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May 20, 2010 - Guest Panel - Rose and Pat (aka PS)
Due to the largest attendance ever, this call ran over three hours, but it is packed with great information. Many thanks to all who participated!

  • Rose told her story on her battle with Morgellons since 2001, how she came to find our website a year ago, how she read most of our information in the forum, her first experiences with our teleconference calls, why she decided to try our protocol, the length of time she has been on the protocol, and how she is doing now.
  • Pat is a prolific Morgellons researcher and a plethora of information. He shared with us his insights on Morgellons and how he believes our protocol provides optimal support for those who are challenged with it. He helped eradicate many of the fears associated with MMS.
  • Mr. Common Sense provided immensely valuable insights as well as an unsolicited and heartfelt endorsement of our protocol.

  • May 20, 2010