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Restoring Your Bioterrain

The following articles are offered to help you explore some of the many factors underlying chronic illness and learn how it is possible to rehabilitate one's compromised bioterrain.

Silver - The Science Behind the Scene - Excellent article that explains the benefits and different types of silver.
Amino Acids: Building Blocks of Life
Building Strong Immunity in the Last Days
Calcification and Demineralization: Twin Terrors of the Aging Process
Glandular Therapy: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Medicine
Hypothyroidism Type II - Modern Epidemic
Inflammation: Blessing and Curse
Iodine: The Rest of the Story
Parasites: Unwanted Guests in the Temple
Probiotics: Man's Best Friends
Sleep: Vital Support for Good Health
Systemic Enzymes - The Missing Link to Overcoming Chronic Infections
Understanding Your Acid/Alkaline Balance
Yeast Infections: Ancient Microbes, Modern Plague