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B6...For Patty with Love

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2:08:17 PM

Hello Folks...Dear Patty

I am writing this post in recognition of Patty, a dedicated friend to this community. During the most recent Friday night "Coffee Tea and Me" conference call, Patty planted a seed for learning and contemplation. That group discussion has led to a post brought forward below from way back in 2010. The topic was Vitamin B6. The issue is getting to what matters and will make a difference. The resulting wisdom, because of Patty, is the end result. Surely, what follows will persuade folks that God is working through us here.

Using the search engine here, this took less than 3 minutes! Notice that it is a post made in August of 2010 and the author is John. B. The B6 message begins in the third paragraph.


John B

1:21:49 PM

Thanks Deb.

Actually, we have not really adapted any of our Logos products to the needs of Morgellons sufferers. The Burgstiner Wellness Protocol has always been about restoring the bioterrain and supporting foundational health pathways... something we all need... its just that Morgellons sufferers seem to need it much more urgently.

Logos is committed to continuous quality improvement in our natural medicines to ensure that consumers of our formulas take advantage of the latest advancements in nutrient forms and delivery systems.

B vitamins are generally best taken and best utilized when taken in complex. Vitamin B-6 is an exception. Because it is such a critical nutrient in so many areas of metabolism, it shows up in quite a few of our formulas.

Vitamin B-6 exists in different forms; one of those forms, pyridoxal 5'-phosphate (P5P), serves a cofactor in many enzyme reactions, including the transsulfuration pathway, in which homocysteine is converted to cystathionine and then to cysteine... presumably a particularly valuable metabolic pathway for Morgellons sufferers.

P5P is also a critical nutrient in carboxylation pathways affecting neurotransmitter levels in the brain such as seratonin... another compelling reason why your doctor may feel that P5P is important.

However, supplementation with Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate is not necessary for most people since regular vitamin B6 supplementation raises levels of P5P. There may be certain rare individuals who have a deficiency in the enzyme that converts pyridoxine into pyridoxal 5 phosphate, and they would certainly benefit from P5P supplementation, but most of us will derive maximum benefit from vitamin B-6.

Practitioners can sometimes become enamored with the therapeutic potential of a particular nutrient and lose perspective on its relative merit as one of many critical nutrients that work together in the body.

Doctors are taught to think in terms of pharmaceutical delivery systems that generally involve an isolated ingredient (to limit the variables responsible for the end result of the drug and facilitate the financial protection of a patent).

Natural medicine takes advantage of the synergy that is built into all of creation to restore balance and strength to organs and efficiency to metabolism.

Individual needs can vary, and that is why getting testing done and finding a knowledgeable and compassionate medical practitioner is so important.

I am glad to hear that you are doing so well Deb.

Keep up the good work!

John B.


Dear Patty

"We did get to what matters and it will make a difference." What John has written is very important, and it is here because of you! Your special gift illuminates that Gods ways are certainly different from ours, no?

Of four things I am certain. Many more will now choose to use the search engine. Many more will then find answers. Many more will now trust that John B. has a deep and insightful understanding that is “his gift freely given here.” And many more will be the beneficiaries of Mel’s truth.

This community owes you their gratitude. You certainly have mine.