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11:45:26 PM

Excessive use of anything can be and most often is harmful...

Organic coffee enemas are a very effective means of "catching up" when your liver falls badly behind on the "toxicity curve" because the coffee induces a download of toxins by the liver and gall bladder. Like anything else, they can be overused (once a week is enough, or as needed due to overwhelming toxicity).

Any frequent form of enema or GI cleansing can cause electrolyte imbalance as well as imbalances in the bacteria that make up the natural flora... yet another reason to supplement with probiotics like MagniFlora Seven or Essential Flora.

12:58:55 PM

RE: COFFEE ENEMAS- Susanne honey, its been nice speaking with you through email. I know I emailed this to you but feel this should be posted for those online.I believe our bodies are in a weakened state fighting this stinking stuff so we must go gently.
I pray the rest of your journey is gentle and peaceful.
Coffee enemas.
I was a Cert.Medical.Assistant many years ago and I completed a course in Iridology through a company in Temecula .I worked for this company in Temecula and assisted in giving Iridology exams
that all said to also say the Nutritionist I worked with was also having everyone do coffee enemas,but once a day.
I noticed that they started loosing their hair.I did a little research and found that electrolyte imbalances can be caused by excessive use.
An interesting article to read would be

Gods richest blessings to you - Mae

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