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3:01:03 PM

To All: If you are diffusing your car and going to seal it off, I would only use duct tape if there is a possibility of rain. Other wise just the painters tape is good or masking tape but the masking tape may leave more sticky stuff on your car compared to the painters tape. Usually you can buy masking tape or painters tape at the dollar stores which will do the job.

I was told that the cup warmers could be found at Walmart. If you cannot find the cup warmer, get the smallest crock pot and use a mug in it. Hope you don't have a convertible for ask Suzanne at ( what problems that presents.

12:40:04 PM

I wanted to reemphasize that the candle in the car idea was not very good. I will, next time if I ever get my car back, use a hot plate/coffee warmer and duct tape the air holes in the window that feed the electrical cord in. I was tossing and turning last night because I did not emphasize: I did 6 K damage to my car and more than 4 K so far to rent a car. Money I could have better spent. I use the food warmer in the house when I do a room and it works great.

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