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Deb2 **

4:10:39 PM

Hi Mel and Mae,
I can not begin to tell you how happy I am to have found this site. I originally responded to a previous topic, but realized I needed to start a 'new' topic. I have had Morgellons for 4 yrs and have been close to death twice, I will not go into all the horror stories we all know too well with doctors.
My questions is this, I haven't seen anything that addresses the long fibers that can be pulled out of the skin, does this protocal take care of the fibers as well? I truly believe it is the fibers that choke vital organs in our bodies. The other question I have is regarding quantity/dosages. I am 5'4' and weigh 128lbs. Do the packages suggest dosages, I am sur Mel is begger than me, so I don't want to overdose.
Again, thank you all for the help. I always believed that some one somewhere would get us help!

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