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Thank you Mel

September 18,2021

My Dear Mel,

These past 3 ½ years have been the most difficult years of my life.

I want to thank you for seeing me through all my ups and downs. For being my rock when I had no ground to stand on. For the light you gave me on the days I had all but run out of my own.

When I had no stars left to wish upon, nothing to hold on to, you held out a lantern for me. When I had nothing to believe in, you believed in me. You gave me hope and encouragement every time we talked. You promised me I would get well as long as I followed the protocol and put in the work I needed to do. You always believed in me and gave me the encouragement I needed to get through each day.

You could not take away my illness or take away the steps I needed to do to get well, but my suffering was less with you by my side.

The tears I cried you could not cry for me, but at the beginning and in the end you have always stood by me as a mentor and friend. You never once let me down.
When I reached many lows, you reached into my soul and put some peace there. You gave me hope and strength.

Take these words not as a payment for a debt owed but as proof of the flowers you helped me grow. You gave me a priceless gift I can never repay. You gave me back my life. And with that, someday, I hope I can return some version of the strength I borrowed from you.

Today is a new day. I can look at the full moon once again without fear and hopelessness. I can kiss and hug my grandson and the people I love so dearly.

Thank you for being the wonderful person you have been to me. You are a selfless, kind, and giving man. Thank you for just being you!

Mel, I will never ever forget you. As I have said many times before. When your day comes and you meet the lord. You will stand in front of him. He will give all praise and glory to you my dear friend for everything you have done for me and many many others.

God Bless You,