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Although the internet is teeming with offers of "instant cures" for Morgellons, the unfortunate truth is that there is no silver bullet. Repairing and restoring one's bioterrain takes time and commitment to make the necessary changes in one's lifestyle choices.

We have found eighteen months typical for adults with no other significant health challenges; not as long for children, as their immune systems seem to respond much quicker than adults.

However, within three months of fully committing to the protocol, most people have consistently reported stabilizing their health and regaining their ability to function and be productive. From there it becomes about isolating remaining challenges and strengthening their natural defenses.

I stopped all prescription medications at eighteen months. Three years into my recovery and still symptom free, I continue to take the Logos supplements and have no plans to stop using them. Everything about the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol makes sense to me for maximizing my health long term.

I still take MMS or Molecula Silver occasionally if I feel tired or get exposed to a cold or virus, as well as various other Logos formulas as needed (i.e.- Adams Vitality prostate support, Joint Marvel, an occasional cleanse or Candida Rid when I get lax in my diet).

I am looking forward to adding their new greens drink to my regimen as well as the new MagnifiZyme therapeutic enzyme formula John B. is so excited about... all of us should be taking that to control inflammation, boost immunity and "clean house" in our body.

Especially those who have recovered their productivity but still occasionally deal with nagging symptoms from infections that are "dug in" to biofilms. For those people, MagnifiZyme may be the missing link to complete freedom.