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Christmas blessings

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11:36:34 AM


After searching for answers n a cure for over a year, God lead me to Mel's website.

Like a lost sheep, God being our shepherd I felt found. I had not felt that way after being told by many physicians etc. nothing was wrong with me or my skin.

I was welcomed here with open arms and reassured that my child, dog, and myself would be healed. Like anything else it would take time, dedication, and commitment to get well. I felt forever grateful for Mel's protocol, website, and the he cures all foundation. So I have struggled financially to getting the protocol but, I received a call from Mel two days ago that would change that.

I call it our Christmas blessing and no longer have to worry about how we are going to stay well and be healed from this disease.

I'm so grateful for everything I've gained and learn from this experience. Last night I received my second Christmas blessing from a dear friend that I've met through the morgellons disease family. I felt like a little girl opening a present on Christmas day .

Thank you so much aunt Laura and am so appreciative. As you know we look forward to anything that will help us get better especially cleaning up from this disease.

These Christmas blessings keep me going and pray for you all to not give up.

Hope you and yours has a very Merry Christmas and Happy New year!!

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