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A Statement from Dr. Zamboni

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6:04:39 PM

Aloha from paradise.I am about to consult with a few infectious disease specialist. Not sure which route to take as far as treatment. Many of us islanders first assumed a bird mite epidemic. Wasted 3 months trying to do it yourself problem solving.Very limited to resources in Hawaii.
Rarely do we have cases of Lyme disease.
I wanted to try 35% food grade
H202 therapy. No way to purchase it for air delivery. Just a 3 mos newbe on the block.
Symptoms are so obvious.Yesterday was the first time the shedding of fibers was intense stinging and burning on arms. My hair has a film on it and when wearing shoes between my toes an tinted orange slim releases. My saliva gland releases fibers.what next..please advise

7:37:10 PM

Hello Lisa,


I waited a few days to respond in the hope you would start to read through our web site. As I have often said, so many answers are already here!

I was sorry to read that the frequency machine has given you only temporary relief, but I have heard those very words from many others.

Your math is excellent, around $200 a month is a good estimate.

Dr Zamboni will not call your doctor, but once you start being treated by your doctor, he can call her for a consultation. Your Doctor knows what to do to locate Dr. Zamboni.

If you need to talk with me, email me with your phone #, time zone and the best time to call. My Email address is in the Forum Welcome Letter.

I sure hope we helped today.

God bless, Never give up Hope!

7:15:51 AM

Dear Mel,

I am so glad you are doing well!I been reading your site since 09'God bless you and Dr. Zamboni. I have had this 'plague' and I had been treated by a frequency machine and I was told (By a very sweet and caring couple)that truly wants to help... that basicilly I was healed and know all fibers would take time leaving my body and i would have lesions till then. I did see great improvement in areas. But this is not the case. I am a single mom with three disabled kids and I am on a very ...very strict budget.What is the cost of the entire protical monthly(in total)My estimate was $200 Is it more or less and how can I get Dr. Zamboni to contact my Dr.
Thank You,Lisa

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