in my filtered water,
I snack on sunflower seeds and almonds. My favorite snack is guacamole with a chip called Beanitos made from black or pinto beans.

It is not always easy but if I plan ahead and bring my food with me, I can stay on the necessary foods. I do not feel deprived, and people around me have changed some of their habits by my example.

I need to make sure to get enough rest and days I do too much, I pay a price. It was this time last year that I was bitten by something, so I am very cautious outside this summer. If I spend time in my yard, I wash my clothes immediately and shower when I come inside.
I still do not know what caused my infestation, but my home is much more clean and decluttered so that I feel much safer.

I try to see the blessings in my journey and maybe the best thing is an increased awareness of how fragile we all are and how to count our blessings every day.
One of my favorite quotes is from Thomas Merton, 'This day will never come again.'
I am blessed to have a wonderful family, a great job, many friends and should never take those things for granted.

I am planning to continue the complete protocol of supplements and MMS and Molecular silver until I reach 18 months. And then we'll see. . . I am now in month 10.
I hope newcomers will be encouraged to know that I started getting better after one month, and after two months, aside from some fatigue and joint pain really had no symptoms. Everyone's symptoms will be different depending on how ill we are to start with. I think I was lucky enough to catch this early and then my daughter contacted Mel and he gave me a call. I am grateful that I was able to follow the protocol faithfully.
I still do not have a doctor who treats M, but at my yearly checkup in September, I will ask my PC to repeat all the tests I had last year to see my progress thus far. I mention this because many others spend a lot of time trying to find a sympathetic doctor in their area, and it didn't happen for me. You can get better in spite of that indifference by the medical profession. We all need to be more involved in our own care anyway.

I also want to mention that the 'He Cures All Foundation' while generous and life-saving for many, will never be able to help everyone who needs the assistance. I urge others with financial constraints to ask family and friends for help. I had to borrow money from others and am still paying those funds back. But when people realize that it is vital, I believe others can and should step up to help. I had a friend cook meals for me when I was too sick and I have been able to pay her back in other ways. Do not hesitate to ask for this help. Waiting for Mel's foundation should never be the reason to prolong suffering.

Be good to yourself so that you will be strong enough to be a source of strength for others.

Best to all of you in your journey back to health. You WILL get better!

Deborah B

4:57:07 PM

Hi Jane,

Thanks for sharing your story. It was very encouraging to hear of your progress. I wanted to respond to your post because I too am approaching my one-year anniversary and seeing the 'light at the end of the tunnel'. Like you, I was most motivated to get well because I wanted to see my little girl grow up. She is seven years old and also has Moregellons. She and I are both getting well on the protocol. I have a hunch there are a lot of 'silent warriors' out there who don't post much but who are getting their lives back day by day, like you and I and my daughter.

For any of the newly stricken out there, please take heart. Especially the parents who may be tempted to give up hope for themselves or their children. . . like so many before me, let me just say. . DON'T! It is not hopeless . . you have come to the right place and there is an abundance of hope and help here. We found the help we needed to get well. A year from now, it could be you posting an encouraging update here about your own or your child's progress.

After one year on the protocol, my daughter is doing amazingly well (so am I!). She was much sicker than I was originally and we were certain that we would lose her if we didn't get help. . . and quickly! Her downward spiral was rapid and terrifying. I am convinced that we were led to this website and the protocol just in time. I am so grateful to Mel and others for help in saving her life and restoring her health. I give God the glory for her healing and Mel the credit for serving Him through this website. That I am getting well too is an added bonus. Last year at this time I was praying and begging God to save her life and never mind about me. But in His amazing love and wisdom He guided me here and let me know that healing was a 'two for one' deal in His economy and that He was not going to leave me behind. Mel was right to name the foundation 'He cures all', because He does and will.

Like you Jane, we also feel like we still have a row or two to hoe before being done with this disease. I'm not sure if we are in the '90% cured' category yet or what the criteria even is for that, but at this time we are free of all symptoms except for some scalp issues and some occasional bruising. We have no lesions, no significant brain fog or fatigue, and very little in the way of purging symptoms. Our progress is slow, but steady and sure. Because of that, we are starting to plan for the future again. Life feels 'normal' . . . or at least a 'new normal' because nothing will ever be quite the same again. But that's a good thing! We don't want to ever return to a life not fully appreciated or lived in a fog of fast paced activities and unhealthful choices.

So thanks again Jane, for your encouraging post. It inspired me to write about our progress as you did, and I hope others who are getting well out there will be encouraged to chime in with their own stories. It would mean a lot to all of us to hear from more of the '90% cured' crowd! ;-)


Deborah B

12:16:55 PM

This is Jane.

I have been doing the Protocol for about one year now. When doctors didn't help me (sound familiar?)
I turned for help on the internet. I feel I was very lucky to find Mel's web site and very lucky that he outlined his cure.

I felt like I really had no choice but to try it and follow it. The sum of the parts really works for this disease! I want to encourage anyone that is reading this, you can save your life by following Mel's protocol because it does work. I still feel like I have a long way to go and may be on this for a long time, but I am back to having my life again and don't feel sick anymore. I have my energy back and don't feel contagious either.

It's really hard to believe that the medical community would hide the benefits of MMS for a disease like ours over greed and patents, but that is what is happening. Follow Mel's protocol and you will get better.

You will get your life back. It works!

The thought of not seeing my children through their life was unbearable to me. So I did this every day. It takes time for it to work. Looking back to last year when I was so sick - there is such a difference. Be patient, follow the steps. Every day do your best. If you go off - then get right back on as soon as you can. The more you stick to it - the quicker you will get well.

Thank you Mel for showing us how to get well from the terrible Morgellons. There are good people in the world. Mel is a good person that is willing to help you with this. Listen to his advice. He has a good heart and is trustworthy.

I am walking proof that the protocol works.

Never give up hope. Never!

8:10:13 PM

Hello to all my beloved friends and warriors

As I post this entrance into the 90% cured thread, let me share the core truths that become profoundly apparent through the looking glass of my nearly complete return to health. It has been a great blessing and wonderful journey for me for the past 11 months. I am overwhelmed at just how rewarding this has become and how much love and support I have received from so many of you along the way.

Every morning, I wake up with curiosity and excitement to the coming new day, as well as what surprises and challenges the newly stricken and those becoming healed will bring to me. In addition, it is remarkable how much I have grown as a person and developed as a healing influence for others. This disease truly empowers us and enlightens us from within through the simple manner in which so many come together to fight the gallant fight that we all do each and every day.

To that end, I have fought this gallant fight with the heart of a warrior, and the enemy is now on the verge of complete surrender. And on a deeply personal level, I am now so able to appreciate, treasure, and respect the meaning of life. I have been made humble, thankful, excited, and prepared for welcoming the next chapter of my life.

Fight the gallant fight each and every day! Stay committed! Be a warrior! Never lose hope! Your fight to regain your health will represent to God the profound truth that nothing in life worth having comes easily. God will respond to your hope, your prayers and your faith. Never doubt this! I never did.

Pay everything you can forward. The living God inside you will reveal the steps to take to you. As you take them, always bear forth the desire for those behind you to also heal. This is Gods clear message delivered through the affliction. 'Above all else, take care of one another.'

Finally, to Mel. 'Thank you for saving my life!!!!'

You all remain in my prayers and my hopes for a complete recovery. Bring it home! Finish the fight! Declare victory! These are absolutely within your grasp!

Strength and Love

1:35:34 AM

Hi Mel,

I do not complain that I am not healed in 18 months, not at all. As you usually say everybody's body is different, and that is absolutely true. Also, with morgellons there are a lot of different conditions that can make someone was healed sooner than others. Even if someone follow 100% your protocol, their situation can be different than yours. Mould in someons house can make it much harder to get rid of morgellons. Someone can have different condition of desesase (sores, borrelia, springtails...). All of this can make that 18 months will not be enought for some of us.
Your protocol I started firstly, because you were cured with that protocol, and secondly, I found that Logos product were very good supplements.
When I started your protocol, my decision was ''let's try and see, what of this I can follow, and what of this I cannot follow'. It was my decision from the beginning, not to have Bactrim , and I was aware that the result could be unsuccessful because of that. In my post 'Hello Down Under Australia' posted on 9/27/2011, I said that I was not on Bactrim. Only what I can say is, that I do not have any regret about this, as I have done what I thought was good for me.The next decision was, not to have MMS before I make my own research on it. The rest of protocol I accepted and started with it. After 6 monthsthat I started MMS (july 2011).

I was eating some bread for a while, but it was not too much. Even so, I know it has not been a good idea. That was fault of my own. I am responsible for myself and no one else. In my observations I have noticed, that you and Mr Common sense are two people who are cured from morgellons, and both of you were eating fruit. The experience is the mother of the wisdom. Morgelons and pathogens need sugar, magnesium, silica, boron and many other minerals for their existence, and they take it from us. What they need we need too, the sugar is not exception. We will not stop taking it because of the fact that pathogens need it. However, intake of rafined sugar for morgellons sufferers should be a big NO. It is not healthy, even if you do not have morgellons. But everybody has right to make his/her own mind. There is some sugar in fruit and vegetable. My opinion is that if we eat vegetable, and fruit in moderation, and take care about content of sugar in it (a ripe fruit has more sugar), we will be OK. You and MCS are the best example for it. Sometimes experience is what make us learn and give us an opportunity to share our experience with the others. That is what you has been doing Mel. THANK you so much for that.

Since I have been more than 18 month on protocol, and I am not free of all symptoms, my decision has been to find the replacement for Bactrim. Probably I should do it earlier. There is something what borders me and I think it could be Borrelia burgdorferi, which migrated into my joints capsules, and my eyes (the symptoms that I have). As I did not take Bactrim, I could expect that. I work on it now, and I think I have found the good replacement for Bactrim. We will see in 3 months the result. When you start something new, it is not clever to give an feedback straight away. You have to have a proper evaluation time.

At the end, I have to say, morgellons is even for medical people mystery, so whatever we think or do, could be true or false. The experience in this stage is the only what metters. Accordingly, each of us with our experiance, or our mistake, or our succsee, make a step forward to understand this desease bette.

Love to all,

2:18:53 AM

Dear Deborah B,
Thank you so much on your generosity and your kind and supportive words. When our expectations are not fulfilled, even when we ourselves contributed to that, it is amusing to see that there are people there, who will not condemn us, then rather help us to sustain. You are very wise person, and with your attitude, you are a big asset to this forum. I wish you all the best.

Lot of love

3:56:49 PM

The interactions on this site never cease to amaze me. I can scarcely even come here any more without finding myself in tears. Against the backdrop of darkness that is Morgellons, what an oasis this has become!

I thought I would chime in and attempt to clarify a couple of issues:

Sugar/Fruit - Refined or white sugar is poison. Period. It wreaks havoc on the body in a multitude of ways, not the least of which are fueling yeast or fungal overgrowth, causing systemic inflammation, and suppressing immunity... not a good thing for anyone, but especially not for Morgellons sufferers.

Fruit or other natural sources of sugar are somewhat better because fruit delivers sugar in combination with fiber and various nutrients. Consequently, the body's response (in terms of insulin spike, etc.) is less severe - as measured by their lower glycemic index.

However, some isolated fruit sugars (like fructose) are even worse than table sugar. Many store bought juices contain added sugar, and typically the absolute worst kind, high fructose corn syrup.

Bottom line - all forms of sugar feed yeast and other pathogens, including parasites. Best practice - especially early on - is to eliminate all forms from your diet.

Stevia is by far the best substitute if you must have something sweet. It has no metabolic downside whatsoever.

Body Temp - Low body temp is almost never normal and almost always involves thyroid suppression.

Parasites can and do lower body temp by monopolizing energy sources and secreting toxic wastes and other estrogenic compounds that suppress thyroid function by binding hormone receptors.

We don't live in a vaccuum and life will never be perfect. Thank goodness we don't have to be perfect, but most of us can stand to make consistently better choices.

If we make better choices, we will inevitably get better results. To me, that is what this website has always been about.

What I see happening here is not an eighteen month journey to a fixed destination, but an ongoing - and incredibly beautiful - process of transformation.

Can any of us say that our life has not been enriched by our interactions here? I give praise and honor to God for allowing me to serve and learn from each of you.

You are, in a word, inspirational.

Love Always,

John Burgstiner

6:35:06 PM

I need to chime in here...

first- remember - EVERYONE even posting here only cares and wants to see everyone 100% well (not 90%)

I also have read and researched including ALL related to Mr Common Sense...

that said..

Mels protocol (extended) is a basic guide- developed over time-- which works-- does it work 100% and within a set time frame for all-- who knows--

but... it works--

one thing both Mel and Mr Common Sense did do- WAS TAKE LONG TERM PHARMA ANTI BIOTCS

Do I -- NO-- DO my kids - NO- have I thought about it YES-- but still believe this protocol-- and the risks vs reward for long term use of those--- well Im not convinced yet--


there have been- and continue to be MANY contradictions re diet- re sugar (fruit /honey)(APPLE JUICE / RED GRAPE JUICE MAPLE SYRUP)

I think this REALLY needs to be cleared up-- some try not to touch a gram of sugar-- while others are gulping down apple and grape juice-- LOADED with it..

HOWEVER-- some here-- and outside Mels site - HAVE gotten better with this type of sugar--

we cannot underestimate the natural power of GOD GIVEN fruits --

I use Xylitol (proven biofilm buster) as my sweetener--

my kids use stevia

we eat well- limit sugar- do the protocol (extended) things MUCH better-- not 100% but much better

I do want to add also--

re BODY TEMP-- mine is lower- my 8 year olds os lower/ my 12 year olds is lower-- is this all due to thyroid suppression to start ? maybe-- maybe not

I did read extensive re parasites somewhere-- parasites do what they can to lower your internal body temp-- just enough to thrive---

this research said .. if we can increase our body temps -- just back to 98.6.. this alone could be enough to rid the body of parasites-- as they would not survive long term...

ever notice - no activity while in a hot shower or bath? or less or none if you had a fever? may also explain the added benefit of a sauna/?

this research says raise your body temp with exersize diet certain fruits-- and COCONUT OIL

just my thoughts -- comments...

I will end by saying again-- I WILL BE 100% (as will my kids) hope you all will be too

thanks Mark
Deborah B

4:41:58 PM

Dear Sonja,

I just wanted to write to let you know that your honest post about your continuing struggle with Morgellons was an encouragement to me. It caused me to ask myself if I was focusing too closely on the 18 month time frame of Mel's successful recovery, and to rethink some of the choices I have made.

I realized that I may not be completely realistic when I assume my recovery will go exactly as Mel's did. It may be longer, or (wonderful thought) even shorter for some of us. I have since reconfirmed in my own mind that I am in the fight for the long-haul and for complete recovery, even if it should be harder or longer than I originally thought.

Your positive attitude even in the face of an extended recovery was an example to me. It encouraged me in my own fight and it sounds like that was your intention. . . to help others. I appreciate your honesty and humility, which is so in harmony with the spirit of this website.

I am praying that God will soon bless you with complete recovery and perfect health.

Much Love,

Deborah B.


10:33:57 AM

Hello Sonja,

Welcome as always.

This was the one of the times when I wish I had answered this post first, but to be honest, your post took me quite by surprise. I felt like I had failed you by not being aware of what you were not doing(Bactrim)and what you were still eating that I did not know about.

You might have told me about Bactrim, I don't remember. This has been and is one of my fears that I might by accident forget something! There are so many people!

You are the reason I started the topic thread "Hello down under". You under your own initiative started this thread "90% Cured". For you and your contributions to our website, I am eternally grateful!!!

I am also grateful to Monica for caring enough to show you some "tough love". Your response to her reveals a warm and humble heart and a mature and wise mind.

NOW let's see if we can't help you get to the finish line and rejoice with you in having your health totally restored.

Like Monica, may I be so bold as to suggest you try the new Morgellons Extension Kit which includes a natural antibiotic (olive leaf), Candida Rid and Magnifizyme. I consider Magnifizyme to be the final frontier (are there any Treckies among us?).

Based on the feedback we are getting from so many now utilizing these additional products, they may very well be what is needed to get you "over the top".

You obviously know the drill on the diet issues. We can all probably make improvements in that area.

I suppose it is possible that regardless of what you do, you may never be more than 90% cured, but if that is the case, it's a long long way from where you once were!!!

Don't forget:


May God bless you Sonja with total restoration! We can all plainly see that you have not given up HOPE!


10:29:40 PM

Dear Monica,

I am 68 years old woman, which is very honest with herself, as well as with the others.
I would be dishonest only in the case, that I did not say what could be a reason that I am not healed 100% in 18 months. I suppose we have to tell the truth, even when it is not so pleasant to hear.

The cream, I would add just a little bit in my coffee (as I said occasionally only). The fruit I do eat (mostly Granny Smith apples), but you are better to read Mel's diet, and see that he was eating the fruit as well. Also Mr Common Sense, who is cured from Morgellons, using his own protocol, was consuming fruit all the time. Yes, bred I should not have eaten, I know that, and that is why I mentioned it in my post, so that the others can be warned. I have spent a lot of time researching morgellons. The research is in my blood, as I worked as computer analyst programmer for 30 years. I am very well informed about everything what is connected to morgellons. My knowledge about chemistry is very good, so I do understand how our body works, and how food, vitamins, enzymes and supplements, affect our health and body.

You are very close to 18 months on the protocol and you are 90% free of symptoms (I suppose so), so I wish you all the best. I hope you will be able to say that you are 100% free of symptoms soon, but if you are not, don't be disappointed, as it can take more than that, even if you 100% stick to the protocol. That was the message from my post, posted on the 02/07/13.


1:14:55 PM


You said, 'Unfortunately, I have to say that I am not free of all symptoms yet. It does not mean that I will not be free of all symptoms, this is just acceptance of the truth that it can take more than 18 months, at the least for some of us.'

I don't think you're being honest here... You have been having cream, eating bread, eating fruit... Which means, your diet hasn't been clean. You've been feeding morgellons, candida, and whatever else is in your body keeping you sick, by not following the protocol to a tea with regards to MMS.

How is it, that the protcol isn't working, if you aren't going to take responsiblity for NOT actually working the ENTIRE thing? Be honest with yourself and the rest of us, please. This is too important.

Diet is critical...there's no way around it, period. I feel awful that you're still sick with symptoms, but, it's because you've not sufficiently changed the mindset of understanding how you got sick in the first place. There is an immune system suppression underlining all of us who have this condition. You cannot expect the supplements to do all the work for you--you have to undo years of eating improperly, while at the same time 'boosting' your immune system with the supplements, 'killing' pathogens with Molecula Silver and MMS, and finally 'killing' candia and other fungus with the anit-fungals... Are you taking any anti-fungals at all? You didn't take bactrium, but, are you on Candida Rid, Olive Leaf or at the very least Oil of Oregano? Have you included Coconut oil into your diet??

Again, I'm sad that you are still suffering, but, as someone who is working the entire protocol, I can say this: Bread, Fruit = sugar, which will keep you sick. Cream = mucous in the body, which will keep you sick. All of this would have been helped with some coconut oil and the anti-fungals mentioned before.

I hope Sonja, that you take a hard look at the protocol again, and see how 'tweaking' it, hurts you in the long run. It is, just how Mel wrote it... And, when you work it how he wrote it--you get better.

I'm in month 14 of the protocol, and for the most part, I am symptom free, and currently working on the underlying cause, systemic candida. Morgellons is just the beginning of what the root-cause issue is with all of us, and therefore, the starting point on the road to optimal health, and it will take the protocol in it's entirety to get us there.

Blessings to you, and much light.


12:48:18 PM

I was on Mel's protocol for 18 months (before Christmas time).
However, I never have had Bactrim. My MMS I had for 18 months, without any break. After 18 months, I stopped MMS for 3 weeks, as I felt that my body needed a break from MMS for a while.
Currently I am on MMS 5 days, with 2 days break.

For these 18 months I never have had sugar, alcohol or milk, but I have been consuming cream milk occasionally, eating fruit all the time, and a little bit more bread than I should have.

Unfortunately, I have to say that I am not free of all symptoms yet. It does not mean that I will not be free of all symptoms, this is just acceptance of the truth that it can take more than 18 months, at the least for some of us.

Anyway, I promise I will be back in 3 months to report about my symptoms and hope to come with more encouraging news.

Take care.

12:02:28 PM

Welcome Everyone.

So very often I am asked, "What happens to the people when they get well? Where do they go?".

I have always said that first and foremost, they go on with their lives. They often wish to disassociate themselves from the nightmare they have endured, which to them might seem like an eternity.

Absolutely understandable.

This message from Julie is typical of the emails I often get from people who have moved on with their lives. I rejoice in the restoration of your health Julie, and look forward to seeing what God has in store for you.

I am also very happy to welcome all the new members of the 90% club.

A Healthier and Happier New Year to all!

God Bless; Never, Never give up Hope!


12:31:41 PM


So good to hear you on my voicemail today : )
As you can guess you haven't heard from me because I've been doing AWESOME : )
Thank you for keeping me in mind & for checking on me!

After the hurricane everything was chaos then Thanksgiving and now Christmas all during the busy season at my day job.

So I must say I have been a bit overwhelmed, but so so beyond grateful to be near restored health!!! I am pretty much back to normal...
Still have some of that weird pattern on my legs but I think it's fading slightly.
I am ever-faithful to the protocol & just had a huge bowl of baby spinach & green apples. I've gotten pretty good with this.

I am planning to be in a band again soon & also doing some films so hopefully I'll get famous this year.
I cannot thank you enough for saving my life.... What a glorious life I have, & if I hadn't found you I probably wouldn't have survived this past year, I can't believe that's even true,but that's how it was. I am so happy Mel.

Hope you are doing wonderfully as well!
XO Julie

PS I told you I would get here nine months ago!

Bill M

11:53:28 AM

this week marks the completion of my first year on Mel's protocol, and what a year it has been. The first 6 months were a huge struggle...mentally, emotionally, and physically.
But with discipline, commitment and of course phone calls from the Mel Meister, every month thereafter has been easier. I have gained back 24 lbs of the 43 lbs I lost and right now I feel great.
At this time I can say that I am 95% cured, and I am still doing the protocol which includes the strict diet. There is absolutely no 'silver lining' to the Morgellons disease, but the good news for me is that I learned how to cook and educated myself on eating the proper foods for my body.

One big mistake I made a few times over was thinking that I was cured and I could start eating regular foods and drink alcohol. And every time I did that it came back to bite me in the butt. I was so convinced that since I caught this early that I could cure myself in 6 months or at the most 12 months. Not true. From what I have read and now know from experience, it will more than likely take the 18 months to be fully healed.


10:58:48 PM

Congratulation Linda.
Congratulation Monica.
Welcome to the 'Cured over 90%' club.
It is so encouraging to see that people who are undergoing the protocol, are over 90% free of symptoms. Once you reach this point, you have again almost normal life back. Still we have to care about the protocol and diet, but the body system has normalised its functions, and that is what matters. Very, very encouraging indeed!!! Good luck.
A lot of love.

2:13:29 PM

My name is Monica,

I've been on the protocol for just over a year.
I would say I'm 90% free of symptoms of Morgellons!

2:08:01 PM

Linda **


Great conference, I appreciate it. I am about 90% cured. Still have some symptoms. NO more black specks though.

3:11:40 AM

About 6 months ago I started this topic. I was over 90% free of symptoms at that time.

Today I can tell that I am very close to the end.

My cuts heal in a normal way; the crust is formed above the level of the skin. Earlier it was forming a crater around the cut, and very thin skin over the cut. pulling it downward.

My body temperature is normal, it is not low any more.

My urine and saliva are not acid. The test shows the saliva is very alkaline, and the urine slightly acid.

My hair has a normal appearance and my scalp is not itchy at all. I started to use MooGoo shampoo & conditioner after Anne from Sydney told me about very good results that she had with it.
Teresa from Australia also has a very good results with these products.

The nails are pinkish and very firm. My cheeks are pinkish as well.
My energy level is very good.

The only thing that I still have not solved completely, are my eyes. In the morning when I open them, they are just for a few seconds, like I have something in it. Mostly it is only in one eye, but sometimes it can be in both eyes. However, the conditions are much better now than before, so it is moving in a good direction.

I hope at Christmas time I will be back here, with mor good news.

A lot of love,


11:59:31 AM

Hi everyone
Sorry about not bring to post regularly as I mentioned b4 I have been given new challenges to me to desk with. First of all want thank everyone at the conference, Mel for making all this possible and John to make himself available for his vast knowledge. As I discussed this with Mel b4 even though I was making progress
Towards my Morgellons symptoms I always knew there is something still wrong with me. That was possibility of other infections and coinfections, therefore I began looking and searching
To see what else could be wrong with me. Sure thing after months of testing I did test positive for Lyme Disease and several coinfections which it did complicate things a lot more for me at this point. But I wanted to make this post and let everyone specially the newcomers know that even with my other complications I have been free of crawling, bitting now for several months which I credit this to Mel and his protocol I totally believe it works and if it wasn't because my other coinfections I think I would have been cured of this by know. They only lingering symptoms I have at this point are the purging of black and white specks which are minimal some itching when I purging these things and seeing these white micro fibers in my environment which also I believe it's getting less. Ofcourse I have other symptoms now that I do not contribute them to MD. I m still on bet strict diet, the protocol and one thing that I did differently than others was that I never took baths but in the beginning I took three showers and srub myself than with a lugs and tea tree soap daily. I still do clean my environment but I concentrate mostly on my self. Hope this helps I believe I m very close to being completely symptom free from MD very soon however I have given another challenge to deal with so keep up what Mel tells u guyz it really works, it worked for me. God bless and never give up hope it will get better.

6:53:48 AM

Hi JS,

Thank you so much for your help. It would be very useful if you can share your good experiences with all of us. I appreciate your advice. As soon as I am able to get some protein shakes I will start with that. At the moment I am trying to find out which protein powder is suitable to gain weight.

I have started recently to make juice from vegetable and fruit, and found out that beetroot and papaya (pawpaw) are absolutely fantastic for morgellon sufferers.


3:42:25 PM

Hi Sonja
Once I started to feel better I added few things back into my diet, in the morning I make egg white protein shakes, I now eat a gluten
Free, wheat free, organic bread, and use coconut oil instead of butter on my bread and other foods when I m cooking, also eating
More organic carbs such as organic brown rice. I know in the early stages of this disease I did not have any bread or carbs what so ever. I lost 45 lbs went from 190 to 145 in short few months and now back in mid 150s. The bread I order it on line from a organic bakery in Sanoma county California, let me know if u like me to share the info, I be happy to.

7:13:52 AM

Hi JS,
In what way you have been able to gain back some of the weight that you had lost. I have a problem with the weight. Simply I can not get it back. Otherwise, I am rather good.

1:07:29 AM

Hi All
First of I appologize for not posting sooner. I had lots going on in past couple of months. I had some set backs that maybe was not directly related to M, as we all have a compromised immune system I think I came down with some sort of a coinfection from work, with out going into the details of my set back, shortly after that I found a new doctor whos has been working me up, so she asked me to go off of everything inorder to get accurate results.
thats when I realized how much the protocal have been helping me. Anyhow I am back on the protocal and at 11 drops of MMS now, should add that there are days that I feel symptom free. I have been able to gain some of the weight I lost back. As I mentioned before I have been back to work since December, and just moved from my previous home after finding mold. For all the new people, it will get better but it requires a commitment and a life style change. Good luck and God bless, and thanx again Mel for providing this forum as I will try to make myself more available as I am picking up the piesces of my life while on the road to the recovery.

12:59:45 AM

Hello All,

I am definitely part of the 90% club, thankfully, and thanks in most part to the Logos Wellness kit along with the silver and MMS.

Hi Mel! I haven't bothered you in a while :)

I haven't written in a while. I'm doing really well. Last Nov/Dec when I first realized I had morgellons, I had little black curly fiber balls coming out of my face here and there along with the crawling under my skin and the feeling of an army of ants crawling together from one end of my scalp to the other. Sigh. Anyway, I had some sharp pricks all over my body and also experienced bright red, blue and copper colored fibers and threads coming out of my skin,maybe 10 per day. I experienced 1 sore, at my hair line. It has healed. I've battled other parasite issues and other morgellons symptoms (brain fog, inability to focus, things running past my eyes, fake hairs in my eyebrows, etc.)

Now, after 3 months on the protocol, I have less of everything. No sores, very few fibers and fuzz balls, an occasional black or white speck. No biting or crawling really, but I am still pulling out fake eyebrow hairs. They pull out more easily which I'm glad for.

Let me tell you want I've been doing. The Logos Wellness Protocol, I'm up to 18 drops of MMS and I do the silver first thing in the morning. I also take MSM (sulfur supplement) in some juice, I use MSM eye drops (the stringy things in my eyes are much less now) and various green powders (to mix in juice) extra probiotics, Neem, Tumeric, herbal mix for the eyes, herbal laxatives, DE and a heavy metal detox supplement (I had a leaking metal filling replaced so I thought this would be a good idea). I'm going to get the MagnfiZyme too. Trying to stay off the sugar and so forth.

I plan to beat this 100%...see you there


10:51:06 AM

Hi Idross,
Thank you so much on a good idea about coconut Milk/ Oil.
There are a lot of morgellon sufferers, who have a weight loss problem, including myself.
Your experience can be of great help to them, and I hope it will help me as well.


4:50:23 AM

For those who have trouble with weight loss (I was down to 80# from my normal 105), try using coconut oil (I use it in my oatmeal every morning and I use to drink coconut milk which I had to quit for it really made me gain too much weight. The coconut milk was so thick that I had to dilute it.) The coconut oil really makes food taste good, cook with it. I do not drink milk or soy, instead I drink Almond milk which is much healthier. ld

2:51:01 PM

Hi Sonja,


Thanks for the words of wisdom and encouragement. What a blessing and an inspiration you are! Every now and then another new face surfaces to lift us all up and we look at them and say, 'She (or he) gets it'.

Not that you are new; as you stated, you have been in our midst since last January, but it takes time to rehabilitate one's bioterrain. Congratulations on reclaiming your quality of life!

There is a mountain of information on this website, and it is worth every effort required to digest it all. But on the other hand, any person suffering with poor health would be well advised to simply follow in your footsteps.

I loved your excellent comments about thyroid suppression. It is a HUGE problem for most of us here. Please check out the article on Hypothyroidism Type II on the Important Articles page.

By the way, great idea - starting a 90%ers club, so to speak. I think we will see common factors for success emerge in that group just as we see common patterns associated with the Morgellons population as a whole.

It is my prayer that adding the MagnfiZyme to the protocol regimen will help target biofilm communities in the body and move people along in their journey to becoming 90%ers, and the 90%ers to complete freedom.

Finally, your advice on 'recording your journey' is brilliant, because when we are walking through the valleys, it is sometimes hard to see how far we have come.

Thanks again Sonja for sharing the wisdom you have gained through this trial. Your friends in Australia are especially blessed to have your knowledge and support.

Love Always,

John Burgstiner
Sonja **

1:03:40 AM

I am one of you - a morgellons sufferer.
I started on Mel's protocol in January last year, with the Morgellons Support Kit. Five months later, in June, I added MMS to what I was taking. I took this, as Mel had done, at bedtime. In this way MMS does not interfere with C vitamin, other vitamins and antioxidants, that I take ( e.g. Thymic Formula).

I have noticed that the symptoms become worse with the full moon. Mel gave me good advice on how to alleviate this problem. He suggested that, for 3-4 days before a full moon, and for 3-4 days after a full moon, to divide the amount of MMS drops (that I would normally take at bedtime), between the morning hours (around 10 - 11am), and bedtime. The morning dose worked out to be at the least 2 hours after I had my breakfast and vitamins, and at the least 2 hours before lunch time (when I take my vitamins again). When the moon is full it causes changes in the activity of these pathogens. It seems to speed up their reproduction activities and more toxins are released into the bloodstream. This effect causes morgellons sufferers to feel like their healing is going backwards. It is going slightly backwards, as the full moon approaches, but, as we continue the protocol and healing regime, we will still continue going forward and making progress. We are going 3 steps forward and 1 step backwards. Basically we are going forward slowly.

I would advise all of you, who are going to start Mel's Protocol, to please put down on paper, all the symptoms that you are experiencing, including 'brain fog' and your energy levels. It will help you later on, when your spirit becomes low, and you think that you will never be healed. This will allow you to compare your current symptoms and energy levels, with what you were experiencing at the beginning of the protocol. Trust me, you will see a big difference and it will help you to carry on with the protocol.

At this moment my health is quite good. I realised that I have had morgellons in its very early stage. Perhaps this is the reason why I hardly have had any sore. I am able to say that I am over 90% free of symptoms.

I tried Far Infrared. It is good, but I have been losing weight constantly - I have lost 14 kg (30.8 lb) altogether, which has not been good for me. I have known for a long time that my stomach acid is very low. Since I began the morgellons protocol, this has become critical. Even though I was taking digestion supplements with every meal, it did not help. My GP got my blood, urine and stool samples checked by pathology, but it was all reported as normal, and she was unable to advise me on what to do. So, I began to do my own research and, have recently, begun a regime to alleviate the weight loss. I am juicing vegetables (parsley, coriander, celery, beetroot, carrots) and fruit, to provide good nutrition to my digestive tract and the bloodstream. It is so healthy and good for our immune system and general health, and I like it. At the same time I am eating cooked food as before, and supplementing (Betaine Hydrochloride 650 mg, Pepsin 31 mg and Gentian 20 mg) at lunch and dinner time. In the mornings I take, with my breakfast, Logos Essential Digestion, as I was doing before. I need to ask John B for advice on this issue, and will let you know the results in a few months.

I do not consume any sugar, but I do eat all fruit, except bananas. Since I lost a lot of weight, I decided to eat 2 bananas per day and had noticed that my symptoms were worse than before. Gina, from Mel's web (Forum), also had the same experience. It would be very good to have in vitro testing to look for a banana/morgellons link. I limit my dairy intake. I only drink milk in the morning, to whiten my coffee, and very little cheese (no other dairy products).

I want to share my experience of problems with my joints, with other morgellons sufferers who have had similar problems. I had a problem with my hip for about 6-8 months. It was so painful that I started to limp. I saw my GP and she advised me to get an x-ray. The x-ray did not show any problems with my hip. I then asked if I could have ultrasound (one way) therapy. This worked to stop the pain and problem with my hip. After 4 -5 sessions, my problem was completely solved. A few months later I developed a similar problem with both wrists - again this was fixed with ultrasound. My hip and wrists have been fine since.

Before I started the protocol, my body temperature (BT) was so low, as is the case with most morgellons sufferers. An average BT is between 97.8F (36.6C) and 98.2F (36.8C). If BT is below 97.6 F (36.4C), it is considered a diagnosis of an under-functioning thyroid or insufficient thyroid hormone replacement. As morgellons sufferers have a lot of toxins in their blood, a thyroid condition usually exists, and this is reason that the BT is so low. I use a liquid-filled thermometer (which can be filled by mercury or alcohol) under armpit for 10 min. These thermometers are more accurate than the digital ones, and accuracy is very important, in regard to this. After a few months on the protocol, I had rid my body of a lot of pathogens and my body temperature became normal. Remember, a normal body temperature is a good sign that our body is healing. The other good sign is when cuts are healing in a normal manner.

Currently I have just a few of the symptoms, in a very mild form. if I didn't know what my condition was at the beginning, I would think that I do not have morgellons. However, I know that, as long as my cuts are not healing in a normal way (it is still in a shape of a crater), that morgellons is still present. Once my cuts heal in a normal way and my body temperature is normal, I will know I am cured, I do not have morgellons any more.

I know for all of you, if you can be patient enough and persistent enough, with your treatment, your health will improve and you will finally be cured of morgellons. The healing process is slow, however. There is no 'silver bullet', but, at the end of the day, our protocol becomes a golden bullet.

God bless you and help you to have a strength to carry on.
With love for all of you,

I think it is a good idea to start a new topic - to focus on those of us who have successfully cured over 90% of their symptoms. This will inspire and give hope to others, particularly those who are only discovering morgellons and those who are at the beginning of their healing process.

I am starting, therefore, a new topic, 'Cured over 90%'. It would be good if ONLY the Morgellons sufferers, who are more than 90% free of symptoms, post their experiences under this topic. In this way, we will have in one place only, the experiences of sufferers who have been on the protocol for a long period of the time, and who are hopefully, approaching the end of the tunnel.

In order to read these experiences in an easy manner (without being overloaded with all possible questions), I am creating a new topic called 'Questions to sufferers who have cured 90%'. So, if anyone wants to ask questions to the person who made a post on 'Cured over 90%', or wants to make a comment on that post, it can be done within this topic. This will keep information given in 'Cured over 90%' clear, concise and direct.

The 'Testimonials' section of this site offers plenty of good posts, but is a lot of information to wade through. When time comes, that I can say 'I cured morgellons' , I will post it on the 'Testimonials'!

Please give your feedback on my suggestions to Mel.

This is Year I Get Well


2:29:44 PM

Dear Shari

Hello and a huge hug to you. You are such an inspiration in how you demonstrate your love for the Lord and in how you instruct others to carry on.

You and I have a long history here and I know how much you have endured. No one can understand that quite as I do. Our love for each other is special and our faith in the lord is unwavering. So I just want to validate you, to let you know that you are loved, and to affirm for you that you belong. Stay the course and God will fulfill his promise.

You are a blessing to us!

In His Love,

4:10:27 PM


Happy Independance Day to all!

I guess I am writing today because it is an Independence Day of a different kind for me. I am choosing my own way to spend this independence holiday.

Just 2 years ago after or on this holiday I/we became sick wth this illness. July 4th-7th through each Morgellons filled passing year this week has often been difficult for me emotionally since that day when my life changed in 2014.

Over the last month I have been treating my Babesia with my meds from LLMD, and using our silver and certain herbs from the protocol. The protocol timing and my desire to improve has really given me a discipline that others now admire.

New moon and full moon are not generally easy times for me and yesterday I had another bout of Lyme paralysis and my fiancee had to feed me, how humbling a moment, but those are the days I am so grateful for his sense of humor and God leading me to choose a kind, sacrificial, sweet man like him.

Today when I woke up and was able to breathe (I have Babesia and some days I cannot) I took a deep breath and decided I will use what faculties are available to me to the most of my ability because with Lyme and 8 coinfections, I really do not know what tomorrow will look like, I cannot take moments for granted, and I keenly am aware more than ever that I am not promised tomorrow

I am so grateful for so many things so I will just write with gratitude here.

Today, I am grateful for Mel, Peter and this site as well as the first information shared here which got me to this point. The lasting loving friendships I have made on this site that have continued even when they left or they went off the protocol.

I am extremely grateful for my LLMD who diagnosed me with Morgellons coinfection without me saying anything, and when I was even trying to hide it (doesn't think I'm "delusional" at all), listens to me about the diet connection to my symptom diary and is working with me on a 3 pronged protocol to rid me of my Morgellons, but also my many other co-infections 1 by 1 for as long as my body can handle herxes and grateful my that my Medicaid will help me pay for some meds, however temporary, and is also willing to think outside the box for when I cant afford something or where herbs can step in and help.

I am so grateful and love that I still have my fiancee to care for me and to try to help me on my way to health and keeps me grounded in love and reminding me of God's promises when I forget.

I love that we are provided for by God with food, (for the protocol diet) and clothing to wear, if nothing else. I love that God is thus far protecting my liver, kidneys, my gut and heart from these little monsters who want to take over those areas.

I am grateful for my Facebook friends who pray for me and also share knowledge and information with one another in such a loving and non-condescending way.

I am grateful that we have a place to lay our heads and I have a bath here that I can detox in, however temporary.

I am grateful that I have free access to use the FIR sauna and get free essential oils massages.

I am grateful that I have inspired others to eat as I do as well as decide to join me on this difficult diet journey.

I am grateful that my mind is still intact and though I cannot write or text some days, I can still speak and use my mind cohesively and my voice.

Today I danced and I sang songs of praise. My singing voice has been taken away by this condition, but my legs still work TODAY! So.... I danced as I have not danced in quite some time. Really just letting it all go and crying with joy and gratitude that I can still move for today. It was wonderful just praising God and dancing using my legs. He says make noise of joy unto the Lord and sing songs of praise. I have taken it literally today and did so and was able, unlike so many bed ridden days I was able to dance for more than 1 hour as well as eve take a walk outside in the sunny New York/'nice weather we're having" for my vitamin D today.

It's a day of food, drinking, freedom, play, celebrating for most Americans, and I've never even lit a firework, but I guesss there is a first time for everything. I will eat my own protocol food proudly. It is a day for no fear in the battle and ours really has already been won. Thank you Jesus!

I see today that I am God's firework (if I will choose to be) and I plan to fly far up there, be bright and as big as I can (even from a bed) for His glory.

Praying for all those still suffering today-may you find comfort, strength and faith to go on in this unknown journey,
Your sister in Christ,

2:03:39 AM

Hi Shari! Good to hear from you as always. I will check out your blog. Thank you so much for your super kind words. They made me very happy and touched. I'm glad to know you haven't been sugaring anymore and for a long time, too. I just don't know when I'll be all done with this condition either. I am going to do my monthly post since I missed getting it in before the end of May. So, I'll put my details there. I just wanted to say God bless you and keep you and stay strong and stay you cuz you are awesome and quite a warrior, for God and for this website.

Trust in Resolve


2:02:16 AM

Hi Peter and Jane!

Thank you for being way showers. I have gobbled~up everything ive heard here and it has strengthened me.

I don't believe in Satan but I do believe in the confused, conditioned mind...and I have lots of it to deal with. The voice of unguided fear is my "enemy" and I found guidance and it's antidote here. I am so thankful for that.

I do love all the references to God or Spirit and I can hear your faith, humility and reverence. I feel part of a soul~family here; my heart opens and I cry as it softens with your words.

There is no way I could have made it to this site without God's grace and assistance; I'm not too sure Id be alive at all since at one point I wanted out very badly.

But I am here, all~ears, open to your mentoring and hoping someday I will be blessed to fill that role myself.

With Love and Gratitude,


5:20:04 PM

Hi Peter,

That's exactly why I am here.
I needed to be among those who have lit the way.
I can no longer rely on my own understanding.

My efforts were valiant, but incomplete (sum of the parts.)

For all the new people out there (myself included,) when we are up to it, we need to really make a concerted effort to continue the same community spirit as those who have gone before us.

The original "class" has graduated and moved onward and upwards.

If we stay the course we can do the same, we can be the ones who are coaching and encouraging those who will surely come behind us. But first, we must be good students and do all we can do to support each other just as Peter and all those named above have done in the past.

Don't ask me why, but for some reason the song from Ghostbusters just popped into my head lol " who you gonna cal...."

Peace and love

Peter **

2:29:25 AM

Hello Folks

“Always practice trusting the fundamental principle of consideration for safety in your actions.” (unknown author) This will serve you well.

Then, so that you always choose to give adequate thought to cautious prudent behavior, pay attention to share a healthy regard for the law of unintended consequences. In other words, "go slow and be steady" and "do no harm."

The adversary (Satan) is counting on you to fall for many traps. Don't.

Guard against doubt. "This is a proven way back." Your questions need only be about how you measure the success found in those before you. People like Kathy, Ellen, Roberta, Janelle, Dustin, Tawney, Nicole, Amber, Deborah B. Bill M.....and there are many more. Don’t discount this evidence? Be determined in this truth.

This is a good way to exempt yourself from danger. Because it is "evidence based," remain resolved to the science that is put in motion through this protocol." Then, simply stay the course.

I think it is always wise to surrender to hard evidence. It's always been that way for me. And I don't see this wisdom changing. Trust in resolve and make it where your focus should be.

Strength and Love,