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Leah and the full moon

Leah and the full moon

This post about done by Leah about the full moon was first posted on December the 12th, 2014. This post is so important to our wellness protocol that it has been posted every month since that date.

Mel provides us with this email every month several days prior to the full moon. It is fantastic to get this reminder as we are all so busy in our daily lives, it is very easy to forget this step of our wellness protocol.

I think this is a very important step as it is just, "ONE" more step to wellness. One more fight!!!

I always split my WPS in three doses during the full moon as I wanted to take every step possible to get well. I did find it hard to split the doses during the day because of your meals and logo supplements. So this is how I split my three doses. I set my alarm for two hours prior to my wake up time. I got up and took my dose of WPS and went back to bed. When I got up two hours later I could begin my day as normal. I did this three days prior to the full moon and three days after the full moon. Seven consecutive days of splitting the dose. As Mel says, you have got to put in the work. I never once missed a chance to split my dose as I knew this was another chance for me to get well.

This has been proven to interrupt the reproduction cycle of the organism which is accelerated during the full moon phase.

Just a reminder to you all. This is the fight of your life. You are in full control of how hard you want to fight. I fought with everything I had in my heart, body and soul every single day.

Last Saturday I did my "Happy Dance' of complete health restoration. You can do yours too. Take every opportunity to fight and this is a big one.

Your Fellow Warrior,