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11:18:52 PM

Thanks all for sharing! Peter, I have never seen anything exiting my skin when feeling the stinging sensation. I don't feel them often, or if I do I am just so used to it I don't think about it. I definitely don't feel the really bad ones often. The last month or so I have noticed some stinging seems like a more sharp and deep sensation. Thankfully it's not that often. Maddie, I am not sure I understand your question?

9:06:24 PM

I agree with those on here that stinging is not necessarily a bad thing.

From my experience, it seems more like a nerve being irritated by the infection. There never is an inflamed, red spot where the sting occurs. When we get bitten by mosquitoes, for example, you usually will get some type of local inflammation.

As Peter says, there is often a spore/speck leaving the skin where the sting occurs.

When things get very bad, and I cannot sleep at night, my last resort is the prescription drug gabapentin, commonly prescribed for neuropathic pain. It does stop the stinging as well as the other types of pain and itching associated with the disease and it puts me right back to a deep sleep.

It makes sense though that stinging may be part of your recovery if it is associated with die-off toxins such as acetaldehyde. The crawling sensation as well is probably closely tied to the cause of the stinging.

I like what Maddie has shared with her experience with the permethrin cream. She tied the skin sensations directly to formaldehyde. That's good information since formaldehyde and acetaldehyde are almost the same molecule (acetaldehyde has one more carbon).


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