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A Message from A 2Z corp.

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Geoff **
12:58:46 PM

Hello Everyone,

We are now accepting your orders for products
through our new Toll free #(877) 630-3229.
Monday through Friday 9am To 4pm. PACIFIC TIME.

Remember to use your discount codes;

Morgellon's kit 20% savings code: MORG20
MMS and Citric Acid 20% savings code: MMS20
16 oz Molecula Silver 20% savings code: SILVER20

Mel will also offer a conference call this Coming Tuesday March 8th., if you wish to listen to the conference afterwards, Mel does archive the calls on Mel's website in the Conference Call Archives.
The Call information is available in our post under this one in the Forum.

We Will also Archive this call, for This or any other information, just Email
Attn. Geoff, and we will reply in a timely manner!


A2Z Corp


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