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First order the protocol products. Go to the protocol page and read it at least twice. Print out a copy and keep it in the place where you store your vitamins (a cool, dry dark place is best).

We recommend that the vitamins be started for 35 days prior to adding the WPS. This is to give the body's detox systems a chance to catch up. The Molecula Silver may be added immediately.

The Morgellons Support Extension Kit was developed by Logos Nutritionals after I got well as a result of ongoing research and experiences with Morgellons sufferers. In order to optimize detoxification pathways and minimize herxheimer reactions, the Extension Kit products should be added as you start your second month of the protocol.

Study the protocol page to familiarize yourself with the protocol as it has evolved to date. The time spacing for the various supplements is significant because it allows each part of the protocol to maximize itself.

I am aware of the demands, changes and challenges that lie ahead. Although it may seem like a very dark road, I assure you that many have followed me through the tunnel and back out into the light of good health.