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2:49:03 PM

Hello everybody

I wanted to respond to John's post about Proton Pump Inhibitors. I had been taking Prilosac for about 3 years before becoming sick with Morgellons. I decided to stop taking it when I began the Protocol as I did not want anything to interfere with it. Honestly, I now feel it was creating a negative situation for me as to my digestion. Now I am completely convinced that diet and consuming alkaline foods has totally corrected all my prior digestive issues! Great info, John.

9:21:16 AM

Hi Penny,

WISE MOVE to look for alternatives to proton pump inhibitors! Not only have they been blamed by some for our skyrocketing rates of esophageal cancer, but the FDA has issued a warning about their link to increased bone fracture risk.

Much of our protocol is aimed at restoring normal gut physiology, so I look forward to hearing your feedback as your recovery progresses.



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