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1:31:43 PM

We need to join together,

so if you are able to attend the 5th Annual Morgellons Conference on March 24,25 2012 please come.

They welcome everyone!

Additional information can be found on the Charles E. Holman Foundation Web Site!


4:48:54 PM

Hi Mel ! It's me. I would have said Hello but the message is missing the reminder to me about how to
chime in on the call. At any rate, I want to Thank you, Pat and John for the call. I met Pat at the Austin conference and I agree, totally, about the old homecoming day feeling at the conference. Where else can one speak freely about this? And To many diff. people. I plan on going next year as well.
Pat, can you write a blog with the exact info. you were telling me when I mentioned MMS to you.? Do you remember me? Thanks Robin

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