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Hello My Fellow Warriors:

This post is about what it takes to make it to the end of this journey. The one and only word that comes to my direct attention is “FIGHT.”

I started not feeling well on Mother’s Day, May 2017. I remember telling my husband how I felt and I knew something was not right. I was so bloated and distressed. In June 2017 is when the symptoms started. Like all of you, I was out of my mind scared and could not believe what was happening. I started searching the internet putting in my symptoms and that is when I realized what I had. That is when I started the route of the medical field, seeing doctor after doctor. I took antibiotic after antibiotic, ivermectin and anything else I could get my hands on. After doing this for 6 months I realized I was not getting any better and I started researching the website for any answers. I prayed to God to help me. That is when I found Mel’s website. I was over joyed that there was someone out there willing to help. Someone that new exactly what I was going through. God had answered my prayers

I called Mel the next day. He told me that I needed to get on the protocol and the WPS. I ordered the protocol and WPS. I followed his instructions and began the journey on my own. I read as much as I could on the website and learned as much as I could. I got better but not I was not where I wanted to be. That’s when I realized I need Mel’s coaching. I talked to Mel again in March 2018 and that is when Mel told me you need to join the community. He said that is the best way to get well. These are the ones that make it to full recovery. That Saturday I joined the call and was so amazed and over joyed with what I learned and without a doubt understood exactly what Mel was telling me.

FIGHT: Your first step to wellness is realizing you cannot do this on your own. There is a special group of people on these Saturday calls that are going through exactly what you are and are there to help you. You will find people who understand and listen. Not like the doctors that say you are nuts! After my first call I was so overwhelmed with joy, I could not wait until the next Saturday’s call. I learned so much every week. What people were doing to help their symptoms. What diet the were following and what was working for them. I never missed a Saturday call from that day on.

FIGHT: The very next day I set up my first coaching call with Mel. He greeted me with kindness and welcomed me to the community. He told me I was on my way to wellness, all I had to do was listen to him and follow every step of the protocol. From that day forward I dedicated my life to getting well. I was determined to “FIGHT.” I called Mel at least two times a week and followed his instructions explicitly. Mel’s coaching was my doctor. He was so full of information and so willing to direct me on how to fight this disease and get well.

FIGHT: For 3 ½ years I have been on the protocol. I have never once missed any of my Logo’s supplements or a dose of my WPS. There is not one excuse to miss any of your wellness protocol. If you go to work take it with you. If you go out of the house for any reason take it with you. There are many times I run errands. But knowing my WPS is to be taken two hours after I eat, I have a to go bag all ready with my WPS, water, cup and straw. I just take that along with me and when the two hours are up I have my WPS right beside me. If I happen to go out for lunch (which is not often) I take my Logo’s supplements with me in a baggie. You must take on the responsibility of getting well. As Mel says, to get well you have to put in the work!
FIGHT: At first I took a lot of baths. They really seemed to help me. My favorite was ½ cup of clean green in your bath with about 8 drops of peppermint oil. I took a bath every night before bed. I found this calmed down the itching and I was able to sleep much better. Mel will help you with your symptoms and tell you how to treat them. You can also find many answers on the website on how people treat their symptoms. I have a thread called, Terry’s tribute, I have posted what I did to relieve a lot of my symptoms.

FIGHT: Mel’s coaching is very very necessary. Without it I would not be where I am now. He has been there for me for 3 ½ years. Never once letting me down. He has over 12 years of knowledge about this disease. Having this himself he understands exactly what you are going through. God Bless his heart. What would we do without this kind, generous, selfless man that has dedicated his life to helping us get well.

FIGHT: I have made so many dear friends on this website. I will never forget them as they have stood by me during this horrific time in my life. We all help each other and are there for each other. How could you ask for anything more?

FIGHT: My friends and fellow warriors, I am elated to say I am now at the end of my journey. It has been the fight of my life. You can never ever give up. It is all up to you. When I first joined the Saturday calls, people were on the calls doing their “ Happy Dance.” I remember thinking how I wish that was me. I am over the moon with joy. It is really happening. I am well. I thank everyone in the community, Mel Friedman and God for helping me every step of the way. I will be doing my happy dance on September 18th.

FIGHT!!!!! Never give up. If I can do it, so can you.

With Love and Thanks to you all,
Your Sister Warrior, Terry