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We all have a private side to our being and may not wish to disclose every little detail about our personal lives and/or finances. This was a struggle for me, as it may well be for others.

In my bankruptcy appearance of October 1, 2009, the court appointed trustee dismissed my case. I am not sure if she felt bad for me because the way I walked or because of the hundreds of visible scars on my neck. Nonetheless, when I got to my car, I cried like a baby, much as I am now as I reveal this to you all.

In life we all have choices, so this is what I did:

I stopped using my car, cut down use by 90% (gas is not going to get cheaper), and changed my diet completely. The diet change was healthy and saved me money as the wrong foods actually cost more.

I could then afford my medications and supplements. Remember, "If you do not have your health, you have nothing"!

Toughen up; one must be brave to beat our disease!

That being said, over the years we have tried to help as many of you as possible who for reasons beyond your control could not afford to purchase the protocol items you so desperately needed. Unfortunately, it has been impossible for me to personally fund the purchase of products for all who need and deserve them.

We pray that the formation of the new Not for Profit corporation (He Cures All Foundation) will help provide the funding required to meet the ever increasing need.