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2:48:49 PM

Hiya E,
welcome-I have asked John B to ask you some questions that i think may help with possible options to sulfa based drugs.I think if you are willing to take the time to read all the articles in our forum you will find many answers to many of your questions.

God bless,

9:39:14 AM

Hi, thank you soooo much for this web site. I have been struggleing with this disease for 4 yrs now and have been close to death twice.
There is very little mention about the long fibers that I keep pulling out of my skin and it is those that I think slowly choke the life out of our vital organs.
Mel and Mae, did you have those fibers? Does this protocal address those as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Right now I am desperatley trying to get in too see Dr Kolb in Atlanta, I will advise as soo as I can see her.
thank you again for giving me some hope.

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