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1. The inability or unwillingness to remove one's self from a toxic environment (such as fungus or mold) which results in continuous overburdening of the body's immune and detox systems - and chronic inflammation.

2. The mixing of protocols, which almost always seems to create an imbalance.

3. The misuse of the products... especially WPS. We have found that when people try to rush the process along, their detoxification pathways get overwhelmed. They become frightened and frustrated, and choose not to continue the protocol.

4. Party Hardy - We have found so many people - including myself at first- once on the protocol for a time, feel so good that they break their diet, stop taking their meds, and don't get enough rest.

They go out and eat all the wrong foods and otherwise indulge themselves. This of course is quite understandable, but it comes at a high price.

5. Not Following the Protocol as it is laid out - The protocol itself is not so simple. For this I apologize, but the implementation of the regimen as described on the Protocol Page worked for me, is working and has worked for so many others. It requires courage, dedication, determination and time. Not everyone is willing to make the commitments necessary.