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mel **

4:30:25 PM

This weekend Marks the first Anniversary of my Taking my protocol,which has changed a little as I have gotten better... this subject will be addressed on day three. Remember, the most constant thing in life is change.

You will find this Report will cover eight days in a row. I am doing this to give you all time to read the information provided each day. I ask that you all be patient and wait until day eight to ask your questions. I believe the seven topic days may very
well answer them all.

These last three months have shed more light on and about Morgellons then ever before. I urge you all to follow and read our forum for the next seven days.

1) Realities of our Disease

A. The acknowledgment that Morgellons is truly a disease!!!
- Gives us Credibility

Please read the following link:
Case Report

Then print it and take it with you to your first or next doctor's appointment.

B. Two, not one, but two people are symptom free!!!

That's correct. not only have I been symptom free since last December, there is another who has beaten this dreaded Morgellons: Mr. Common Sense. If you have not read his forum, I highly recommend it:

Morgellons - A Mundane Approach

This young man and I have never met or even talked on the phone, but amazingly,we must have a similar love and lust for life, as we both were able to find the strength and focus to beat Morgellons.

It is truly wonderful that our protocols are so similar. I highly recommend that for those who suffer from Morgellons that you read both websites and get on one of these protocols. Getting focused on one or the other should lead to better health.

God Bless you All,

P.S. Tomorrow's Subject - Your Focus !!!

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