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A message from the mel man; not to be confused with the mail man.

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1:13:10 AM

Wow - what an awesome group you all are... I will write to Pam in hopes of finding the right Dr. All my life I believed myself to be such a strong person - but this is well it is beyond words really. Thank you Mel for this site and all of you for your guidance... I hope to hang in and proactively move forward, at times that is so not what I feel like doing...

You are all very brave and strong and winning... so I will make my words positive and my thoughts right minded........ I will, we all will survive this and be stronger for it.
Again, thank you to all of you! I don't even know yet what a Great Plains Dr. is.......... but am reading.

Pamela Mae
2:23:15 AM



Pammie Mae

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