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Pamela Mae **

10:05:21 PM

Hello my friends,

Recently I have had difficulty in getting some of my prescriptions.

Sooooo what you say? Wellllllll,I think this may help someone in the future.

The meds were Bactrim,Limbrel,and recently a real stinker of a time getting my Armour natural thyroid.

The assembly line pharmacy's I usually frequent kept trying to get me to accept the Generic for my prescriptions.

I feel like with Bactrim,well that might be okay but with the LImbrel the alternative they said was natural vs a drug and with thyroid it is natural versus synthetic.

This I feel defeats my whole purpose.

When I asked the assembly line pharmacy - 'why?' they said supply in demand.

MMMMMMMM I said 'OOOOOOoooooookay ' then I took my prescriptions to a compounding Pharmacy called
Canon Drug in Orange.

When I spoke to the Pharmacist I had an 'AHA Moment'
He explained that compounding pharmacys often had supplies that the assembly line pharmacies do not have and my thyroid they can make themselves in capsules,by mixing it themselves.

I asked if the other meds became that difficult to get could he compound them as well and he said'if they are not obtainable then they can compound most things.

I had to beg for my armour thyroid for almost a week at the other pharmacy and Canon supplied it right away.

Go figure. Hope this helps in some small way.

Gods Richest Blessings
Pamela Mae

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