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12:14:20 PM

Hi Mae, & everyone. First of all, Mel may I have your email address so I can write you? Mae has written me before.
My feeling is that we all need to support each other with love and friendship besides taking the products and finding cures. We cannot be recluses, we need each other. I found 1 person on here who only lived 2 miles from me and did not want to team up in anyway. Success comes in numbers, so if there is any one out there that lives near me (Boca Raton) please let me know. We need to do networking, it does not always have to be in person, can be phone, email, text. .I can help very much as well. It takes others experiencing the 'same' ot understand. Often with this disease, we hibernate or get antisocial. . .and sometimes stop living. . Please lets be there for each other emotionally and other ways as well. Maybe I or we can come up with ideas to get other people together all around the country that have this disease. Thank you

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