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Lady T

12:23:43 AM

Hi tia - just wanted to chime in regarding the
"Heartburn, Acid Reflux and General Indigestion Could this be herxing? Morgellons? The Protocol? It could also be the type of seasonings"
Well first of all -to add to the other comment about how we are all different. This is so true - and so you have to experiment and listen to your body.
Second - many (most) of us have intestinal buildup that has clogged our GI Track and that is why you are having problems - there is accumulation That needs removing.
Keep in mind that parasites are natural to have - I believe the remains of the first people's show worms (helminth) - but when the the parasite load gets too heavy - like from antibiotics that seriously messed up our flora - and from corrupted food (from the horrid standard American diet) and then when the parasites get crazy like the morgs stuff - well the ailmentary canal needs cleaning out / like roto rooter would come and do pipe cleaning In a building.

keep in mind that the healing path is like unclogging old clogged pipes. You would be amazed at what can live inside the intestines - and this is another reason why the protocol works - the digestive formula, flora, and enzymes help you metabolize and process food - while the thymic formula tortifies glands and cells - and it all helps you break down food and get more from it- and it all slowly helps to clean out your pipes and eventually reduces or eliminates parasites -
Early on in my healing I did a three week candida cleanse - it did not heal my morgs - but it started my healing as it helped reduce some fungal load and some parasites. I then spent a week doing an msm cleanse / and you have to do that when you do not work because you are in the bathroom a lot - but the week I did that I passed what looked like a fan. I have some online friends who also did that week of msm cleaning (not mms - but msm the sulfer) and they also passed a fan like thing - and we all felt Like it came from the stomach area. Then a month month later I did a "DE" cleanse for a week and passed something else- always remembering to do no harm and to stick with the protocol - and I know this website suggests parasite cleansing and logos has a formula for that!
Side note - the other thing that really helped me was doing lemon enemas (and sometimes kefir enemas- or castor oil enemas) I think there should be an enema page for a resource here because it is that helpful! - I know for me and my life buildup - my healing would have been stalled without those cleansing helps.
A good fiber can help reduce heart burn too.
Also - we do not fast enough in our culture - and years of sugar ingestion (a minus food) and Refined profucts (corrupted foods) and the eating portions that are too big (because we are starved and hungry for nutrients because so much food lacks dense nutrients) - but there is a thing in some health circles called "CR" for calorie reduction - and longevity is sometimes connected to mindful "CR" where people eat libber and plainer for a little while to help health! CR frees up the digestive system which is helpful for life!

Best wishes on dealing with the acid reflux, heartburn, etc. ;)

And so I say all that to remind you to think long term and to embrace some of the diet restrictions a bit more - your body will adjust and as I am sure u know - but it is a good thing to eat bland for a while if you need to - get enough good fats though - but bland is sometimes helpful while your body gets stronger and stronger. For a long time eggs were my main go to food - 5 poached eggs on light days -or some fried with veggies and natural butter on other days. Lentil soups were/are also a huge help! I also had a nice protein shake to supplement and aid meals. logos makes a great vanilla one, but trader joes also has many and some are nicely priced low sugar options too!

But cleansing is what helped me unclog - the protocol slowly does this naturally with the msm and silver and herbs and all that - but I needed a bit more cleansing for my life buildup. And as I got less clogged - I absorbed more and had less digestion issues - it feels so awesome when you unclog - and it is only then when u unclog when u actually realize how clogged you were.


8:22:01 PM

Hi Tia,
I have read that some foods will give one person problems (heartburn, bloating, headache, swelling, etc) while the other person can eat it with no issues.

I cannot take apple cider vinegar without getting tummy ache & heartburn while others love it. 2 tablespoons of Greek Yogurt makes my ankles swell. I CAN and Do eat a lot of cayeene pepper with no problems. I am ok with Oregano if I take it with almond milk, but if take it with water than get heartburn and sinus drainage. I have to put the Oregano oil in capsule while others can put under their tongue.

After eating a meal see how you feel. If symptoms occur then remove those items from your diet and see if feel better. Suggest you monitor the foods you eat and how you feel.

If may be wise to reduce how many foods your are taking then when feel good add 1 thing to your diet and see how you feel after eating it. If feel ok, then next day try another thing until you can pin down those problem foods.

These problem foods can be "healthy". I read spinach and kale can be hard to digest raw for many so may have to cook them.


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