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Anyone have a pet thats showing morgellons signs or symptoms?

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10:01:17 AM

Hello Everyone and welcome,

I did not have a pet during my battle with Morgellons, but there are many stories from pet owners who had restored their pets health.

So to make an informed decision please put cats, dogs, pets in our search engine, as well as read the story of buttons in our hope and inspiration section!

I sure hope this helps a little.

God bless, those who did not give up HOPE got well!


7:33:48 PM

Hi Chasity,

WE have two dogs and i think both of them have

had this. We have been giving them Diatimaious

earth and chlorophyl for maybe six months. I think

they are getting better. If you would like to talk

to me about this ask Mel for my number.

Love Always,

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